Spotlight: Choose Your Romance

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 11:30 am

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Crazy Maple Studio, Inc., Spotlight: Choose Your Romance is a Books game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th December 2020 with the latest update 24th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Books, Role Playing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Spotlight: Choose Your Romance ?

10,544 people have rated 1.8.2

What is the price of the Spotlight: Choose Your Romance ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Spotlight: Choose Your Romance released ?

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance was released on 19th December 2020.

When was the Spotlight: Choose Your Romance updated ?

The latest updated date of Spotlight: Choose Your Romance on 24th February 2023.

Where can Spotlight: Choose Your Romance be downloaded ?

You can download the game Spotlight: Choose Your Romance from Apple Official App Store.



Spotlight is the latest HIT that brings stories to life through animation and unique storytelling gameplay. You can be an influencer with millions of fans, an Alpha king with magical powers, a vampire with a dark secret, or a queen with a grand agenda! Each character is equipped with unique personalities, stories, and abilities. Follow your heart, build friendships… or not, the decision is YOURS! Every decision lies in the palm of your hands. Choose how you interact with other characters, take control of your story, and be whoever you want!!

With over 2000+ chapters and different stories for you to choose from. So get ready to dive into a world filled with romance, mystery, revenge, intense drama, and fantasy that will hook you! Make decisions through countless choices in every story, and find out how each choice will lead you to different paths!


  • Check out our Hollywood and NYT bestseller writers on Spotlight originals!
  • 2000+ chapters and weekly new stories so you’ll never be bored!
  • Collectable CG cards and mini games!
  • Customize your character from head to toe with unique fashionable outfits, hairstyles, and decorate your own virtual room.
  • Weekly updates and stories to binge on.
  • Engage and chat directly with the user community!

Top Genres To Binge:

  • Romance
  • Vampires and Werewolves Supernatural
  • Intense Drama
  • Sexy Mystery & Thriller
  • Young Adult
  • Bad Boy & Mafia Adventures
  • LGBTQ+

And so much More! Play now to find out.

Top Editors Pick & Community Popular Voted Stories:

Behind Closed Doors: It’s your first year of college, surviving it won’t be easy! Especially when Jake, a.k.a your best friend, roommate, and unrequited love of your life, gets a new girlfriend who hates you. But then you meet Zach Walker, the unbelievably hot son of your state senator…

Influencer Mansion: Welcome to INFLUENCER MANSION – where you’re competing with 20 sexy influencers for a Hollywood contract! But you must find your own path – and followers – in order to win it all!!

Alpha Mates: You would do anything to find your wolf spirit— the one thing separating werewolves from humans. Without it, you face torment and even execution… until you meet Zach and Ace. The mysterious, brooding Alpha and kind, thoughtful Beta redefine what it means to be a wolf and show you more wonders than you thought existed. Will you overcome your struggles and reach your destiny? Or suffer the consequences of your dark secret?
Downright Delinquents: A brutal tragedy sends your once-perfect life spiraling out of control. In the last-ditch effort to put you on the right path, your uncle sends you to Downright High, a school for delinquents. There you meet a mysterious bad boy whose scorching good looks are as hot as his hellish temper. Will you manage to resist him or will your undeniable attraction consume you?

MAID FOR THREE: What happens when you pack up your bags and leave home for the big city?
A new place can be scary and struggling to find a job to make ends meet. Until you come across a job offer that seems too good to be true. Ecstatic, you jump into a binding contract with them, only to realize that you’ve been scammed!

Please note that Spotlight is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.

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Updated on 24th February 2023

  1. Fixed known issues;
  2. New story updated;
  3. Valentine’s Day Events.

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance Review

Okay, we found out about this game through a Tiktok comment section. We LOVE that you can watch ads to make the golden choices, It’s literally so much better than Episode. Plus, The reward system works rlly great! We click a few links, Watch an ad or two, And we get gems! SO MUCH BETTER THAN EPISODE, we CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. We’ll be spending money on the game tomorrow to get a few gems and to get hearts so we can continue reading Influencer Mansion (Great story, btw. Totally recommend it.) But that’s just us & how to choose to spend our money. All & all, 100000000/10, Highly recommend the app.

Yay we already loved the game but we love it even more now that we got our account back and It was so easy.

We love this game we love the animation of the game it brings the book to real life.

This app is awesome and we freaking love all the stories.

Just an edit from the last review, but a couple chapters into Dirty Blood (werewolf one) there was quite a lot of LGBT representation!!

We really like the stories and the ad option; it really makes the game more fun and interesting!

Love it but you need to constantly spend money.

This game is amazing and define! But roblox is still at the top of our Fav game list Lol. But this game needs more ways to get diamonds. We hate having to pay so we can get a good ending! We understand this game needs money, but maybe there is like mini games! Like small little mini games about the stories we are playing? That would be so coooool! Otherwise, this game is DEFINE! AND WONDERFUL, AND AMAZING, and so much more. Okay, thats all for now. Bye!

We like this one better than the rest.

Im just wondering whats the limit of clothes we could have in our wardrobe.

The contact wife is Amazing we were on our phone all day to today playing this game.

We want to start off by saying this is an amazing game! The ads may be a little bothersome, but its revenue and we understand that. We love how you can watch ads for a diamond choice instead of straight up spending diamonds for it, saves a lot of time and makes us want to play more! The graphics are super good and the character customization is a little bit limited but its good, our characters always slay anyway its fairly easy to get diamonds too, we got 50 diamonds in 5 minutes from doing surveys and watching ads. So far the best story game we’ve played!! Its similar to episode but with its own twist. We definitely recommend this game to anyone.

We love the game we just got it yesterday and we are addicted.

We love this game but the only thing that we dont like is when they give us the ads option when we get a premium choice and we play the ads but the premium option still requires diamond.

Its so much juicy gossip, and we just love it and love the outfit love the style of the everything.

It is very realistic ,and great our words cant express this amazing game.

Its ok but we dont like it when Im playing and then a ad plays but we like how it has a thing for us to choose the better choice and we get to watch a ad.

This app is amazing 1000% recommend, the stories are amazing and vey enjoyable. The only thing that is a problem for us is most of the time we dont have enough diamonds to get the things that we want and that can sometimes mess up the story. But besides that we definitely recommend.

Our only problem is somethes u watch the video and get no reward.

We love this game because it has very smexy people.

Game is awesome! The stories are super fun and engaging and we havent found one we didnt like.

We love this game! We do wish we got more gems like maybe every day we log in in a row it would give us 1 or 2 more gems than the last day. We think that would be great. Regardless, we still gave this 5 stars, mostly because we like this game a LOT. If u want to get this game then go ahead! We cant promise youll love it, but if you like romance, then we think this is for you! Have a great day/night! :)

We love this game.. Its so creative and fun! It has us addicted and technically im getting some reading in. 10/10 do recommend.

We love the stories and that we get to pick what will or could happen.

Its more steamy and free than episode, GET ITTT NEOWWWWWW.

Fun game Im in love with the stories.

Episode has been going around for a while now and some people just needed something new. Thats where spotlight comes in. Its a great new interactive story game, and full of fun life style experiences!

In need help immediately we have watched so many ads for the one thing we are trying to claim and it still wont let us claim it please help.

This app is amazing we love the drama and we love the outfits!!!

We downloaded the game to have fun stories, but mostly we wanted some of the stories to involve pregnancy and a baby. We hope we dont sound crazy, but having a baby in some of the stories would be nice we know there might be some stories with pregnancy because we havent checked them all out but other than that five star its very cool. We think it could use some improvements but we also think that this game is very cool and we like how you have to make a life decisions that feel like if you make the wrong move in the story, your whole life will crumble, we love this game but we also sometimes have questions of the creator. How did good game we still want a answer we dont know why but we one reason we want some pregnancy in this game is because we feel like it would be funny and fun as well.

Well this was the best game ever but we think we should get more diamonds and dont have to use them on words we wont to say on cloths fine we agree but we think that would make it 20x better.

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