Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H

Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H

Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H

Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H

Treasure Box 2 Walkthrough for Level 2-H. Solutions, Answers, Hints on this Level 2-H with picture explanation. You can use this walkthrough on your device iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry for this Level 2-H.
Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H

  • Count different ball around the chest.
  • Red=4, Blue=3, Green=2, Yellow=1.
  • So tap Red x4, Blue x3, Green x2, Yellow x1.

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    2 comments on “Treasure Box 2 Level 2-H
    1. Sheep007 says:

      And also for Level 6-C you can also type 68 because there is a key in the bottom right corner and of you add 18 plus 50 because of the pink “L” you get 68.

    2. Sheep007 says:

      Also make sure it is lached and then after you do those steps unlach it and press yellow to get the extra bonus coins because if you notice that the 6 in the top of the screen is yellow indicating that you can press it a sixth time.

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