Whispers: Interactive Stories

Whispers: Interactive Stories

Whispers: Interactive Stories

Whispers: Interactive Stories is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GAMEHAUS LIMITED, Whispers: Interactive Stories is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 26th March 2021 with the latest update 3rd January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Whispers: Interactive Stories ?

12,185 people have rated 1.5.4

What is the price of the Whispers: Interactive Stories ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Whispers: Interactive Stories released ?

Whispers: Interactive Stories was released on 26th March 2021.

When was the Whispers: Interactive Stories updated ?

The latest updated date of Whispers: Interactive Stories on 3rd January 2023.

Where can Whispers: Interactive Stories be downloaded ?

You can download the game Whispers: Interactive Stories from Apple Official App Store.



Have you ever imagined yourself as the main character in your favorite TV series or novel?
In Whispers, you can do that!

Whispers Interactive Stories offers the best collection of stories, including romance, teen, adult, or drama, and all kinds of interactive stories which can let you choose your destiny and experience true LOVE!

YOU get to make the choices and decisions in each chapter. Decide on hard life choices, such as starting a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, discovering friends’ deep secrets, or kissing your true love! Make your decisions throughout the pages and pages of interactive stories! Every option can lead you down a new path of passion or romance.

-Customize your outfit and hairstyle! You can choose your gender, dress up in a designer dress and your dream lover is waiting for you!
-Customize your dream lover, no matter whether he is a prince, a billionaire, or a mafia, choose your favorite one and be ready to start the new love journey!
-You can control your fate! Every choice can affect the whole story: Maybe you will choose to kiss him, have an affair, leave him, or kill him… You choose your destiny!
-Constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates, including all kinds of stories free to play.
-Exquisite characters and scenes provide hundreds of animated books that make you an extraordinarily immersive experience!

Now, which Whispers stories will you start with?

PLAN B · Pregnancy
Today’s your first day at Wilson Architect, but your stomach isn’t happy. It’s been queasy for weeks. Could you be pregnant? And, if so, who’s the father?!

An interview with NYC’s most exclusive billionaire… What could go wrong? How about getting stuck in an elevator with a frustratingly handsome stranger? And is there more to him than meets the eye?

For more romance games, please download Whispers and meet your fancy love!
New chapters every day!

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Whispers are determined to make better romance stories.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Updated on 3rd January 2023

Fix a few minor bugs
Don’t forget to try the latest stories and chapters every week!

The Nocturnal Billionaire
An interview with the most prolific billionaire in the city? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! All you need to do is survive an encounter with The Wolf. Are you ready for this?

The Billionaire’s Secret
An interview with NYC’s most exclusive billionaire… What could go wrong? How about getting stuck in an elevator with a frustratingly handsome stranger? And is there more to him than meets the eye?

Whispers: Interactive Stories Review

How do you get more diamonds? There are so many diamond choices and after one chapter you only get 1. There arent even enough stories to go thru to collect them. It would be nice if it had a way to collect more like watching adds or something. We doubt Ill keep reading it because its too frustrating with the diamond choices.

It is a great app because we like apps like this we have a lot of this tips of apps and this one is the best.

This game is amazingly great its just the gems. Although the stories are interesting the gems for premium choices are insanely expensive. There could be a good part coming up and boom 17 diamonds we have to give up for one choice. We have been using redemption codes for gems, but we think we used it to much and its not working for us anymore. The fact that at the beginning of the game you give us if we remember correctly, 20 gems. If youre going to give us the gems, why would you make us spend it so fast. Im just trying to save up to choose premium choices but we cant help it. It takes to long to get some gems again.

We really like this game full of drama and juicy things Im getting addicted but we dont like great you have to have diamonds to make some choices and we wanted to make a decision but we didnt have enough diamonds so we couldnt.

The only thing that bugs us about this game is the money you have to put into it if you want the good choices. You can spend $100 easily because the diamond choices are high so they are constantly running out so easily. We wish the premium choices didnt take up so many diamonds.

We love this game alot, we think the characters are beautiful. But our issue is why when we pick a black character, our family or other family members are white! It doesnt make any sense to us for you to charge so much, and not take the time to represent POC better. We dont think its fair and you should do something about that.

The game is captivating and easy to get into, but constantly buying diamonds does not work for our budget. You can only earn diamonds at the end each chapter, and its not enough to complete a single action. This is a money hungry, so we hope you have a good job.

So the reason why we gave this app 1 star we found it so interesting first cause Im a 10 yr old. But then when we saw $ex scenes Im like Nope! Im out! Deleted. So please make it kid friendly. Its so disgusting!

You literally have to pay for all of the important choices in the stories. Its too the point where you cant really enjoy it without spending money. Plus you only redeem 1 Diamond per chapter, which doesnt add up to the amount of diamonds you have to use for good choices, which the story is built to require these choices. Not ideal.

If we dont go on there everyday, they take your diamonds, havent been on there in two days and we had almost 190 and now we have 2.

The story lines are okay but all of the girls are basic looking and not that pretty and the selection of hairstyles are lame. The men looks better than the main characters which is ridiculous.

We love this sm like bro . Im reading one rn with it as our name and omg we be screaming in our pillow so that our mom doesnt hear. We have spent like $10 on this app so that we can get freaky ten out of ten stars rn take all our money(which is not a lot)

We’ve spent at least 10 hours playing this and we’ve spent so much money on it.

This app is the best of its kind. We love it because the stories are entertaining and there are plenty of interactions. We hate it because the app becomes too expensive the more you play. You can buy $40 worth diamonds and pretty much use all of them in one story with choices costing 17 to 25 diamonds. Plus, you only get one Diamond back, or three if you watch a video, for reading/playing the entire story. We purchased the VIP package, but didnt see the benefit. There are discounts on certain items, but not enough to make up for what you spend playing the app. Lowering the amount of diamonds to purchase choices would keep the fan base plus encourage new people to play the app.

More gay (m/m) stories, please. There are so many m/w and w/w stories but only 4 m/m stories. Thats not really fair. We would have given you five stars if there were more of these stories because other than that, everything is pretty solid.

Its kind of a scam you have to buy gems to make good choices. Some of these choices should be free. If the character says we bought you a few items to pick through that sounds like a gift. Why do we have to pay 25 gems for a dress thats clearly a gift? This game is very addictive. They reel you in by allowing a few choices that are around 5-17 gemswhen youre in it good, they raise the gem level to 25 and then youre forced to either ruin the flow of your game or spend money buying gems.

When Im getting on our game whispers hi we have a good amount of diamonds and Im happy with it so we go into one of our books and we dont have enough diamonds and we had 10 diamonds and the thing cost 19 so thats whats making us give you three stars we need more ways to get diamonds for those choices.

Frustrating that the game constantly gives you choices and the good ones all require you to pay real money honestly, unless you want to spend tons of money on each story then there really is no point in reading the otherwise free boring stories!

Our biggest issue with this app is the disappearing diamonds. Our diamonds are magically disappearing for reasons unknown to us. Ill literally watch the number decrease when it should be increasing because of a task or accomplishment completed/achieved. This makes completion of a story take forever unless you want to continuously pay for coins that also mysteriously disappear. No thank you. Im over it.

We saw an ad in which a guy tells a girl over webcam that she must undress for him or she wont get the job. She clearly doesnt like this but does it anyway. This is the same kind of thing that real-life creeps like Harvey Weinstein have gotten in trouble for. Glorifying this bad behavior is not appropriate for anyonenot the teenage audience and definitely not children (I saw this ad in a kids gamenot good). Games meant for teenagers especially should be understanding of both men and women (women dont always want dangerous guys or alphassometimes they want sweet guys who love them for who they are). Also, the game needs more non-sexual options (I.e., relationships that are purely platonic or romantic).

How do you enter friends codes? You cant copy or put it in manually.

We hate being forced to pay gems or be a wishy washy jerk. Premium choices should be just that: extra. A third option. Not a choice between yes and no.

They charge so much in gems during the stories. The amount you have to spend to even buy gems is ridiculous! The stories are good but constant misspellings , faces arent there, backgrounds disappear. Many of us bring it up in the Facebook group and not much of anything is done. They are greedy and need to take accountability and make it better, reasonably priced and lower the amount of gems needed per choice .

The fact we have no way of earning diamonds unless Im coming out our pockets every 5 secs literallyAds only give you one diamond and it be hard watching ads just to receive one diamond and you need at least 17 for a good choice.

We just downloaded this game and so far we like it, but, it would be so much better if only the outfits cost gems but maybe dont make it way to many gems. It would be so much more interesting if you guys took off the gems for the scenes so that we are able to do more stuff.

We dont mind mild ads or a paid game, but every good response or action costs diamonds. There is no way to enjoy the game without buying them. If they made some options for wardrobe and story lines that are saucier avail to most players, we might opt to purchase add on items. As the game sits now it is a very boring game.

Fix the app we can’t even get through the loading screen without it crashing down.

We went to play and when we opened it the game said that it was logged in on a different device. Everything was changed!! DONT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

The storylines always require payment from the App Store, and whenever we do, we get charged more than we approve for. For example. We authorized a 10.00 payment and whispers / the App Store took out $20.87. We are not happy and feel ripped off, and want our money back immediately.

We havent played a week, have vip, and now the game wont load!!! Frustrating because we were liking the app! But Im not gonna pay to play a game that wont even load! Its a bit ridiculous to have a major life choice and a change of clothes cost the same amount of diamonds more than half of what you give to start! And the make us wait 5 hours to get one or two diamonds!

So first of all, some kids may see this and dont know what it is and what do they mean by that and accidentally download it. It is a bad game that does not deserve to be uploaded. Lower the bad stuff a notch and make it actually appropriate. Thanks!

Can you do more Lesbian stories especially with Overalls in them we love women in Overalls and the country look too , plus also having a option fir choosing outfits, having Overalls be an Option too.

We live this game but every good choice is like 17 coins and we are not trying to spend a 100 dollars on a game.

The cost of the diamonds shows in the app that its $1.99 but when you try to purchase or do it charges your card for $7.41. We think this needs to be fixed because people arent realize how much they are spending on the diamonds that think their getting for $1.99.

The app is amazing and we love the stories but we should really be given more diamonds. Every other app gives plenty of opportunities to earn many diamonds, plus we get more than one diamond from watching videos, redemption codes, and watch ads after finishing a stories. We get a chance to earn up to and even more than one hundred diamonds every day in other games. The stories are amazing but you dont give us enough diamonds to make the choices we want to make. We feel this is something that should be consider for the next update.

Its very expensive to choose good options using the diamonds and good decisions cost 17-30ish diamonds a piece.

Decent story lines but slow they wanna ask for some much for lame outfits then make sure they say how bad you look for the free option.

It honestly is an amazing game with a lot of steamy scenes the downside is to get to those steamy scenes cost gems and there aren’t a lot of ways other than paying actual money to get them.

The plots are good but you need so many gems to get a good outcome and the gems run out way to fast.

The storys are good the problem is the gems they give one gem for watching ads and they give one gem for a redemption code as-well that you have to find on their insta we need at least 5 gems if Im going to have to do all that Plus even if we buy gem packs or premium it not worth it considering how much gem you get especially the premium.

WHISPERS…… Great game we love how good the characters look and how realistic the storylines are BUT when it comes to diamonds… No… There really is no way to get free diamonds (well there is but they don’t work very good) for example if we go to TikTok to get a redemption code and put it in we get 1 diamond?!?! HUH 1 DIAMOND?!?!.. Can’t be at least 5??. Same thing for ad watching, watch one ad and we get one diamond… Ok good we guess. But then when have to wait a whole 5 minutes for another ad???. How much the choices cost and there literally being no way to get free diamonds (alot) is crazy.

We think the stories are very good and very engaging. Most of the characters have very light skin and seem to be white.

You we love this game and all but the accuracy can get frustrating at times and watch an ad or putting codes In only give you 1 gem. We think this is a little unfair.

The game is fun and we would love to continue to play, however the outfits and some responses cost so many diamonds we were having to buy a lot. Unfortunately we had to delete the game due to the cost.

We used to also really love the app but it isnt inclusive with black women, black men and black families. We always only have ONE to choose while are white counterparts get all the rest and SOMETIMES there is one that can be used as a Hispanic skin tone too. So we would really like you to do MUCH better on that. Also the storylines could use more substance, they kinda always want you to start having sex right away and if you do pick that one your romance doesnt really grow, which is also really messed up to us. We thought their new stories were getting better but it kinda is the same thing in that since. Well we hope this new update comes soon and better represent and have more to choose from with black women and men and our families (the children are always either white or tanned white, and the same with whatever family you have in the storyline as well as friends, although sometimes we do see actual black and hispanic friends RARELY). Please fix in new update, Ill check back then but for now its an uninstall for us.

When they give you a choice between two answers but you cant pay for one of them because you have no gems, then get left with a choice you dont want to makethats frustrating. And theres no way to earn more gems unless you pay for them. If it wasnt so restricting Id probably give 4 or 5 stars, but all of the options Im left with make us feel weak when we dont wanna be. Id rather watch a million ads to earn gems.

We’ve seen other apps. Theirs are so Michael better in quality and realistic. Your apps skin tones for the African Americans are HORRIBLE and a disgrace!!! This really needs to be corrected!! If youre an African American, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!!!

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