What The Riddles Level 95

What The Riddles Level 95


It is everything to someone, and nothing to everyone else. What is it?



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  • Sup Sounds Like Soup

    What is the answer to this?
    six men move pursue me, circular movement of silver
    I run uncontrolled from my head, past my bed, towards my mouth
    I’ve caused many deaths, injuries, and fears
    yet in the end I’m on your side
    what am I?

  • divora

    the answer for 102 is dandelion

  • divora

    the answer for number 101 is death

  • ramya

    What person makes others smile most of the time? 6+ 6=12 letter words

    Letters are r e r p t p a h o h g o

  • ericah

    help me solve this what has to broken before you use it?

    • toniace2

      an egg

  • Shariq Shaikh

    Battle of three I, me and myself and i do not see whom shall i see true. One is corrupt one is confused one is weak. Who are they?

    1;u give up and u don’t get the answer.
    2:u give at least one correct answer then give up u get the answer.
    3;u have to tell the names not ‘I’ is corrupt or something like that (names can be anything but just three correct answers).
    4;unlimited answers.

  • Davaughn Wistrom

    I’m as precious as time,

    I’m as hot as fire and as cold as Ice,

    I’ll be your slave or your master,

    Drink me in at twice the strength as you pour me out if you wish to be happy

    What am I?

    • Tykesha MsKeekee Salter

      Could it be heart

  • ralf

    i am the first letter of right

  • Fitzshrelle

    2 answers

  • Fitzshrelle

    I am stuck but I can tell numbers. I am lost in maze, But I can now go to the NorthEast were is the exit.
    What thing am I?

  • Fitzshrelle

    T S M A D E P E E

  • Fitzshrelle

    next they stand still.

  • Fitzshrelle

    Thirty white horses on a red hill,first they champ,then they stamp.

    • Anonymous


  • NirmAl

    An animal as small as you can’y even see it, as big as it can contain even men inside

  • kaze blaze

    A rich man wants to pay the painter who is currently painting his mansion for a week. He doesn’t have cash so he plans to pay in gold until he has the cash back in a week,
    If he has the 7 gold bars stuck together in a line, and he has to pay the painter one bar a day, and exchange it at the end of the week, what is the minimum cut done to the gold bars to solve his problem?

  • Ashelyn

    I strike in color but not in touch, and my beauty is smart
    Often I’m killed for another’s heart
    I always come with pain
    What am I?



    • Annelise

      Is it a shark!😂

  • wytzox1

    You wear me every day but you never put me on.I will change colors if you leave me out too long. What am I?

    • Ashelyn


    • Annelise


  • Julie Ann Dressler

    what is the answer to little riddles 101, question 126.

  • marclee

    zaphia Hi Zephia, check this out! Answers is here: //game-solver.com/what-the-riddle-answers/what-the-riddles-level-64/

  • zaphia

    Hi help me with 64 please …….I…….. that’s all it says

  • zaphia

    @rain hi im stock on level 64 van u help me please. It jus…….I…..

  • stumped

    “There was a green house.  Inside the green house there was a white house.  Inside the white house there was a red house.  Inside the red house there was lots of babies.  What is it?”  I’ve searched every cheat and this question isn’t even listed.  The answer is 10 letters.  The letters are m w a n e o l r e t

    • rosy


  • vlckova eliska

    @Shelly Labbe it’s breath

  • Shelly Labbe

    I am stuck on this question I’m light as a feather,yet the strongest man can’t hold me for much more than a minute(level3)

    • Maureen Lambert


  • Horrid

    What has hundred limbs,sometimes leaves,but cannot walk

    Help me. Please

    • Chris. Just… Chris

      A tree.

  • Robin Ray

    No riddle comes up when you get to 101

  • kalie

    whats level 101

  • Kitty522

    I’m on level 90

  • Bella

    I can’t figer out level71

  • Bella

    What do dogs do when thay have to go to the bathroom?

  • Zahraa

    Really helpful

  • Blajrdb

    What did y’all get for riddle 101?

    • Dik fitzwell

      Nothing ever shows up on riddle 101

    • Kitty

      Now they have a riddle 101 but I forgot what that answer was. : /

  • Riddlemaster

    What do you call a dog that sweats so much

    • Zeina Hazem

      hot dog

  • Shooter

    On level 70

    • ricki


  • Ryan Adkins

    I’m stuck on level 55

    • ricki

      April SHOWERS bring may flowers

    • Jamie Turner

      Type in the riddle to google

  • How do I get this app?

    • Shooter

      Go to the app store

    • ricki

      Go too your play store on your phone or tablet and type in the search bar “what the riddle”

  • Poo

    Hi my name is poopface

    • Meow

      Omg I love your name imma call you poopy!!

      • ricki

        omg….immature much

    • Horrid

      That’s a cute name. Was it your idea?

  • Renee

    Answer for question 43 is:

    • Alex

      Awesome! Thanks!

  • Becca

    There are more than 12 level on what the riddles I’m stuck on level 43

    • rain

      I am on level 91

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