URS – Car Driving Games 2022

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 02:25 am

URS – Car Driving Games 2022

URS - Car Driving Games 2022

URS – Car Driving Games 2022 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Muhammad Aslam, URS – Car Driving Games 2022 is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd July 2022 with the latest update 31st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of URS – Car Driving Games 2022 ?

241 people have rated 2.0

What is the price of the URS – Car Driving Games 2022 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the URS – Car Driving Games 2022 released ?

URS – Car Driving Games 2022 was released on 2nd July 2022.

When was the URS – Car Driving Games 2022 updated ?

The latest updated date of URS – Car Driving Games 2022 on 31st July 2022.

Where can URS – Car Driving Games 2022 be downloaded ?

You can download the game URS – Car Driving Games 2022 from Apple Official App Store.



Ultimate Racing Simulator is a game of Car Racing on different highways where there are the following features
Player can upgrade/modify each vehicle
Animated Characters
Realistic Car Models
Free Garage
Cars Collection
Different Maps
In-Vehicle use.

Updated on 31st July 2022

Resolve Bugs and improve Gameplay.

URS – Car Driving Games 2022 Review

This game got us out of our -75,000 dept in our bank account and cured our depression very recommended.

This is the best game we’ve ever played recommend to download. Everyone is overreacting on ads and this cured our deep down depression we wasnt eating until we found this game.

This stupid game gave us three ads before we even got to play the game and it was the biggest disappointment of a game we have ever played. So if you want a laugh download this game.

Not a really bad game but the pictures are fake and also we got ads in the middle of the game and theres way too many ads like every two seconds. Theres an ad three stars this is honestly a really bad game. Its got really bad quality.

We saw the photo desc, we knew there was no way it would be like GTA 5, but we still wanted to try it out. Once we stared, every button we clicked there would be an ad, which was annoying but you could skip it quickly. There was a garage too that you could customize your car. The game is basically like you need to avoid traffic while on the highway, and its a 2D gameplay. You get pretty bored easily, but at least the developers made a small effort.

This game great but it has way to much ads.

We do not recommend this game it has to many add but it has alright quality but in all its not that good its a waste of a time downloading this game and by far its the worst game we ever played and just dont download this game.

The game itself is low quality, doesnt seem like they took time ti make the game, but the main problem is you would go through 5 ads to get to one level which sets the game of course and falls into a annoying situation.

Do not thrust the pictures on the front.

The reason we picked a two star was because it has twenty adds at the start and it still has them every time yu Prus a button an add pops up and the adds are not good so do not download this trashy game NO HATE sorry but it is a decent app.

Don’t download it, it’s more ads than games, it’s disgusting.

Es muy pero le no lo descarguen por que muchos anuncios y no es como since. Que es el juego mal 0%

We do recomend downloading this game ever time u press something am add pops up; bearly got to play the game. Its a waste of time.

When you get on every button you push you get a ad DONT get.

Terrible game dont get this we had to delete it by the first round after 10 add do not get this dumb game we are telling you braaaaaa.

It gave us two ads and we were like Bruh they should take the game out.


To many adds. The game has very poor graphics. We would not trust the cover as the picture is from gta v. As soon as we downloaded the game it made us watch 3 adds. We would give this a zero if you could. Do not install unless you want to suffer.

This app is stupid you cant even play once you can drive like once an boom a whole 1 hour of adds if we can give a zero we really would.

This game is so terrible for future people who want to get this game dont get this game way to much ads the graphics are terrible.

Bro why did the creator off this game put this kind of pictures if this stupid game is not even like how it looks bro.

This game is trash way to many ads for me.

Too many ads, click 1 time and you get an ad, click after the ad and bam! Another ad! Do not download.

Give it to us right now or else youre a poopy Dookie butt hole.

Too many ads, we didnt even get to play the game.

As soon as we open the app ads flood our screen. Next everytime we click on anything another ad. Wayyyyy too many ads do not get this game its a waste of time!!

Not what it shows you on the picture its just a rip off.

Do not download this game there is WAY TO MANY ADS!!! The second you click on something there is an ADD!!!! This game is not what it says it is do not trust it.

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