Video Poker Trainer

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Video Poker Trainer


Video Poker Trainer is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ron Schweitzer, Video Poker Trainer is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th July 2009 with the latest update 29th November 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


24 people have rated 3.3

You can download the game Video Poker Trainer from APP STORE.


Part Card Analyzer, Trainer, Simulator, and Strategy Guide, this app is a must for anyone that plays Jacks or Better Video Poker. The easy to learn tactics and handy hand calculator will turn you into an expert in no time. Great for both beginners and experts.

  • Easy to memorize tactics
  • Three levels of training game
  • Odds shown for any hand
  • Use Hand Analyzer to see exactly what to hold
  • Read the Strategy Guide to learn the secrets of the pros
  • Use Real Play to simulate a real machine

What do people say?

"I wish I had this in vegas last weekend. All these moves I thought were smart, I’ve learned otherwise. Very helpful indeed. Love the interface!"

"Unlike other poker apps, this actually teaches you how to win! Instead of throwing some random cards at you, it challenges you with specific scenarios. I was surprised to learn that I was picking the wrong cards for years! "

This application uses a unique method to teach you how to win at video poker. Each of the three levels of training give you ten different scenarios to choose from. To simulate these edge conditions, we provide over 4000 combinations of hands make it tougher to see the patterns. Your goal is to get all 14 right out of 14. Each time you play, your score will improve!

For example, which do you think is better? A Hi Pair or three cards of a Royal Flush? How about four of a flush or a low pair?

After you choose which cards to hold, it tells you which cards you should keep and why. Before you know it, you will be an expert at recognizing patterns and instinctively choosing the right cards!

Ever get a hand but don’t really know what to hold? Use the Card Analyzer to tell you exactly what to do! The analyzer calculates the average payout of all possible hands you could get for each combination of cards you could hold. It does over 1/2 million calculations in less than 1 second and gives you the perfect move!

Updated on 29th November 2019

Added iPad support

Video Poker Trainer Reviews

Its an amazing app teaches you very well what to do and not to do we absolutely love it!!

Easy to use and great value, best one we have come across.

Great training modules with a simple and easy to use real play option with live feedback. Worth the money.

We were a complete novice at Video Poker, but this straightforward and easy to use app taught us a lot. We especially liked the Real Play and Analyze features.

We would pay a little extra to have the ability to see a running total of our $$ wins/losses. Five stars if it had this feature.

Not having a way to track the payout, as in a real game at the bottom of the screen (in Real Play), feels as if something is missing. So, we had to purchase other apps that have that feature. Having that feature allows one to realize how fast a bankroll could be lost /gained. With such feature we would have given the app a five stars.

With latest update there’s no way to press the Clear button when in analyse a hand mode. Apple decided to add the three dots at the top of the screen for multi-tasking/split screen without the ability to turn it off or move it so now when you try to clear the cards the multi tasking window comes up. It’s been three years, time to update the app.

We love this app. We use it whenever Im at the casino. You can put the cards that you have in the analyzer and it will tell you what to do. The latest update crashes after every hand which is a bummer, but Ill still use the app.

We especially like the Real Play feature. We’ve asked for a couple enhancements, but we havent noticed any bugs. We like to use a VP trainer in the weeks before a Vegas trip, to knock down the cobwebs. We also like to drink while Im training for that casino ambiance. :-) This trainer has met our needs.

Have use the app at riverboat casinos in Indiana, in Vegas, on cruise ships and annually in Reno. We are pretty good, but the app keeps us sharp in Training Mode before we gamble with real money. Then in Analyze mode, we can enter the cards on the machine to see our best hold. That feature alone is worth the price of the app.

Good layout and easy to use if Jacks or better is your only game.

Just when we were starting to get a feel for the game… IOS update… Now the App crashes. Please fix!

Just bought app and it will not open up completely. Very frustrating.

Really love this app. Been using it for awhile now to help increase our percentage of correct holds in VP. More correct holds equals more money in our pocket. It pays for itself almost immediately.

We have used VP Trainer many years with much success. Our wife and we visit casinos quite often and use the trainer when ever in doubt as to which is the better hand to hold working toward the Royal Flush. Our routine is listening to soft jazz on iPhone with VP Trainer near-by to second guess a difficult hand.

The perfect app for practicing Jacks or Bettera popular game that is also foundational for learning more complex video poker games. Lots of good featuresyou can edit the pay tablet to reflect the game youre playing, you can practice hands and check the odds on your selection, and obviously, just enjoy playing. One feature we love is being able to enter a specific hand and analyze the correct move if you get stumped. This is a must for anyone who is planning to play for real $ and wants to come out on the winning side over the long term.

Im able to get the rust off before making it to the casino. Im very pleased by the free play, tests, and references available. Easily one of our favorite apps and by far the best JoB on the App Store.

This is how we learned to play Video Poker. It was recommended to us from FB – Solo Las Vegas. To make things even better we received a reply when asking a question via Email! Great App.

Works great! Wish there was a capability to mute the sound. Still makes a racket even with the iPad muted.

Great detail for only a dollar. Use this at the casino and you will definitely get your dollar back. Thanks for a nice app.

Takes you from beginner to pro!

Great learning app. Well worth the price.

Just learning the game and this is very helpful.

Excellent training tool toile some $$$

If you want to win, this app is a great choice for learning to play perfectly!

Great way to kill time,lots of fun.

Wish it had better stats to track your long term performance against optimal play, or the ability to just play without the training feature.

Great app for learning best hands. Will add to review when we play in Vegas.

This has been a good app so far, but we’ve noticed the pay amount is wrong on many of the options for different pay scales. We are worried the entire app is inaccurate.

This app appeared to be a game, but it was only a training activity. VERY disappointing!

A lot of real thought went into this. It’s easy to use. We’ll be watching for the creator’s name when selecting future training apps, assuming he makes more. Excellent.

The new Hand Analyzer is fantastic. So is the "real" play mode. Fantastic update.

We didn’t know how to play poker and within fifteen minutes we were able to grasp the basics. The game has different levels for more skilled players but you can still learn how to play poker using it. It has training levels with feedback coaching you.

Thanks for adding the real play mode. The app was quite limited without this. But, what really impressed us was the hand analyzer. We’re taking this with us to Vegas next time we go.

We were very impressed with the app; loads of info. Great not only for practicing, but unbelievably, let’s you key in your EXACT cards and it tells you what to do. Things we have been doing for years and years were just plain wrong – thank you so much!

Never paid videopker, but this app really showed us how to play, enjoy, and win.

App does what it says and then some.

Wow!!! We are really really impressed with this app. This is the real deal.

We really love this app! This app taught us how to play video poker. We have won 4 royal flushes. Recommend this app to people who do not know how to play. They should make other apps to help people like us learn other games.

Well designed with a good flow to have you playing an efficient game!

There was a lot to learn, always thought "Bet Max" was a scam, and that a line of machines had the same payout for the same game – they don’t ! Training mode useful, Analyze function PRICELESS!!

Great training vehicle & would have given you 5 Stars except we can’t seem to mute the sound. Anybody else have that problem? We’re using an iPod Touch V.4.

Seems in line with other programs used. Wish would show coins spent re to coins earned.

So we got through the training, and was completely stoked about learning a few things that we had really been questioning, so we decided to test it out on the real play option. That was the point when 5 stars dropped to 3. Training: 10c (clubs), Jc, Ac, 7c, 4h (hearts) Suggested hold: 10c, Jc, Ac (for the royal) Real play suggested hold: 10c, Jc, Ac, 7c (for the flush) Well which is it?? 3 to the Royal or 4 to the flush?? We will say this though: This is the first time we’ve encountered a hypocritical software program. Our only other gripe is the fact that there’s no way to turn off the sound, and it makes some extremely loud and annoying sounds.

We like this app a lot! The ANALYZE feature is amazing! We also did not know machines were different; now we do. Thanks!

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