Word Mansion – Words & Design

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 03:20 am

Word Mansion – Words & Design

Word Mansion - Words & Design

Word Mansion – Words & Design is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Apprope AB, Word Mansion – Words & Design is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th August 2020 with the latest update 21st September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Word, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Word Mansion – Words & Design ?

11,322 people have rated 1.5.1

What is the price of the Word Mansion – Words & Design ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Word Mansion – Words & Design released ?

Word Mansion – Words & Design was released on 12th August 2020.

When was the Word Mansion – Words & Design updated ?

The latest updated date of Word Mansion – Words & Design on 21st September 2022.

Where can Word Mansion – Words & Design be downloaded ?

You can download the game Word Mansion – Words & Design from Apple Official App Store.



***** Word Puzzles + Home Decorating = TRUE! *****

Ready for a new type of creative adventure in word games?

Jump into the excitement of Word Mansion! This unique story-based game combines the challenge of word puzzles with the creativity of home renovation and decoration.

Say hello to the star of our game, Anna, who just inherited her uncle’s mansion. Join her as she meets new people, explores the mansion’s and her family’s past, and builds a new life! Anna will need YOUR help to solve puzzles while creating the home of her dreams.

Best of all, Word Mansion gives you the option to select from various character reply alternatives! The "choose-your-own-adventure" gameplay will lead to one-of-a-kind adventure and drama!

Word Mansion Top Features:

    Solve word puzzles and help Anna build her dream home!

  • INTRIGUING CHARACTERS AND STORIES: Get lost in the narrative as the characters’ stories unfold!

  • REPLY ALTERNATIVES: Control where the adventure leads you!

  • TOUGH PUZZLES: Show off your word skills as you tackle challenging puzzles!

  • CREATIVE GAMEPLAY: Use creativity to renovate and decorate!

Now it’s time to play! Explore a new world of word puzzles, fun characters, and home decorating with Word Mansion today!

Updated on 21st September 2022

Important bug fixes and performance improvements!

Word Mansion – Words & Design Review

When we first got this game, we thought it would be kind of boring. There are so many games like this, and most of the time, they are all the same. But we were way wrong. This game is so much fun! We would definitely recommend it for anyone who has a hard time finding games to play. It is amazing! It follows its own story and is now one of our favorite games to play.

You would love this app you should play it its not hard or too easy get the app you wont regret it.

This is a great way. Just wish there was a way to save it so you dont have to start over again after getting a new device.

It is WAY too easy to hit the hint buttons on the right side of the screen. We cant tell you how many times its happened just by picking up our iPad!! We bet we’ve lost at least 5000+ coins by accident mainly because theres no way to cancel it. Shouldnt there be a double tap or something to prevent this from happening repeatable? Other than that, we like this game.

BUT as you progress it gets frustrating.. And no more fun. Takes forever to get anything done. Some of the words are ridiculousmakes deleting the next step. Too bad.. Beginning was fun.. Now not so much.

We purchased the $4.99 ad removal and never got our ads removed!! Do NOT PURCHASE THE AD REMOVAL; THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOU OR TAKE AWAY YOUR ADS.

After spending a lot of stars on the parlor ( its ridiculous we have to use 6 starts just to keep the forever conversation going ) with the new update our parlor was reset and we were awarded 20 stars. We had used over 100 stars already on the parlor before the update. Ill now be deleting the game.

We love this game. Im glad its a word game and not a match/merge. Things we love: we love how all 3 decor options are free. The storyline is great – we like the mystery involved. The graphics are nice, and we love Rex. Things Id like to see: Female love interest(s)! At the moment its just a straight leaning relationship. Also, some of the tasks cost 5 stars and we think its way too much. 2 or 3 we can get behind but it gets annoying when we have to get 5 stars just for one task.

This game is amazing! We love how you can play as long as you want without having to wait for energy like other games! The story is great, the renovation is fun, and the word puzzles can help strengthen your mind. Just one flaw is that whenever you make choices, one is free, but the other two makes you watch an ad or spend gems. (Gems are a rare currency in this game). Just make it so all choices are free and it would be perfect!

This game is great we love it so much we play it everyday you should get it we are on level 50 us and our mom and dad play this game and we always when.

We luv this game is is so cool, you get a great storyline too.

This game is so fun. The game is very cute we really like it and we really enjoy it we say download this game and we think you will love it. We like how there is a dog and he or she is so cute and he looks fluffy and soft. Its good with no internet and with internet but not that much ads, just a few. You can customize your own home with options and its fun and the word findings are really easy and fun.

We love this game so much we love decorating and it helps us try to spell as well we would really recommend this game for little kids just learning how to spell just forget the fact that Im 14 lol and we would also recommend it to people who love decorating.

We have been playing this for hours straight, and we love it, we do wish it was easier to obtain coins but that is beside the point. And we love how this game has a story, and we are not going to lie, the story reminds us of the flowers in the attic book series. And that makes it all the better. 10/10 recommend!

We love that its basically two different games in one!!!

We Love zit Its The Best Game Ever Thanks For The Inventor God Bless You.

This game is addicting we downloaded it because we are on bed rest and needed something to pass time and we got to level 380 in the first day. Its simple easy and fun to play. The only thing we dont like is when you get to the green house the options cost more then a star. It cost like 3-5 stars before doing decorating. Overall its a fun game.

This game is the best!!!! You can make your own choices and design the house the way you want it to be from the three options. It says 4+ but we think it is 8+ just to let you know. There is adds but very little. 5 star.

Its good but we hate how the girl shows up a whole lot and doesnt stop theres not a thing for it to stop and we would just like having to do puzzles without having to press skip every second.

Its ok but we wish it had more drama than what the ads say.

Enjoyable game with a big problem. Often, a word we chose is CORRECT but does not register on the grid. It will after several tries. We dont get it.

We LOVED THE GAME…. Until we got to the greenhouse and now everything costs upwards of 4 stars…. Im ok with 1 or 2 stars but seriously 5 for a plant?? Come on!!! Thats just absurd!!! The story line is great and j love the mystery. Its really fun and appropriate for all ages!!! But plz plz plz fix it so its the max stars anything costs is 2/3…. Its not fun anymore and it takes to long to get one thing…. If it doesnt change we think many ppl will delete…. Its just so stupid and irritating. But other than that we love the game its super great!

This game was ok but it was not that great if ur like us and u love decorating we thought it was a really neat game but most of the game is not decorating its mostly reading all of the storyline and that was cool but we wanted to decorate. One time we had so many points and we only got to use one of our 10 points on decor for the room but thats all other all we loved it hope u read this and take our advice byeeee.

Okay so great game! Levels are fun, story is interesting, and so much to explore! But a there are two things we dont like. First point: we need new furniture for the living room. The stuff we have is HORRENDOUS. Like who would use a G R E E N M A R B L E W A L L . Also we need new furniture for the gems set in the bedroom. Number twooo: we loved doing the boss office redesign and mainly the best friend loft (even thought a few items are broken) we need more of these. They are so fun to do and sad to see them with only 2 good ones and 1 mediocre one. Overall great game! Love to see how you will shape it.

Please make it to where you can win more than one star can you please that would be great thanks:)

We discovered this sweet game over our summer break perfect to keep our brain sharp! The storyline really pulled us in as well. But as we neared level 600, the puzzles went from moderately challenging to very difficult. Fine, right? But around the same time, the challenges ramped it up from 2-3 stars needed to 4-7 stars needed. With three intelligent adults working together, we found over 100 bonus words before turning to the internet for assistance. The struggle is real! With 7 letters in each puzzle, do you know how many words you can actually spell using the letters a s t r we d and e? How about s p we g l a and n? Over 100 four to seven letter words! This makes it very difficult to pass a level, much less pass 5 levels to hang one picture or four levels to make/answer a call or text.

The storyline, to us, is okay, but our issue with it is that you have to waste your stars doing something that isnt even decorating. We downloaded this game thinking we would just unscramble some words and decorate, but no. We have to waste a star just to think about coins. Its stupid! We think you should only waste your stars on the decorating part. We could care less about sam or whatever, just let us decorate this girls house!!!!!

We love this game but when we find a bonus word it doesnt give any like surprises like coins , gems. Yesterday we deleted the game thobecause it made us restart everything two times it kind of made us sad and mad at the same time we hope that can be fixed?. Bye! Have a wonderful day/night.

Although the word puzzles are doable and you can eventually decorate your room, the obnoxious and simplistic storyline is unbearable. Having to play 4 – 10 games devoted to the storylineanswering the phone, the door, having juvenile conversations just makes the game mostly monotonous and not worth the trouble. Come on peoplewe play decoration games to DECORATE, not follow some 4th grade storyline.

We actually like this game, since we downloaded we havent played any other games on our phone. Its addicting, Im on level 370 and we’ve only been playing for a week, what we dont like is how it went from taking 1 star for the tasks to 4-5 stars. Thats a lot of stars just to fix one thing. We’ve contemplated deleting the game twice since this morning. We will if it keeps giving us tasks for that many stars. Please fix!! We dont mind 2 star task but 5 is a bit too much!!

This game is for ages four + Be wary if you let your child play this game. There are a lot of ads. There are also a lot of fast pop ups to pay for the game, pay for no ads, and pay for coins. The developers need to do a better job of letter placement. One word we found on one of the levels was a part of the male anatomy. Aside from that, some words are really hard for a four year old as well as inappropriate. This really should be rated as teens + Also, the story is quite dull.

While this game is pretty fun, it glitches. We have lost many stars to decorate the different rooms even though if say we have stars, when we click to complete a task it tells us we dont have enough. So we play a few more levels and go back to the rooms and all of our stars are gone. Pretty annoying.

DONT BUY ANYTHING ON HERE!! They take your money!!

We downloaded this game and was really enjoying it, not to many ads, a fun story line, and just all around enjoyable. But then we closed the game and came back to it later and our progress was completely gone. After playing over 100 levels and designing six rooms. We immediately deleted. Do not download.

We really loved this game & played obsessively day & night. Its very addictive & fun being able to buy items to decorate the Mansion while reading a storyline about the mysteries inside. You can also go back & change the items in past decorated rooms if you like. It really is fun. The reason we gave such a low rating is because as you go into higher levels the purchase price for the items needed to buy in order to decorate the rooms goes from needing to have 1 to buy something to anywhere between 5-7 stars. Even to answer a phone call takes 4 . What this means is that you have to play multiple – many! – games to continue. It stopped being fun as you practically have to play 100 games in order to complete one room along with the conversations within. Like we said, we loved this game when 1 was enough to buy an item but to have to get 7 to buy a plant (or whatever) is too much.

The game keeps saying story will continue but never does. Thinking of deleting game.

Its fairly easy to level up bc the levels arent hard but our issue is the higher you go its an ad every single time you complete an level. We get apps get paid off ads but this is highkey harrasing and this game is NOT good enough to pay $5 to get rid of it bc its not challenging whatsoever.

We just downloaded it and already Im in love.

Its cool its one of those side games were ya we like to play but we just download it so far and o lovvvveee storys and puzzles so we love this game so far.

It is very addictive and a lot of fun! We highly recommend it.

We love this app, super easy and very fun!!

This game is amazing! The levels arent to hard and you get to choose how your decorate your mansion. Theres a great storyline and you can have mini games like decorating a small room for someone for coins. Its funny and makes us laugh when you ex-boyfriend doesnt take a hint. Its great for any age and we highly recommend it. We’ve been playing it more than any other game this past week. We had an obsession with another game and right when we got home from school it became a habit to hop right onto that game. So its nice having something else we want to play so we dont get bored on our phone. It also makes us want to design our room and backyard so it gets us up for a change. The only con we have is spelling errors, theres a lot of spelling errors like outift instead of outfit. But if you just think about what the characters are trying to say youll get it. This game is extremely addictive and fun and so exciting to follow the storyline. We recommend this 5/5 and people of any age should definitely get it so recommend this to your friends because theyll probably love it. (Also some people are saying the game copied word villas but actually word villas copied the storyline of this game and the house of another game. So definitely dont recommend that game)

We love this game sm! Its addicting, but everybody grabs our phone and plays the game on our phone!!! Its so good.

You can decorate your mansion and the levels are way too hard theyre pretty easy you should download the game its really cool.

Dont get us wrong, we love the game, there arent that many ads, its a pretty great game, but, its helped us realize that im dumb because we can look at those letters for a while and not figure it out, then ill suddenly be like OMG IM SO STUPID WHY DIDNT we SEE THAT?! We need help.

This game is just like the ads we are in love with it.

We started playing it today and it is fun everybody please play it.

This game is so awesome it teachs us words and if u love these games this will be perfect for u we think the creator did such a good job big applaud tho the creators good job -Chloe slater.

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