Wall Kickers

Wall Kickers


Wall Kickers is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kumobius Pty Ltd, Wall Kickers is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 6th September 2018 with the latest update 13th July 2019

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7,724 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game Wall Kickers from APP STORE.


Starting from the bottom,
Then jumping wall to wall,
Deftly dodging, swiftly scaling,
Trying not to fall,
Backflipping will launch you back,
And spin you round and round,
But don’t mistime cos if you drop,
You’ll plummet to the ground.

Updated on 13th July 2019

Fixed a bug where text wasn’t showing. Weird!

Wall Kickers Review

Our friend was actually on the team that coded it and we think he did a great job with the game with everyone would tell their friends to play for our friends sake.

Cured our dog from cancer and helped us with sucide.

Its fun and addicting bye now.

It is a pretty fun game when bored.

We were playing and for first time we got to 12 and now that we have had this game for a solid 5 minutes it has only gotten harder. In our life we have only see two people play it and have fun. We have played lots of fortnite and as soon as we saw a feature to where you can buy skins we immediately wanted to buy one. We blame this on the game and it needs to be updated. Im not sure what company made this game but please listen to this review. We hate wall kickers. A kid named dylan just told us that the game is good he is now blocked from our life and we dont wanna here a word from him ever again.

We Love this game, Alittle frustrating at the start But soon we got the hang of it! We really love this game.

This is a good game fun easy realy roccemand.

One of the best endless runners out there. High skill ceiling. Constant variation. No adds or pay walls. Reminds us of the old days of iOS games.

We’ve always needed to have a game to burn time but would never get frustrating, this app was the cure, we’ve tried all mobile games and this is by far an underdog. Its not addicting, its not boring its just fun! Props to the creators!

Is there an end to this amazing game we would love to see it, oh and thanks for not adding in the ads.

Def recommend for when ur bored in class or in the car on the train etc.

Wall kickers is like almost the new Flappy Bird at this point and also trying to get a high score is difficult yet fun to do! We recommend this app to anyone who used to play Flappy Bird and anything else related to this!

NO ADS and u dont need internet to play so its a fun and perfect game to play whenever, nice to see someone make a game that isnt just a money hungry cash grab.

Probably our favorite endless runner-style game we’ve found. All of the pixel art is super cute, the controls are responsive and intuitive, and the random platform sequences are really well done. We’ve been playing for hours and Im still finding fresh arrangements that surprise and challenge us!

You have created a Master piece!!!

This game is addicting and honestly we could play this all day long if we could.

Tbh this is probably one of the best games on a mobile device that doesnt give you ads (unless youre getting the free coins) that we have played in a very long time perfect 10/10 game.

We like the game simple easy to play and its kinda like flappy bird but newer version but very fun entertaining when your bored or have nothing to do.

This gameis awesome and fun but still challenging.

SO perfect. No ads, in app purchases are super cheap! Super fun also :)

So we had a disease where we had to play game and this help.

We’ve been coming back to this game and each time we absolutely love it. Especially the sound design since the developer(s) used the Doppler effect which we will always find is sign that they (the developers) care.

Great game love the difference in some logs.

This is the best game we have ever played we play for hours on end there are no adds and is so fun 5 stars.

This game is super fun, youre not urged to pay for anything. You can just pick this up start playing and spend lots of time trying to beat your high score. Im not a paid reviewer we genuinely think this game is super fun! Give it a try and find out!

When we got this game we loved it and still do and we have a idea for the game, make a make your own map. And be able to post them.

This mokey brings us so much joy this game is awesome.

All advertisements are optional & are purely for pretty basic things (A start boost, or a continue when youve fallen). Not being chock full of ads like todays games, and having an ability to get all cosmetics through playing the game is amazing. We rarely review games, but this deserves it. Less ads are always better!

We think the game is just overall fun.

The game is so simple yet so fun. With tons of characters and locations, the combinations are endless! Love the game, been playing it for a while, dont love ads.

This game is pretty fun and addicting! Small detail we noticed was using FNAF 6 music in the shop. Love the art style too. Overall, its pretty good.

We love this game so much. Its not riddle with ads which makes us play it soo much like im so addicted!

First of all its a really good game that has almost no adds and it can keep your mind off things for a while and the controls are really easy to use its just tapping the screen.

We play it everyday and Im surprised we’re not bored of it because Im 12 and we have a small attention span. We play it for like an hour and our high score is 202 and at the start of the day it was 116 so we keep getting better. We love everything about this game!!

Its a little hard to get control of when you first start, but once you do you’re getting highscore after highscore. You dont wanna put down the game. Its never not fun and so many cool/cute characters to use! Recommend.

Its a really fun game tbh it would be better if we were a playable character but still pretty good.

We love this game so much because we love monkeys now this is the end.

This game is so unbelievably hard pleas make it easier we want to get the aciloltol skin.