Wizard Hero – Magic Survival

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 02:00 pm

Wizard Hero – Magic Survival

Wizard Hero - Magic Survival

Wizard Hero – Magic Survival is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, Wizard Hero – Magic Survival is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd June 2022 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Wizard Hero – Magic Survival ?

2,444 people have rated 2.3.4

What is the price of the Wizard Hero – Magic Survival ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Wizard Hero – Magic Survival released ?

Wizard Hero – Magic Survival was released on 3rd June 2022.

When was the Wizard Hero – Magic Survival updated ?

The latest updated date of Wizard Hero – Magic Survival on 31st May 2023.

Where can Wizard Hero – Magic Survival be downloaded ?

You can download the game Wizard Hero – Magic Survival from Apple Official App Store.



Take control of Wizard Hero and fight against hordes of relentless enemies.
Use your arsenal of spells to drop them down like a blob!
Destroy waves of unique enemies including all kinds of monsters like dragon, orcs, skeletons and many more!

  • Defeat hundreds of enemies at once
  • Gain new experiences and upgrade your skills
  • Roguelike Progression
  • Customize your wizard

Grow your character as you play and get stronger after each attempt.
Learn a new skill or improve one of the ones you have every time you level up.
At each attempt, create unique spell combinations from thousands of possibilities.
Do you think you have what it takes to become a survivor?

Updated on 31st May 2023

Our latest update brings an even better Wizard Hero – Magic Survival experience.
Here are the latest updates:

  • Optimization
  • Bug fixed
    Stay tuned for new enjoyable features!

Wizard Hero – Magic Survival Review

We really love this game. But we miss the older version with more diverse weapons!

We dont have a lot to say but the game is just a ripoff of survivor. Io except the player is a wizard.

Pro. Dosnt throw ads on you for everything so that really cool considering all these games do. Con. Very hard to get gems. Get little to none when playing. Dosnt seem very rewarding.

Update made game unplayable like its literally frozen.

This is literally the bad version of survival. Io where you lose everything we are just going to stick to survival. Io.

Really fun and easy game 5 stars in our opinion because the fusing 2 tier 5s into one tier 6 is fun and cool.

Its nice because it doesnt throw adds at you and when you die you have the choice to watch one which Im happy to do instead of being forced to watch one! The second it does though Im uninstalling it O_o.

We didnt think we were going to enjoy this game but it surprised us and we really enjoy it. And there prices to buy things are pretty cheap too.

The game is fun we just hate the fact they lied about a fire breathing dragon in their ad. Its not even in the game.

Yeah you saw the title they are copying Survivor. Io. The game has xp to get new abilitys this thing does that too. You can get awakened things, this game can too. If this is just a coincidence sorry just saying that it might.

This game makes it to hard to get gems.

This game seems to be worse then we expected you made it sound cool but it seems unfair to all non grinding / ftp people.?

So we really enjoy this game. Got all 1 star red gear without spending any money on the game, which is awesome. Didnt take to long either, maybe a few weeks of playing off and on and using the video adds to get the free chests. We only say great game butbecause we’ve maxed out and cannot progress any farther as there are no levels past 10. So Im kind of at a stand still. Really other than that, we really do enjoy this game and you literally dont have to spend any money to get good. Just takes a little bit of time is all. EDIT we lost all of our game progress and the game is basically reset on us!! Lost our purchases and everything. Please do something to fix this!!

Can we please have cloud save?? We have an iPad and would love to continue the game on our iPad.

Most mobile games have a significant difficulty spike that pushes you to spend money. This game throws that spike at you very quickly, which is frustrating. Unless you love grinding and dying a lot, youll either spend money or watch more ads than cable tv. The actual gameplay and mechanics are really fun, but the spike hurts the feels significantly.

So the game is a lot of fun however as you play you get minimal rewards for beating stages and other methods and its way too hard to level up your gear and advance with out having to spend money in the game which is a shame because otherwise it is fun.

Its a very pay to win type game!!

When we join the round we die really fast and you guys make the rounds go to fast we cant get past one level.

The game is a great survival game and is like adds we highly recommend this game to anyone.

Nerf the icevile boss two and three there way to over power and almost invincible so much up so much damage and during the second boss over 30 dragons spawn around the barrier and make it literally impossible because you have to dodge 40 fire balls and that makes it so you cant hit the boss and youll just die.

All our gear has been swapped out randomly and we had things ready to be merged so we could get better gear. Now all that has gone to waste. What kind of bug is this? Nothing we have is the same as when we played yesterday.

  • Stage Progression * Mindblowing Magic fusion max Upgrades * How each Magic looks good like lightning Aura and combinable upgrades. * Fun game far above average.

Is there a way to change worlds? Like can we go back 1 or 2?

Some of the combined skills dont work after merging them. Please fix.

The game is Fun to play but somehow we lost all our progress when our phone died thats the reason why we give the game a one star. The developers should fix this issue.

No purchase option to remove ads boo.

Fun and challenging game but all of a sudden it put us back at level 2 when we had made it to level 12. All that hard work for nothing. Now Im tempted to uninstall this game.

Game was fun, played for ages and put a lot of time into the game. However, we wouldnt recommend wasting your time playing this. The devs will just reset your progress with no warning. They recently reset everyones progress with no warning and no compensation for anything spent if you did spend anything. They said they reset everyone to balance the new updates but the game is pretty much the exact same so was the reset really necessary?

We loss all our data because our game bug and did not want to end the game and everytime we played it would get stuck like if we were in a bug loop and after we try to re install game but loss all our data maybe if there an account add to the game or something to fix that bug so wont happen again.

Coulda been a 5 star game, but had to delete for religious reasons. If there wasnt a pentagram, would probably still be playing.

The latest update on March 17 broke the app for us. It wont load past 30%. Sadness. We hope we dont have to delete the app and lose all our progress Also, the update previous we ALL had to start over.

Kind of disappointed got on today to see its been updated but we lost all our progress lost the will to play now gotta start all the way from scratch.

So we had played the game for hours. Had even spent some money on it, but since a recent update, all of our progress was lost. We did not remove or delete the app at all.

We had all our stuff upgraded and was up to level 5 almost 6 and when we opened the app today it started the tutorial again and all our progress and everything we bought was gone. Its a fun game but this is very upsetting.

We have spent some money on this game and with this recent update it took away all our progress that we had this is totally unacceptable and not fair at all.

The latest update wiped all our progress after months of playing now we’ve lost all interest we worked and payed for nothing..

Ever since the start it has been way too difficult and enemy numbers and bosses are too unfair. Bosses that cover the entire screen with attacks you have no way to dodge. Enemies that flood the screen making it impossible to move. We should not be struggling on Stage 5 with all Level 30 Epic Gear. Also after the latest update they added enemies to stage 5 that werent there before. Red beetles that run 3x faster than you and take half your HP in one hit. They throw up to 6 of them at you at one time as soon as you beat the first boss of the stage. We didnt want to leave a negative review even though we’ve been frustrated since the beginning with these stupidly unfair game mechanics. But now Im at the point where we have to, and have to say. Fix this immediately. Lower the amount of enemies even a little, and remove the bosses abilities to flood the entire arena with attacks. Youre just going to make players angry with this artificial difficulty and less and less people are going to play.

Oi! Fix the glitches! When you get fully powered and leveled, the wizard starts running like a suicidal Forrest Gump!

Games got a fun premise. Two main issues The game will occasionally crash by not letting you change direction or leveling up, forcing you to restart the app. Then when you restart your cooldown goes to near 0% and lags out your game. It happens every stage and was incredibly frustrating. Im not reinstalling until this gets fixed.

Starts off as a pretty charming game, then ramps up the difficulty while begging for money as all these apps tend to do. Waste of time.

While playing the control locks so you cant control your character. Top notch game design.

So we really enjoy this game. Got all 1 star red gear without spending any money on the game, which is awesome. Didnt take to long either, maybe a few weeks of playing off and on and using the video adds to get the free chests. We only say great game butbecause we’ve maxed out and cannot progress any farther as there are no levels past 10. So Im kind of at a stand still. Really other than that, we really do enjoy this game and you literally dont have to spend any money to get good. Just takes a little bit of time is all.


Slow movement speed, takes too long to level up, and takes way too long to evolve skills.

We played the heck out of this game we made it to level 94 and 30 minute and 24 seconds our only isssue is that we wanted to make it to level 100 but the boss at 30 minutes insta kills you so we cant.

We’ve gotten to level 114 then the insta-kill 30 minute boss got us! Implement some stuff to do with levels after you upgrade all your skills. Reposition the AD skill reroll button PLEASE! Add separate music and sound toggle options. We went ahead and paid the $10 to see if it was worth it in our opinion we think it was. For $10 though we think we should be able to skip all ads including the 2x gold at the end and skill reroll. Overall the game is dope and we hope you continue to update it!

Its fun, has cool abilities and things like that. But content gets lacking when you reach 20 minutes at level 50+. We think hearts and magnets shouldnt be as rare as they are Some passive effect upgrades are just really? We grinded a lot of xp and even risked a chunk of health only for you to give us + 0.5 or + 5% or -0.25??? What a rip off. Magnets should also grab hearts too. Give us some break levels add more slots, maybe like once you reach a certain level or something. PLEASE, buff the abilities, and the upgrades!!! The gameplay doesnt feel or look like what youre advertising.

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