Papa’s Cheeseria To Go!

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Papa’s Cheeseria To Go!


Papa’s Cheeseria To Go! is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flipline IDS LLC, Papa’s Cheeseria To Go! is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th October 2019 with the latest update 24th October 2019

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


213 people have rated 1.0.1

You can download the game Papa’s Cheeseria To Go! from APP STORE.



Papa’s Cheeseria is kicking off its grand opening with a special performance by the high-energy band, Scarlett and the Shakers! Unfortunately the concert is canceled when all of the music gear is stolen, and you’ll need to pick up a job to afford buying new instruments for the band. Thankfully Papa Louie has the perfect solution for you: He’s putting you in charge of making grilled cheese sandwiches in his newest restaurant!

You’ll need to prepare sandwiches with delicious breads, melty cheeses, and a wide array of toppings and sauces for a gourmet grilled cheese. Cook and flip the sandwiches to grill them just right, and finish your customers’ orders with a heaping order of fresh french fries covered in their favorite sauces and toppings. The town of Toastwood will celebrate different holidays throughout the year, and you’ll unlock new festive ingredients as you go to serve up delicious seasonal sandwiches.


NEW FEATURES – All of your favorite features from other versions of Papa’s restaurants are now available in this "To Go" game, redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens!

HOLIDAY FLAVORS – Celebrate the seasons in Toastwood with tasty holiday flavors! Your customers will order sandwiches stacked high with seasonal ingredients. You’ll unlock new breads, cheeses, toppings, and sauces for each holiday of the year, and your customers will love trying these festive flavors. This new version adds holiday toppings and sauces for fries as well!

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES – Earn Special Recipes from your customers, and serve them as the Daily Special in the Cheeseria! Each Special has a bonus you can earn for serving a prime example of that recipe. Master each special to earn a special prize!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKERS – Play as Scarlett or Rudy, or create your own custom character to join the band and work in the sandwich shop! You can also show off your holiday spirit with a massive variety of holiday outfits and clothing for your workers. Choose unique color combinations for each item of clothing, and create your own style with millions of combinations!

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Some customers don’t want to come all the way to Toastwood to grab some grilled cheese. When you start taking phone orders, customers can call to place their order, and you’ll hire a Driver to help take and deliver orders to their homes instead!

COLLECT STICKERS – Complete a variety of tasks and achievements while playing to earn colorful Stickers for your collection. Each customer has a set of three favorite Stickers: Earn all three and you’ll be rewarded with a brand-new outfit to give to that customer!

DECORATE THE SHOP – Customize the Cheeseria lobby with themed furniture and decorations for each holiday of the year! Mix and match your favorite styles, or add items that match the current holiday so customers won’t mind waiting longer for their food.

CLIPPING COUPONS – Missing your favorite customer? Send them a coupon with the help of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Customers love a good deal, and will promptly arrive to order another meal. Coupons are great for completing quests for Stickers and for strategically leveling up customers!

DAILY MINI-GAMES – Play Foodini’s famous Mini-Games after each workday to earn new furniture for your lobby and new clothing for your workers.


  • Hands-on sandwich shop in the Papa Louie universe
  • All new controls and gameplay features designed for touchscreens
  • Multi-task between building, grilling, and preparing french fries
  • Custom chefs and drivers
  • 12 separate holidays to unlock, each with more ingredients
  • Earn and master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • 90 colorful Stickers to earn for completing tasks
  • 124 customers to serve with unique orders
  • Use Stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
  • 125 ingredients to unlock

Updated on 24th October 2019

Bug Fixes

Papa’s Cheeseria To Go! Reviews

Nice game! Very relaxing! But, there is an error! We tried getting the sticker Hacky Hamwich! But when we served it to him! He didnt like it and we didnt even get the sticker! If you somehow encounter this too then it shall be fixed in the future!

So Im planning to get the rest of the series! And Im about to get hotdoggeria! And would be very fun if your new to the series then that means your gonna love this! Unlike other cooking games, this is realistic and very fun! With timing skills, decoration, and tips! While other games are just sit at the counter and cook, papas games are in the lead, so if we had a choice, papa Louie is our guide! The game is just realistic and awesome! This is also a perfect way to excuse your parents or someone by saying its time management and skills of cooking! And enjoy the game, this is a smart move for flipline, since flash shuts down December 2020, the games will be moving on to iPad and iPhone! So enjoy the series, peace.

Best compatibility with the iPhone for to-go games not to mention, the proceeds of building is the best out of all of them!

You guys make the greatest games, surprised to seee Holi, and we know tony looks on the wiki sometimes and if you have seen 12stopgetsomehelp, thats us. We have some suggestions! If you guys make a new gameria from devices, how about a papas Pokeria. Make yummy Poke! And papas Treateria. Make yummy, but very small truffles at Palm Springs path. And maybe being able to put props anywhere without a customer or pal holding them in papa Louie pals? We also have some fan art too. Forgot to ask, whens the ne-t fan art roundup? Will there be one before flash shuts down? Also will the flipline blog still be there on the computer . We know this was a long review, but thank you for your time. – 12stopgetsomehelp.

We NEVER EVER write reviews but oh our god we love this game. We’ve been playing these games since elementary school and papas cheeseria will always be the best. Its like an improved version of the burgeria. We love every aspect about this game. Its the best like 2 bucks we’ve ever spent. And if youre thinking about getting it, DO!!!!!

Love to see one of the older ones finally on iOS!! We actually had a thought the other day, what about a coffee papas game? Like making different coffee orders? We thought that would be really cool & fun. We had an urge to play something like that the other day.

This game is pretty good! This was purchased on our iPad last Tuesday. It took 8 days for us to play this game. Thanks!

We wanted this game on mobile for so long thanks five stars bless You!

We love every papas game but could you please add the rest of them on mobile.

We’ve always loved Papa games. Ever since we got our iPad we’ve wanted to get one and this is the one we decided to get. We played this for 2 whole hours before our mom called us to dinner. This game is sooooo much fun and sooooo addicting! Keep up the good work!

This game is great! It can be played on the go, and there are many things to do. We are less bored now, thank you.

Love it, favorited it, listed it.

Cheeseria has to be one of our favorites now, we absolute adore it. But lets get to the main point of why we wrote this review. We wrote this just to give some suggestions like Saladeria, Nachoseria, Burritoeria, Muffineria, Biscuiteria, Chocolateria, and Fruiteria!!

Make Papas Pastaria to go and HD.

Definitely our favorite games. No adds at all either :)

We HAVE BEEN WAITING FORVER FOR THE MOBILE VERSION!!! Anyways. The app is worth the 1.99 payment. No ads. No lag. No bugs. Phenomenal graphics. Easy to use. We highly recommend it to any Papa Louie lovers.

We LOVE this game it is so awesome and there are no ads! It is our favorite papas game but we would love it if you would make papas bakeria! Otherwise we think this game is so worth the money !

So we bought the timers to let us know when to flip the grill sandwiches ( all 3 timers) and they dont seem to work, im not sure if this is a glitch or .. But please fix it. Overall great game, we enjoy it .

These are honestly the best Cooking games we love the pc versions and we love the pocket versions 10000% percent worth the money!

We love the game everythings perfect also its a bit difficult for adding the toppings and bread but oh well. We have no regrets spending our money on this. Read this before downloading it. Also Im funny bc thats why we used different emojis and na na killua.

We love this game and all the Papa games, but there is a glitch on our slider escape mini game. On the second level no matter in which direction we move the little slider we dont hit any bumpers and we go off to the side thus losing the level. We cant get past this level for that reason so if you could please fix this bug that would be amazing! But other that its perfect as usual.

We love this game!! However we do feel the more you go in the game the more people we should serve! At least like 10!! But we’ve been playing this game since we were in ms and now im in college! Love it!!!

This game is by far the best we ever played.

Hands down the best papas game. We’ve completed the game on our laptop and now Im close to completing it on our phone! We love it so much and cant wait to get more!

We love this game and can you plsssssss make the sushiria a mobile game plsssssss.

We love this game we got it yesterday and Im not disappointed the only thing is it gets hard sometimes but other than that we like it.

We love this game a lot and we’ve been enjoying it so far! Papas Cheeseria is one of our more favorited Papa Louie games that Flipline Studios has to offer. Though, we have one problem… Sometimes when Im on the Build Station, the cheese selection at the top will freeze after we throw away one sandwich that we messed up the cheese on. This is a small problem and you may not read this, but we wanted to talk about it anyway. Btw, Im on Rank 49!

Hi, we LOVE these games!!! And have bought every single one of them. We were wondering when you guys will be making more? Our niece loves them as well, she wanted to know you guys are making a cake game, snow cone game, etc.

We have been waiting 3 YEARS for this game to be on there App Store! Its our favorite papas game and Im so pleased about this!!

Omg this games are da best plz make more we love these games we have all of them we love them so plz make on if u can.

So unbelievably amazing!!! This is a game for all ages and even adults!!! We love how customers judge your food! It is so fun to find out what people think about your cooking! We used to play this game on go math but on the iPad? Forget it!!! So much better in the App Store! We are definitely getting more of these games!!!

Here are more ideas to make for a game you could make,craperia, a steakeria, nacos, and salads.

This is our favorite papas game. We love it. You should add more items tho. We will never stop playing this. Thanks.

We love all the papa games but just on this one , can someone fix the alarms when it comes to the grill station. You should be able to buy the girl alarms and then have it stay at the grill like Scooperia and Pancakeria … Every time you remove the sandwiches , the alarms go away as well . Please fix .. Thanks :)

We LOVEEE ITT, and they should add papas pastaria to mobile.

We have been a fan of papas games since we began playing them on a computer. They are lighthearted and fun. The game itself, as well as the artwork, are made really well. There isnt a massive paywall in front of the game like other cooking games. The initial price of the app gives you access to everything. These games have done wonders for our anxiety and are great for relieving stress. They have done a great job of being able to attract a wide audience (it isnt just for kids, we played these games in between our study sessions for college). Please support these developers so they can make more games like this.

We love these games they are so fun please make more!!!

We love this game hella a lot because its really fun,you guys should make more of this ones.

We love all of the papas games and have all of them except the pizzeria. We would really enjoy if you would bring back or just bring the Pastaria game to iPhone. It helps us past the time during the quarantine and not be sad.

What is a blocks? Oh and one last thing, we brushed our teeth (my daughters review, shes 4)

This game is so fun and we love playing it both on our computer and our phone!

We live and breath flip line games been a big fan for years. Please release papa sushiria and papa pasteria our all time favorites. Thank you for creating a game that doesnt get boring overtime.

We really like the Papa games. Can you guys add JackSmith from cool math games? And the attack games too? Thank you if you did.

We enjoy playing the Papas cooking games on our laptop, so we decided to buy the mobile app. Although we love the game, there are a couple improvements we think are needed. First of all, we think there need to be more visual cues for a person trying to line up the condiments on the bread (the drag and drop online is much easier). In addition, the fry condiments are too sensitive-its way to easy to accidentally press the plate for half a second too long and end up putting two or three times the necessary amount of the topping. If those two things were fixed, this game would be great.

Theres a glitch that the hair is fuzzing a lot its irritating us a lot throughout the game, so can you please fix this glitch its really annoying but its a good game to play.

Okay so we accidentally deleted this game and Im panicking thinking it wouldnt save and guess what it didnt and we spent money on this app in game and all of our progress is gone and we kind of wish it would ask if you would like your progress to be saved because now we have to start over.

We love the games on the computer and we play them all the time, but the reason we love them is because of the gameplay. The side-scroll & drop condiments onto the bread in our opinion is not a good take on the game the drag & drop is better because its easier to control. But thats just a opinion besides that its great and an amazing stress reliever.