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Hole.io is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Hole.io is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th June 2018 with the latest update 29th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,890,296 people have rated 1.18.0

You can download the game Hole.io from APP STORE.


The most addictive game!

Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

Updated on 29th June 2022

Bug fix

Hole.io Review

This game is so fun to play we recommend you to play this because its really calming for us whenever Im stressed out we just played this game for a little while and yeah so we really really recommend you to play this game!!!

The game is really really fun but it would be way better if there was more time because 2 minutes a game is kinda boring.

We think its fun we like yo cut g.

Great game so addictive best game we would totally get it. It is so fun and you get to go to different worlds and end up in different places in the worlds the island one is our favorite!!! You can go to the different versions and do normal battle and solo!!! You collect stickers and different holes!!! And one of the versions you have many other holes and you can eat ones that are smaller than you!!! In one of the versions it is only you and you can see what percent of the world that you eat!!! The hole we like and always are is Luna the black kitty cat!!! It is a really great game and we would totally get it!!!

We absolutely loveeeeethis game its the best but our favorite part about it is that we get ads of solitaire which at the end we can actually play so we will say it is a great game but we love the ad.

When playing this game, you quickly realize how meaningless your existence is. Like the main character, Gregory the hole, we are empty inside and feel as if we have to consume the word around us to feel happiness. 10/10 midlife crisis material.

We would give anything for a zen mode or a timed run- the 2 minute limit is a fun challenge but we really just wanna vibe.

When we first found this before it become gobbled up by the ad machine we played it obsessively for hours in the first sitting. Still love it, still will play it today as we are right now .

One of our favorite games,definitely top 5.

This is a very fun game, we wish they had a zen mode where theres no time limit, just eat everything. Idk if the developers read these but if you do can you consider making a zen mode?

Hi we love the game but the tiny problem we have with the game is its too many ads just too many. Just give players about 20 minutes of ad free time.

This game has so much potential to be amazing. Add more maps and holes. Add in a leaderboard for amount of kills. Make more challenges, perks, prizes. Make it linkable to Facebook so we can play with our friends. But dont ruin it by putting it behind a pay wall.

We love this game but we would really recommend it to it having a offline mode Ads are not a problem for us unless it has way to many and this game doesnt!

This is a fun game, but we kinda almost wish there was a leisure mode or something where you can just play to relax and not be timed on it.

It is a lot of fun for our children.

Please allow us to select the map we want to play.

Love the game but whats with the rewards? Cant buy time cant buy any mor skins cant use them on anything? Am we missing something?

It funny game for a time, but why you can create a real multiplayer? Im tired playing with bots.

We love the skins and the gameplay. The reason why Im giving this a four star review is because sometimes, it glitches right in the middle of the game!

We’ve been playing this game on and off for the last couple of years and for the most part yes its addicting. However, youre not playing against other real players; they are Computer generated players. Also, if you purchase the no ads but then upgrade you have to re-purchase no ads. Thats crap!

We really like this game and Im a kid its a good game because it doesnt have much ads its only one add per round and we LOVE how the sound is.

We’ve been playing this game for years and its safe to say its our favorite game. We’ve purchased the no ads version and reverently have purchased crazy packs to get new maps. We wish there was a mode where we could choose our maps, especially now that we are paying for them and that we could have an unlimited play too. Id definitely pay for it. This game is calming to us.

We updated the app one day and the farm field and office was gone!!!

We turned the Wi-Fi off and we could still play even tho there is no real pepeles it is just cpu.

We really enjoy this game – however, we wish we could play all of the special event maps always instead of having to wait until we get an ad. Also – when we play the office building map, we eat 100% but it always shows just 55% ate. This would 5 stars if these little things were updated!

We love this game but there is a lot of ads we ecspecially dont like the evony ads because whenever u try to press the X it doesnt ever press all we are saying is less evony ads and ads in general.

So we used to play this game alot like a year ago but we realized it has a whole bunch of ads like every game like this although its a pretty good game just we recommend roblox or something like that.

There are so many ads in this game but no hate against the game itself its really fun to do in your free time.

Its a fun but when it goes to the treasure chests no way to get back to game. Links dont work it freezes.

On the solo run we should at least get 3 or 4 mins new maps to unlock and keep, GAME IS FUN NO DOUBT, JUST THE TIME GOES TO QUICKLY.

We like the game and purchased the no ads still see ads. What exactly is the purpose of the sticker collection, the rewards points, and the keys? The shrink ray is the only way to eat the volcano and there arent any cars to eat in the office.

Been playing this for a long time but glad to finally see some new areas, even though they arent easily accessible as a permanent option. No new holes still, the game just offers to let us watch an ad or pay for ones we already have. Weird little bugs here and there, like the counter not working on challenges (eat 25 cars IF the game will count them). The most annoying, and needing fixed for ages, is that in battle mode if another hole gets stuck off the edge of the area (how does that even happen, and repeatedly?) theres no way to reset the game other than forced stop and reopen. The game is fun and a great concept, but doing the same thing over and over with little variation gets old. Hopefully this update will be followed by others.

This is our new favorite time killer, but there are a few things getting in the way of it being fun on a Katamari-level: 1. No pause button! The two minutes play out nonstop unless we close our phone. 2. Limited maps with frequent bugs. The first three levels are amazing! The details and graphics are exactly what we would want them to be! The newer maps dont feel complete, though. There arent 25 astronauts to eat on the Mars map, and there are useless coins to collect? The office map maxes out close to 70%, and has no cars to eat despite it being the only goal. 3. No camera controls! Its hard to navigate a level without either a camera to rotate or at least a mini map. 4. No story, no varied gameplay, few in-game goals. This game feels like its on the verge of being amazing, but the entire game can be played within 15 minutes. Once you have all the skins theres nothing left to keep you here. 5. No time controls. We would love longer games, or a zen mode without a limit. Despite all that, thank you for a great game!

Get rid of halftime bro makes the playing experience 1000x worse.

Game used to be good. Nowadays it has an ad before each game, after each game, and actually stops you in the middle of each game to watch more ads. Would be a fun experience without all the ads.

Constantly getting hung up in ads.

There is an error in the office/school, clear it and is still shows something like 50%

We really do enjoy this game. Cant eat the volcano, no cars in the office building. Those we’ve come to accept. However, we purchased the No Ads. They took our $, and we got nothing in return. Ads still everywhere. We find no way to contact the developer. We tried the contact developer link, and it goes to a website where you have to create an account. No email address, nothing. Ill happily rate the game 5 stars if the ads situation is rectified or someone reaches out to us to give us a fix.

This game is good. So much fun. But how yall gonna take away the Bluetooth feature. We know yall did it forever ago but thats the only reason us and our friends was playing this game.

We love this game and play it all the time, but we resent that we paid for the ad-free version and we still have to watch ads if we want to play one of the other maps. We also get ad opportunities presented to us all the time if we want more keys or to get bigger at halftime, which seems annoying for having bought the ad-free version, and we accidentally press the ad button and end up having to watch them when we never wanted to, AND THEY ARE UNMUTABLE. This would be an amazing class-action lawsuit.

The game is fun but there are too many bots. It would be nice if there were a friends mode and you could play with people you know. In battle mode the other players never go past level 16 while our max level is 19. This makes it less competitive. Also in battle mode, some players can exit outside the border of the game. The only solution is to exit the game or wait for it to crash, both annoying. Overall the game is a fun way to kill time and we enjoy playing it.

If anyone else knows, we guess we just didnt but we though the game was supposed to be online, but Im not seeing it. Are you sure its online cause we feel like the players are really acting like a.i’s. But overall, awesome game.

We like it a lot but the timer and half time thing is so goddamn annoying. Why are u stopping the game after every 2 minutes. Its not necessary. Stop it.

Fun game play, but in playable due to ads.

We like this game had it for years. Our only problem is that we turned off vibrate and it still vibrates when we collect coins, keys, and power ups. We truly hate the feeling in our hand and think that there should be an option to turn that off too or include it in the vibrate settings.

We love this game like SOOOOO much! But there are too many ads. When we start the game, an ad. When Im in the middle of a game, ad. And finally when we finish. Ad!! LIKE ITS SO ANNOYING we REALLY WANNA PLAY. And when u put it on airplane mode, IT SAYS U NEED WIFI. EVEN THOUGH THERES SO MANY ADS U NEED WIFI. JUST LET ME PLAY NORMALLY WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. THANK YOU. This game is great but just pleaseeee make us play on airplane mode so we dont have to struggle with SO MANY ADS.