Ultimate Dragon Simulator

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 07:00 pm

Ultimate Dragon Simulator


Ultimate Dragon Simulator is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, Ultimate Dragon Simulator is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th December 2015 with the latest update 15th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,585 people have rated 3.0

You can download the game Ultimate Dragon Simulator from APP STORE.


Rain down fire from above as an all mighty Dragon! Join an age old battle between beast and man as you face off against Orcs, Humans, and legendary monsters from mythology! Recruit, raise, and customize your dragons, destroy castles and villages, collect treasure, and battle for your life against fierce bosses like the undead Bone Dragon!

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Brand New Features
You’ll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while ruling over your dragon’s kingdom!

Scorch the earth with your searing flames! Burn down fully destructible villages, outposts, and even entire kingdoms!

Test your skills against FIVE thrilling boss battles! A massive serpent is hiding beneath the sparkling waters of the Sky Islands, the mighty phoenix is said to protect the lava filled caverns of the Lava Land, and other dangers are waiting for you!

Choose your dragons element as you level up! Three unique elements each with 4 upgradable powers! Become a Fire Dragon and summon flaming meteors from the sky, freeze your enemies in crystal prisons as an Ice Dragon, or vaporize your foes as an all mighty Storm Dragon!

You dragons need for gold is never satisfied! Steal gems, jewelry, silver, and gold from your enemies and stock pile it in your lair!

Dominate other dragons and recruit them to your brood! Customize and play as any Dragon in your brood and create a powerful family of predators!

Breed baby whelps that will grow into powerful members of your brood! Care for you eggs while they are hatching and then play as your new baby dragon!

Choose your dragon’s name, gender, colors, and even add accessories like horns and armor!

Gain experience by defeating dangerous enemies, destroying buildings, and completing missions! Level up your dragons to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your dragon’s stats, and increase the size of your brood!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Roar and Snarl Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your dragon when active!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your claws as you carry them!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and celestial movement!

Rule over a world so big we created three unique lairs for your dragons to live in!

Hunt down creatures like sheep, goats, wolves, deer, orcs, stone monsters, wyverns, drakes, orcs, knights, archers, guards, and tasty villagers!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Dragon Simulator to reign supreme over a world of medieval knights and legendary monsters as an all mighty Dragon!

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Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Updated on 15th May 2023

  • Improved Texture Resolutions

  • Raise the max level to 200

  • Improved UI element positioning

  • Balanced audio levels

  • Various Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded compatibility with newer iOS Versions

Ultimate Dragon Simulator Reviews

We cant seem to unlock the ice dragon! We reached level 45 the you unlock it!!?? Can you please fix this? Ill give you a 5 star rateing if you do! We also Love this game!!!! Please reply one more thing we LOVE your games please reply to us developer we love youit also gets boring (sorry)

We’ve tried some of your other games but this one is our fav. Would love to see some better graphics. Less pop in and a better draw distance at least. Really like how the dragons can cast magic. Fun just flying around looking for stuff. Maybe a bigger world could be added or inna sequel.

We need a ultimate cheetah simulatior.

We have nothing to say its so good!

We love this game but all we want is the add ons to the dragons match the skin of our dragon like with the storm master skin have the horns and the spines turn black and yah just have the add ons to change to the dragons color oh and more elements like water, earth, air.

The first one is awesome but we are already in a high level can you make a new dragon game, thank you.

We got this game and we loved it but then we deleted it due to storage issues on our tablet, and a while later we went to download it again BUT IT WOULNT LET ME BECAUSE OF DUMB AGE RATINGS. We dont know why they rated this 12+ because its just the same graphics as their World of Dragons. This is a wonderful game, but kids like us cant have this awesome experience because of violence. Even if you turn on blood, its really not too graphic. Im really upset about this, can you please change the age ratings? It was great while we could play, we especially enjoyed you could get money and sleep on a gold pile. The powers are awesome, the bosses are cool and the terrain is really beautiful. Overall a great game, but really bad AGE RATINGS.

We love love loove your games, but in alot of them like this one whenever we go to our lair (I live in the sky islands) we go blind… And when we get our baby every so times And play as it, we go Blind the entire map ._.

Hi we really like your games and we were wondering if you could make an a ultimate croc sim?

First, I’d like to say that anyone who comes across this game should buy it! It’s really impressive, the graphics are great, and pretty much else is perfect too. We would like to suggest an app, could you make a Pegasus sim? We’re really into the Roman mythology and stuff, we thought it would be cool if you could create something like that. If you’re interested, I’d like to give to advice on what the game should be like: First, I’d like to be able to change the coat color to gray, white, or black. Some boss ideas: One could be Jupiter, one could be the Kraken, and maybe Medusa as well. One more thing, you guys are amazing at what you do! Thx for you time!

This game is so fun! The graphics are really good! We would love it if you would make a mermaid simulator!

This app is incredible and the graphics are mind blowing . Only there are two things that we think you should pay notice to. 1. When you try to create another profile the game crashes. 2. You can only master one element and we would really appreciate it if you could master all of them, because to be honest, that’s what you made it look like in the video. Please Fix Thank You.

We love dragon sim so much we love dragons too. We are currently at the highest level 100. IF you don’t believe us, check out Everplay inside of one of these games. Also, we just wanted to say, if you could add a fact that you could sing to the baby, bring food ONLY for the baby too, and, let the baby ride your back. Otherwise, amazing game!! Great price for such high quality!! Thanks for reading, bye!

We love the game so vary much but what are rare Minerals we keep searching for them and nothing that’s the only thing we have trouble with but you should really give us hints about how to get rare minerals.

Wow, okay… Where to begin? First of all, OH MY GOSH! You actually listened! We thank you so much for this amazing game, Gluten Free Games! You people are just amazing game makers! We love this game to death, so much like our favorite game: The Legend of Spyro trilogy. We have a feeling you added a few elements from that game into this one! ;) You truly are amazing people~ Now for a suggestion: For a new game… If it isn’t too much to ask, might you be able to make an ultimate mythical horse simulator? Where you live the live as regular horse, unicorn, pegasus, or Alicorn (Unicorn and Pegasus cross-breed, considered royal.). You can live in a big city with a variety of horses or you could live in a small village of horses. The area could be a magical world full of magical creatures such as Griffins, pheonix, dragons, Serpants, hydras etc. You can take requests from the royal alicorns and save the day in some way. Maybe you could also befriend other creatures besides fellow horses too! At some point, the royals may grant you with an Alicorn form, because they’re considered rare types of ponies. It would be a fun game and we hope you take our suggestion to mind~!

Okay love dragons theyre the best! Im going to tell you about our dragons life so far. There was once a dragon named puff and she was a very lonely dragon for quite a while but, one day, she went to a different island and found a mate named Jinx then, after a while they had two little hatchlings, sisters they were, and after one WHOLE year they are almost adults. Thats all, thats how far we’ve come in the game. Bye-bye.

We love this game so much so many dragon colors and we’re also level 76.

The Fire Ice and Storm elements are nice and all, but add some new ones, like Dark and Nature. You should be able to create your own fire, if you dont want a element. Please take our review into account. (Edit) Hi we have noticed that our review has not been read. We LOVE this game, but its getting…. Boring with only 3 elements! PLEASE make more elements! It would be so fun with new attacks! Again, please take our review into account. Oh and our Storm dragon, Stardust, is level 96 not kidding it awesome and it has the Celestial ranking! (Edit) Hi!! Im super exited because our Stardust is level 100 now! Yay! So so so sorry for asking again, but more elements!

This is an amazing game but the only thing we wish if they could update new worlds and it will not let you level up over 100 it just freezes there no matter how many points you eat but overall its amazing game !

So we started playing this and we thought it might be a good game. So now we have a pack of dragons 4 only. You can pick up your dead food from mid air and drink and eat. You can be a real dragon in a game. Have a nice day if you get it. So start now and become a real dragon. And a tip you only start with 1 dragon which is you. And go kill a blue dragon in the sky on a small island and the ? Mark is your home and back to the husband Part you have to kill a blue dragon and pick it up and it says bond and touch that and you both have to be level 15 to breed and touch the brood and you have to wait 14 minutes to hatch it and you have to be in your home to hatch your egg you can customize your baby and your husband and yourself and cool bosses but the the power is so strong it kills a player in seconds and it is power you can have like a monster. :) :]

Great game and can you make the world more environmentally for the dragons and make the dragon move its body and of being still, THANKS.

Can you add a water element, wind element, earth and more. And also more add to, and skins, also work on the colors, more kingdoms, annnnddd theres some glitches ok thats all please respond.

Add a part were if the humans get mad at you they send a army to you home and where if you are nice to the humans they like you and you can let them ride you. An the human and orcs fight and add more guards to the citys and camps its very easy to kill everyone inside make it a little harder by them actually gaveling a army for you to fight if this was added it would be amazing.

-People should be able to capture you and you have to make a daring escape. -You should be able to have more than just one element. -Otherwise we LOVE your hard work in this simulator and many more. -Good luck making more simulators! Here are some suggestions for more simulators…… -Ultimate Fox -Ultimate Pegasus -Ultimate Cat -Ultimate Dog -Ultimate Griffin -Ultimate Owl -Ultimate Snow Leopard -Ultimate Phoenix -Ultimate Unicorn -Ultimate Panther we hope you like it, it took us a while to write but that’s OK. Good Luck!

Okay so just wow this is amazing so much detail and amazing graphics, there are a few glitches but still amazing. We requested this a few days ago and we hope your working on it! Ultimate Owl Simulator: You start out as an adult, You can choose your breed as Barn Owl (my favorite owl) Great Horned Owl Barred Owl Long eared owl Elf Owl Eagle Owl Burrowing Owl Spotted Owl Snowy Owl ( You can add more owls if you want ). Also there can be 6 different lands 1. Snowy land 2. Open plains 3. Dark forest 4. Crystal lake 5. Mountain peaks 6. Cloudy Sky ( this is where you can practice flying ). And in open plains there is a farm where people live and farm animals to hunt. There will be 12 dens in all 2 in each land. Also when you choose a den you have to go on a mission to collect things to create your nest. After when your level 5 you get a mate or choose to be alone, then when your level 15 you can breed or add another owl but if you breed your mate will sit on the egg while you hunt and the egg will take 2 min to hatch or you can leave it until you want it to hatch. After when your baby hatches you have to wait till your baby is level 3 to learn to fly, then after it learns level 6 will be when you and your owlet can hunt together + ( option to teach your baby to fly and hunt or automatically learns. You can have up to 5 owlets. You can change the color of your feathers in your own unique style plus other birds in your family. Animals: Mice, Insects, Bears, Raccoons, Wolves, Deer, Elk, Falcon, Bunnies, Squirrels, and any other animals you want to add. But the animals count on what land they live on. There can be 5 and the bosses can be Danark an evil black bear at Snowy land scavenge a poisonous viper at Open plains Evil Queen Fireheart and her owl minions at The mountain peaks. Fang the evil black wolf in the Dark forest. Zia a crocodile at Crystal lake. Please make this game we beg!!!!

Can’t access ice powers or storm powers.

This is a awesome game we love the games you guys make they not only look good the gameplay is good we hope there are more games like this in future.

Please do animal simulator it will have all your animal simulators combined!!! Please have dens houses humans burrows and more! Here are some animals we want: Rabbits eagles falcons, bats Owlstigers horses dogs cats turtles monkeys chickens doves deer cheetahs foxes and wolves.

We need multiplayer in our game right now and we will be happy with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is the best! We love how it is so fast paced and you can level up easy! We REALLY wish u made all your games just like this one! We’ve stopped buying them because of the slow paced play. But this one, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!

The best dragon game ever but we wish you can explore more and more animals and a secret path Hidden treasure in more detail and we hope there will be a dragon game 2.

Love It!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more GFG to live now we wuz wondering if you can make a wild cat sim like you can pick out of the cat family and can play as one and can make hybrids by bonding with other type of cats.

  1. Ultimate fantasy simulator Playable creatures can be a leprechaun, mermaid, Minotaur, unicorn, dragon, goblin, kraken, witch, fairy, centaur, tree folk, and pixie. Locations can be magic grassland, tundra, devil desert, and lava land. Bosses can be a skeletal horse, ice golem, mist giant, mummy king, dust devil, and dragon spirit. 4. Ultimate city simulator Playable animals can be a Doberman, rat, brown cat, human, pigeon, bulldog, lizard, white kitten, sparrow, and black cat. Locations can be hotel, village, mansion, dog pound, zoo, and cottage plains. Bosses can be an elder Doberman, elder rat, dog catcher, elder greyhound, demon cat, and evil robot. Go to ultimate lion simulator for the last one.

We love this game but can the breeding start at level 10 and get more spots every 5 levels this is just a suggestion you don’t have to put it in if you don’t want to but like we said just a suggestion at least think about it. Also bonding is fixed we have a mate now. And we also play Ultimate wolf sim and ultimate cat sim also cheetah sim there great games but cheetah sims needs a update it’s kinda boring overall love your games keep up the great work.

Needs a little work but a great game! The lair glitches out for some reason.

We got to level 71 after two days. Great right!! We have like 4 kids and one mate. We’re a master of fire! We wish you could be master of multiple things though.

And we have a new app idea! Its called ultimate hydra simulater you can choose different types of colors when your a hydra! And you should add gender too! And also make it have any element like water fire or wind and it should be 3 heads or more and add bosses like ogre or the basilik or the dragon king black widow, stone knights too! Or add giants too! And add trolls and castles and we hope you make this app! -from unicorn cake.

We love this simulator its the best one so far! Can you add more elements though our suggestions:Water and Earth that would be awesome. Our fire dragon FireWisp is level 100 she is a Celestial which is amazing but she is for now a loner,CloudClaws our Storm dragon is level 70 she had a huge pack clan whatever its called lol and last but not least IceShard the ice dragon is only level 5 we just started her but she will become strong and powerful. We kind of started a story like FireWisp is the daughter of CloudClaws and IceShard is the daughter of FireWisp and so on(btw FireWisp does have a mate). We LOVE YOUR SIMULATORS keep up the amazing awesome work.{Goes to play Ultimate Dragon Simulator}

Thank you gluten free!!! Keep making more and more games please!!!!!!!!

We just got this game yesterday and Im already loving it! Im at level 5 we already boned with a nether dragon ! We named her flake she is a fire dragon,the male is named flame. New app idea: Mythical gator simulator.

Its great just one thing so when you upgrade your powers to max then the points are useless so can you please make us have all powers and be able to switch it anytime so can you please do it?

We have never had any sims that are fictional. We love this game ! We have every ultimate sim but Dino. That’s because of a lot bad ratings. Anyway this is so good !! Great graphics, easy to get up levels. We love the choose powers of fire ice and storm !! This is by far best ultimate sim yet !! We would for an ultimate Croc sim. You could choose bred. Croc or alligator. It could have a huge world. With three homes: one in the ocean in a hidden coral cave, another in the swamps under a submerged tree, third in a river in Africa with a cove as your home. We think this would be a great game. We really hope you make this ultimate sim before you make any others !! Love your hard work, keep it up ! Signed Horses.

Keeps on crashing as soon as we open it! Zero stars!

Amazing! Has awesome graphics and super fun subjects! We LOVE IT!!! But we also have a suggestion, could you please make a ultimate griffin simulator game? With Clans (tribes) with other players? Or maybe up to 5 children in the litter too? And millions of colors and choice of beak shape, talons, eye color and more pacific details? PLEASE!!!??? CAUTION: with one touch of a button, all your progress is deleted!!! Be careful!!!!

This is a fun game to use if you don’t have wi-fi but is very fun, has bosses and good graphics and all you can expand family and overall a very good game.

This is an awesome simulator, but two of our dragons were at level 100, they quit leveling up. We mean once one was level 100. Now two of them are. Are they supposed to stop going up? Please answer, we don’t know if something’s just wrong with our device or the game.

We LOVE THIS GAME SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!! But it would be even better to add more lands bigger map and more bosses and new elements even more dragons in your pack you can have up to 50 and can get to them with arrows on every row there are ten, add more skins,armor, elements, and to the map that’s all we ask other than that we love it!!!!

It is awesome but it crashes… A lot… And when we got all the things of the power thing ex. Electro ball, thunderstorm… Then we got another skill point and it was on level 55 and now we can’t get our last egg.

This game was great! There was one glitch that ticked us off though… You could not get the fourth scroll for the ice dragon quest because of the serpent is blocking your way! Other then that this game is great! Thx :3.

WE R SCREAMING FOR IT PLZ DO IT THIS SIM WILL MAKE U GUYS FAMOUS U GUYS WOULD BE DA FIRST. Anyways details r u can be a kit,queen,leader,deputy,warrior,elder,or med cat. U can pick ur clan from Thunderclan,riverclan,windclan, or shadowclan and choose ur name and what u look like. U go to gatherings every moon (once every 3 days) also can u make it so u can be a kitty pet ( a house cat). This would change everything for u guys. WARRIORS FOR LIFE.

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