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World of Empires

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, World of Empires! Developed by the innovative team at Bruno Fargnoli, this Strategy game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 15th January 2017, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 6th July 2020.

Are you a fan of Strategy, games? Then World of Empires is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of World of Empires

Over 109 players have rated World of Empires. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does World of Empires Cost?

Good news! You can download World of Empires on your iOS device absolutely free!

World of Empires Release Date

Eager to know when World of Empires first graced the App Store? It was launched on 15th January 2017.

When Was World of Empires Last Updated?

The latest version of World of Empires was updated on 6th July 2020, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download World of Empires?

To get started with World of Empires, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into World of Empires

World of Empires is a 4X turn based strategy game.

Search for technologies, build armies and elevate your civilization to be the master of the world.

Current content :

  • Procedural world generation with customization
  • Map Editor
  • Multiplayer in a LAN and Online
  • Chat with your friends
  • Minimap
  • 26 civilizations and custom abilities
  • Commercial exchange
  • 54 troops
  • 82 buildings
  • 14 Terrain improvements
  • 81 Technologies
  • AI
  • Diplomacy
  • Basic happiness
  • Civilization Score
  • Save your progression locally, on DropBox, on "World of Empires" Server
  • Translated in french, english, german, russian, spanish, portuguese, chinese, korean, italian, polish, turkish and japanese
  • In-App Purchase : Pay the game as you wish

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of World of Empires updated on 6th July 2020:

Implemented Login/Register with AppleId

User Reviews on World of Empires

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of World of Empires below:

Its the best game ever! What else needs to be said!?

When Im playing the game every time we buy a worker and make the worker build the game shuts of and restarts to before we bought the worker Im not sure if its something Im doing or anything but we would like it to be fixed other then that the games great.

This is our favorite mobile game to play by far, unfortunately we havent been able to enjoy playing it on our iPhone as much as we did when we had an android. For some reason around turn 150-200, the game always crashes and we can never move onto the next turn. Im stuck and we have to restart with a whole new world, only for it to happen to that one to. This never happened with our android. Please fix this so we can continue to play on the same world and enjoy this fantastic game.

Update: we downloaded World of Empires II, and it runs seamlessly without crashing. We also like that we can save games to our Dropbox so we don’t use up our iPad memory. We’re gonna go over and leave a 5-star review for the updated app. Original Review: we love this game as a much smaller version of a Civilization-type game that takes up much less space. Unfortunately, after the first 200 or so turns it crashed. We started a new game, and the same issue. Even after deleting all content and settings to clear our cache and free up storage, and rebooting our iPad from scratch twice now, we can’t make it to turn 70 without a crash. When it crashes, it continues crashing in the same place even after multiple reboots making advancing in the game impossible after that. It’s sad because we truly love everything about the game and we would really like a way to play it. We’re running an iPad Air 2 with OS 14. Something – we just loaded the latest update this week. We have 16G of memory, with between 3-4G free at the time the crashes got bad enough we gave up on gameplay. If developers have a fix for the crashes, we would love to play again.

After reaching turn 60 the game crashes and shuts down. Also the saves are not chronological in order. How to fix this bug?

We’ve really enjoyed the game until the last update. The games closes unexpectedly, and will not progress further. Started New game play with the same results.

Just switched over from android, cant get it to stop crashing when our civ learns writing. Had noticed no updates to that one in a few years. Dont think the dev is even interested in updating this. Too bad, was a 5 star.

This game is just a trashy knockoff of civilization bad graphics bad ai. Id recommend you play Polytopia a simple Civ based game with adorable graphics and special tribes. Dont play world of empire a trash game.

This game is far better than civ but we give it a one star for the sole reason when we get to playing the game after about 10 min in the game force closes. We’ve un installed and reinstalled it but nothing. We’ve also contacted the developer and got no response. We know its not our phone Im playing on an 11 pro not too old of a phone. If they fix it then 5 stars.

Best strategy game on iphone today.

Our friend and we keep experiencing issues with online, when we try to load into our save, we cant after we just left it. But otherwise, its awesome.

Keeps kicking us out of games mid game.

We could wish that there were more explanation, but you know what? Its free. Looks nice, plays well. Never, ever ends. Ah well.

The closest and best game short of Sid Meir, keep up the good work. Stay positive and know that it will work out…

This is NOT a bought review. This game is seriously fun, and is the closest civ knockoff we have ever encountered on the App Store! Yeah, the controls can be a little difficult to get used to at first, but it is easy to learn quickly. The tech tree we do admit is quite glitchy and not very intuitive, but we know that can easily be fixed in an update. We do agree that having troops be upgraded based on the amount of kills would be a fantastic idea! Also, troop speed is VERY slow… Something that we wish was fixed. If instead of a 2 square average, perhaps 3 might make things more playable? A good 70% of this game is moving troops, especially on the large map. We think the diplomacy screen could use some updating. Adding embassies, declarations of alliances, and other things might make the game even better. Lastly, we think the satellite tech should reveal the whole map, aka get rid of the fog of war… Just a thought! Overall though, we cannot stress enough how great of a rip-off this game is from civ… We love it! Free, and super fun! 5-Stars!

We do not normally write reviews and when we do they are not generally positive but this game is worthy of all five stars. This game is very similar to Civilization but in our opinion took the direction of the civ games and went much further. You can decide on how large of a map to play on and decide what types of resources are seeded in the world. This game doesnt cost anything to play and does not bombard you with ads. We wish these creators the best and hope they continue with their amazing work and make this game even better then it already is by adding even more features to the already impressive options that exist. This game can be saved and you can come back anytime.

Really good game period. Want an in-depth look of how the game works, read the other review from March 27 headasses.

This game is extremely fun to play and is a good way to waste a few hours. Until recently we realized this game was essentially a free version of Civilization, and it is this game that drew us to that series. We’ve played small bits of Civ and we love it to death, and we can thank this great game for getting us into the Civ series in the beginning. Until we get the actual game (likely through Steam) we can practice by using this game to get good at the game and use it as a nice sub when Im separated from our computer. Well done developers!

Played the first was astounding this one just takes it And multiplies it we love your work man keep it up!

Omg so let us tell you we had this game back in 2017 on our Android but, then we switched over to iPhone so you know the market stores are different. We looked for this game on iOS for sooo long and could not find but but at last! They have it for iPhone we are so happy Im going to play every chance we get we love this game you should definitely try it!

We love playing this game, on most occasions we do for hours, but sometimes itll only play for a few minutes before automatically shutting off.

This game is one of the best free games out there. As long your playing by yourself that is. The multiplayer doesnt work. We try to join the party our siblings make (were on the same internet) and it says no server found. Please fix this. Other than that this game is awesome.

The game is good but the map editor dont work.

1.) on normal the AI are borderline retarded, often betraying you even after they offer to make peace 2.) late game screwed our over as around the final turns of our game maria went into an infinite respond period where she didnt move ( she needed to for us to continue) 3.) the explanation list (mid game tutorials to remind what things are) dont actually explain things too much 4.) movement is buggy when we want to attack someone it often cancels out when we tap on the enemy we want to fight (5.) THIS IS A BIG ONE- enemy cruise missiles dont get destroyed after its intended use. It explodes and still appears on the map for the AI to reuse over and over again, there is also nothing to kill it with 6.) sometimes countries never accept open borders even if you are giving them one of your cities after their last one is destroyed, idk if that is supposed to happen 7.) when you dont have open borders with a country they can still move into your territory whereas you cant or else you declare war This is a pretty good game but it would be better if those problems were immediately addressed. Thank you.

This is a great and needed game on the App Store. Millions times better than Civ Rev. You and your team have done a great job! Here are some suggestions to make it more successful. 1. The UI needs improvement. Its okay now, but if you want the downloads and it to be more fun, user interface goes a long way. We know that image assets can be very expensive, but changing the design of the buttons, adding different songs, changing the font, making the city menu and graphics look more appealing would make the game more fun. ALSO CHANGE THE APP ICON. Its very messy and makes it look like a cheap game (no offense). CHANGING THE APP ICON AND GAME UI WILL INCREASE DOWNLOADS. 2. Roads need to be built faster. Please! 3. Wonders should be put in the civopedia and should have bonuses (like in the civ games). 4. Civopedia needs to be better, too. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MONETIZATION: we know that eventually you will need to make money, so maybe make most civilizations for sale and only a few for free. Also, how can we use the map editor?

We stumbled across this game completely by accident, unfortunately its well hidden. We’ve been playing Civilization since it first came out. We’ve played countless hours on every version, including Civ Rev 1 & 2 on our iPhone. If we had to peg this one it would be a Civ 3 clone, which is a blessing due to the introduction of workers and territory. We like it better than Civ Rev for so many reasons. Mostly because you can play for unlimited turns and you have much more control of the map and rules. To us that is the fun part of playing civilization, tweaking the map and players to create a fun and challenging game – something you cannot really do in Civ Rev. This game still seems to be in development. There are definitely a few things that are slightly broken or inconvenient, but nothing that stops us from playing. For example: workers dont auto build roads and dont auto sleep, spying seems needlessly complex and appears to be the only way the computer acts aggressively, auto explore always heads directly to the NE corner first, resources dont seem to be usable across your civilization, and map size selection seems to have no effect.

One of the unfortunate cons of this free civ is the clunky interface and lack of unit upgrades. Unit upgrades basically decide what type of army and to a lesser extent what type of game your playing, I.e defensive or offensive. The nation buffs are also lacklustre. We would expect at least two or three but only one, often not very useful. Decent game overall. More changes needed. Was only updated a couple weeks ago so heres hoping that its updated.

It looks half decent, but we tried to create buildings and troops and do anything really except expand our land for a solid 20 minutes to no success. And the tutorial they give doesnt help at all. Just a cheap Civ knockoff made hastily by a developer. Not worth anyones time.

The only action we know is advancing to the next turn. We have no clue what we can do during a turn. At least post a tutorial on youtube.

We click on things and nothing happens. At all. How do we move? Cant. How do we buy stuff? Cant. How do we end turn? Cant. Lazy programming.

This is EXACTLY LIKE CIV 5, with an identical technology tree, same look, etc.. Except without a lot of civ 5s features such as a notification when a city isnt building anything when you end your turn, a civilopedia explaining things… If you really want this game, you might as well torrent it; its the same amount of stealing except a better game, or just buy civ 5.

A very good game but some of the units are not what they say they are. Like the bomber is a troop transport.

The one thing that will make this game perfect is the ability for the user to freeze era advancements and technology. So we wanted to stay in the medieval era and not go any further that would be amazing!

This game is absolutely the best strategy game we have ever played on IOS. However there are some suggestions we would to make. 1-Please make a Gamemode where one or more people can play on one Mobile device (I think it’s called hot seat) 2-Please make a Update so you can have political leaders in the game that gives special boost to units, certain Buildings,etc 3-Please continue adding more units and Civilizations into the game As long as we get at least our first suggestion we would be ultimately satisfied and we will keep this app forever (legit)

We havent spent much time on it but we can say this. We have more issues with it then playing time. We cant log half the time and the game is noticeably buggy with xs on the board that apparently do not do anything. We wish this was more like Civ as far as keystrokes and playability but its not.

We want to state that we do really enjoy this game. It’s a good deep Civilization style 4x game. It certainly beats a lot of App Store games including free & paid games. Only issue is it crashes. Every few turns later in the game you’ll be kicked off to your home screen and this is after the update. Could possibly be from the save which was started before the update but we like to finish games before starting new ones.

This game is amazing you did a great job in capturing what civilization is it’s even better and more simpler we love it not simple simple it’s a masterpiece we are really happy with you work we will follow you.

We’ve been looking for a game like civ (other then civ rev 2 on iOS) and we found it! It’s truly a in depth game that you can spend hours on. Totally worth it.

This is the BEST free game we have played. We think besides graphics it’s better than civilization! This is a great free strategy game that we would PAY for, please get it if your reading this and you don’t have it. The only thing we ask the creators to do is focus on updating this game cause you can definitely make a difference with popularity and people noticing this with only a few small updates… Now these are the only problems we have(I’m not mad or anything with them it’s not making us play less we love the game no matter what): 1-Whenever we try to scroll or zoom in/out on the map sometimes it pushes us away from where we’re going 2-simple updating the graphics, we like the graphics and we don’t have a problem with them, there actually pretty good, but updating the graphics might make the game more interesting for new people. 3-and finally just simpler gameplay aspects like the tutorial, we’re still learning right now about some stuff but some people might delete the game cause they are having a hard time knowing what to do. Like we said we’re having no troubles with the game. We love it, 5 stars and above. Great game.

This is truly amazing. Best civilization like game for mobile!

Love the game but the last update has made it crash a lot. Also you can’t get AI in multiplayer. Please fix.

Since the last update, the games we’ve played have crashed late in the game–I would have it at the highest difficulty, with only three other nations, and the graphics settings in their lowest positions (my lpad is about a year old). It didint happen before the update. * even at the hardest setting the computer is not aggressive enough–given enough time we catch up and surpass them. * the spy actions seem to do little damage (when it says we stole a technology, we dont actually get it to use). Sometimes it tells us we stole something, even when we have no spies. Rival spy actions have little or no effect on me–I dont bother building the spy defense agencies. * can there be a missile defense system to block or limit the effects of the atomic bombs? * can there be treaties with other nations that last more than one turn? Its too easy to revoke them. And can there be alliances? * setting up trade between our own cities is too much work–can all resources be shared if the cities are connected by road/rail? Can our cities separated by water be connected by permanent shipping routes? The enemy can block trade by placing a ship in the route, or tearing up your road/track. Thanks!

If you like turn based strategy download this game. It’s very good very well done, and it’s FREE! Good job devolper.

We like it better than CivRev or FreeCiv. Played the alpha version on Android, and it was great! Keep up the good work!

So you can try before you buy, legit full game. Purchasing is optional indi developer. The game is solid its as close to civilization as you can get without it bearing. No pay2win features. The team as done an amazing job. We would like to see the ai tweaked a bit as its a little bleh but its a dope game none the less.

Thanks so much for this experience. We’ve only played a couple of hours but we’re impressed. This is a Civ we all will cherish. Please embellish this with updates and we’ll further support you through donations… What a great refreshing concept.

Crashes sometimes but vary good game.

This is a really good Civ style game, not too different from civilization itself but with a RIDICULOUS amount of start up options, including the period you start in (i.e. Normal, medieval, modern, etc.). If you like 4x turn based games, definitely try it since it’s free. It’s not a freemium game either. You can pay what you want. 99 cents, 1.99, etc., Very nice!

There is no doubt this is a good game, it’s still not the best it can be because it needs new features new resources and possibly bigger maps with more AI, but overall this is a good solid game that will definitely go far, so our advice to the developer (or developers) is to keep on adding to this game and it will be loved by all civilizations fans.

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