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Zip—Zap is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Philipp Stollenmayer, Zip—Zap is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th September 2016 with the latest update 22nd May 2018

Whether you are a fan of Action, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,721 people have rated 2.11

You can download the game Zip—Zap from APP STORE.


Touch to contract.
Release to let go.
Bring the clumsy mechanical beings home.

· · ·
over 100 levels
no ads
no in-app-purchases

»brilliantly designed« – gamezebo
»a lot of heart« – pocketgamer
»clever« – toucharcade
»excellent« – macstories
»absolute joy to play« – platformalist

Updated on 22nd May 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • small improvements

Zip—Zap Reviews

Hey! What hai-opened-all our progress has been reduced to two windows>>>.>??? Space space space we like the music in the beginning, we find this to be better than angry birds in many ways.

Its a great app. Keeps us busy for a long time.

Very fun and will make you struggle but its worth it.

Dude sickest FN game!!! Love it eeerrrrrr.

We love this game! We love video games, but we’ve been too busy and tired lately to be interested in very many video games. Thats where this game helps. Its a little challenging and addictive. Its probably the only game right now that we find is fun and requires low energy/effort.

This game is awesome And thats all we have to say.

6 worlds or 1 world, its a cool game to play here and there. We have many things going on in our life, so theres no time for playing any game longer than 10min. Congrats to the developer on this one.

Dont get us wrong the game is awesome and addicting but we cant wait for some more levels to play. It gets boring after a while after you complete all of the levels. Other than that we’ve only raged a few times while playing and the physics are really good as well.

This game looks very clean. It plays smoothly. Its easy to learn, hard to master, but not difficult to the point of frustration. What more can we say? Download the dang thing.

Great game but needs more levels.

Innovative and simple. A single touch brings life to these adorable mechanical creatures, leaving us on the edge of our seat. The Russian influenced music chugs along in harmony with the wobbly jumpy machines. We play this game with a smile on our face.

Not usually a fan of puzzle games but this one got us. Absolutely love it. Needs more levels please!

We’ve only just played the first level of puzzles and Im hooked! Each puzzle is there for you to solve, and you can reset as many times as you need to figure it out with no penalty! Im tired of in-app purchase games. This one is refreshingly challenging, simple to learn, and doesnt bother us with an ad or something we need to purchase to be successful in the game every level. Excellent!

Love it but would love to be able to make our own levels.

Well done combination of challenging physics-puzzle with satisfying movement and interaction of shapes. Nice job!

Great game defiantly worth the money.

Best game ever! No ads, no purchases, its the perfect game.

Anytime we see the 3-D k at the beginning of the app preview in the app store we get it this is by far one of our favorite games thank u!

Dont make us tell you again how great you are.

Really not sure why, but when we dont get the motion right the first time, we laugh out loud at myself. Its mechanical. Its obvious (so far). Other puzzle games difficulties can cause us to delete out of frustration. But somehow, this one is fun. Could be that the control is perfect, so you can decide how to go rather than trying to finesse something finicky, overly sensitive, or unresponsive. Just starting the second block of motion training, but so far we like it a lot.

This game is puzzling yet entertaining! This is worth the 2.00 because it gives you different puzzles worth your time.

We love the app because it is so simple but yet so fun there are many challenges to do and it is easy to get hooked on.

It is really good despite being hard in some lvls it is a good quality game, please download or buy all of their games! We love them, D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D N.O.W.

Simple presentation but brain bending puzzles. Love it.

Just getting started & not sure how much real physics, but definitely enjoying. Especially now, where having something that can be fun and only take as much time as we have available. Great for taking mind off other things and feeling as if we accomplished something, however small.

In all situations, you can play this game and be pleasant

Fun and simple, challenging but not maddeningly so. Recommended for all ages.

We usually delete most of them in the same day, either out of boredom, too many ads, or just being too easy or repetitive. Zip Zap is the opposite of that. Its fun, creative, and challenges you to think outside the box. It starts easy and gets more difficult as it goes.

Its dirt simple model of interaction (a single button), plain graphics, and small number of different elements make this game seem like it will not be much fun, yet we find myself strangely enjoying it much more than most puzzle games we’ve tried.

Finally beat the last level. Absolutely insane addicted but out of levels. If you don’t play this, you’re missing out on a teeth gritting good time. More levels please!!!!

We usually don’t even listen to app music, but this has the most perfct music and sounds. The little creaky sounds while the metal is swinging, for example. It’s just so perfect and adds to the fun of this simple yet fun game. We love it so much even though we didn’t expect to – VERY cool.

Challenging mind game that uses Physics and strategy. Not so hard that its annoying, never give in! Never give up!! Very addictive as you think outside the box and try, try again your new moves and techniques. Love, love this! And dont say we didnt warn ya.

Hi we are have fun with your app and we love the app because it has no adds and add purchase also that we want to say thank you Love Desmond Medina.

Sometimes a simple concept can make for a challenging game. This is one of those times. Dont let the minimalist style fool you. The mechanics take a little bit to master (mostly training yourself not to swipe). It helps to imagine the moving pieces as a tiny gymnast. We also like that it has an erector set type of theme. It reminds us of the hours we spent building with some playing with such toys as a kid.

Every year for the past 4 or 5 years we end up replaying this game in its entirety. It can be tough at times but also oddly relaxing. Definitely a must have!

We just want to say you guys are the best app developers EVER. The games you make are unique and funny at the same time. This one especially. Nice concept. We hope you are doing well. Peace.

It looks really good has no adds simple and fun.

Just finished all 9 levels and we hope the developers are planning on releasing more. A create your own option would be great too, just like their other game Supertype. Zig Zag is original, challenging and fun. Get it now, thank us later.

We absolutely LOVE this game, its so fun and well made.

Good!!!!1!!!!1!!!!! Game!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

This is a great game we are looking forward to a part 2.

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