WordBrain Answers

WordBrain Answers

WordBrain Answers, Cheats, Solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android with all words to all sizes in the game. This game is developed by MAG Interactive.

WordBrain is a game for the true Word Genius!
Easy at first. Insanely hard to complete!
In fact, only very few has …

WordBrain Ant Answers

WordBrain Ant Answers

These are the answers for WordBrain Ant All Levels Answers with words.

  • Level 1 -Word
  • Level 2 -Chin
  • Level 3 -Nose
  • Level 4 -Spot
  • Level 5 -Idea
  • Level 6 -Talk
  • Level 7 -Clam
  • Level 8 -Soup
  • Level 9 -Maze
  • Level 10 -Duck

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WordBrain Answers for All languages

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  • Michele

    stuck on Lion , level 11. Answers show a word-Beetroot, but there is no “B” on my grid. Anywhere!

    • Margie C-J

      Lion, Level 11
      The word ‘beetroot’ is not in it.
      Drink, Landlord, Right, Painter.

  • Ina Day

    I am stuck on level 7. Meat and bread. But the word bread will not sit together. help!!!

    • Adrian Foo

      The answers have been updated for the latest version.

    • Miles Wenrich

      Beard maybe?

      • Adrian Foo

        Meat, Beard is correct for Snail Level 7

  • Eddie

    Any ideas on how the letters to Pig work out? I have all the words but no matter which way I do it, I can’t seem to get the last word – Dynamite – to fit!?

  • Jeanne Brandt

    I’m only on crab level but can’t solve puzzle with melon & we’ll because the letters don’t line up to solve for “well”. So I’m stuck & can’t finish! Help!

  • Pauline

    In Octopus Level 3. It’s says two earths. When it is Ghost, Cup, Mushroom, idea and earth BUT I can’t get earth to fit in

    • Debbie D

      I’m also can’t get past this level – won’t line up for earth???????

      • Debbie D

        Ive watched the CHEAT VIDEO and you do IDEA first then CUP and then GHOST (T to the left) Then EARTH and MUSHROOM – thanks to my daughter she is very talented. On to the next level……….

        • Margie C-J

          Please thank your daughter for me Debbie D

    • Pauline Crossley

      Idea, cup, ghost, Earth and mushrooms……….

  • Michelle

    I am on OWL 20 and cannot get picture to come out! It is driving me crazy. I know all the words just can’t get it out. Any suggestions please?

  • Erika

    I can’t get sheriff on scientists level 17, does anyone know how. Have all the words but can’t see to get the right order for sheriff.

  • Ellie

    I am on Sheep 13 – no matter how I do it the word Chimney does not line up. Cap and Record are the other two words. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

    • Riza Rose

      Same that is my prob for chimney.

  • Debbe

    For those that passed Octapus, how did you get earth to line up on level 3.

  • Patricia

    I cannot solve monkey 14. I know all the words but cannot get rifle. It’s driving me nuts. Can anyone help?

  • Nancy Ramm

    I am stuck on squirrel 5. Can’t find the correct order

    • George

      I agree. I know all the words but can’t put them together. Help !!

    • Lisa

      Did you find the order – I am stuck too

  • Linda

    Help on teacher 12 can’t get them in the right order

    • Maureen

      Leave bomb till last hope that helps I’m on teacher 13 there is the letter m that can not b used and is not in cheat answers I’m totally stumped if anyone can help please

      • louise

        yes thats where im at i dont understand that must be a glitch thats great we’ll never get thru this unless someone else has it

        • Nancy

          Louise, I just got teacher 13, price is not one of the words, it should be prism.

      • Nancy

        I only have the one m which would go in bomb if I can ever arrange the letters correctly. Bomb is in teacher 12 not 13.

        • Nancy

          Excuse the above comment stating “I only have the one m which would go in bomb if I can ever arrange the letters correctly. Bomb is in teacher 12 not 13.” I tried to delete it but couldn’t. Just ignore that. I did finish teacher 13, price is not the word, prism is.

      • Nancy

        Just got teacher 13, price is not one of the words, it should be prism.

  • Vivian Elizabeth Evans

    I know all the words for penguin level 17; but no matter how I try to solve it, the letters don’t match up to solve. Anyone with the answer?

  • Janmmartin

    Anyone know the order for the words in Lion 12. I have the words but can’t get them to work out.?

    • Cary

      Same here I have tried every way I can think of.

    • Pauline Crossley

      Look under wordbrain Solver/cheats in Google !!!

  • Bonita Berry

    Know all the words for clown level 11 but can’t get Swing in. There is a G above the N and can’t get it! Help

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