Ultimate Spider Simulator 2

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:40 pm

Ultimate Spider Simulator 2


Ultimate Spider Simulator 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, Ultimate Spider Simulator 2 is a Education game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th May 2020 with the latest update 3rd April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Education, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


143 people have rated 3.0

You can download the game Ultimate Spider Simulator 2 from APP STORE.


Take on the life of our most realistic spider ever! Explore a macro-scale world with stunningly realistic insects and animals alike. Find other spiders and raise your family, spin webs, hunt for food, and become the strongest brood in the forest!

The wild has never been more alive! Explore and hunt to maintain your spiders thirst and hunger in the most detailed animal simulator we’ve ever created!

Create webbing anywhere on the map to help you traverse the terrain and capture your prey!

Creep through tall grass and leaves to avoiding alerting nearby animals and giving them a head start trying to escape you! Animal AI is smarter and faster than ever!

Omnidirectional dodge system brings a new level of skill to your fights! Quickly react to your opponents attack direction to dodge and avoid damage!

Build deeper bonds with your spiders through the new relationship and personality system. Your brood recognizes heroic and caring acts that will alter the relationships. Gain bonuses from synergetic spiders hunting together!

Have up to TEN spiders in your family! Seek out friendly spiders and pass their challenges to recruit them to your brood! Play as your new spiders and train them as brave warriors or cunning hunters!

A brand new age makes raising your spiderlings even more real! Breed babies that will grow into teens and eventually full grown members of your clan!

Introducing expanded animal customization options for fine-tuning your spider’s look! Alter physical features like height, leg size, and body shape to accentuate your spider’s personality!

Challenge the four elemental spirits of the forest to battles on an EPIC scale! Dodge poison needles, escape deadly lava falls, and face shockingly difficult tests of your reflexes and timing!

Gain experience and level up your spiders to unlock stat bonuses and unique skills! Skills will grant specialized abilities like healing, tracking, and battle strength!

Collect materials to decorate and upgrade your webs and make life for your spiders even better! Build useful additions that provide food and water while safe in your web!

Discover all new wildlife! Improved AI and animations combined with species specific action trees will immerse you in our most detailed world to date. Track down mammals and insects like Fly, Bee, Beetle, Ladybug, Praying Mantis, Hornet, Cockroach, Rat, Crow, Scorpion, Rabbit, Ants and of course Spiders!

Introducing AAA PC quality graphics in a mobile simulator! With meticulously optimized models and textures, we’ve managed to reach an unrivaled level of visual quality!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects to add even more realism!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download Ultimate Spider Simulator 2 and prove you can survive as a wild spider in our all-new completely revamped simulation!

If you liked living as a Spider then be sure to check out our other animal simulators!

We plan on creating more sequels so give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Updated on 3rd April 2023

  • Improved Texture Resolutions
  • Raise the max level to 200
  • Balanced audio levels
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Upgraded compatibility with newer iOS Versions

Ultimate Spider Simulator 2 Reviews

We absolutely love these games, and how realistic they are, but one thing we see in all of these games is that they have bugs, glitches, etc. We just wanna say to the devs, take your time to get these games fully developed, and making sure to update the games a lot more to make it a better experience (not that it already is). Overall, lovely game (games)

There arent any major bugs but theres 1 nobody has probably ever noticed. When you pounce on the rat it sends you underground but thats not really a problem so its not worth your time to fix the bug.

We really enjoy this game. Collecting materials to build things is a really fun feature, as well as the customization of the spider. We enjoy the ambush part of catching prey, and the mini games you can play. However, we do wish you could climb back on the web once you have spun it.


Hi we been playing this for awhile and its a fun game but its always shutting down when you add a member or babies.

Just started playing and Im in love. The run animation is funny, the spiders look great. Here are our nitpicks. 1. We feel like you should be able to carry the baby spider on your abdomen, because for one the carrying from the mouth is inaccurate. 2. Add bears, hikers, and way larger animals! It would be so cool to see a giant bear in the game. And humans would be cool too, (hikers. And campers.) 3. Add a tarantula feature. It would be cool to switch species into a tarantula, (which are bigger and thicker body.) Overall this game is amazing and we recommend it to people who love spiders. Because we love spiders. Oh and can you make the Barbary spiderlings lighter? Because babies are usually a lighter color from the parent.

But the first couple of minutes we pounced a rabbit or some animal and guess what we GOT STUCK UPSIDE DOWN XD we tried getting killed by a rabbit respawned and still stuck upside down.

Next do dragon sim 2 or dinosaur sim 3.

This is a awesome game and we really love all the remakes you are doing on your games and we were excited for this one but we have a problem and its not that it glitches or anything but that we dont know how to build a dynamic web like it says and its frustrating but it would be helpful if you possible could tell us how thank you!

Your games are the best and we have some things we would like you to add. We felt like you should make a UltDragon2 and UltiGriffin2 and you start off as a baby with your mom and then when you fully grow up you have to leave and start your new adventure. Thank you.

Im giving five stars since we love it! Its good! Female spiders are actually way bigger than Males But it is making males bigger despite the fact that in almost all cases the females are larger than males! Please! Fix It! !

Great super fun game !!! Good job!!

We have been playing this game forever and we are obsessed with it! Ours is not glitchy, we suggest you put your settings on high graphics with blood off and high water graphics. We would also like to suggest and ultimate bug sim where you can be a fly, a wasp, a bee, a mosquito, that sorta thing. Also, HOW DO we BUILD WEBS!?!?!?

Make a dog sim 2 and a deer sim 2 the dog one you guys could chose what species of dog we think it should be a German Shepard thats our favorite specie of dog. And the deer you can just run in to hunters and if you get shot once you will insanely die! To cruel!! So please make it love your games! Please please please make them with a cherry on top!

This game is amazing we love the new stuff but it would be cool to make a ant one is it ok if you can try to make a ant one please.

Can you make a possum one that can hang off tree branches and a play dead button and cool attacks and you find mates and have baby possums that would be super cool thank you for ur awsome games!!!

Gluten games has made quality simulators for nearly any great animal you could want to be, including the prehistoric extinct. The one realm, they have not explored enough, was the micro insect. Im so glad they made this game. We love the perspective of being a tiny insect, and how small mammals like mice or rabbits, appear to be enormous. You cant beat the price as well. Thank you so much for continuing to make these, and please consider making saber tooth 2.

This game is amazing! Its so different compared to the others! The only thing Is it CAN be buggy! But we think its worth buying it.

We love this game its really cool with all the spiders and boss battles and we loooove all the small animals its really cool. And we think you should do a ultimate river simulator.

Finally! A simulator game that stands above all else! We’ve played several of Gluten Games many simulator games but this one excites us. Im a pest control technician who has a passion for entomology but the bug stuff is only the cherry on top. The graphics and movements of these creatures are exponentially better than any previously made simulator game on iOS. Normally, we buy these games for our son but now we will be checking in periodically with Gluten Games. P.S. Shame on AppStore! Zero results when searching for Ultimate Spider Simulator 2! Also, Appsliced was where we found this…. We are shocked not to have seen this listed with sites like Touch Arcade.

We love this game so much (GLUTEN FREE GAMES) keep up with the Great games we love them so much.

This is a whole new level for gluten free games and its amazing so we highly recommend getting these new games.

We love the game its fun and interesting but can you add different spider species like the jumping spider and orb weaver spider and wood louse spider please that would be really fun and also every time we try to add a new spider to our group it crashes on our iPhone 11 please fix in the next update.

We really love the game! But, it kinda gives us the chills .-. And yes we just wanted to say this for no reason-

Your games are crazy realistic! Youve done so much progress with your games and we have 14 of them. We keep on writing reviews because there like TOOOOOOOO good!!!

We think Maybe making a ultimate dog simulator 2.

Hello :D, just wanna give some game ideas for more games and stuff, we love the game but somethings we cant get off the bottom off the web and maybe you could add more games like, dragonfly sim, and bat sim! Have a good day c:

Hello. Great game, we had more fun than we thought we would. The funny thing is, we are caught up on bugs and have a lady bug larva terrarium. Cool, right? But, your overpowered the Mud Boss. Please remove the mud balls that come at us, or make the, not follow you around. Its op. For the next simulator, an otter sim! We would love that, and we are absolutely buying that! If you dont want to do that for a next sim, maybe a Ultimate Bushland Simulator. Dingo,Kangaroo,And more. Well, keep up the good work! Goodbye for now!

We’ve dreamed of a spider sim and its finally here and better than we imagined.

Really good game! Graphics are stunning and fun to look at. We never thought Id enjoy a spider game. Keep up the great work!

This game is awesome. After playing it we got an idea for another great game, German Shepard 2, where you can herd sheep to new areas, with a owner who gives you treats just like the original ultimate cat and dog games, just with sheep that you herd. We though this would be super fun, and we think other people might too. Well thanks for reading this!

We dont know how you went from the games where tigers were RED to a life like immersive sim like this! Its amazing! We just started playing it yesterday and we already love it! It actually helped us get over our aracnaphobia and we cant thank you enough. But we do have a few problems. So in one of our webs we crafted a leaf overhang and we think you missed the fact that its hot pink? Is that normal? Also, if we jump of of a tree or something, we get stuck in the ground and have to find elevated ground to get back up. And its SO hard to find water, and to get OUT of webs! Oh and no offense, but when the spider runs, it kinda looks like its twerking, so CAN U FIX THAT PLS!?! And Im sorry if that is a lot Im asking of you, but these things really bug us. Get it? Also, you are probably tired of getting ALL THESE REQUESTS but we do have one. Just maybe, if youre not too busy, could you make a squirrel sim 2? Pretty please? We could climb trees, and eat acorns, live in tree hollows, and even store stuff in our cheek pouches! We mean, think about it. You guys make all these big mammal games. We think its time for a small mammal. Like a SQUIRREL!!! We know you guys work hard to make all of your games accessible and fun. And we can thank you for wanting to devote our life to helping animals when Im old enough. Thank you so much and keep working hard GFG!! Bye!

Please make a ultimate cat simulator 2 and make a ultimate bug simulator please.

If u love spiders this is the game for u. It has great graphics and is very realistic. But we hate spiders and the character is just creepy to us. So if you love spiders we recommend this game for you.

We love this game! Its so realistic and fun. The only problem is that you cant step on the webs you make! Other wise, we have no problems with this game! (Also can you add a new fox game it would make us so happy and not bored )

Yes this game is nice and all but WHY are the spiders so big!!?? Sorry. But pretty please make a mythical creature sim with fairys and unicorns and anything else that is mythical that can be thought of. Please make it the best game there is. And make a beaver sim with fish and a platypus.

Are bugs able to get caught in our web and can you make an ultimate bug simulator so we can play as bugs and can it be free we love playing your games but they need to be for free for us to play and the falling leaves are falling through the floor and we only have 4 leaves.

Every time we try to mate up with another spider the game is glitching us out of the game. Hopefully you guys can fix it because we really like this game.

Okay. Before we got this game, we read the information. It clearly said: Make webs anywhere in the world! We were like, Cool! We can make our home anywhere! But when we got in the game, it turned out it was just when you are high up you can use a web to get to the ground. Definitely cant make your home anywhere! Otherwise, great game! But PLEASE, it would be cool to add this.

Hi, love your games, and we love that you are using different animals like this. Two small problems though. It lags and it kicks us out. Can you fix this?

Hi! We love the game but we cant breed for some reason. Our affinity is at 100 our trust is at 93 our maturity is at 100 but it wont work. The spiders arent the same sex so thats not the problem :\

There is no venom in the game. Spiders use venom to capture and kill prey. Also, the game kicks you out if you try to find a mate and it prompts hunger.

The game is great overall but there are two issues we’ve noticed. When we try to find our spider a mate, it takes/kicks us out of the game. Also, when Im climbing and we somehow get off of what we are climbing, our spider stays in the position it was when it was on what we were climbing and then it partially phases into the ground. Whenever we try to move when Im in this situation, our spider would always go forward. If you can, please fix this issues.

When we play we cant move because of glitches. Also the game crashes every time we play it.

Way too glitchy, barely can move so thats why we think its gonna be a good game.

Very realistic like all the other games! We’ve played almost all your games!! We would really like a Ultimate Horse 2! Where in the beginning you choose to be born in captivity or the wild. For the wild you leave the band one year and find a mate and create your own band. When your foal reaches one year you can choose to banish or keep. Stallions attempt to overthrow the leader, if they succeed you are banished but keep level and amount of slots for family. Captivity, you live the life of a foal to yearling around the stable in the pastures and barns, at two years humans try to break you and three you learn disciplines and skills, you can be in shows and competitions. If your bad you can be sold. You can have a mate and foals and buddies around the stable that just do their own thing. You can have friends and enemies with the horses, Disciplines, dressage, jumping, races, barrel racing, roping, ranch horse, work horse, field plower, wagon horse, all depending on skill and breed! Please have frisians!!! And have coats depending on breed, in the beginning you should get a full custimization at the beginning then coats are locked until certain levels, please have many breeds!!!

Great game al tho we paid for it we cant interact with other spiders it just crashes the game and maybe add more with the webs? But pls fix the crashes.

The game is really good. We love the web building mechanic and the graphics are beautiful as always. The only reason Im deleting it is because Im arachnophobic we only played the game for a bit so we could review it. We’ve played your games for years and almost all of them have been gems, so we wanted to support you by buying this game as well. You did really good on this one, so keep up the good work! We hope you make Ultimate Horse Simulator 2 next because we’ve wanted that for a really long time we want to be a unicorn so bad.

We would go into the game and it would glitch so much we cant play the game and we really want to play the game!! And it stops and kicks us out of the game!! We hope you can fix it :)

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