Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

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Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AKPublish pty. ltd., Zombeast: Zombie Shooter is a Action game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 6th May 2022 with the latest update 11th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Zombeast: Zombie Shooter ?

4,219 people have rated 0.31.1

What is the price of the Zombeast: Zombie Shooter ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Zombeast: Zombie Shooter released ?

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter was released on 6th May 2022.

When was the Zombeast: Zombie Shooter updated ?

The latest updated date of Zombeast: Zombie Shooter on 11th December 2022.

Where can Zombeast: Zombie Shooter be downloaded ?

You can download the game Zombeast: Zombie Shooter from Apple Official App Store.



Free offline survival FPS! Play the zombie game now!

Master dozens of weapons and become a highly-skilled zombie killer!


Zombeast is an innovative OFFLINE survival shooter with one purpose: kill them all!
You were left to survive in a city full of mad zombies.
In order to fend off an army of dead you have to become a high-skilled zombie killer!

Exciting campaign offers you to survive in the cruel world of the zombie apocalypse. Each day can be your last day, so you must use all of your skills in order to stay alive, hunt down each dead target in a bloody gore action of this FPS zombie game. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and remember – the dead men forgive no mistakes!


  • Intense gameplay with atmospheric visuals and sound depicting a sinister zombie apocalypse
  • Campaign missions and mini goals provide constant challenges to overcome mad zombies


  • Unlock an arsenal of zombie killer weapons and other gear to overpower hordes of zombies
  • Kill zombies with pistols, sniper rifles, miniguns, shotguns, assault rifles, explosives and even batt!


  • Learn your enemies – for each of them has its own unique features. Fat zombies, jumping zombies, mad zombies with swords, toxic zombies. There is no type of dead target we’ve left behind!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master zombie game. This First Person Shooter trains you as a zombie killer and the main rule of surviving in this world is to kill them all. Take cover behind cars and barricades which left for you on each location and pull on the trigger!


  • Endless run mode to train your skills of zombie killer on variety of dead targets
  • OFFLINE Zombie game with ongoing updates to deliver new missions, features, and content


  • Run forward as a zombie killer or become a dead target. Zombie survival game with fast-paced First Person Shooter (FPS) action!
  • Zombie killer shows no mercy. Survive as long as you can!


  • Check out levels with mutators: each dead target becomes stronger and faster!
  • Destroy mad zombies with buffed guns in this fps zombie game!



Privacy Policy:

Updated on 11th December 2022

Xmas event: Snowfall.

New gun skins, snowman zombies and extra holiday fun!

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter Review

Please make it backbone compatible.

We love the first person shooting and all the gore and the action is just the best we love the melee and guns we would recomme this game.

This is the best zombie game we have ever played bar none.

We Cant play unless it gets updated for the backbone. Thank you looks like an awesome game!

We love this game too many ads but love it.

What you see is what you get!

Because its so cool and we can be any zombie.

You need to seriously update this app. Its a great shooting game app. No complaints in its operation or game dynamics. But now that we’ve done all that needs to be done, now what? Open more game modes and extend the campaigns! Please update!!!

We usually dont write reviews but this is a fun game! You do have to pay to play to a certain extent but you can actually enjoy it without paying any money.

We like the game but there are way too many adds before you can play through. Come out with a add free version.

So far it a nice chill game to play when we need that zombie killing fix.

This game is awesome but would benefit from support for backbone controllers.

Game is real fun to play but to many pop ups.

Pretty fun but with lots of ads. Ads before a level, after, and for bonuses. Also some ads glitch and dont let you back into the game, causing you to have to close the game. We find this happens a lot with the doomsday ads. That being said, the game is still really fun. The levels are pretty easy and great for the casual gamer. Even if you want slightly better gear, you wont have to grind too hard, just watch more ads. We think its great that you can replay levels for credits. Lastly it seems that this game needs some quality control. On rare occasions content doesnt load when changing levels, and there was also a grammar mistake in the dialogue. All in all still enjoying the game and look forward to a patch.

We would give the game five stars because we have been playing it for a long time but the problem now is that there is a glitch whenever it gives you grenades in the daily mission that you play. We receive the grenades, but when we go to throw them nothing happens. We cannot understand why.

It keep stopping on us after every level which is so irritating.

Good game,only thing missing is controller support,reason for the 3 stars is for that alone.

Would give this 5 stars if you didnt HAVE to watch an ad to level up in the later levels. It says extra but you are REQUIRED to watch an ad to advance levels. Kind of annoying.

Im giving it a three stars because of the ads and ik ads are very common in games but to level up you need to watch and add to get the other rewards you level up for,and everytime we watch the ad its the same one and when it ends it takes us to the app store so we can install their game when we dont want to,but it also automatically takes us their in 3-6 seconds so pls pls PLS fix this.

Dont know whether its our end or your end but, we cant deal with the freeze ads constantly locking up game and wasting our time and effort. Ill be back in a few days ? Weeks ? Months ? To see if anything has changed. With that said, It is still a great game and we really enjoyed the opportunity to play (I dont mind the ads that work properly)

Dear developer, we recently purchased the infinate energy for $19.99 and out of frustration uninstalled the app. The thing is that we reinstalled the app but did not regain the infinate energy even after clicking on restore purchase . How can we re -gain purchase? We recently redtored our iphone but progress was not saved to the icloud. What gives? Total rip-off.

Fun to play, but you need to remove the Firestone ad. It wont clear after running and loses your place in the game.

Can you add camera rotation, cool replays of you killing the zombies in the level, and melee weapons.

We would have given it more stars because the gameplay and story are very good, but there is too many ads. In addition to the ads you are forced to watch, you have to click a button to watch another ad just to level up.

Its basically back to back ads right after the mission. Yall play a ad automatically and then you have to watch one to double what you wonI got to delete this. Who wants to wait a minute to play a 25-30 second level NOT ME.

Started off promising. Then there were forced ads after every level. No thanks.

Finished the game and uninstalled it to free up memory in the phone. Decided to play it again and now our old data and purchases are lost with no option to retrieve. How do we get our game data and purchases back?

Paid for VIP, still getting ads after finishing any round, campaign or event. We want our money back.

Its a fun game, but there are so many bugs. Zombies disappear into walls. Sometimes they melt into the ground and jump out from underground, sometimes they hover in the air. Sometimes your virtual joystick doesnt appear, sometimes it gets stuck forward or sideways. Thats only a small list of the most serious bugs. Then there are use ability issues: if you retry a failed level, you dont get redirected to the weapons page where you can armor up. In the weapons page, the consumables overlap with the play button. And there are many more. Finally, the game is fun until about level 100. Then they are no new weapons, no new zombies, and even the story ends. All you get is the story is in work (verbatim). All in all, promising, but disappointing.

Update this game .. It freezes too much.

You hit LVL100 & no more story!! If developers gave up on the game, why shouldnt you!!!

We have NEVER even imagined that it was possible to have so many ads in a game. Most are forced ads. You complete a level, you have to watch an ad. No choice. We timed it and we spent 3x as many minutes watching ads as we did playing the game. Too bad because the tiny bits of the game we played seemed very good. Not worth the effort though, sadly.

Downloaded Game and it wont even open! Keeps freezing!

In a nutshell this game is great. Can progress without spending big $$. Just good fun shooting game.

Playing the game itself is great, but figuring out all the screens leading up to the game are confusing and frustrating. Plus, its pretty expensive to get some of the game packs that have the best stuff.

If you love fighting the undead on your phone, this is the ultimate game for you. Challenging and heart pounding.

This would be a five star game if not for all the dumb ads. Every level really would recommend.

We enjoy the game but they are bugs that need to be fix when we start an event and play it almost close to complete the event the control to move the character disappear and it wont move anymore what continue working is the the ammo section. Its a great game best we play just need to fix it.

Powerful, feels like its up close and personal lol.

Great way to kill zombies This game is too cool.

We were very surprised with zombie game it plays very well and we havent had any issues with it.

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