Dragonscapes Adventure

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 12:15 pm

Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DianDian Interactive Holding, Dragonscapes Adventure is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th October 2020 with the latest update 26th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dragonscapes Adventure ?

35,048 people have rated 2.16.0

What is the price of the Dragonscapes Adventure ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dragonscapes Adventure released ?

Dragonscapes Adventure was released on 27th October 2020.

When was the Dragonscapes Adventure updated ?

The latest updated date of Dragonscapes Adventure on 26th April 2023.

Where can Dragonscapes Adventure be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dragonscapes Adventure from Apple Official App Store.



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App Notes:

  • This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing.

  • Dragonscapes Adventure is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game may be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Updated on 26th April 2023

  • Added a new time-limited Music Festival!
  • Added a new time-limited Mother’s Day Makeover!
  • Added a new time-limited Underwater Adventure!
  • Added Cook Off, Dragon Pass, and Mining Race
  • A few balance fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Dragonscapes Adventure Review

This is one of the few games Ill spend our actual money on. The pricing is super fair (1.99 for the second row with better prizes) compared to games charging 5.99/9.99. Even just free play youre not excluded from getting great prizes! The whole game is just great. Graphics& concept plus the different little areas you open up.

Okay so update, the game is alright but not what we expected. The ads were telling us that it was a pimple popping game, and when the game pulls up a mini game of like cleaning ears and popping zits and stuff, it only lets you do like 3 seconds and then goes back to other stuff, we wouldnt recommend but some people say different (i only put 5 stars so it shows up on a review)

Dont be fooled by the cool advertisement of an asmr game. Its your typical island adventure game. Probably a decent game but the false advertisement has us deleting IMMEDIATELY.

After playing the game every day fi over a year. The game suddenly crashes every time we try to play. We were told to down loan the newest version and we did now we can not even get it to load. And no response from tech staff.

One of our daily routinely enjoyed games and happened across a good team that works together. Love the mini games and creativity of the extra challenges as well as the continuity of work at the home base. One problem! It is crashing on our iPad on the regular. Several times in a play. After the third or fourth reboot in a visit, we are giving up. Any random click causes a crash. Its starting to do it in the mini games we dont want to give it up but Im going to give our other game that works without bugs our full attention at some point. Please fix the iPad bugs!

This game can be a lot of fun but parts of it are really aggravating. The ads that get triggered are sometimes very vulgar. We wouldnt want a younger child playing this game. We mean – really? Why She Kills? Give us a break. It also takes a lot of energy to get anywhere. Sometimes you can get the energy (from boxes that show up) but sometimes you have to wait for a while for your energy to restore. The game says you get 1 energy every x minutes but that is only true up to a certain amount. After that: nothing. We really wish developers would learn that people spend money only if they are having fun!

This game is so addicting, however, it keeps crashing on us. We have tried updating, restarting our device, and nothing helps :(

Our favorite game but suddenly cant get it to even open. Would you please fix so we can continue to play? Thank you.

We were loving the game. Now all of a sudden it shuts down all the time. Very frustrating.

We’ve been playing this game for quite a while. Several months ago, it started crashing randomly. We reached out to customer service. Tried all of the suggestions. It is not our device or our internet connection. No other app we use has this issue. Customer service kept asking for screenshotshow do we screenshot an app crashing? We went online looking for answers only to find we wasnt the only one having this issue. So, our question is, When are you going to fix it? This is one of two games we’ve ever spent money on. However, what is the point if we cant play more than a few minutes without it crashing? We’ve never really cared much when a game acts up. But, for some reason this game has the ability to help us relaxor at least it used to. We hate to do it, but Im very close to just deleting it and walking away.

We’ve enjoyed this fame for months, now it wont load no matter what we do. Im losing out on money we spent if we cant even get into the game, enjoy it for as long as it will load for you, but dont spend a penny, whatever you do.

Im stuck at level 56 and it states all quest complete! We cant move on to the next quest.

We can barely get though the opening load up without game crashing and kicking us out. We have been in contact explaining the issue with support but they just say they will message back when tech support has looked into it but days go by making it impossible to complete current time sensitive islands. One star.

Our niece asked if she could buy a 9.99 item and we were charged $41.68. How is that okay? Who do we talk to about this!

We’ve been playing this game for several years (since it first came out), have spent countless hours/days engrossed in it, spent way more money on in-game purchases than Id like to admitoverall, have enjoyed it immensely. Until recently. Its not because of the device we use to play it onits a newer device and we have no problems with the other games we play. Im getting more and more frustrated with this game freezing or simply kicking us out. If we have to restart the game 3x in the allotted time we have for playingIm done for the day. We even took a couple week hiatus, thinking maybe things would be resolved/addressed, but we experienced the same issues as soon as we started playing again (and had no issues with other games, during the time we took off from Dragonscapes). Please fix this, as we have heavily invested myself in the game and dont want to quit playing!!

We used to love the game but for about a week or so now we keep getting booted out every few minutes!!! Still having problems 90% of the time we try to switch islands it will boot us out of the game!!!!

Latest update crashes our phone. We’ve done everything from deleting the game to restarting our phone & nothing works. Im getting really tired of the forced updates. We’ve actually spent quite a bit of money on this game over the years and to suddenly have it completely useless irritates us to no end.

The game starts out fun, but the longer you play the required energy points to accomplish anything is ridiculous. Add to the fact that each sub game (Christmas Island) has only a few day to complete and is HUGE, its impossible to complete without spending significant cash. There are a few ways to earn energy, but getting 5 energy when cutting down a tree requires 50 just isnt gonna cut it. Deleting.

We give this game 4 out of 5 stars because its really fun we love playing it, but its literally impossible to complete the limited time Islands. Even with all the energy, gems, and coins they give you throughout Island. Im an adult trying our best and we’ve had this game for a long time, shouldnt children/ teens be able to complete the temporary islands? Please make them easier to complete in limited amount of time.

It’s good, however we’re getting frustrated because we constantly seeing the same tasks.

We cant go anywhere or do anything every time we do it crashes ! Another game to delete.

We’ve had this game for awhile and loved it, but it crashes every 2 minutes now. Its so often that its become unplayable. Incredibly frustrating.

Love the game but we cannot finish lake island because we ran out of birch branches to build the last bridge, we wish you grow the birch in the laboratory in the main island. For this we stop playing it.

This is a good game we would recommend it but there are some bad things one we wish you could get energy faster Two we wish you could do more things without having to buy stuff.

Am feeling really let down. Loved the game, played regularly, have spent a literal thousands of dollars of real money the last 2-3 years. Now game wont even load. From past reviewers, this is not uncommon. Was hoping we were the exception, definitely NOT.

It is so fun can keep us busy and there is always more to do and there is always a way to keep playing and with a movie it is perfect.

This is one of our favorite game apps. Like all games it has its pros and cons which we will note below. We would recommend this game to anyone. We are currently level 34 when writing this review w/ no money spent on the game. Pros: 1. Great design of dragons and islands. 2. Various props to design islands from events. 3. Slot machine for extra energy. 4. Constantly having new event islands. 5. Cooking game 6. Various ways to earn gems (special orders, slot machine, etc.) 6. The ads do not pop up randomly and are usually from chest or floating gift boxes etc. If u want more energy (I love that we are not forced to watch a million ads if we dont want to). Pro-Con: Energy is used fast so the game is not one you end up playing for hours on. Cons: 1. *Low amount of energy for level. 2. Hard time get dragons from island events (due to needed energy – the energy needed to clear a rock or tree is sometimes takes half our energy). 3. Hard to send helicopter off. 4. Zodiac dragons are very hard to obtain. 4. Little glitching or failing to load (this has not been a big issue for us personally). *Main Issue 11/4 game keeps crashing. Hope the next update fixes this issue for us.

HANK U THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love this game and play it daily. The main issue we have is it cost too much for clearing trees. Especially with regards to special or limited events. The time frame in which to even finish and energy use do not work out. We would like to see less overwhelming special events and energy cost a bit better.

We really love this game, the home island and production items are not overwhelming like on other games. Our only real issues is that it is almost impossible to complete special islands and get the special dragons unless you’re willing to spend 24 hours playing or a bunch of money. To complete tasks you have to use energy but you only earn so much and it cost so much energy to clear items needed to complete the tasks. It has recently gotten better with the gift and energy you find on special islands but it’s not really enough unless you spend money. We work full time and can only for a bit in the evening, it’s discouraging to not be able to get any of the special dragons.

Kind of frustrated with this Halloween Land. Click a bunch of energy boxes and only get a few bolts and it looks like many. We counted and it was way off. Its like a gimmick in the store. A tease. Like why bother wasting time and money on this game we enjoy just to be ripped.

We used to like playing this game until the help desk refused to resolve the issue we had with 1 baguette. They refused to help us unless we gave them a recording of the issue. We gave them all the information where we were incurring the issue to exactly what the issue was. We could go any further because of 1 yes one baguette that we could get to because the game had it blocked off. We play other games and this is the first time we have had such a hard time with a help desk. We will have to stop playing the game because we cant go any further. Very disappointing!!!!

We absolutely love this game except for 1 HUGE issue. Every time we get up to upload, the game shuts down on us. This happens over & over & over again. Its EXTREMELY annoying. PLEASE PLEASE fix this issue. We’ve spent a lot of money on gems that we end up losing because the game shuts off. The money is taken from our account but we end up with no gems.

This game is great! It gives plenty of ways to earn and gain extra stamina for play. Several ads, but its your choice to watch them. BUT. In the middle of play, the game just shuts off!! Now at first we thought it was our phone, we cleaned it and made sure all updates were applied. Didnt fix the issue. Fix this issue, or we will just delete the game and not spend any more money on it.

Hello something is happen with this game ;when we turn on the game in a few seconds turn off can you please check was going on please we really like the game thank you.

Repeatedly crashes. Also, even with spending money on energy, timed islands are difficult to complete.

We’ve spent way too much money and invested a lot of time in this game to not be able to play it at all. The game started crashing months and months ago and at first it was annoying but the crashing just got worse and worse to now, today, we cant even write tickets before it crashes. Support Just sends the same message to us about what we need to do. We’ve done everything, several times. Its not happening to any other games or apps. This is Dragonscapes responsibility and problem. Its happening to several others. Please fix this. Its one of the best simulation games we’ve ever played and we absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone no matter the age, BUT it has to work for us to play.

We love this game is our favorite but ever since march the game constantly crashes and since the last update it opens until the home land and then crashes please help we dont want to delete this game and we have tried everything!!!!!

More controlled interactive abilities need to be added to pimple games..

We love playing the game and winning things But unfortunately it keeps crashing and we have to refresh it many times.. Can u guys fix it ? If not we might have to delete the game ..

Have been playing this game for over a year. They had a good thing going – great game, great reviews, great development. Now, the game crashes continually and it is a consistent issue for many people. Complaints are all over FB. Company continues to roll out new games without fixing the technical issues.

When we first starting playing this game it would occasionally kick you out (crash). We quit playing on our tablets because it started crashing badly. We changed to our phone and it crashed less but killed our phone battery. Now the game is crashing nonstop. It so sad because the game is a good one but no one is interested in fixing the crashing problem! It crashed now about every 30 seconds.

We loved this game still do when we can play it. For months it crashes constantly. We can play it sometimes for 5 or 10 min before it crashes but today we can get it to open and then it immediately crashes. Im about ready to delete it indefinitely. We we’ve tried deleting and reuploading more than once nothing works.

We understand the ads come from a third party but they incorporate the ads into the game as a mini game. This is crap. If we wanted to play the game yall have then you should advertise only the game we will be playing. Deleted as soon as we installed.

Ad for game misleading and if the game glitches and you lose stuff they wont replace and will give you a run around for days. Save yourself the time and dont download this game.

We wanted to clean faces and pop pimples on characters. We like the set up when its in that section. We dont want to farm or build. That ruins the game for us since its majority of it. Its a cool mix. Personally tho, we would have liked more more pimple popping.

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