Whispers – Interactive Stories

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

Whispers – Interactive Stories

Whispers - Interactive Stories

Whispers – Interactive Stories is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GAMEHAUS LIMITED, Whispers – Interactive Stories is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 26th March 2021 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Whispers – Interactive Stories ?

17,131 people have rated 1.6.6

What is the price of the Whispers – Interactive Stories ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Whispers – Interactive Stories released ?

Whispers – Interactive Stories was released on 26th March 2021.

When was the Whispers – Interactive Stories updated ?

The latest updated date of Whispers – Interactive Stories on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Whispers – Interactive Stories be downloaded ?

You can download the game Whispers – Interactive Stories from Apple Official App Store.



In Whispers, the most exciting interactive romance story game, you can make that a reality and choose your own destiny!
With each interactive episode, experience the thrill of being in control of your own destiny. Whether you’re in the mood for a love story with vampires or werewolves, or want to play as the lead in an alpha male romance, Whispers has something for everyone! YOU get to make the choices and decisions in each episode. Decide on important life choices, such as starting a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, discovering friends’ deep secrets, or kissing your true love! Make your decisions throughout each episode with unlimited interactive choices! Every decision can affect your chapters and lead you down a new path of passion or romance. An interactive story game where YOUR CHOICES MATTER! Features:
Customize your outfit and hairstyle! You can choose your gender, dress up in a designer dress, and meet your dream lover!
Customize your lover, whether he’s a mafia boss, a billionaire, a vampire, or a werewolf, choose your type of man and start the new love journey!
Control your fate! Read chapters of love and make choices that can affect the whole story: Maybe you will choose to kiss him, have an affair, leave him, or even kill him… Your choices shape your chapters!
Constantly growing library with weekly chapters and book releases, including all kinds of episodic stories and series of romance book adaptations.
Meet your handsome lover in each episode of our animated books! Immerse in exquisite scenes and decide what happens next.
Whispers features fiction stories written by popular romance writers, including those from the renowned Wattpad and Webnovel communities.

The Nocturnal Billionaire – Billionaire
Get swept away by a tantalizing tale of power and passion in this electrifying billionaire romance episode! With every choice you make, you’ll determine the fate of your relationship with a charismatic alpha male who’s equal parts handsome billionaire and fierce werewolf. Will you succumb to his commanding presence and become his devoted girlfriend, or will you resist his advances and assert your independence?

Mafia: Dangerously Sweet – Mafia Romance
Experience a thrilling forbidden love in this interactive mafia romance. Play as the main character navigating a dangerous relationship with a mysterious mafia boss. Your choices determine the outcome and happiness of your couple.

Explore the endless possibilities of love and relationships with our collection of interactive stories. Create your dream love island, spice things up with steamy stories, or add some excitement with our adult games. With new chapters added daily, there’s always a new adventure to embark on.
Download Whispers today and experience the joy of being a story maker in your own love story! Whispers: Interactive stories is here to shake up your reading game! With a massive collection of series, you can dive into drama, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, and romance with a fun new twist – you get to make the choices!
The more you play, the more you’ll uncover of each exciting episode. Trust us, the choices you make will keep you on the edge of your seat! So, come on in, the adventure awaits!


https://ibi.twincatstudio.com/app/tos.htmlIf you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Updated on 22nd May 2023

Fix some bugs.
New chapters each week.

Whispers – Interactive Stories Review

How do you get more diamonds? There are so many diamond choices and after one chapter you only get 1. There arent even enough stories to go thru to collect them. It would be nice if it had a way to collect more like watching adds or something. We doubt Ill keep reading it because its too frustrating with the diamond choices.

Overall awesome tho we can see why people get bored and move on if you make money from ads make ads more of an option ? Youd be surprised how many people will watch millions of ads for a few gems vs the 10 people you convinced to that pay that much.

The graphics and animation are top tier. We’ve played Episode, Tabou and Chapters and Episode has the animation down but this game gives them a run for they pockets. The story Im on so far is good but we just cant get over the these graphics. We also would suggest more creative styles when it comes to choosing the characters, but they look good overall. Keep it up.

At first we fell in love with this app the first story we read was Defiance and we fell in love. All of the characters from that story was perfect. (why arent you all using them anymore?)Then their was a change in characters and they begs to look worse over a period of time, we’ve seen so much improvement in the characters and prices. It has become better and better! We’ve grown to love this app. You all have some of the best story lines and if you are VIP, the prices arent bad the diamond choices just too many, sometimes for nonsense stuff like 17 diamonds to try to escape. You choose to escape and still get caught which was a waste of hard earned diamonds. Jk but seriously we enjoy this app. We just wish you would use all of the characters from the Defiance story in some stories we need a wider variety of diverse characters. Over all. Great app! Thanks for listening to our complaints, acknowledging and fixing issues that deemed to be causing a lot of issues. The diversity is much better! Thanks keep up the great works!

Great game we just wish that it was easyer to get ,ore gems.

This is really fun and addicting. We recommend if you want a game to pass time bye.

We love this game we would like adds for money or diamonds or adds for choices too plsss we would make your gamw so much better.

We love love loveeeeee whispers but some of the books make the girls with black skin ugly and Asian boys and girls too. If we could just make a suggestion and ask if yall could make something that would allow the readers to design their own avatars with like face shape, body, bust, bosom size. Hips, waist, etc. With like makeup, hair, eyes, basically like one of the mobile games that let you decide how your characters body is and the shapes of it too. We feel like this app would get a lot more attention from others if yall allow this.

Pretty good, we like how you put standing up options for yourself as ones that need to be paid for. Great going guys.

We absolutely love playing this game but here lately it seems to glitch and wont open our story no matter what we do. If we exit the story for any reason and try to go back in, it starts to load then returns to the Home Screen.

We like it a lot. The graphics and stories are pretty. Sometimes the prices can be a bit too much but regardless its worth it for the pretty outfits and good choices. For some of us who dont buy diamonds and all it can be a bit hard to fully play through one story when you want to do the good options that cost diamonds. The only problem we have is when we finish a story and replay it we had to pay again for diamond options we already payed for. We think it may be a glitch but if not then thats messed up so we definitely need Whispers to check that out. But overall its a good game.

We love some of the stories, however we feel some times it is too expensive to play.

It dont let us collect our daily awards.

Its good but Theres hardly any LGBTQ+ Ones and Id wish there was more but its actually kinda fun :-)

Why do you have to spend gems on every good option? Then you have to save up which will take forever or spend real life money! At least make not all of the good options cost 25 gems! Lower it down to 10 or something! Or just get rid of gems all together! The gems problem has been making us want to delete this app. But we havent yet. If this issue doesnt get resolved soon we may consider deleting this app once an for all.

The stories are bomb! But please fix the bugs. We tried getting diamonds from watching ads and the app closes immediately.

This app has great stories, but getting diamonds is hard, and if they added tap joy it would be better and more time for us to read, like chapters. Other then that its good!

We very much enjoy the stories here. Our main concern is that you dont have nearly enough diamonds to play the stories as you would like. There are very few chances to earn extra diamonds without having to purchase them. And when you DO get those chances, you only earn 1-5 diamonds. Its nowhere near substantial enough to have the story work out in your favor. Especially when some premium choices are almost 30 diamonds to pick. Might we suggest offering a watch ad option for the premium choices? It would make the game much more enjoyable. The current story we’ve been reading has been less than exciting because Im stuck constantly picking the basic options. It takes the fun out of it.

We dont like how much Dimandis u have to use.

For a game where your supposed to make choices we dont really get to make that many. We dont have money to pay for gems everytime we would like to do something. Its crazy you give us two choices one that makes us look cheap or crazy and one where we have to pay s a load of gems each time. That defeats the purpose. Uggggghh.

We liked the game but every time something good happens your have to give diamonds and you give us 30 but that will only get you one option if not none. Every time something good happens but you have to pay but you cant you just start from the beginning because nothing good or entertaining happens You should only have to pay for the clothing because the whole game is about making moves and how can we make moves if you have to pay. We feel like this game would be so much better if you could do a lot more. We hear people talk about the game so positively but then they get to how they lost interest and they deleted it because you could never do fun things and it was just a repeat.

Im fairly new to the app and got really interested in the billionaire secret story however it wont load . We updated our app we closed it out , we thing can get it to work & we brought diamonds but we dont even want to use this app anymore.

Its unfortunate as they used to have good storylines and listened to their readers, but (imo) they have let greed take the front seat now like a lot of other apps of this game type. Constant technical issues, low level and repetitive graphics, bad grammar, WAY to expensive and you dont even get what you paid for half of the time. Just our thoughtsHope you have a great day.

Fix the app we can’t even get in the May Check In and we already updated ur app yesterday.

We updated our app literally less than 10 minutes ago and the story we are on and was enjoying stops loading once it gets to 40%. We tried loading another story and it worked perfectly so we dont know if its that specific story or theres a bug where the stories youre on stops working after the update. The specific story is The Billionaires Secret.

Im actually quite upset because we bought over 200 diamonds with our own money and we had a bunch of coins and theyre all gone.

We played to see our fierce alpha but we only got to see work! Game is well made but not enough interaction between us and fierce alpha he only talked about his stupid company and mean brother! There needs to be more zest to the fest that was supposed to be brought! When we downloaded this game we were expecting the spice that was in the ads but we didnt get that at all! Step up the spice and zest we want fierce alpha to be more mega zest. Thank yew.

You have to use gems for every choice and its like go with the story line or dont kinda choices its not really worth it tbh. We waited a while to have a free choice but theyre all dumb ones that are only about what to say.

We had this game for a week & we been spending money on there everyday for more diamonds & this afternoon we had 112 diamonds left & Ian spend nun so now its 6 oclock we go to finish reading our story & we only have 25 diamonds left with sb was reading a new story.

It would be nice to know this game is for girls!!!!

Please dont go out posting inappropriate ads. There will be a chance that minors might see it, and children arent allowed to see those types of things, nor dose the ads anything to do with the actual game.

Its too expensive we really love the game but you have to pay for everything and you dont ever get any diamonds every. Please fix the price for when you are playing otherwise its spot on.

It will not refund us! Do not purchase anything on this app if you do not want to have your money robbed. Also, it is cringey.

Im a free to play player and this game is still great. Getting diamonds is easy. Quickly going through stories to get the diamonds at the end, ads. One thing we would like is more MalexMale stories there are only a few. If more malexmale stories were added then this game would be an 11/10!

Omg this game is so good and fun and addictive we cant stop playing it.

Im enjoying it at the moment. We love how they give you the option of watching ads to get gems so its not a pay to play game.

Good story and graphics but we wish we could gain diamonds quicker or get more at once.

Why is it that every other race looks decent but, the choices for black women in this game arent even decent looking? Like we totally am happy that were even in the game butI cant even read through most stories because our character is off putting, maybe we can get more customizable features in the future?

We love of realistic it is! The one thing that we think makes it a little bad is that the gem choices is a little overpriced and it take 50 minutes to get more gems.

We mean we like the app and all but we think they should add some red hair in to it.

Wish they had more male mc stories to play.

Its a pretty good app(e.g. Good storylines, art, and outfits), but we wish there was more diversity with the character customization. Most of the time, if we were to choose a black person to be the love interest, there would only be one curly hairstyle to go with the character. In addition, we wish there were more different types of asian characters, because most of the stories only have east asians, which is okay, but we wish they included southeast or south asians more often. We also wish there were more LGBTQ+ stories/making gender interchangeable in stories, because the WLW stories are kinda bad. For example, we tried reading The Princess And The Pauper, but in the beginning, when the main character mistake the love interest for a man, it made us laugh because the love interests customization options werent androgynous at all. It would be nice for there to also be more stories with male leads too. Overall, the app is pretty good! Despite the few pointers we had to give, we would still recommend this app to others, because we believe the developers are really making an effort to improve these things. Im honestly grateful to have any diversity at all.

It’s obvious that no one proof reads these story’s. There are incorrect words everywhere. 17-25 diamonds needed for extra content.

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