War & Conquer

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 11:25 am

War & Conquer


War & Conquer is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Triniti Interactive Limited, War & Conquer is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th April 2020 with the latest update 21st August 2020

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,362 people have rated 2.1.0

You can download the game War & Conquer from APP STORE.


The best WWII real-time strategy game on mobile platforms.

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Real battle fields in Innovative Colored-pencil Graphic, covering various terrain, weather, and events.
Bunches of war gears to build your own army and lead them to a New World War at your fingertips.

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  • Easy tap and swipe RTS control over massive 3D battlefield
  • Over 100 campaign missions
  • 200+ WWII weapons collections
  • 100+ generals in history with unique skills
  • 30vs30 match with player all over the world

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Updated on 21st August 2020

  • Bug fixes

War & Conquer Reviews

Hey, Im a big fan of com zombies and was really happy for the 10th adversary but we were such a big fan of boss raid PLEASE PLEASE bring boss raid back to com zombies it would really mean the world! Thank you for the game of our childhood and please bring it back…

U haves to play this its so fun.

Because it was bug fix that crash the game.

LOVE this game but it crashes a lot like for instance when we check our PVP report it crashes instantly every time.

This is a very fun game and we had a very fun time playing it, but when we tried to go to the war zone map to play, it would exit the app and take us to our home screen. Please fix this bug so we can have more fun playing this game.

This is the game we have always wanted like it is WWII which is a war we like to study some, it is strategy for us, and we could go on for a while with how good this game in but we have a couple problems like we want to play a mission but it crashes every time we try and that also happens on another one as well and it might happen for other missions as well and those pads to place troops are annoying because we cant fit all of our troops on it so we wish it was bigger a long with the map, also those advanced troops we cant get those card things or whatever they are called like we can only get the brown and nit the gold but it might just be because we have not been playing long but just in case, and that is it for now and if there is anything else we will add to this and we hope u read it hello we have came across and issue ever since we got our new phone and it is when we try to play the game it just crashes and this never happened on our old phone and we love this game so Id like to play it again soon so can you please look into that because it almost may be happening for other people too, thanks.

This game was fun we played it all the time. But now it crashes when we log in. It just shows a unit then it crashes. Please fix this problem so we can keep playing.

This game is awesome but like as soon as we go to battle we do it and after it literally takes us out of the whole antire game you guys need a update for fixing bugs but overall its a great game also owner can you write back.

So we used to play this game back on our iPad, but now im trying to play it on our phone but it always says coms with Hq have been interrupted, no matter what we do. Any ideas?

It keeps kicking us out tho our ipad is good and we are not a fake writer or at least we hope Im not :)

We do love this game good gameplay and all but when we get to a high level every time we try to go to war zone it crashes.

We cant really play the game because it wont let connect to it it says connection error everything we try to get in the game pls fix this.

This is like WW2 Its fun and its great and fun to play.

As the title says when we try to go on the map the game crashes.

Real nice game, but after a couple of first hours it started crashing Everytime we tried to play.

Ok so you know about call of mini zombies and others it got deleted we need to know why because we are a big fan of your work guys please bring it back.

We do have a good feeling we would love this game very much but, the app crashes our IPad and its annoying. We’ve seen parts of it and it looks good but we seriously want to play it. Please fix this crash. Thank you.

This is a very enjoyable game, but it is always constantly crashing after missions. We usually have to redownload the game just to play it. It is a game with greatness in its future, it just has a few things with the system it has to fix.

Its good but it keeps freezing we cant even click war zone without it freezing.

Great game! Enjoy it a lot but it keeps crashing after you finish the first part. Plz fix this!

This is an amazing game and it is extremely fun to play but the only problem is the game crashes a ton. We dont know if the developers are actively working on this game anymore but if they are and if you guys see this review and the others that complain about the crashes, please look into this, it ruins this amazing game.

The Game is good its that it crashes when we try open the War Zone.

We love to play this game but it crashes every 10 seconds and it is getting annoying please fix.

The game doesnt load any but, even when it did that it did the game would crash randomly after a battle. Other than those issues the game is pretty good.

Good game but has a lot of crashing please fix so it can be playable. Also please make it so we can zoom out more.

We love this game its great but one thing we have a problem with it keeps crashing, but other than that its a great game!

This is a great game and all, and before we couldnt even play the game because it crashed before we even loaded into the game, but then we thought it was actually fixed. We dont really know what happened but we got to play the game for a while and it was pretty fun. But after we finish the second part mission 2 it starts crashing again. Now we cant open up the war map and maybe sometimes when Im opening up the game. This is also happening to other people so please fix it this is such a great game and Id like to 5 star it but we cant until you fix the crashing! (And also an extra thing is can you make it so we can be able to zoom out more? We cant see the map enough to command artillery)

The game always crashes on us when Im trying to get in the game. Overall the game is great and if possible we would love the developers to come back and fix this problem.

Great game but it doesnt work anymore it just says connecting to HQ for a very long time we have never been in the actual game for a while because of this.

Is a good game we find it fun but sometimes it crashes randomly and we cant play for a while when opening the war map.

Good game but we cant go upgrade cuz of the anti air gun thing the one that moves we dont know if its an arty thing and we saw in some scenes there like Chinese words or so and we have a mission to upgrade one more time to complete it the game keep on kicking us out of the game very annoying so pls fix it.

It is an excellent game that we love to play. There is just one problem. IT ALWAYS CRASHES! We cant open up the map anymore.

So tutorial goes on for quite a while. At least that is what it seems to mean. But the very bad thing about its that it seems to run our iPhone 11 very hot… So we dont want to play for long…

Gameplay is fun and definitely worth the occasional add. Having issues when it goes through loading screens and crashes, minus that very fun and addicting.

This game is fun not gonna lie but you really need to fix the stability for your game. It crashes every time we are about enter a battle or after we just got done with one. Game is good tho so yeah just fix the stability and yourself a game of the year award.

We love the game its fun but plz fix this when we try to go to the map it will kick us out so plz fix but the game is fun keep it up.

This is the best war game but we keep getting kicked out.

Game crashes a lot and ruins playability. You can barely do ANYTHING. Fix this or we will go back to Company Of Heroes.

We cant even open the game, it keeps saying it cant login to the game center.

We cant open war map and sometimes we cant attack it suddenly stop it crashing so please do something about that the is great dont leave it that way fix it and do it fast.

War and conquer isEgg a great game in all but whenever we click the war zone button or sometimes and we just finished a battle the game will crash sometimes and its really annoying. Please fix this.

This is a great game. Too good of a game to simply stop fixing it. Please consider fixing the crashing issues. We’ve put money into this game and would love to continue to support it.

Its fun but if you try to go to war zone and you detected someones base it just kicks you out.

Same thing it freezes and kicks us when we go to war zone.

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