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X-HERO is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hong Kong Bingchuan Network Co., Ltd., X-HERO is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd December 2020 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of X-HERO ?

19,328 people have rated 2.1.23

What is the price of the X-HERO ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the X-HERO released ?

X-HERO was released on 23rd December 2020.

When was the X-HERO updated ?

The latest updated date of X-HERO on 26th May 2023.

Where can X-HERO be downloaded ?

You can download the game X-HERO from Apple Official App Store.



Join with your partners in the best and fantasy RPG now! Gather your avengers and lead them to fight the darkness for the future. Which heroes will you choose?

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Updated on 26th May 2023

【Reincarnation Treasure】
After unlocking the Reincarnation Treasure, you can access it directly from Home.
The attributes of Reincarnation Treasures apply to all heroes (similar to the bonuses of portrait activation).

【Weekly Event】
Wish Summon: 05/26 – 06/01
(Nature Hero [Immortal Spirit Deer] is back.)
Ruins: 06/02 – 06/08
Sacred Wheel: 06/02 – 06/08
You can draw a lot of rewards by consuming sacred wheels, with the possibility of getting hero shards, equipment, relics, and other items.

【Hero Summon】
[Immortal Spirit Deer] – Join Common Summon and Faction Summon.
[Demon of Souls] – Join the Dominator Medal Counter and the Legend Medal Counter of the Legendary Mall, 4 Faction S+ Hero Shards Choice Chest, Relic Wish List, and Customization Card of Legendary Relics.

【Bug Repair and Detail Optimization】
Fund update – Full upgrade of the Super Value Fund and the Luxury Fund (accessible after 31 days of role creation)
Partial text optimization
Other known bugs fixes and gaming experience optimization

X-HERO Review

Great Sage was in the game and hes a S+ hero. We were so surprised when that happened.

So we just wanted to save the d*** dog from the F***** bees and got a completely new game as part of the package. We got hooked. We’ve played 127 days straight now.

Please increase enchantment stones and more frequent s+ heros. And also more s+ heros daily.

We love it so much we hope to get back we our level 151 account vip 11. It takes time and strategy and has great art and animation. Our phone was lost today. We hope to recover our old account. Would appreciate help. Also, whatsapp doesnt download for us so we havent been able to do that part. Is this new to app store?

Finally ran updates to apps on our phone, only to find out that todays update to the app crashed the game completely. The game wont load past the beginning screen where the load bar usually runs to show updates. We highly recommend not updating until this is fixed. (January 19, 2023)

Love the game, downloaded it due to what was advertised but the game was nothing like it. Although we found myself hooked. Been playing for 3 months straight now. Any problems with purchases that we have or game events, are fixed in a timely manner or addressed. Absolutely love that about it. Although, if you get kicked out, just finish the tutorial and click switch accounts to get your hard work back.

Love the game. Very fun. But past few days app been crashing a lot. Not kool.

With the latest update the game doesnt work. It stops in the loading screen and closes.

Since the most current update, unable to log into game. Load screen freezes and then kicks us out. Have rebooted phone a few times yet still unable to play.

Not opening after last updates.

Quieren obligarte a recibir recompensas que no solicitas dentro del juego para no realizar reembolsos de compras duplicadas y de hacerlo mediante app store te quitan el acceso a tu cuenta y a las inversiones previamente realizadas dentro del juego. Realice esta resea nuevamente ya que la anterior la eliminaron. Desepcinante.

Games great, the art for the characters is fantastic but today we received a random charge for $24.99 through our apple account to the game. If we got some items or something then Id probably be fine with it but as far as we can tell we’ve gotten nothing. We’ve reached out to support but it looks like Im gonna have to do a refund through apple and have our account banned. It was fun while it lasted. Id stay away from this game if we were you.

Game doesnt even open after the most recent update.

New update and now game wont load!

Look up x-hero scam on google to see articles about how this game has scammed several people. They will take your money and you will not receive the items in game. They will offer terrible customer service and you will have to talk to your bank and hope they get it back, which they wont because the game devs will say they did nothing wrong. By then you will have months committed to this game and will have to lose it all if you want your money back. Do yourself a favor and dont ever start this game.

If you want to be remotely competitive in this game, be prepared to spend a lot of money. This game requires no skill or strategy, only a credit card with fat limit. To max out each hero upon release, be prepared to spend about $500. Each event will cost you $250+ if you want to get decent prizes. God/universe faction heroes will cost you about $2,000 each to max out. A lot of equipment is only available for purchase with real money. If you want to move through contents at a decent rate, be prepared to drop $10k+.

We have been playing this game for about a year and invested quite a bit of money into it. We log on and decide that we want to switch servers and select that option. Well we had no idea or notification that doing so would reset us back to level 0. Service is non existent in trying to resolve our issue. We are going down the path of requesting refunds from the game store. Hope that works.. Downloaded of this game beware!!

The top three issues are: 1. Tooltips are inaccurate and full of typos. 2. Customer service responds to players tickets differently. 3. Extremely whale bait game.

So we’ve spent hundreds on this game and we can because we make a decent living. We didnt mean to purchase one item in the game for $20 and requested a refund. When we tried to log in to play they locked us out of the app. We talked to customer service and told them the purchase was an accident and to take back what we purchased. They refused and said we had to pay them and then told us that we only had a certain amount of time to pay them or they would delete our profile. So forget all the money we have spent and our subscription or could potentially spend. They refuse to budge on any type of refund, accident or not. If we were you we would never spend a penny on this app or even download it. The only reason we purchased is because the in game play is slow and the only real way to get to a higher level at an even pace is to buy in app. Go stick to PUBG or something. At least they are more understanding and willing to work with you.

Your game dont make no sense make it make sense please its a good game but the way you guys have it set up is ridiculous.

We came for the mini game ads and ended truly enjoying the entire game after learning about it from Reddit great customer service as well, thanks X hero.

Love that the game makes you use strategy. No one team will beat the game. Definitely keeps you entertained.

Been playing for 3 months now and have enjoyed every bit of it. Even with the issues we’ve experience customer support has been there too quickly to fix it. Its a great game to pass the time. Would recommend to anyone to play it.

So we’ve been playing this game now for about 2 months maybe and theres a lot of updating that you have to do didnt mind that. We love the game got on just to shield the dog from the bees but found so much more! Im definitely loving it! The problem is now the game doesnt load for us anymore. Thought about fruit and then downloading it again but Ill lose everything we’ve worked for can you fix it please******************************************** UPDATE didnt realize our Wi-Fi had went out so it was our fault! Thanks for getting back to us so quickly to help us resolve the issue.

We love this game. We play it every day (the day refreshes at 7pm in our time zone). Of course we downloaded the game originally from a Save Dog ad on TikTok. There is so much to do in this game. Save Dog is only 1 of 5 tabs. 3 of the tabs have like 6 unique things to do in each, then theres Save Dog tab, theres a tab for the main quest, and a tab for your Heroes. So many different types of in-game-currency to upgrade/unlock various aspects of heroes and/or to advance in different areas of the game. Im proud to climb to ranks in Void Championships, but Im not good enough to rank high in the player-vs-player Area. We love the free daily rewards to help advance quicker (like a free daily Summon) and there are some cheap options to buy things that are helpful. They also hold events at all times for a plethora of rewards. Im hoping to collect all the Mythic S+ heroes. Join our union Mythic S+ 142425.

Downloaded to save dogs from bees and have been hooked ever since. The gameplay is awesome and the feeling of unlocking heroes youve been trying to get is so satisfying. The game has an extended playability so there is always something to do and the pvp is extensive and available to all levels. Highly recommend. Five stars!

Im giving this fame 4/5 stars because it is extremely entertaining and the characters look cool as heck. Would recommend this game. We could play it for hours. The only complaints we have are that #1, the mini game with the beehive eventually runs out of levels, and #2, the really irritating part, we earned an S+ hero summon card thingy during the New Years event bingo and we opened it and never actually got the S+hero we chose. So it was kind of a rip off. Also the rewards for purchase are all over priced. Anyways we love the game we just think it would be better to if these things were addressed. Xoxoxo.

We love this game but could you please stop advertising the minigame instead of the actual game?

We downloaded from an ad involving doge and expected a low-quality game that we would delete after a few minutes. While 99% of the game has nothing to do with what was shown in the ad that drew us in, it is still a reasonably fun game. We only leave off a star because we cant give half a star and for false advertising.

There is SO much to do in this game which makes you want to keep playing all day! Only reason we dont give 5 stars is because the New Hero events make you pay irl money in order to level them up.

We got to say we love this game first month in and its amazing we just wish u can make more ingame stuff easier to get for free we mean just to compete pvp we had to top up and it seems like we got to keep topping up to stay ahead and im starting to feel like its a money hustler more than a game we barely spend money on our ps4 and im having tendencies to spend on this game just to level up we dont like it plz fix.

They have locked us out of the game after we’ve spent hundreds for a bad review. Im disputing every charge with our card now. What a rip off. Im order to level up or get ahead you have to spend a ton of money.

Its definitely not what we expected. We downloaded it off of an add that made it look like it was a game where you drew a line and saved people. And thats part of it. But you have to play this weird super hero card like game in order to unlock levels of the advertised game so you end up spending a bunch of time playing a different game.

Not possible to enjoy an experience when ads are that annoying.

The game was addicting the first 2 weeks, but after that there was no progression unless you paid to play. In order to awaken cards you need more card which equates to more cash. The entire interface is like a casino to excite you with all the random side quests, but they dont do anything to help with moving forward. Every screen is a constant subliminal message to trigger you to purchase the bonuses. Theyll occasionally throw you a bone to give you hoping that the next round youll land those cards and wont delete the game. Save your time and money, as the developer knows the life span of each customer. They don’t even update the side game where the girl blocks the rock at a certain point because they know most people have quit at this point. Good luck, enjoy the game but know what your getting into.

We don’t usually write reviews but this game deserves it. The developers just make this game for money. We’re gonna be honest the first couple levels are pretty fun but the tutorial goes for SOOO long. Like after we made it to level 25 and it was still telling us what to do and where we had to press, we deleted the game. If you are a person who likes having freedom with your games, don’t download this. We’re disappointed in this game.

There is way too much going on. Theres no point in the battle and the only thing that is fun is savehuman. We couldnt make it past the tutorial because there are way too many things going on and none of it is really cohesive. Cut out a lot of these unnecessary cutscenes and flashy additions that dont mean anything.

So this game is fun tbh, addicting like all other games, so this has happened to us twice, we go to buy there .99¢ deals which are correct 70% of the time, the other 30% they take 20$ from your acc. Thats all.

We have been playing this game for more than one month everyday, but our account was frozen because they said we have to pay sth we didnt requested to buy. Cant believe it! Our account was suddenly charged 9.99 (before tax) on Dec 28 while we didnt request to buy anything. We asked the customer service center and they said they cant find the order record under our personal Game ID, so the customer service person requested us to go to App Store for further refund. We followed the customer service peoples advise and then our account was frozen. The customer service people and then requested us to pay the red diamond to unfrozen our account. We dont even know what red diamond is. They requested us to pay sth we didnt request to buy just because the game system gave it to us. We cant imagine this is happening and their customer service ask you to pay sth that they gave you(I didnt request to buy the product). We are so disappointed with this game since we spent time and money on this game since November. They didnt protect the customer but only ask the customer to pay sth they didnt request to buy. Until today, we dont even know what was gave to our account or if the product they mentioned is truly in our account under our ID. This is ridiculous. Think about if you bought sth with the game at some moment, and then pease do check your bank account or card regularly, they might suddenly charge you sth you didnt request to buy and you dont even knew what it is. Watch out!

This game is a con. Its clear the ads left out a huge portion of their game. You only get to play about 6 levels give or take before you have to commit to this weird card game thing. If you dont play it , you cant play the part of the game you actually signed up for.

Our account has been suspended for a supposed refund. We were told to contact our bank and ask them about this refund. Well, our bank has no issue of a refund at all. We have contacted customer service and let them know, and to provide us proof of this refund and now we are not getting any response. We have spent thousands of dollars on this game, and we will not let it go. Attorney already looking into this right now.

We were having fun playing the game until we were in a chat server with the top player Bryci we saw him bullying another player even using racial slurs and attacking the player for being Chinese. This kind of behavior is beyond unacceptable and Im appalled the devs have done nothing about it. 3 days later and Im still seeing him acting terrible. Do something about this player or we will take legal action. We have screenshots of all of his chats.

A lot of pay to win and boring all the bosses feel the same and eventually we cant move on without having to pay something.

2 games in one for some reason. We dont want to play the stupid card game. Deceitful advertising and terrible gameplay. Whats crazy is they made the game in the ads, but then they splice in garbage.

This app is trying to steal your private information. Our phone informed us that this app was trying to get our copied text. THIS APP IS MALICIOUS!!! We repeat this app is malicious.

Very frustrating that to advance during events it doesnt matter if you do every single daily task and get all the level up rewards you will still fall short of level up the new character (example Darkness Descends Event) unless you pay for more items. We got all 90 darkness scrolls possible without paying money and theres no way to further advance the event. In app purchases should help facilitate the gameplay, but shouldnt be required to complete something thats really bad game design.

It keeps making you to press certain things. You basically do what they want you to do. Part of us believes that this game is scam and they are trying to steal your stuff without you knowing it. Very sketchy.

Never try to refund. They charged our card for a purchase we made weeks ago and it got flagged as a fraudulent transaction. So they suspended our account for it.

Feels like two totally different games combined into one.

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