Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DianDian Interactive Holding, Dragonscapes Adventure is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th October 2020 with the latest update 10th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dragonscapes Adventure ?

29,730 people have rated 2.8.0

What is the price of the Dragonscapes Adventure ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dragonscapes Adventure released ?

Dragonscapes Adventure was released on 27th October 2020.

When was the Dragonscapes Adventure updated ?

The latest updated date of Dragonscapes Adventure on 10th January 2023.

Where can Dragonscapes Adventure be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dragonscapes Adventure from Apple Official App Store.



Go on a tropical adventure to mysterious new islands and discover dragons!

Join your best friend Mia and her crew on their tropical adventure to a remote island! While there, you’ll discover and collect new dragons and help build them a home on your island. How many will you find? Let’s find out!

Dragonscapes Adventure is a casual energy exploring game where you find and merge dragons to discover new ones. Build a home for yourself on a tropical island and craft various products to fulfill different orders, while joining Mia on her adventures to new islands.

App Notes:

  • This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

  • Dragonscapes Adventure is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Updated on 10th January 2023

Release Note

  • Added a new time-limited Farm Ranch!
  • Added a new time-limited Nian’s Adventure!
  • Added a new time-limited Back To School!
  • Added Cook Off and Mining Race
  • New Dragon in the Dragon Merchant!
  • Added a new feature: The Yearbook!
  • A few balance fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Dragonscapes Adventure Review

Our niece asked if she could buy a 9.99 item and we were charged $41.68. How is that okay? Who do we talk to about this!

We’ve been playing this game for several years (since it first came out), have spent countless hours/days engrossed in it, spent way more money on in-game purchases than Id like to admitoverall, have enjoyed it immensely. Until recently. Its not because of the device we use to play it onits a newer device and we have no problems with the other games we play. Im getting more and more frustrated with this game freezing or simply kicking us out. If we have to restart the game 3x in the allotted time we have for playingIm done for the day. We even took a couple week hiatus, thinking maybe things would be resolved/addressed, but we experienced the same issues as soon as we started playing again (and had no issues with other games, during the time we took off from Dragonscapes). Please fix this, as we have heavily invested myself in the game and dont want to quit playing!!

We used to love the game but for about a week or so now we keep getting booted out every few minutes!!! Still having problems 90% of the time we try to switch islands it will boot us out of the game!!!!

Latest update crashes our phone. We’ve done everything from deleting the game to restarting our phone & nothing works. Im getting really tired of the forced updates. We’ve actually spent quite a bit of money on this game over the years and to suddenly have it completely useless irritates us to no end.

The game starts out fun, but the longer you play the required energy points to accomplish anything is ridiculous. Add to the fact that each sub game (Christmas Island) has only a few day to complete and is HUGE, its impossible to complete without spending significant cash. There are a few ways to earn energy, but getting 5 energy when cutting down a tree requires 50 just isnt gonna cut it. Deleting.

We give this game 4 out of 5 stars because its really fun we love playing it, but its literally impossible to complete the limited time Islands. Even with all the energy, gems, and coins they give you throughout Island. Im an adult trying our best and we’ve had this game for a long time, shouldnt children/ teens be able to complete the temporary islands? Please make them easier to complete in limited amount of time.

It’s good, however we’re getting frustrated because we constantly seeing the same tasks.

We cant go anywhere or do anything every time we do it crashes ! Another game to delete.

We’ve had this game for awhile and loved it, but it crashes every 2 minutes now. Its so often that its become unplayable. Incredibly frustrating.

Love the game but we cannot finish lake island because we ran out of birch branches to build the last bridge, we wish you grow the birch in the laboratory in the main island. For this we stop playing it.

This is a good game we would recommend it but there are some bad things one we wish you could get energy faster Two we wish you could do more things without having to buy stuff.

Am feeling really let down. Loved the game, played regularly, have spent a literal thousands of dollars of real money the last 2-3 years. Now game wont even load. From past reviewers, this is not uncommon. Was hoping we were the exception, definitely NOT.

It is so fun can keep us busy and there is always more to do and there is always a way to keep playing and with a movie it is perfect.

This is one of our favorite game apps. Like all games it has its pros and cons which we will note below. We would recommend this game to anyone. We are currently level 34 when writing this review w/ no money spent on the game. Pros: 1. Great design of dragons and islands. 2. Various props to design islands from events. 3. Slot machine for extra energy. 4. Constantly having new event islands. 5. Cooking game 6. Various ways to earn gems (special orders, slot machine, etc.) 6. The ads do not pop up randomly and are usually from chest or floating gift boxes etc. If u want more energy (I love that we are not forced to watch a million ads if we dont want to). Pro-Con: Energy is used fast so the game is not one you end up playing for hours on. Cons: 1. *Low amount of energy for level. 2. Hard time get dragons from island events (due to needed energy – the energy needed to clear a rock or tree is sometimes takes half our energy). 3. Hard to send helicopter off. 4. Zodiac dragons are very hard to obtain. 4. Little glitching or failing to load (this has not been a big issue for us personally). *Main Issue 11/4 game keeps crashing. Hope the next update fixes this issue for us.

HANK U THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love this game and play it daily. The main issue we have is it cost too much for clearing trees. Especially with regards to special or limited events. The time frame in which to even finish and energy use do not work out. We would like to see less overwhelming special events and energy cost a bit better.

We really love this game, the home island and production items are not overwhelming like on other games. Our only real issues is that it is almost impossible to complete special islands and get the special dragons unless you’re willing to spend 24 hours playing or a bunch of money. To complete tasks you have to use energy but you only earn so much and it cost so much energy to clear items needed to complete the tasks. It has recently gotten better with the gift and energy you find on special islands but it’s not really enough unless you spend money. We work full time and can only for a bit in the evening, it’s discouraging to not be able to get any of the special dragons.

Kind of frustrated with this Halloween Land. Click a bunch of energy boxes and only get a few bolts and it looks like many. We counted and it was way off. Its like a gimmick in the store. A tease. Like why bother wasting time and money on this game we enjoy just to be ripped.

We used to like playing this game until the help desk refused to resolve the issue we had with 1 baguette. They refused to help us unless we gave them a recording of the issue. We gave them all the information where we were incurring the issue to exactly what the issue was. We could go any further because of 1 yes one baguette that we could get to because the game had it blocked off. We play other games and this is the first time we have had such a hard time with a help desk. We will have to stop playing the game because we cant go any further. Very disappointing!!!!

We absolutely love this game except for 1 HUGE issue. Every time we get up to upload, the game shuts down on us. This happens over & over & over again. Its EXTREMELY annoying. PLEASE PLEASE fix this issue. We’ve spent a lot of money on gems that we end up losing because the game shuts off. The money is taken from our account but we end up with no gems.

This game just needs to offer more to the people who have no money to invest in it but other than that its the best game ever!!

Farming game PLUS DRAGONS amazing and barly any adds.

Interesting game but keeps crashing Also, too difficult in some areas. Some adventures are boring and they last for days on and some are fun but disappear very fast. Seems like time settings is off.

We downloaded this game just so we could leave a review about the heinous ads that we have seen for this game. Multiple ads with pregnant women being abused by men. One where the pregnant woman falls from something high and the baby actually falls out of her as she is falling. The ad shows the baby falling out from between the womans legs. This is absolutely disgusting and should not be allowed.

Are you kidding? Ads for this is another games are NOT appropriate for the age ranges in those or this game.

Theres an ad where the main character falls out of a plane and gives birth midair, then her and her newborn baby wash up on shore. Just why?

We’ve been playing this game for at least a year and a half. The dragons are super cute and seemingly addictive. Our only thing is we wish we had more decorations in the shop. And maybe the ability to rotate objects. Other than that its incredibly addictive and with each new island it just continues to grab attention. Absolute gem of a game.

We would have gave the game 5 stars, but, it crashes way to much. No its not our internet connection because we will leave this game and go play another game which requires internet connection.

September 2022, we’ve played this game for almost two years and since maybe June 2022 it crashes constantly in 6th Gen ipad and iphone 12. Both have updated ios with game updates through the app store. Our whole club in the game has problems. More effort needs to be placed in fixing the game instead of adding a new event or whatever each week. Cmon Devs, new people wont spend money for buggy games and old players wont continue buying items when the game crashes every 5-10 minutes.

We love the actual game in the concept of it and we have loved it up until recently and now we get crashes every two minutes and its ridiculous we cant even do anything anymore.

We love the game but the last few days the game crashes after like 5 minutes of play. It also keeps saying Im not on a stable internet connection. Im on our Wi-Fi at home when we happens. It makes it super hard when the game crashes and closes completely out. Fix this and Ill give 5 stars rating.

Weird ads. Okay game. Dont you just hate when youre pregnant, on a plane with your boyfriend, and he just shoves you off the plane, your baby flies out of your, who-ha, mid-air, you float to sea and have to build a new life for you and your baby from scratch with nothing but the miracle of magic? Yea, we cant stand when that happens! Such relatable ads for an actually okay game! ;)

This game is labeled as 4+, yet the ads are incredibly offensive and inappropriate. One ad depicts a woman falling out of an airplane, and as she falls, a baby falls out of her vagina. Another ad shows a man in bondage being whipped by another man. We dont care about the same-sex thing, we care about sexual situations being shown in an ad for a SUPPOSED childrens game. Its disgusting. We’ve reported the issue to Apple. As for the developers canned response to this review, shove it. Youre disgusting.

Deleted game after playing since it came out. Reported crashing issues but was completely ignored. Developer needs to open eyes and pay attention. Would not recommend any games from this developer at this time.

Once again, worthless ustomer support, actually they just keep sending messages and asking questions, back and forth, with never any results. Its a great game but the worst customer service our advice to players DONT spend any money on the game, no matter how much you spend youll never finish a special quest! We’ve been doing October fest and the quest for the bonfire has gone back to the beginning 4x and Im truly sick of it. Its insulting to think they can do this.

We use to love this game been playing it a long time but over the last 3 days we have contacted support about a glitch with a mechanical beast and they have been less then helpful we have tried everything they asked with no avail to the point its getting repetitive we spend a lot of money on this game its just sad Im probably gonna have to stop since we cant get help and pass the glitch.

Be aware they dont care about if you pay or not. They will not own their own mistakes or the games mistakes. Their is glitches in the game so DONT PAY or they will send you to apple support or just come up with excuses Vs customer support. With the game, while the worlds in game are fun you dont have much time or enough energy to play the events due to them being only 3-7days long, very short times to put the energy into the world without having to pay to get through them. Im all for paying to support a game, but when we know it wont matter since we put money in and our support is not going to SUPPORT then we think others should know. Be CAREFUL if you spend money as they will not compensate you for a glitch in their game and they will make sure to push you off as much as possible Vs owning their games issues and offer to fix/compensate you for your situations.

This game is horrible!!! We reached Draco lvl 4 ok and should have 24 Spins on the slot but we only have 23 so messaged them to make them aware because you have 20 at Draco 2 you get plus 1 spin then on Draco 4 you are supposed to get 3 more spins = 24 soooo here is there excuse/made up reason Adventurer, Thank you for your reply. The original number of spins every player has (excluding the Draco Benefit) is 20 spins. At Draco Benefit level 4, you will get a total of 1 (earlier benefit) + 2 (new benefit) = 3 extra spins. So you should have 21 spins from pre-level 4, plus extra 2 spins, making it a total of 23 spins. Please note again that the benefits are not stacked, the details shows the overall benefits accumulated. Best regards, Im not lying.

We really want to like this game, but we really cant recommend it. Its a cute concept, executed in a predatory way. The gameplay is SO imbalanced and so over-complicated that it cannot be enjoyed as intended without regularly spending money. Which, we cant believe isnt the point. Its made JUST fun enough to hook you, and then built to incentivize never-ending micro purchases so that you can progress through the myriad, unending tasks. Even making bigger purchases does not give you adequate resources to clear areas, let alone complete goals. There are too many different resources/ currencies and so many events happening all at once (within the main storyline, time-locked extra locations, and special events) that it forces the player to pay-to-play. Even using the free options to gain more energy, including watching ads, etc, you are not adequately compensated. Objects are excessively expensive to clear and various crafting materials are WAY too scarce. Also, the more advanced buildings require increasingly large amounts of crafting materials because they use items that other buildings craft – and not the resource-cheap ones. So, for example, to complete ONE item from the soup shop you need to collect materials to craft multiple end-tier items from 2 other shops. Yet, there are regularly Board Orders that demand 2-5, or more, of that soup. And, we’ve discovered, the imbalances only compound and make the gameplay LESS enjoyable as you progress further into the game. This game is a completionists nightmare – unless you are willing to spend more money than you would for a console game, daily. We have played a number of games similar to this one and we can confidently say that this game has the worst balance we’ve ever seen. They made some adjustments in a recent update, yet it is still awful. To better balance the value of real-money purchases, the rewards would need to be increased by about 100x. The current deals offered are so bad they are an insult to us players.

The new dragon book changes are positively horrible. It went from a comprehensive,easy to use guide to, what am we even looking at. Extremely hard to read and comprehend! Also, the timed quests are becoming more and more meaningless. Cat Island is a good example. No cats or dragon to earn. Just pointless cat furniture. What good is furniture ( cat class and scratching post, both lame) when there isnt even a cat available? Personally, we are stepping back from this game but not yet deleting it, in hopes that the developers get it together.

This game is rated for ages 4 and up. Our 7 year old should not be seeing ads for apps rated 12 and up where a busty anime girl asks the king if he would like to join her in the bath!

We play a lot of the farming/adventure games and this one is one of the best ones for us so far. When we run out of energy, there is so much to do that we dont worry about it. We’ve maintained that if someone wants to play a game, he or she should be able to; so many of these types of games let folks play for a short while then have to return later to keep playing. Dragonscapes has mini-games & challenges to keep us occupied for a long time. So our biggest problem is that there are ALMOST too many things to do. It can be difficult to focus on What should we do next? Thank you for the good time and we hope others find this game as well.

This game is come and relaxing and fun to pay if u need a game that is good this game this the one for you.

We really love playing this game a lot!!! BUT we hate how the energy would run out so fast and theres so much things going on!!! The events also ends super quick like it would ends in about 4 days when it just came out. We had spend so much money on energy and its so frustrating!!!! PLEASE!!! Do something about the energy!! And make the events a bit longer!

We really enjoyed the game, but energy runs out to fast. We can only play about 5 min at a time , unless we buy energy, which costs money. They never give you enough time to finish an event and get all of the awards, unless you pay for energy. We paid for awhile, until we realized how many HUNDREDS of dollars we paid. We concede. The game is NOT worth the cost.

We love the game but right now Im hating it because it keeps dropping at first we thought it was our WiFi but we checked and it wasnt our Wi-Fi so then we deleted apps we wasnt using on our iPad to make sure we had enough space on our iPad phone case that was the issue and again Space was not the issue, we uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and Im still experiencing game dropping can you please help fix this.

These ads with cheating husbands or bfs and wives suffering to survive need to stop. What the h3ll kind of example is that creating for children? Men dont need to take responsibility? Women just have to roll with the punches? And then the Harem ads! Im so over all misogynistic [email protected]!!

We love love love this game. We wake up drink our coffee open our phone and start playing. While im at work every chance we get im playing this game. Its been a while since we’ve found a game im into as much as this one, theres a couple things that we feel would make the game better though. We love the clubs. The people we get to talk to are amazing and everyone really helps each other out! We wanna help them out more though requesting recourses needs to be more broad open it up to woods, rocks, and truffle also. We know our club has talked about it before how it would all be helpful for each of us by helping us minimize some recourses in our storage along with helping others out who are short. We also believe that after you spend so much money on the game, when you click the balloon and the sack that gives you goodies when you watch the ad, you shouldnt have to watch the ad. We really enjoy playing dragonscapes… Maybe even a little addicted… Its a very good adventurous, mindless, interactive games and not even to mention the dragons are adorable PLEASE READ THIS PART Feb 20, 2022. We have been playing this game for over a year now and im still in love with it. We cant drink our coffee and play it as much but we fall asleep playing it ever night. Just a HUGE suggestion PLEASE more land on the home island we have so many beautiful decorations but we cant place everything also, on the timed island if there could be a 24 hour break between each one, that would be amazing! Its difficult to do the story island and the time island at the same time.

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