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Why You Should Play New State In State Of Survival

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 03:10 pm

Open and Play in New State

If you like to play State Of Survival, but aren’t happy in your current state, it is a good idea to start afresh in a new state. Learn to enjoy this game. If you are already in a new state, just enjoy and make new friends.

Why should you leave the old state

  • If you found that you aren’t happy in the old state.
  • If you found that the social in the old state is not that good.
  • If the state is dead.
  • If there are not much active survivors in alliance.
  • If the enemy alliance has grown too strong and there is no chance to compete.
  • If there is too much negativity in game from survivors in your state.

Remember game should be fun. So whatever reason it is, maybe it’s time to try a new state and make new friends or you may start over with some close friends.

What is the benefit for playing in a new state

  • Take advantage of your experience and skills learned from old state.
  • You will build faster than other survivals as you would not stumble on what to do.
  • Build faster means you will be among those elite and won’t get bullied easily.
  • More balanced game play as everyone has to start fresh in a new state.
  • Choose the best location for your Alliance.
  • More new players.
  • You will meet new survivors and friends.
  • Start a top ranked alliance with experienced survivors.
  • Alliance Farm, Lumberyard, Furnace, Refinery. These only appear in newer states.
  • New Hero Training Area.
  • New Alliance Store.
  • New Alliance Tech.
  • New states have all these new updates which was neglected in older states. Sometimes it might feel like playing a new game altogether.

Tips: You may have a head start in a new state. We have a detailed guide on how to be better than everyone else before starting in a new state.