Word Mansion – Words & Design

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:12 pm

Word Mansion – Words & Design


Word Mansion – Words & Design is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Apprope AB, Word Mansion – Words & Design is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th August 2020 with the latest update 25th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Word, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


10,519 people have rated 1.4.7

You can download the game Word Mansion – Words & Design from APP STORE.


***** Word Puzzles + Home Decorating = TRUE! *****

Ready for a new type of creative adventure in word games?

Jump into the excitement of Word Mansion! This unique story-based game combines the challenge of word puzzles with the creativity of home renovation and decoration.

Say hello to the star of our game, Anna, who just inherited her uncle’s mansion. Join her as she meets new people, explores the mansion’s and her family’s past, and builds a new life! Anna will need YOUR help to solve puzzles while creating the home of her dreams.

Best of all, Word Mansion gives you the option to select from various character reply alternatives! The "choose-your-own-adventure" gameplay will lead to one-of-a-kind adventure and drama!

Word Mansion Top Features:

    Solve word puzzles and help Anna build her dream home!

  • INTRIGUING CHARACTERS AND STORIES: Get lost in the narrative as the characters’ stories unfold!

  • REPLY ALTERNATIVES: Control where the adventure leads you!

  • TOUGH PUZZLES: Show off your word skills as you tackle challenging puzzles!

  • CREATIVE GAMEPLAY: Use creativity to renovate and decorate!

Now it’s time to play! Explore a new world of word puzzles, fun characters, and home decorating with Word Mansion today!

Updated on 25th April 2022

Important bug fixes and performance improvements!

Word Mansion – Words & Design Review

Why do apps ask for a rating before we even learn the game? Dont get us wrong, this app isnt the only one asking for a rating so early in the gameso So far So Good -5 stars yes good right. Now that most likely will change when we get into the game furtherIm sure it will because its been our experience with so many others. We guess we have to be responsible players and come back to rate the app again later when we know more about it. And can be a fair judge of the app. We just had to ask because Its really annoying & frustrating. That being said, how many people wont revisit to change their first rating ? Not many we will guess, so wouldnt that make rating therm at all stupid! Its very misleading and inaccurate the way its being done now. Just throwing that out there. Thanks for reading.

We finally found a game that we super enjoyed for a very long time and it doesnt cost money but the more puzzles you solve the less NORMAL vocabulary words you discover Im not about to spend money for this game however we so love it and Im older and the more we know the more stars we have to gain to learn the modern world words and lingo If you cant be fair with the elderly then we have to find word games for our generation Great game if youre not OLDER! We been playing this game for a very long time and its a great game for exercising your brain but the higher points you earn the more words come up that are not familiar This world has no heart Too many outsidersBoo!!! We’ve been playing this game for 6 months or better and the more you play the story never ends and the words keep getting more stupid and words we’ve never heard of Whats the point?????

This game was pretty fun at first. We were up to the 500s levels when the amount of stars you need to complete an object changed. Until then every action used 1 star, but now it takes 7 stars just to enter another room and 5 stars to text your friend. Its just not fun anymore because it takes too long to build up stars only to use them on silly actions that arent decorating the rooms. Also, a lot of times, the options for decorations are not great.

This game we can play everyday when we are bored and we love this game so much.

This game is amazing!!! WARING you will get addicted to it

We love this game its such an amazing game and we love the developers job into this game we think they took so much time and effort and she just enjoy the game and we think you should we had like how many words you get is how many points you should get it all because it takes a while for us to get a lot of stuff done but we really love the option to here so we definitely give developers a lot of credit to this no stars being take back we dont work out that we love this game even though we just got it its still an amazing game so we hope you all enjoy it as well as we do and yeah so we hope you guys have a good day in necklace that earlier give the developers great reviews because they put a lot of time and effort in this they just need to add some updates and we think it would be.

We love decorating and crossword so this game is perfect for us! Its so fun and Im never bored!!!

You must be wondering why three starscause we find it extremely ridiculous that you have to use three or more stars for a ridiculous conversationwhen one could use it to decorate the roomand we notice sometimes it takes five stars just to do a taskgetting tired of it.

Its gets soRidiculous in the storyline you have to play 5 levels just to red a sentence. They ran out of stuff and are just trying to keep you playing but its not worth it. We wish we wouldnt have spent this much time on it.

So we just started its amazing good story line good options in decorating we love word games and we might right another review if we’re over level 100 probaly and so far its amazing No problems or anything just a very good game that we like and if you get something wrong the dog just shakes his head no instead of doing EHHHHHHHH or WRONG so we love this game -Zemylimecookie review for the makers of this game we give 5 STARS!!!!! Thank you for saving your time for our message or even wasting it anyway just thank you very much.

We have only been playing for maybe 30 mins and we are having the time of our life. We have not seen one add at all! We love the dog rex and we love the story line. Its honestly really wasy to pass a level! And we love how u can make the house ur own and not just clean it up and make it look ugly. Overall this is a great game! We would recommend.

We love this game it helps us get smarter and not that much adds.

Only thing is- we had to start from level 1 again! We lThis is 3rd time we’ve loaded this game & the last one- before it all went black & wouldnt reload- was the farthest we’ve ever gotten. We see the distance you go is related to the answers you give.

We love this game so much. We only got it two days ago and we are already on level 122. We have been obsessed with it the moment we started playing. We love how there is relationship drama and also a secret old mystery AND you get to decorate an old house. Everything is amazing and we love the little characters. However some of the words we put in the game it wont accept as a real word. One of those words was rape. We know that people dont like to talk about it but this game accepted other words similar to this one so we fail to see why this specific word was not accepted. Yes it is a terrible thing but we cant just pretend like it never happens. Thats our only complaint though. Great game, we love it, highly recommend.

We absolutely adore this game! We are currently on level 430, the only problem we have is that we need 5-6 stars to complete tasks now. We dont know if its a glitch or on purpose but its making the game insanely difficult!

Love the game but we were playing and we clicked on the thing that says free spin for ad and then we clicked it and it landed on the finger and we got stuck in that level so now we have to delete it and re-download it.

Finished the game didnt care for the story line enjoyed decorating all the rooms ended at the playroom. If keep playing only options os to accumulate starts to continue the story and play or feed the dog.

The game could be fun, but you have to spend forever solving the word scramble only to get one star. It requires 5 stars on most levels to add an item to a room. Its extremely frustrating and not gratifying. Some of the words are words we’ve never heard of. In order to get a hint for a word, it costs 250 coins, which takes days to obtain. One hint (of the multiple puzzles needed to gain one star) takes all your coins. We feel its a waste of time.

We got so confused by the words this game is so stupid!

We absolutely love this game. We have a very certain style and we keep it consistent throughout the house. However, we are currently on the dining room and we still cant get over something. The lounge/living room area had an awful pallete. No matter what colors we picked, it did not fit the rest of the house. We hope they add a better pallete for the lounge because the items they have currently seem very random and they do not go together. Other than that, we love this game!

We have been playing for a week and we love is soooooo much it is super fun.

We are so stuck up on this game it is so entertaining.

We got this game two days ago and we are on level 202. Its so much fun, we feel smarter too. The storyline is FABULOUS and we LOVE decorating the mansion. We hate match 3 games so this is AWESOME!! Sometimes the words are a little tricky to find, but with the help of a friend and some ads its alright. We do wish that you could get two stars for doing a hard puzzle and one for doing an easy one. But nonetheless this games is a 5 star for me.

Really fun we think we might be a little bit addicted but there is a lot of adds and you get gems really slowly.

This game is so good we love it so much and we just started playing it.

We’ve made it to level 645 and have about 130 stars left to use redoing the mansion and the story line. When will it be updated?

Personally, we would like to decorate more than than to spend most of our stars on talking with Rich or Sam or any other characters.

Our app continues to get stuck on the ads! Its fun but its quite annoying and Im to the point Im ready to uninstall.

Way too many puzzles to do each minuscule thing. Not getting anywhere in the story. 7 puzzles for a dog to search??? Seriously!!

Store line is decent. However if you really want to be able to design to your liking or to look the best, keep looking. You have to play levels to earn stars, but the stars only get you one option to decorate and its usually not even something that fits the look at all. You have to watch a video for an okay decor item, or use 3 gems to actually get something. They hardly ever give free gems, so youre left with a mediocre house, and game. Not worth it.

We hate that the storyline pops up every second even when you press skip! Every time you add a new item we dont need more storyline. Its frustrating.

You get one start you can buy more for 3 gems.

This would have been a good game if we didnt have to pay for any sort of decent looking upgrade. The ugly stuff is free and the stuff that matches and looks decent is stuff you have to pay for. 1/5.

We like this game very much its fun and you can decorate the house. But since Im 8 we might like this more than the older kids do.

Hi we really enjoy playing your game but we think it would be better if you could add a save progress we were playing while the game update and got tooken to our Home Screen and when we logged back in we had to start over and back at level 1 overall we love this game we just think it be best if you could add a save progress to it thank you for taking your time to read our review to whoever it may concern and we hope you have a great day and always have a smile on your face.

Too many coins spent on talking to the dog and we need the ability to earn more gems.

It has potential but when decorating you really only have one option. The other two options either cost 3 gems or you have to watch an ad. We wouldnt mind using gems if it was easy to get but you have to play like 20 levels just to get one gem.

This is the worst game we have EVER downloaded, you only get to pick 1 of 3 options to decorate if you dont want to buy gems or watch an ad . AND you have to PAY for to get all the nicer stuff (the free ones are just plain ugly). Plus the word puzzles are the easiest things we have ever done. Please save your time and DO NOT download this game.

We love this game It has so many cool features and you can design your house how you want we recommend this game for people who like to design.

A lot of people say that it should be updated but those where written a long time ago but now they are updated so this game is the best.

We just started playing this game and it is like Amazing it is so cool that it is just word scrambles tysm got making this game.

This game is WAY better than love fantasy(you probably dont know what that is) Whenever we finish a task we cant stop doing them because we really wanna see uncle Als secret! Plus we hate the matching and merging games but we love games like word scapes! Wordscapes and the mansion games mixed together is a good combination! Keep up the good work! Also Im so glad it doesnt have curse words or inappropriate actions:)

We like the game but there is too much bonus words if you hear this make less bonus words. Please pls.

Okay Im going to cut the chatter and get straight to the point, why are you locking the design choices? And the Speaking choices? We mean we get using ads to get one of them but theres only one choice you can get without wasting your time watching an ad, or playing 27 levels to get a single gem! Id say to get to a five star rating dont lock the ones with gems on the choices, the ads are okay (I guess, just annoying), maybe remove gems altogether or let you customize Anna (?) (I dont remember her name even though we played two seconds ago!) and use the gems for that. Other than that this Really is an awesome game, storylines amazing, and so is the playing. Yes, this is our honest opinion. Best regards- Youre neighborhood sugar rush but you have had barely any suger.

The game is simple, but fun and challenging. Our main issue is a bug that files words on the board as bonus words, making it so you cant finish the level even if you use hints to fill out the board.

Game was buggy, constantly closed the app, and then froze our phone for over twelve hours because of the sheer amount of ads slowing everything down and glitching out. We will never download from this developer again.