Ultimate Lion Simulator

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Ultimate Lion Simulator


Ultimate Lion Simulator is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, Ultimate Lion Simulator is a Education game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th August 2015 with the latest update 25th August 2015

Whether you are a fan of Education, Simulation, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,231 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game Ultimate Lion Simulator from APP STORE.


Jump into a brand new adventure as a ferocious Lion! Brave a dangerous new world to claim your place at the top of the food chain! Recruit, raise, and customize your lions, hunt down prey to feed your pride, and battle for your life against fierce bosses like the deadly trio of Hyenas!

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Brand New Features
You’ll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you’re going to survive in the wilderness!

Wield razor sharp claws and a spine-tingling roar to strike fear into the heart of your foes! Deliver the killing blow by leaping through the air, hitting critical touch-based targets, and pouncing on your enemy! New touch-based commands let you order your pride to surround and attack enemies! Hunt at night with the new Night Vision!

Dominate other lions and recruit them to your pride! Play as any lion in your pride and create a powerful family of predators! Every lion now has health, stats, and rankings providing significantly more immersive gameplay!

Breed baby lion cubs that will grow into powerful members of your pride! Carry them around in your mouth and even play as them to hunt tiny critters!

Choose your lion’s name, gender, fur pattern, and even tint them any color of the rainbow to make the pride of your dreams! Reach Alpha status to unlock the heroic furs that show off your prowess as a lion!

Gain experience by defeating dangerous enemies, scavenging carcasses, and completing missions! Level up your lions to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your lion’s statistics, and increase the size of your pride!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Roar and Growl Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your lion when active!

Skill Points unlock and upgrade special abilities for your lions. Upgrade “Enhanced Senses” to go into a rage mode that doubles run and attack speed!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your mouth as you carry them! Clamp your jaws around the carcass of larger prey and drag them into a secluded area to chow down!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and celestial movement!

Rule over an environment so big we had to create three unique dens for your lions to live in! Track your prey down in the vast grassy plains of the Golden Savannah, brave the dangerous Elephant Boneyard, or explore the rocky hills of the Stone Oasis!

Hunt down animals like hyena, gazelle, impala, elephant, rhinoceros, snake, fish, flamingo, stork, mice, rat, crocodile, african dog, rabbit, water buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe, cheetah and of course lion!

From the thick mane and piercing eyes of your lion to the decaying bones of the Elephant Boneyard, everything looks so real you will forget you’re playing a game!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Lion Simulator to experience the exciting life of the most dominant predator in the Animal Kingdom, the fierce Lion!

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Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Updated on 25th August 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Ultimate Lion Simulator Reviews

Ok so first up you know those shows like BigCatDiary where those people record the animals, please add that where trucks are following you and recording you please add that we hope you do!

We absolutely love the game but we have some suggestions. First when we go to the Lion Boss he is all alone can he maybe have a small pride? Also when we jump off of our mountain home we land in the earth, please fix that. Also can u get a pride member every two levels, we need more we only have one. Could u add more animals, we can barely find any. Also when we’re just walking around someone or something randomly attacks us one time fix that plz. Well that is all sorry it’s so long but this will be our fav if u can do this stuff. Bye.

We love this game and we have a few ultimate games we think you should make, a monkey one,and a parrot one in the monkey one there should be things like deforestation and poachers and in the parrot one there should be the same things. Oh and in the monkey one you should choose what type of monkey you want to be.

This game is great and a fun way to kill time… It’s not boring and will make you addicted to it! Really fun and one of the best ultimate simulators… Get all the ultimate simulators!!! They are all great!!! Can you please make a ultimate monkey simulator??? And if you make a ultimate monkey simulator… You can kinda do it like the fox simulator!(where you get to choose a different monkey at level 15 or 5 or whatever) we have been waiting for a monkey simulator for like a year !!! Anyway great game…. Make more!!!

Hi the game is wonderful but everything we find one of the three dens each of them turn pitch black where we can’t see anything at all or we get to a high level and the game freezes and never works please fix it we really do enjoy playing the game.

We love this game! Here are some new animal sim. Game ideas we came up w/: 1- ultimate polar bear simulator 2- ultimate stray dog/cat simulator 3- ultimate deer simulator 4- mouse simulator 5- pet hamster simulator Hope u like our ideas.

We LUVED that clawsome game! But we saw requests for an ultimate arctic simulator and we thought, hey, that would be SO COOL!!!! So… We shall tell our ideas. First, animals. 1, arctic hare. 2, Harp seal PLEASE! 3, elephant seal, that would be clawesomely pawesome. 4, polar bear! 5, narwhal. (They live in arctic.) 6, arctic fox. Lov those! 7, snow lynx. We didnt get 2 be lynxes yet! 8, PENGUIN! Waddle, waddle! 9, puffin. We think those are arctic. 10, snowy owl. Second, dens. There should be… 4. One is, like, a giant cave filled with water with a river leading to it for the narwhal. Two is, a cave on a mountain with vines covering it. Three is, a tree 4 the owl and puffin. A hole inside. Four is, abandoned house from the settlers who visited the arctic 100 years ago. Scott and something. Third, landmarks. A giant pool with rivers spreading out. Ice on top. (For the Seals) And… Uh… A village! A non-abandoned one. With humans and a boss. A hunter with a gun. And in the sea ( at least a third of the map is sea ) there is a pack of orcas. Bosses. And the Northern Lights! Also… Hmm… An EVIL SNOWMAN IN AN ICE-COVERED FOREST!!!!!! With glowing red eyes!!! Also icicle forest and tundra. Fourth, animals. ( not to be. To fight. ) lynx, harp seal, basically all the animals we asked for to be but u fight them. Also moose, orca, bison, snow wolves, humans, snow leopards, arctic tigers. Also there should be ships in the sea for the seals and narwhals to have to get away from. And traps for the arctic fox. In the village, the humans if they catch you, take you in a net or cage to the hunter and you have to fight him. Or they keep u as a pet and u try to escape. If you make this we will buy it and give it 5 stars! We WOULD give it 5,000 but thats not possible. Pleeease! We worked hard getting these ideas! Please we will be SOOOOOO happy! Bye! (P.S, we know narwhal and arctic fox u already made in some GFG games. But hey, they can be in two. Right? Right?) From, we (and harp seals)

This game made us love lions and we love to play it the only thing is the reason why we delete all of your simalator games is because the xp bar takes for ever.

This game is definitely our favorite app, it is such a fun stimulator! All of Gluten Free Games ultimate stimulators are really worth what they cost. The Ultimate lion stimulator allows you to become a lion and raise your family! Everything is very realistic. You can play as different members of your pride including the cubs! It is so worth the money to buy it!

U guys plz make ultimate lion like the real wild and let it come on a lvl any lvl when hunters come and u need to pick up ur babies in ur mouths and leave and when that lvl comes they have a place in the mountains that u could go to for safety and if u got caught u could break out and go to the mountains.

Every year, another lion pride trys to take over Mufasas territory. This year, Mufasa died while fighting, so simba had to fight, all year they gathered food. In the middle of the year, when Nalla was going to have her cubs, the food was low, and it was time for another lion to come and try to kill the pride. Unexpectedly, they other pride closed in on simbas pride. Simba didn’t know that he was in danger, time was running out, soon the other pride came in and killed everyone in the den. The end.

This game is AMAZING! The best simulator we have seen around but we have a couple suggestions. You should have to fight off other lions for a mate to make it more realistic and also have intruding lions that try to take over your pride. There should also be more slots for pride members to make the game more fun. You should also have to deal with hunters and villages. Also, animals hunted should have babies so that the the younger lions can hunt but it not be adult. Another idea is that the female lion should pregnant and stay in the den and that Cubs can sometimes come in litters. When the Cubs are born they should be small and rely on the pride. One more idea is you should make a lion simulator (another one) for older kids and make it seem more realistic. Like make it seem more like lions in the wild. We hope you liked these suggestions! Please update and have these ideas! The game is WONDERFUL!

5,000,000 stars! We love this game, the pouncing is so fun, and we had an idea for a possible update.(I don’t know if you think this is a good idea, but idk) we thought it would be good if there was a sort of crouching button so you could sneak up silently on say, a monkey. Then you might not have to chase the frigging monkey all over the map! A different idea would be instead of crouching, going invisible sort of like in the Ultimate Cat Sim, where you can walk slowly away from a dog or something without them noticing you. All in all, this game is great and so are Gluten Free Games’s other games. I’d suggest this as a game for anyone who wanted to have a sim game because it’s so realistic and it’s like you are actually there! We love the different P.O.V. And the customization, the map is easy to follow and to access.

Make an bear sim and we will buy them all play this all the time please make a lot more ultimate sims thx!

This is totally our favorite game. It’s just so fun and we’re leveling up as fast as we can to become the ultimate lion! We love pouncing on our prey and having our very own pride of lions! But we have a problem though. It says in the game that you can get lions at levels 5, 15, 25, 40, and 55. We already reached levels 5, 15, 25, and 40 and got our lions. But when we reached level 55, we wasn’t able to get another lion and this same problem happened in ultimate wolf simulator. We reset our game in the ultimate wolf sim but when we reached level 55 again we still couldn’t get another wolf and now this same problem happened in the ultimate lion sim! We were so disappointed. Can u plz fix it? I’d really appreciate it! We would love to be able to get another lion. Besides this, this game is awesome and we love it. If you happen to be reading this, you should totally get this game! You won’t regret it, we swear! :)

Please make a catfish simulator we would give it 5 stars just try to make it soon. We can’t wait.

Make a deer sim please, we luv all of your games and our iPad is all gluten free sims, please make a new one, we love them all!!!!!

We love the game but we agree with Warrior Cat Theme, we read the warriors books and we think there should be a warrior cat simulator. We think you should be able to pick your cat and colors. You should be able to choose your names too. You could be a kitty pet or a clan cat. You could ether choose the Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, River Clan, Wind Clan, or make your own clan. We also think you can have a chat bar to chat to your pack mates. You could be a medical cat and a warrior cat. The warrior cats can have their own apprentice to train. You should also be able to have up to 6 kits. (Kittens) You could also become the deputy.(second in command) You could eventually also become the leader of the clan. And every few levels you level up like you’ll be a kit for 3 levels, you’ll be an apprentice 5 levels, and then you will become a warrior. When you level up to new things the leader will add paw/stripe/claw/star to the end of your name. There will be gatherings every full moon. But there could also be fighting between the other clans. We also think we should be able to have multiplayer. We totally think you should add this as we simulator game. There are many warrior fans out there and they would love this! Please, please, please consider this. Thanks, bye.

Your game is completely awesome! And theres nothing you need to change other than the age. Last time we checked (which was not that long ago), the age was 9+. Which was correct. Can you please fix the age of the game. THANK YOU!!!!

We love this game! We have our own pride rock, we can go in the pit pathetic lion king died in and eat wilder beasts. We also can fight hyenas like in the movie. Plus battle Scar like in the Lion King! We made a red gold colored lioness named Estonia, that’s us, we have the king in our pride named Leon he is beautiful white leader. Then we just had a girl that is a light gold peach named Zapora. We let her eat and hit the easy prey, like all those wilder beats or animals like that, and she eats Giraffes, birds, or prey she can pounce on. She is great at pouncing. The daddy Leon takes care of the tough fighting and big bosses. Estonia(me) we do the hard work of hunting and helping the other two. We loved eating bugs as Zapora was a cub! We love jumping off our pride rock and chasing something! It feels like a amazing graphic lion king. Done your way. Our next cub we want to be a king. We want him to grow up to be big and tough like dad. After him we want to add a lion from another pack in ours. We love this game, and the ultimate wolf! Don’t forget the idea of a pet Cockatiel simulator in you list!!!! Be a pet Cockatiel, you are in a cage and your owner in the morning opens your cage door. You can step up on your owner and choose what type of cockatiel you want to be and if your owner is male or female. You can fly out the window, and go into the forest or city. When you go in the city you can attack people and make money fall out of them, pick it up and fly back to your house and give it to your owner. Once you collect enough money you can upgrade you cage and then get a mate out of the forest. You can sit on telephone wires or go in the forest and bother other birds nest. There should be a large world of city and forest, forest will have tons of birds, and all animals, the city will have people, stores, cars, stray cats and dogs, plus all types of creations. Even though you can be free you need to bond with your owner enough each day or he/she will lock you out of the house and you will have to find a tree to stay in. There will be the same window in the house you know you have access to leave or return to. You can step up on your owner or let them pet you. Plus you can go anywhere in the house! Don’t forget Cockatiels hiss so there should be a hiss feature. This would be the fun Pet Cockatiel simulator! All our friends and family said they would love this. If anyone likes this game too than please support it! Please don’t forget about this game Gluten Free! Inspired by our two amazing pet Cockatiels, Pepsi and Chicken. Pepsi is a spicy normal grey that is a sweet bossy girl. And Chicken in a Lutino Pearl Pied that is the social girl that loves everyone, and she flies around the house and come straight to our finger. She loves everyone. We love your games and can’t wait for more as we enjoy the ones you already made. Don’t stop making them because simulation depends on you! So does all you game fans Love lion simulator and Pet Cockatiel! ~Skye.

We paid for it and for a while it was good but for the past 3 months its been glitching and acting dumb closing without us even doing anything save your money if your new this game is not at its best no more.

The night was cold. Azula and her mate Rohan were far from home, they had chased intruders out of their territory but now they were intruders. They had to pass through enemy pride territory to get home. The worst part was, Azula was pregnant and they had to get home before she had the cub. If they were discovered they could be killed. Azula began to breath heavily and soon she could walk no more. She was having a the worst contraction yet. Her stomach began to split slightly, the cub was about to come! She roared with pain, but that alerted the pride that they were there. Soon enemy lions were closing in and Rohan had to defend his mate. He tried to show that he came in peace but the enemies weren’t having it. He had no choice if he wanted to save his family, Azula couldn’t run until the baby was out so he had to fight until it was born. He growled as a final warning and attacked when they came towards his beloved mate. He bit and scratched and pounced until Azula got up, carrying a female cub in her mouth. They began to run, after they had passed into their territory the enemies were gone. Rohan and Azula looked down at their daughter. Their daughter named Sunny.

Cheetah tiger fox leopard umm, deer, dog cat, birdies! Just make MORE…… NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hi gluten free thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve done and all the amazing features you haave added! We just want to give you like 18 ideas so if your to busy to read we understand but we would appreciate it if you read this! 1: ultimate dragon sim 2: ultimate raptor sim 3: smarter prey ( prey not running into walls ) 4: more advanced battling ( differ buttons controlling differ limbs ) 5: baby’s can go outside of den! 6: ranks like alpha and scout effect pack behavior like alpha has better control over omega. 7: you can have little chats with your pack members. 8: more pack members , like 8-12. 9: more advanced customization like more colors and patterns , maybe even changing eye color. 10: more ways to bond future pack members , like food offerings or convincing them with talking. 11: more maps to explore like you can migrate or just go there whenever you want 12: there should be seasons that effect stuff like water trees and prey spawn rate. 13: back to the differ map idea there should be like little gap maps to get to the other main maps. 14: weather should effect you and the environment 15: prey like rabbits shouldn’t Be able to fight you. 16: when you tell your pack members to stay home plz fix that they come to you like when you eat or roar. 17: you should Be able to order pack members to hunt for you or drag prey with or for you depending on ranks. 18: there should maybe be differ species of the creature you can choose from like fire dragon , earth dragon , or water dragon. Thanks so much if you actually read all of this we really hope you add some or at least one of these things and we won’t hate you if you don’t ! Btw nice simulator :)

Question how do you breed the Cub of the mom and dad lion with another lion when the cub growns?

Great game but we would love gluten free if they had an ultimate otter simulator so please!!! Make it happen gluten free, you got this!

Warrior cats is mah favorite book series, and a lot of people have been waiting for one to come out. This is a really great game and was about the closest we could find to a warrior cats simulator. We will pay whatever the price is to get the warrior cats simulator when it comes out!

We love the game so much but both of the ultimate simulators are missing some thing … And that’s being to go under water lions can swim under water can’t they? So can wolfs. Our point is simple if you do what we want in the next update we will be so happy we have lots of them we love your games.

So this may seem dumb but can you make a Hunger Games simulation where you are Katniss and you try to survive the Hunger Games. Also can you make a Divergent simulation where you choose your faction and life. Please please make these! We would give you ten trillion stars if we could!

Please! And have it be multi-player game where people from around the world can joking and chat.

GLUTEN FREE IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN we almost have every simulator game you have made but there is one simulator game that we really want you to make you should make a ultimate dog simulator! You could either be a pet or a stray dog and if your a stray you can get caught by the dog catcher and be taken to the pound and if your at the pound you can try to escape or get adopted. If you get adopted you can live the life as a pet or escape you should also be able to have a mate and you can have puppies and you can play as them and roam wherever you want to. With puppies you can also get taken to the pound. You should be able to coustmize your dogs and puppies. Gluten free games plz make this simulator we would totally buy it.

Ok, well first of all, we think that these games should be free. We know that you all work SUPERMEGAHARD on all the coding and stuff but still……… We love these ultimates more that the first one that were not ultimate (better graphics etc,.) but besides that can you all PLEEDAASSEE (like literally begging you all to read this guys!!) can you all PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUH~LEEZE make a warriors cats sim!??! That you get to pick what clan you want to be, wether you want to be leader , deputy , warrior , apprentice (warrior or med apprentice) med cat queen (female who are nursing or expecti kits [kits are babies] or kits your self with changing seasons and whether and you can make your own name or there can be name recommendations (such as: FlameTail TigerScar MistyFur LeapardStar[for leaders they have star at the end of their name!] Nightkit Bluekit etc,. And we get to make our own eyes and everything hope you all think about makeing this game if you all do we’ll be the first to buy it.. For sure you all are magical like a . Thank you ~ me.

We love your games but next time you make a game can you please have a map that has the world.

It was a sunny and warm day. Our pride was resting happily. Then our mate said "I’m a little hungry." us and the rest of our pride agreed to go on a hunt. Our mate had to stay home in the den to look after our cubs, so the rest of our pride went walking in the dry grass to look for some food. Suddenly we saw two other male lions, and they saw us. We stared at each other for about 5 seconds, then one of the males came running up to us. Us and our pride growled and roared, but we knew we couldn’t fight the males alone. We didn’t want one of our pride members to die fighting either. We struggled to think of what to do next, and we didn’t have much time to think since the males are running towards us. Then finally we all looked at each other and knew what to do. We all ran to our den together. But there was just one problem. Bye the time we got there we found out that the strange males were following us to our den! Our mate was a little disappointed because we didn’t kill anything to eat but then we told him that there were two strange lions and we didn’t want to get into any trouble fighting and"Roooaaarrr!!!!" we roared. "Look out!" The strange males had followed us all the way to our den and they were right in front of us, ready to attack! We hid our cubs really fast so the strange males wouldn’t kill any. Then our mate got down on his knees and leaped in the air to pounce on one of the males, but just before he landed on him the strange male clawed him in the eye and our male fell to the ground, with one eye blinded. We saw what happened and felt really bad for our mate, but there was only one thing we could do. We had to fight back and make them pay for that. We watched how he clawed our mate in the eye and we tried to do exactly that but to the strange males, but we did it wrong and thankfully he missed clawing us but we still fell to the ground and only bruised myself just a little. It didn’t bother us at all. The rest of our pride was fighting really hard, and we could see blood coming out of one of the strange lion’s leg. We joined in on the fight and we defeated one of the lions. He went sprinting, as best as he could with his injured leg,to his home. But we still had the other lion. One of our pride lions bit his back real hard, and one on the leg, and finally we got to bite him on the head, which crushed his scull, and defeated the lions. The last male ran away (and probably died on the way because of his broken scull) and was never seen again by our strong pride of lions. We then told all of our cubs that everything was now OK. They came out and played while us and our pride then went out to hunt once again, looking around carefully, making sure there aren’t any other lion out there close to us. We saw a heard of impalas and caught one. We killed it and brought it back to our den and ate happily with our mate eating the first bite. THE END.

Can you put humans in villages kind of like you guys did in the Ultimate Dragon Simulator game.

You guys should do a tiger simulator.. The tiger should be like the one on savana simulator plz we won’t tell you how to make the game but plz.

Titan was an evil lion, yet he was the king of TitanPride. His only son that wasnt evil was Fello. (Pronunciation-Feh-LOW) Fello, Gallant and Ruth were now 6. Fello was going to fight his father for the throne, unexpectedly. He cackled at the thought. A few days later, he did it. He stepped up to Titan, his father, and roared angrily. I,Fello Of TitanPride, Wish To Challenge You,Titan,My Father, our King For Your Place And Throne. If You Accept, we Fight. If You Dismiss The Offer, That Will Be The End Of It. Titan Cackled Evily. Why, Then, I, Titan, KING Of TitanPride, Accept The Challenge. Titan Laughed, Glaring At Fello. Then, If we Win, You Leave And Never Return, If You Win, we Leave And Spend our Life As A Rouge. Deal? Fello Said, The Wind Making His Mane Blow. Deal Titan Said. We Start.. NOW! Fello Leapt At His Father, Making Him Tumble Into The Dismembered Animal Pile, Titan Screamed, Flailing Under Him, But Couldnt Get Free. Fello Clawed His Eyes, Side And Muzzle, Then Tore An Ear Off. Titan Shrieked, Trying To Get Out And Away From Under Him. YOU WIN! YOU WINN!! Titan Screamed. Take Gallant And Ruth With You. Fello Said Coldly, Glaring At His Brothers. Titan,Gallant And Ruth Scrabbled Away. Fello Got Up And Stood On The Rotting Log. Lions,Lionesses And Cubs, You Are Free From Titan And His Evil Ways. I, Fello, Of Former TitanPride, Now Welcome You To… FELLOPRIDE! There Were Roars Of Cheer. Now The Lions Of FelloPride were free from Titans grip. And You,Yes You! The One Reading This, Welcome To FelloPride. You are free to join.

Personally, we think (rather, KNOW) that this is the best game gluten free games has come up with. If you are searching for an animal simulator and are boggled by the many choices but have slimmed your options down, this is the game you need. It is incredibly realistic, the Cubs are adorable, and you can snuggle, clean, paw, or play wrestle your pride members! You can also haul your Cubs around in your mouth to keep them away from danger.

LyIa watched another gorgeous sunset fall, plummeting into dark oranges, pinks and reds. She lived a happy life in a big pride. Her daughter, Maine, curled up along side her. She licked her head. Then, suddenly, she heard rustling. She turned around. She saw nothing. Hm. It just must be us. She thought. Her mate, Boulder was out on guard duty. In her pride, the males would guard the camp and the females would hunt, but she had already done her hunting for the day. Boulder returned, panting. Another pride is attacking! He alerted the pride. Lyla quickly shoved Maine gently behind a rock. She joined in the fight, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw somebody steal Maine! Maine! She yowled, running after her beloved cub. Boulder was too distracted fighting the intruders that he did not notice. She scratched the stealer, and he dropped Maine in pain. Lyla snatched up Maine and ran away. The pride fought off the intruders and she, Maine, Boulder and her pride lived happily ever after. The end!

So, in this thing we made up called ‘Ultimate Cat Simulator’, you can start a cat clan and you can choose their names, you can have 4 kittens at a time but they are restricted to the den, you live in a cave in the mountains, the bosses are a panther, a evil were-wolf/dog hybrid, and a night stag.

Wow, there are no known bugs we have found! Sure, there are the sideways running animals but that happens in all simulators. This game is awesome! Cool bosses! Great graphics! We have no suggestions because we know whatever the next sim is it will be brilliant!

Once upon a time on the peaceful Savana. An Omega Lion was looking for a mate and a pride, then a lioness came up to the Omega lion. The lioness said: Are you are looking for a pride?. The male said Yes we am. The Lion followed the lioness. Then the lion saw a group of lionesses. The lioness said we found a leader!. The male lion scanned the group of lionesses for a perfect mate. Then he looked at the female beside him. Then he said Would you be our mate?. The lioness said Yes!. Then the two lions became the alphas. A few weeks later the Alpha female was going to have Cubs. The pride was happy. A day before the cubs where born The Alpha male saw some hyenas. The lionesses circled the hyena clan. Then the Alpha roared at the clan. The lioness bowed down as the Alpha walked between them. The Alpha males mate followed him. Then the male whispered to his mate go back to the den!. But the Alpha Female did not leave. Then the hyenas attacked! The Alpha Male shouted to his mate RUN!! His mate ran away. After the battle the lioness came back all of the lionesses circled something it was the Alpha Male. The Alpha Female was sad. One day later the Alpha Female had a cub named Prince. He was named Prince to honor his father.

We must say with the "ultimate" Series coming out from Gluten Free Games, they have improved, but there are still a lot to go, while they do an excellent job in most accuracies such as envoirment and surrounding NPC’s. They only problem we do have are the graphical details, if we set our game to high settings the game can most of the time not load properly and we must lower the settings to enjoy the game, The Male lion’s mane looks like it was attached onto a female lioness sloppily, we know the game is only .99 but we would rather pay more for a better thought through game then just some simple slabbed together sim, as with the NPC’s it is a bit annoying when you’re chasing and they suddendly run up a moutain and is unobtainable. This isn’t Goat simulator which was a huge joke, and left the bugs in we would like a quality simulator. Our last concern is that the facts you find around aren’t that compelling to learn more about the animals, That is most likely a personal preference, due to our huge animal study background. Overall- This is a great animal sim with most accracies much needed bug fixes and programming HD fix for higher resolution devices.

One day us and our dad sat on a rock and talked. Soon the pack was hunting. But less lions came only our mom sister and brother were alive our brother Scrape our sister Rouge our mom Ciddamon and our dad Dario. It was just us. The whole family had HUGE scars all over them… We started crying as we hugged Ciddamon (aka mom ) dad used his powers to heal them the pack was about 12 pack members before 5 pack members now not including our pet Sier our mom told us the story we were scared of Fog Forest after that… She told us it was a hyena that killed most of the pack even though those lions were part of our family tree except for our moms dad and.. You know. We saw black pices of grass we pinned our back to dad as we breathed faster than we ever breathed. Dad: Hey kiddo are yo- our dad saw what it was the boss Killer Hyena. Us our sister fought with our mom and dad his health was about 6,000 no wonder 7 pack members were killed. We fought clawed bited and… He or she was dead we were at about 40 health by the time we finished. We healed from dad and we were a happy family. You might think everything went good after that but NO a wolf pack came as we stared into the forest we turned around and they were clawing our brother not one not two but threeeeeee! Our bigger sister came from above our mind: we thought she was dead oh we think we know why but YAY finally we went to school and found a mate named melon our brother was 19 and he joined our pack with melon.

Hi! We LOVE your ultimate games. The ones that aren’t ultimate aren’t as fun but ultimate lion and ultimate wolf are THE BEST! Anyways, could you please fix the glitch that when you start eating, your pride comes and pushes it away from you? That would be great. Also, it says that a cub that’s levels 1-4 can’t get hurt. Well, whenever we go hunting or a bug sneaks up on us, we lose health and end up dying. It’s really frustrating. So please fix that in the next couple of updates. And could you make it easier to level up? We feel like it takes FOREVER to level up once you get to level 15. Please fix these things! It would make the game sooo much better. Ps. We think it would be AWESOME if you made a Warrior Cat Simulator.

To be hones we think you guys shoud do like a moutin goat simulater theirs also one problem with the running whenever we try to run the animal just stays their plus you waste energy.


We love the game but we want to ask for you to add a ultimate dog simulator please add one thanks.

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