Water Sort Color Puzzle

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 09:30 pm

Water Sort Color Puzzle

Water Sort Color Puzzle

Water Sort Color Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Vicenter Viet Nam Company Limited, Water Sort Color Puzzle is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th January 2021 with the latest update 24th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Water Sort Color Puzzle ?

119 people have rated 1.0.19

What is the price of the Water Sort Color Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Water Sort Color Puzzle released ?

Water Sort Color Puzzle was released on 29th January 2021.

When was the Water Sort Color Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Water Sort Color Puzzle on 24th February 2023.

Where can Water Sort Color Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Water Sort Color Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Think, adapt, match and solve! Check out the brand new watercolor game designed to offer you maximum levels of satisfaction as you match the watercolor and place them in the right tubes. Filled with tons of new levels and four different game play modes, this new match color game is everything you are looking for in games.

Try Water Color Sort Puzzle Games today!
Try to sort it and pour colored water in the tubes until all colors are in the same tube. A relaxing and challenging game to train your brain

Color Matching game fun
Witness an unconventional match puzzle gaming arena in which you will be required to apply skills, focus and strategy to solve the game by matching colors in as few moves as possible. Test how far you can go at juggling multiple colors, patterns and tubes in a single level at a given time.

Solve logic puzzle
Call your friends and invite your family for an endlessly thrilling solve logic gaming fun. Our game offers an array of new levels. The number of test tubes and balls increases at every level of the game. Apply your gaming skills to arrange the same colors in one test tube and so on to in the game.


  • Press any glass tube to pour water into another tube.
  • The rule is that you can only pour water to another tube if it is bonded to the same color and there is enough space on the glass bottle.
  • Do your best and don’t get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always start over at any time.


  • Simple and easy UI/UX
  • One finger control.
  • Multiple unique level
  • Engaging and interactive sound effects
  • Solve logic puzzle by color matching skills
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle – Liquid Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

Updated on 24th February 2023

Fix bugs
Improve the performance

Water Sort Color Puzzle Review

Love the game. We are retired so we have plenty of time to exercise our brain with all kinds of games.

This game is terrific! We are learning the strategy and problem solving techniques! Thank you!

This is the best game for a long highlights dont have to have Wi-Fi its actually basically testing how smart life obviously like most games do you want notifications are you busy define.

The game is well written as it never fails to work perfectly. Im approaching level 2,000 so clearly we are enjoying it!

Playing on iPhone, everything good. Looks good, plays nice. We paid to get rid of ads. We see there is a restore purchase button in the no ads dialogue, so if you lose that status theres a remedy maybe. Its a game remember.

This game is satisfying and thats what it was made for. By the way it does not need wifi so just turn of theinternet to play add free. Its not super SUPER good but its pretty much as good as it can get like we said in the title. Thanks for reading.

We are addicted to this game!!! The ads are annoying but most games have them so its not a deal breaker. Wish they could shorten the ad time.

We play the android version and theres WAY less ads. In the iPad version spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Uninstalling.

Edited 11/25/21, up to 3 stars: They updated again and went back closer to pre-manga/anime. Now Im hesitant to do any future updates. The update that just happened: a) took us from level 68x to level 1; b) added some kind of pseudo-amine/manga theme; and c) made us hate this. We tried playing this new version, but Im going to delete this. Whoever thought that this update was a good idea needs to reconsider their choices.


Beware the ads lock up all the time. It gives you a chance to chose an extra tube if you watch a ad in the middle of the game. It locks up and there goes your game. Very disappointing. So payed to remove the ads and got screwed on that to. Guarantee we never buy one of there games again.

Its super satisfying and we sing to myself when we play and we feel like Im making a commercial.

We think that this game is the best it just has to many adds. We still love this game though! Best game ever!

Loved the game. They changed it. Lost our progress level 500+ and our no-ad fee. Total scam. Now we will delete it. Dont get this game Never know what theyll do.

The app restarted itself and went back to level one. We were up to a level 1000. We had also paid for no ads, and now its showing us the same ads as if we had just barely gotten the app. What is going on? We love this game, but why should we have to pay 299 just because the app switched back to zero? Even if somehow it had been accidentally removed and then re-put on, although we dont know how that wouldve happened without going through the whole process (I would have remembered that, especially since we just played the game last night),It should still remember that we had paid for it.

We love this game. But was so disappointed there was an update a few days ago and it reset us back to level 1, we were near lever 300 previously. Also not really a fan of the update.

Opened the game to be back at Level 1 after achieveing 140. Fun and challenging game but deleting now.

The app now has started over losing all our progress and points. Additionally, the game now shows some girl in a dressing room. What happened to the original background and game play?

Either Im trapped in an ad or the app completely changed and is about dressing anime girls between pour games? We restarted phone and the old version is gone? Let us know how to escape this weirdness, we really enjoyed the original.

It was great, played it regularly. New update or something and now its ugly and deleted all our progress. Wack.

We dont like the update because we reset our levels that we spent time on and lost everything we had we like the old one way better.

The new update is trash! It started us all over at the first level and looks and plays nothing like the last version which we loved. Well we guess Im opt to find a new game!

We were up to level 86 last night and got on this morning. It was reset to level 1 and now theres tasks to makeover an AI. All our progress and pay for ad has reset. 0 stars, removing from phone.

We had been playing this for awhile, up to level 90, when it changed! We opened it today and it is 1) totally different 2) lost our entire progress 3) horrible graphics. Good thing we had yet to purchase anything. Be careful! If you get this game, one day you may open it to find a totally different game!

It was a pretty nice relaxing game and we enjoyed playing it. Just reopened it today and for a long time we thought it was stuck on an ad. It looked nothing like what it did, it was walking us through how to play, and the graphics are hideous and much of the controls are almost off the screen. We immediately deleted it!!! Horrible move.

We love this app but apparently it only went to level 2000+ before it would no longer load the levels… Now im sad because we cant find a way to go back and start over… Its very relaxing.

This game is a lot of fun and probably one of our favorites. There is one thing about it though… THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! Its very annoying and we wish there wasnt ads at the end of every level! Besides that it is a great game and really fun!

Yes there are a lot of ads. No problem, pay $2.99 and the ads go away. This is a fun game but we have a problem nobody else seems to have mentioned. We play this on a newish iPad and the interface is partially on top of the tubes with the water, meaning the interface covers part of the tubes and makes it hard to see the color underneath. Its ought to be a really simple problem to fix. The publisher would have to either 1) move the tubes down or 2) move the interface up and the problem would be solved. Because the game is fun, and because we already paid $2.99, Im going to stick with the game for a little while longer and hope that the issue gets fixed. But we have already downloaded a competitors water sort game that we will switch to if the interface issue isnt fixed soon.

We dont hate the game but the ads. Although we know you cant get around ads, this game has way too many and it takes away from the joy of playing. Game is fun if you have the patience to get through the ads every time you play.

We enjoy this game greatly, though we agree with the comment about excessive ads. We may have maxed out the game levels today, as now whenever we try to play it we get the message Loading the Levels, and the game never starts.

Money hungry there is a ad after every puzzle.

We paid to get rid of the ads and the game wont start up anymore. Im really disappointed because we like the graphics and the game itself but it doesnt work anymore.

Ok this is why this app is a copy cat so we searched the game up on the App Store and then we compared the stars the REAL one said 93k stars then the FAKE one said 23, erm excuse us, really the difference is huge, like really huge. Please dont get this app get the real one that says 93k+ stars and the creator of the COPY you can get arrested for copying someones app and you can get sued, dont get this worthless app it is pointless.

This intriguing game shows us that our mind works creatively, without our knowing how or why it takes the routes it does. A friend once said that, in solving math problems, she had learned to get out of the way and let her mind work it out. Thank you, we are learning something we cant yet verbalize. This is a valuable puzzle; fun, too.

We like the game a lot but we cant get past level 36 lol need help.

This isnt the real version of the game! We downloaded this and it asked for a payment method. At first we thought it was because there was in app purchases- we WAS WRONG. It charged our card money for downloading this free app and also maybe the payments automatic… So they may be reoccurring. Im so glad we got an email that our card was charged or we would have never known.

This is an amazing game , we really hope the creator succeeds. We dont hate this game. If you dont like the game then please dont say it because the creator worked hard on this, If you are the creator we want you to know that we believe in you and we hope you succeed. Please dont let the opinion of others effect you because you tried your best and thats all that matters.

AWSOME GAME great puzzle game for starters ! Thx for making it Spotify friendly.

Ok so we downloaded this app and it is really a piece of junk. There is way too many adds, and it is really boring. It is way too easy and we like puzzle games, and this is not one. Do not download this app it is really bad.

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