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Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Wuthering Waves! Developed by the innovative team at HK KURO GAMES LIMITED, this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 21st May 2024, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 21st May 2024.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Action, games? Then Wuthering Waves is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Wuthering Waves

Over 10,098 players have rated Wuthering Waves. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Wuthering Waves Cost?

Good news! You can download Wuthering Waves on your iOS device absolutely free!

Wuthering Waves Release Date

Eager to know when Wuthering Waves first graced the App Store? It was launched on 21st May 2024.

When Was Wuthering Waves Last Updated?

The latest version of Wuthering Waves was updated on 21st May 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Wuthering Waves?

To get started with Wuthering Waves, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG with a high degree of freedom. You wake from your slumber as Rover, joined by a vibrant cast of Resonators on a journey to reclaim your lost memories and surmount the Lament.

Welcome aboard, roving voyager.
Upon the shores lay the silent embers of a world during the Ebb Tide.
Desolated by the Lament, the erstwhile creations and earthly beings are left static.
But they strike back, strong enough to penetrate the silence.
Humanity has risen anew from the ashes of the apocalypse.
And you, Rover, are poised for an adventure of Awakening.
Companions to meet, enemies to conquer, new powers to gain, hidden truths to unveil, and unseen spectacles to behold… A vast world of endless possibilities awaits. The choice rests in your hands. Be the answer, be the leader, and follow the sounds to arrive at a new future.
As Wuthering Waves echo endlessly, mankind set sail on a new journey.
Rise and embark on your odyssey, Rover.

Desolated by the Lament, civilization is born anew / Delve into an expansive world
Embrace high degrees of freedom in immersive overworld explorations. Utilize grapple and wall dash to travel great distances and overcome obstacles with little strain for stamina consumed. As the world of Solaris-3 unfolds, your lost memory begins to see its recovery through this ceaseless quest.

Strike fast and unleash your inner warrior / Engage in smooth & fast-paced combat
Avail against enemy attacks in smooth and fast-paced combat. Apply easy controls of Extreme Evasion, Dodge Counter, Echo Skill, and unique QTE mechanisms that allow the fullest possibility of battle experience.

Forte awakened, journey alongside your companions / Encounter Resonators
Compose a harmonious battle concerto with Resonators of different abilities. Their unique Fortes revealing distinctive personalities will be your strong assets for the journey ahead.

Power of your foes at your command / Collect Echoes to aid you in battle
Capture lingering phantoms of Tacet Discords to harness your own Echoes. Upon this mystic land of everlasting reverberations, a diverse array of Echo Skills will strike enemies with powerful responses.

Official Social Media
Official Website: https://wutheringwaves.kurogames.com/en/
X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/Wuthering_Waves
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WutheringWaves.Official
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@WutheringWaves
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wutheringwaves
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WutheringWaves/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wuthering_waves
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@wutheringwaves_official

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Wuthering Waves updated on 21st May 2024:

Game description updated

User Reviews on Wuthering Waves

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Wuthering Waves below:

This game is amazing with so much features and mechanics to play with. Apart from our most unlucky pulls of all with 80 pulls with no 5 star Guarantees for Yinlin (not sure if this in a way is a mechanic for gacha that does not apply to events) but other than that we are enjoying the game 10/10.

Absolutely love love love love LOVEEE this game. We preordered this originally but we never expected a new game like this to be so good! The climbing system is so smooth and genuine play through is smooth as well. 10/10 we do recommend!!

So, we personally love this game we can not stop playing it but there is one problem every time we get into the game and play for about 5 minutes no matter what Im doing (in game) it keeps throwing us out of the game and we dont if its just thats the games new or its just a bug but asides from that little problem we love this game and we will continue to play it.

Exactly like genshin but it has better combat and more realistic graphics vs the cartooney vibe genshin gives you. Pretty much genshin but for adults :)

The game itself is amazing and we really like the scenery, playstyle, character designs and voices. Its just that it crashes every 5 to 10 minutes so even after playing for like an hour a day, im still level 6 because we spend most of that time in the start up screen. Im only facing crashes mostly when pulling or opening the menu and ending cutscenes. We know the game is just starting out and the team is doing all they can for all of us which is why we gave it 5 stars even though it crashes so much. The map could use a little detail and color though… Other than that, im in love with this game, please keep doing your best kuro:D.

We are just glad it has great gameplay. We work a lot and that skip button is really useful for us to save time to explore more of the game. We would say a company willing to change and listen to the player base is great and hope this games gets better and better every year.

The game wont load. Its just stuck on the loading, snow, ice or water screen. We really want to play but its just stuck there. How do we fix it we really want to play like really really. The combat look just too cool. Pls tell us how to fix it Im using phone to play.

Honestly its a very good game, good story, the voice acting could do some rework, good characters and AMAZING GAMEPLAY. The rewards and feedback is incredible and the game doesnt feel like a chore like genshin impact. If you want an open world game with amazing puzzles and gameplay then wuthering waves is your game to play.

Love the combat in this game its way more engaging than games in the same genre. Cant wait for new updates to drop. Also the devs are currently really generous so its a great time to get in and play the game.

Been playing the game since day one, and so far we’ve been loving it. The story, characters, and progression are really good in our opinion. Another amazing part of this game is, its traversal, every part of the map feels unique down to the last npc. But where this game really shines is its combat, each fight feels fast yet fluid, testing new combos feels really cool, and thats not even taking into account the epic boss fights.

This is the best game ever and we really appreciate your hard work kuro games.

The best game we ever found when we needed something fun and more battles (boss) good job for the people making this game <3.

We have genuinely not enjoyed a gacha game this much in years. The combat is the best in the gacha space by far with its amazing animations and fluidity. The game looks beautiful despite the worries people had about the game being dull and bleak. To us personally the story was still good, but we do understand why people believe the story was lacking due to the beginning being slower. Finally by far the best feature is the fact Kuro games actually cares about their community and listens to their problems and concerns. While the launch may have been rough we sincerely ask you to all wait and see just how much potential this game has. These are people who genuinely care about this game and we wish all the best for them. We love you Kuro!

Wuthering Waves is one of the best games we have EVER played its combat is smooth and soothing(for some reason) it has a great storyline. The character designs are great and everything else with the game too. Best game ever. We played for 3 hours straight and got three five stars its just so great in general.

We love the combat so much that we play game so much but the downfall of it is the lag and crashing to be honest other that we love the characters and graphics genshin impact couldnt really come pair really.. Also this game has a lot unique characters also Im not hating really.

You like gacha game , you must try this game , really good system,really good devs ,love it.

The game is great, just please add controller compatibility and it will be the best.

Wuthering rewards make genshin feel like a toxic ex gf.

We’ve had an absolute blast playing this on PC and mobile, but we would love to see controller support for the mobile version.

The game graphics is really good and the gameplay too. You can do seamless smooth combos and build teams however you like and the outro/intro skills is really brilliant. The world is really unique and feels alive. The NPCs design looks amazing, they feel like another main character thats how great effort they put in. Now the gacha system. Its really great. The main character is op for starters. They give you about 5 characters (3 characters are 4 stars and 2 of them are 5 stars and you can choose which one you want). They give you a lot and they are generous about it. They performance on the other hand. We will give you our experience, we have IPad Pro 2018 and running the game on mid-high settings on ~50 frames per seconds, so if you have anything newer then you can for sure get the best experience. Great work Kuro and hope you keep the good work and support for the future.

We want the controller to be playable on iPhone, we hope the developer adds more.

Such an amazing high quality post apocalyptic open world game! The developers are very top notch and open with communication between players to ensure quality experience. The animation of characters are very clean and gameplay combat is very immersive as well as very intuitive, making for fun different combos and techniques you can pull off. On top of great gameplay, Wuthering waves offers players both a casual and challenging experience that anybody can play and learn. Graphics are very wonderful and we love the cinematic experience you receive while playing through the game as well as on character pulls! Im heavily anticipating future updates.

So we played this game for the first time on MOBILE. People were saying its laggy for mobile, its not laggy its actually really good with cut scenes the only problem with that is that the graphics are not realistic because ur own mobile. Also everything is just perfect and we do suggest it!

The game is great. Its one of the most enjoyable at launch games we’ve played in a while, in an era where most games launch in a pseudo-beta/early access state. People complaining and review bombing are just fools trying to play on old garbage phones or Genshin shills. Does it copy things? Yeah.. So did mortal kombat, cod, pokemon and even Genshin. They were all copycat games that became goats. They are bringing controller support to mobile asap. They are constantly communicating and already preparing patches to improve the things players have asked for. The game is truly good Except for maybe the first chunk of story. Way too much lore dump, exposition and just all around yapping. But at least you can skip the dialogue, Genshin forces you to suffer. This game gives you enjoyable combat and plenty of content to play that enjoyable combat. Genshin devs told players who want more combat to go play another game. This game will offer healthy competition in a genre that doesnt really have much, people hating on that and review bombing are doing unpaid labor for a company that does not care about them. Its so silly.

Dear developers, we have been wanting to play this game since pre order. We were very excited when it launched so we loaded in the game, let the stuff install and then it froze and never put us in the game. We redownloaded it 3 times and it still didnt work we dont know if this is and iPad only thing but we still want to play. Please fix it if possible or tell us what Im doing wrong thanks.

Evade enemy attacks by tapping jump button made our combat experience way cooler than just dash to do the same but not slomo animation etc. Correcting Echo and Engaging Monsters together makes much sense to do it. Stamina consumption logic is way more fun to play while keeping it zero losses on flat surfaces. Main characters are around 19 yo instead 16 and younger T-T Good thing list goes on and WU WA is just in its ver 1 phase. Above all, we think WU WA might be our last Gacha game we regularly play. Here is our thoughts on it: 5-star no questions asked for us but hear us out: Gacha () games might be on its peak. Correcting copies for characters to get more stats for thousands dollars less and less becoming valuable as anime game visual gets older as whole. It’s too expensive to play for actual young gamers like us and as community gets old more new and younger people less care about old trends such as this. We will enjoy WUWA as long as this game stays relevant. Overall, you can’t go wrong this game if you like visuals.

Withering waves is very generous with rewards, we were able to pick a free 5 star because of lag issues but people are forgetting the game just game out and not everything is gonna be perfect. The fighting is so well done you can parry and they even have dodge animations. The movement is much faster because you can run up walls and when your stuck on a ledge you do a backflip to get up!

We have never had this much fun with a mobile game bro.

There is so much potential in this game, and with the direction that the game is heading in, we have high hopes for this company. Not every company comes from billions of dollars and has the resources to compete amongst the top notch games or companies, but this company is really putting in the effort to put their foot into the door. Give this game a chance, set aside what others might say like we did. We thought (first impressions) that this game was just a cash grab.. But then it actually came out and we played it and was pleasantly surprised. For a mobile game, this game is stellar. Thank you for the amazing experiences! Our wallet is gonna cry once we pull for yinlin ahah!

We enjoy this more than other gacha we’ve played. We feel like the combat is engaging and the rewards are generous. We look forward to the next chapters.

Just a suggestion we accidentally leveled up a character maybe their could be a way to reset their level.

Omg. This game by far is so interesting, and so giving! We already have three 5 star characters ! The story is so interesting, the characters are pretty, the design of the game, the dialogue, just everything keeps you so interested, its so fun! The only thing we have to ask the developers, it might be a bug or something but we have chosen female rover, and sometimes it’ll say him when the dialogue says her, its fine though! Its happened about twice, is that apart of the game? But other than that this game is absolutely a 10/10 so far! Absolutely beautiful!

This satifys our gambling addiction pretty well since we are always f2p.

We dont usually like gacha games but this game is amazing! The animations are so sick and we have no idea what ppl are on about with loading times. We went on a 3 hour road trip in the middle of know where and each loading screen took less than 15 seconds.

We have to admit coming from Genshin, we were slightly hesitant when we started playing Wuthering Waves but after getting into the storyline, we are obsessed! The story starts off a little boring but as you progress your are pulled into a world of mystery and never-ending adventures! It’s so cool too see the story progress. Also, the rewards are very reasonable and allow for an extremely enjoyable gaming experience! Love this game sm!!

Dont let the one star reviews make you doubt it, those are just Genshin fans upset that their game is irrelevant now. What can we say? We love it. Honestly the first few parts are pretty heavy exposition dumps, but you can always skip it. Then the world opens up and the plot gets moving, and it just goes and doesnt stop! The world is very fun to explore, the events are fun and not tedious (imagine that) while being rewarding, and the combat gameplay is EASILY the best in the mobile space. If anyone disagrees, unfriend them and buy them a copy of Elden Ring. After getting good theyll come back and agree. And the devs, oh the DEVS. The last time we were blessed with devs like this, that actually care about players opinions and experience was with Old School RS. You can trust that if theres an issue they will fix it FAST and then shower you with ingame goodies as an apology. Thats how its done. Just fix the game, make it good and the players will come and stick around. We know we am.

Wonderful game! Great gameplay and combat! With controller support Id only login to Genshin for daily primos and we would immediately buy the withering waves battle pass. Omg this game is fun.

Please add controller support for the backbone on iOS!

Can you make one of the quests easy its the puppet.

We like the game, we recently started it and everything is fine. But we would like the lenses to be larger and to be able to use a control.

We just read a review talking about the story and how the cutscenes are longwhat? Are you serious though? Its the gameplay, it is part of the game. Do we not know how games work? If you just want to fight play genshin but why do that when youll eventually past the story with maybe 2 days of grinding, then actaully fight bosses, roam, and loot. Did we also mention the ability to play with friends this game is too good to be ran through the dirt like that.

We pre registered for WuWa a while back and have been playing since release. So far we love the visuals, the graphics are great and the fighting mechanics are suuuper fun. To keep it short, we really like this game and will continue playing, our only qualm is the voice acting. We dont think the voice acting is bad, but we do think it needs some improvement. We read online and this might be wrong, but many of the voice actors are from the UK and were asked to do an American accent. Their accents arent bad, but we would love to hear them talk/act in their natural voice. Except Scar, hes great, we love him! <3.

First time in a long time having a game that the developers care about their players. We can not wait for many years to come with this game.

We give this a 5 star at first we were giving it a chance cause the graphics and the characters was amazing but the more we played the game we fell in love with it more and more we love the story the character stories the quest we hope you guys continue to make the game better and better cause Im here to stay imma always forever support you guys great job making amazing game!!!!

Yes, this game is very similar to Genshin so far with one major difference; While Genshin is great (Ive played for almost 2 years) its always felt a little bitchildish? Like too cutesy. For exampleId never worry about our young daughter watching the cutscenes in Genshin or listening to the characters voice lines bc we know theres not going to be anything overly inappropriate. Wuthering feels a tad more adult. Almost like the big sibling to Genshin. We hope it continues this way and doesnt become the next rated G RPG. Both games are great, and yes. Theyre very similar. But even as a long time GI player we feel myself more drawn to WW.

This game is so amazing we never lost a 50/50 ever because we got yinlin and won our 50/50.

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