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Winterbells is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ferry Halim, Winterbells is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th November 2010 with the latest update 11th January 2015

Whether you are a fan of Family, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


148 people have rated 1.1.3

You can download the game Winterbells from APP STORE.


Defy gravity and keep bouncing on the bells.

Winterbells is now available to play on iPhone/iPad.

  • Improved high quality graphics
  • Beautiful soundtrack

Enjoy mobile version of this popular online game from Orisinal!

Updated on 11th January 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • bug fixes

Winterbells Reviews

Fully recommend buying the whole Orisinal pack, these games take us back.

We love this game. The music is nice.

We played this game all the time as a little kid in elementary school, and every so often as we’ve gotten older. Im glad its on the AppStore bc flash is getting yoinked, totally worth 99 cents man.

Very fun and cute but gives us anxiety lol.

You would never think such a simple game could be so addicting! It is so fun to play! Its like the music is enchanting. We just could listen to it all. Day. Long. That music is beautiful! We TOTALLY give it FIVE stars! Bye!!!

We’ve playing games from Orisinal for at least 15 years. Theyre beautiful, hypnotic and also enjoyable. Download it!

We see some people who are writing recent reviews (Feb 2021) saying this game is either crashing or not playing the music. It seems to be working well on our phone (iPhone SE 2016 on iOS 14.4). The gameplay itself is maybe 3.5-4 stars, but the music and art definitely push it up to a 5 star game.

We’ve always loved the Orisinal games and Im so sad to see that you cant play all of them on the original website. We would love it to see all of them again without using Adobe Flash player. But we literally love this game so much.

Since back when it was a flash game. Its so therapeutic and the music grips our chest and its just the very best little pure game there ever was ;-; thank you for making it Ill remember it forever.

With the death of Flash coming soon, we were worried we wouldnt be able to play Winterbells ever again then we found it on the App Store. Huzzah! The swiping-instead-of-mousing takes a little adjustment, but Im confident Ill pick it up quickly.

This is App is amazing and so so so so beautiful! The music is so so relaxing too!

We’ve been a fan of Ferry Halim’s games since the early 00’s. We must say we’ve never found games as fun and relaxing as these. We recommend this game for everyone.

We love this game. We love the music & graphics. We were introduced to orisinal years ago by a friend with anxiety. It helped us with our insomnia! We wish we could find all of them again. (Stacking pig game was our favorite)

It’s good for all ages. It’s entertaining, beautiful and relaxing.

Have it in a folder entitled Christmas Games that we always play during the holiday season, but we find myself reaching for it all year long. Its such a simple game with eloquent graphics and music that youll be humming as you do your errands and working, whether its at home or the office. Definitely ENJOY! 1. We have been playing this game since we downloaded it during the Christmas season of 2010. It is a beautiful eloquent game with graphics that are simple but beautiful. The music captures you from the moment you open it up with one tune changing to a second piece played on string instruments that you swear the little bunny is plucking itself every time it jumps through the air as your finger helps it to flit from bell to bell which delightfully explode into crystals that fall away, and little doves that quickly flit across hoping you’ll take a quick jump on their back for a few extra points. The little bunny jumps from bell to bell as it traces your finger path up into the dark night sky. The higher you climb the smaller the bells become and further apart they are spaced. But have no fear, here comes a little dove againCareful though, if you happen to miss ringing a bell then down you gently come falling passed all the little stars you jumped by. It’s wonderful for children and the child inside of you. We hum the music until summer Can you tell we think it’s just lovely? 2. We have added this because we noticed someone was having difficulty understand the scoring. Take the bell you have hit and multiply it by ten. They add to gather to then total up to be your score. If during any time you land on a Dove that Dove will double the score that you have at that point. So if you are on bell number 45 and your score is 450 and you tap on a Dove you are now at 900 and you go on up from there. We hope this answers any questions. If you are getting quintillion in your score and negative scores there must be something that is incorrect. We would suggest you delete the app and then reload it so that way it will hopefully erase the glitch. We would also delete any stored scores at that time of your initial delete so that nothing is saved behind that might cause any future errors.

We remember playing this game long ago on our desktop and always found it comforting and loved the music and bell sound. We recently have been searching for a new relaxing game and just so happened to search for this as a hope there would be something like it. To our happy surprise it is the EXACT same game we remember loving and playing during downtime to unwind. Well worth the one dollar. We would like the option to play it vertically too instead of just horizontally.

We’ve been playing this game for years, when it was just a flash game online and apps were a twinkle in Jobs eye. We come back to it at the end of every year (and sometimes before), and for good reason. Its fun to play, yes, but the MUSIC. The music that loops might be our single favorite piece of video game music ever. Even if you dont like the simple jumping gameplay, at least download it and let it idle while you listen. Frankly we wish we could give them more money?

Wonderful graphics, fully iPhone 5 compatible, fantastic soundtrack, no bugs/glitches, full hardcore gameplay, no lag, no downtime, no internet needed, no problem, bunny doesn’t die, beautiful bell explosion animation, gorgeous background, very cute bunny, has leaderboard so can compete among the global people, double the dove, double the fun, overall 6/5.

This game is a lot of fun, we wish they would add their other games like The Amazing Dare Dozen and Snow Rider.

This app (and all of Ferry Halim’s apps) is a refreshing, innocent game. Masterfully crafted, simple to play, engaging for a four year old and forty year old. It is a timeless treasure that will quickly find its way into your heart.

Can’t go through December without playing this game. It’s so simple, so pretty.

We didnt make the association that with the end of flash it would be the end of the Orisinal website. We hope that they find a way to share those beautiful games with us again. Truly devastated but so grateful to at least have access to Winterbells with was our first love. Doesnt make the loss of the deer one or the flowers to heaven any easier…

Seriously a great game. Maybe the best dollar we’ve ever spent. We would rather buy this game for our friends and family than eat. Thanks.

Its a great game for iOS and such and computer alike. And the low price tops it off, one dollar is a great price. Although free on flash on the website it is on, great alike and on phone you can move the bunny with your hand which is much easier for some people. This is a great game others should get it we think, even in 2021.

The music is lovely and the simplicity of the game is what grabs us. Its well done. We loved playing orisinal games on the computer years ago, so Im happy to be able to play this on our phone now. We wish all the orisinal games were available.

We personally love this game and although we don’t play it often, it often puts a smile on our face no matter how our day go.

It is fun and the bunny is cute!

We love everything about this game!

We were under the impression that the birds double your score. After we get the next bird after 5 quintillion, the values switch to negatives, and doesn’t count as your high score. And after two more birds, it’s turns back to positive, but it’s a value less than 5 quintillion. This process repeats and we can never get the high score we want. Is this a mistake? Or can someone explain the math behind it so we know what to do. It’s hard to count the exact value at the top left corner when you’re playing the game.

Love the winter vibe and music, great graphics.

We loved this game and it worked perfectly for a while but now it just quits when we try to open it :( so sad especially since flash is dead.

2 stars for having a fun game HOWEVER sound doesnt work on any of the Orisinal/Ferry Halim apps we have downloaded. We checked other apps with music/sound and everything else works perfectly EXCEPT for the apps from here. Really sad because the music is the beat part (from the web version).

Love these games- always have. Unfortunately, can’t hear a thing which drastically takes away from the experience. Are these not compatible with iPhone 6?

Frustrated because with this played with our iphone, we have much less control over the bunny’s movement. Maybe a bit more research could’ve been done when translating the original desktop version to an iOS game.

This will not stop crashing on an iPhone SE 2nd gen. Neither restarting the phone nor reinstalling fixes the issue.

The music setting is not working.

When we open the app the orientation of the app when it loads only shows half and is turned upside down. Whenever we physically turn our phone, the app moves as well, continuing to be upside down. We loved Orisinal games and grew up playing them, but Im sad that it doesnt work on our phone. :(

We loved playing this game online and finally decided to purchase it for iPhone but we cant even open the app because it just immediately crashes when we do. :(

The sound wont work! The music is the best part! :(

It doesnt work anymore on our iPad.

We have tried dozens of times but cannot get the bunny to consistently follow the movement of our finger. We watched a YouTube tutorial so we know we’re doing it correctly. Sometimes the bunny won’t even come up off the ground! Frustrating and disappointing.

We love this app so much please fix it so it works on the phone again!!

Loved this game, but bummed it’s been recently changed. The double-score birds have disappeared! Like many other reviewers, played it for years on a laptop and was happy to find it on iPhone. Not so fun now. Go back to original version!

A good game, but the new update makes the score go into the negatives after a certain point :( also, it erased our previous high score.

We had originally played this classic game on the PC, and downloaded the iOS port a few years ago. This game isn’t addicting or over-the-top or flashy, but that’s what makes it so casually and comfortably enjoyable. We don’t often play it, but it’s so accessible and entertaining that it will always be playable whenever we can steal a moment. 10/10, would recommend.

Always loved to play this game on their website. Very happy to see it in the App Store. Even more fun to play in app.

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