Voodoo Doll

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Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Voodoo Doll is a Casual game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 19th January 2021 with the latest update 27th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Voodoo Doll ?

26,638 people have rated 1.32

What is the price of the Voodoo Doll ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Voodoo Doll released ?

Voodoo Doll was released on 19th January 2021.

When was the Voodoo Doll updated ?

The latest updated date of Voodoo Doll on 27th April 2021.

Where can Voodoo Doll be downloaded ?

You can download the game Voodoo Doll from Apple Official App Store.



Revenge is a dish best served cold. Say hi to your new stress reliever because it will be non-stop prank games with your friends. Magic? Occult? Play god or the devil, and have fun pulling pranks to get your sweet revenge. Did that passerby just cut your line? Has your ex been cheating on you? Well, it’s time to give them what they deserve.

Indulge in the satisfaction of your choice. It’s no brain teaser so sit back and relax, and let your imagination run wild. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling off the best pranks your friends have seen. Each unique level will surely surprise you!

Game Features:
Make the right choice!
Have you ever wondered how people pull pranks on others? Well, here’s your chance to play the best prank game in the neighborhood. Tap away. It’s not a brain teaser. No need to think or judge because the devil has got your back.
Roleplay different scenarios
Are you gonna stand there and do nothing? Don’t watch your ex or boss get away! Customize that doll into your enemy and get your revenge!
Simple and Addicting
Joke’s on anyone who hasn’t played the game! Once you start you won’t be able to stop because there are endless tricks to make your buddy mad.
Fun for everyone
No matter if you’re the angel or the devil, this game is fun for everyone!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Updated on 27th April 2021

Bug Fixes

Voodoo Doll Review

The person you are playing as gets mad for everything just because you cant get a hot dog doesnt mean you kill them same with a pizza Bad game.

Very boring, not worth space on the phone.

All you do is gess and theres only 3 levels in the game dont download horrible!!!!!!!!!

U do the same thing over and over its a waste of time its un creative and more worst things.

3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. You want it? Its yours, our friend. As long as you have enough LEVELS. Sorry Pizia we cant give 5 stars. Come back when youre have more mmmmmmm LEVELS.

We love this game download now 5 5.

Its like so fun and every time we play this game our brother acks like we are doing it to him and not in the phone.

We were able to abduct a hotdog cart.

We were playing this game when we downloaded and Ashley its kind of like when you do something with the puppy that look like a peopleIt was kind of funny so we guess we will give us a five out of 10.

We like the part where you make the girl pee her pants omg.

This game helps us get revenge on our friends for stealing our simple dimples.

So we like this game an all but we want new characters to unlock and be that character but maybe you can do a Halloween update since its Halloween or something actually its passed Halloween since its October 30 (near Halloween) and its pretty boring everyday its the same thing we just dont rlly like that you havent done anything about it we mean we want a game that does updates we sorry if we act a little greedy.

We are 8 it is fun we dont care if Im to young.

We get to take our anger out on other things.

Very very very very very very very very very very very very cool.

Best game we’ve ever played its very fun we’ve just started playing it and we think its as the funniest game we should ever be but except for pinching it was a pin why not have it where you can move the arms legs in the head.

It a very good game but but when the people gets death they smile.

This game is fun omg blood blood blood.

Destroy fake people and get prizes one is bus we struck him with lightning.

We think that it is like mean to kill. But this game is fuuuuuuuuun! But we mean like why would you wanna kill! But people who say its a fun game we agree. But still being like this bc that person was mean to dont kill we like it but killing really! Maggie.

You can poke people. We think it is cool that you can Control people with a doll. We just want to say we think youre still down load it . Have a great day be safe.

We love getting revenge from somone and this make us feel the best we love this game no problems we feel soo comfortable.

This game is soooooooooo fun. And really funny . We like that it doesnt show how they died. Plus the person that Im playing as is sooooooooo mean. So we give this app a 8 out of 10.

The best game we have ever played.

We mean the game is fun, but it could use some updates Im not sure what though.

Fun game yet way to many adds Id give it a 6/10.

Does this voodoo stuff actually happen in real life.

It takes so long to download on a iPhone so can yall fix that but its a good game by the way.

We were going to download this game for our son to play on our phone when he gets board but we decided not to and canceled the download and for the last month we have had to cancel and remove this app at lease 4 times a day at this point its beyond aggravating.

1: um so we loved this game but the problem is that the game is WAY to short like you can beat the game in 3mins, its a little longer bc of the 2 problem. 2: The ads, bro this is like the worst thing about the game. Every time you beat a level its an ad and its to much. Guys if you see this please fix both of these problems, and thank you.

Some times you get a lot of ads we mean a lot! So much we think it is the worst star rate in our life but this game is fun you get angry and something happens really funny to the person that was mean to you in the game like it shows a made teddy bear you pick where to pock it ford head left and right feet and left and right hands kind of fun game not the best tho.

The amount of ADs in this game are ASTRONOMICAL. A decent game other than that.

Hi our name is marshawn 8 years old and we like it but we thot the ads on the head of the voodoo doll was a head cut so we gave it a three love marshawn.

You guys need to stop putting so many ADs it not fun stop it get some help :not joke: but good game.

So we did the arm and his arm is gone.

It is an interesting game, but its just a little too much blood/death in our opinion. Also, at one point the boyfriend was trying to get on a bus, and you as the player had to prevent it. We could not tell if he was trying to sneak out or not, but it did not seem necessary to chop his ARM OFF. We do not know enough to know if the game developers are able to control what adds are on or not, but if you can, please try to put different adds.

When we downloaded this game we thought it would be fun but no we do not recommend you playing this game.

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