Zombie Survivor!

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:25 am

Zombie Survivor!

Zombie Survivor!

Zombie Survivor! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Zombie Survivor! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th August 2022 with the latest update 11th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Zombie Survivor! ?

2,970 people have rated 1.7.0

What is the price of the Zombie Survivor! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Zombie Survivor! released ?

Zombie Survivor! was released on 4th August 2022.

When was the Zombie Survivor! updated ?

The latest updated date of Zombie Survivor! on 11th April 2023.

Where can Zombie Survivor! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Zombie Survivor! from Apple Official App Store.



Get ready to protect your base from zombies and many other monsters!

Fight for your life in a post-apocalyptic world. Your only goal is to protect your base at all costs.

Collect as many resources as you can. The more you collect, the more you can upgrade and the stronger you become. Unlock special upgrades and equipment. Attack and defeat the enemies by using guns, solders, turrets and bombs!

Play this highly addicting game that will ultimately test your strategy and survival skills. Are you ready? It’s either you or them!

Game Features:

Upgrade your Base
Collect as many resources as possible to upgrade your guns
Many different enemies

Protect your base from massive attacks of zombies
Huge amount of levels

Fight in the desert and in the forest

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Lion Studios


Updated on 11th April 2023

Fixes and improvements.

Zombie Survivor! Review

3 weapon options: drone, exploding spider, and freeze ray. Oh, and ads. Lots of ads. Forced ads. Ad to REROLL YOUR OPTIONS TO THE SAME 3 WEAPONS.. Seriously? +4% crit rate???? To a freeze ray? Dont play this crap – shame on you to call yourselves game developers. We hope youre proud of yourselves for this no effort junk.

If youve unlocked all arenas the new version gets stuck with a message when you have enough keys to unlock a new level. Only problem is… Nothing to unlock. It wont let you exit the screen. Emailed support with no response. Id like to get our purchases refunded.

Played for a bit, and dont get us wrong the game is fun, but ads every fifteen seconds? Nah. Uninstalled. Not paying $6 because the devs are greedy.

This game is so cool. Its a must Try. A really good game if you have the time.

We stopped playing other games since we started this one.

Bought the no-ads + 400 gems bundle. Of course, forced ads still there and zero Gems added after buy. Horrible.

Awesome game. Just keeps getting better. So worth the $6 to do No Ads.

Its a good game, but the ad breaks comes at the most inconvenient time. Also we have a game ideal similar to this game, its just a different scenario, story, and characters but the same concept. Who can we contact about this ideal?

The game is fun, but it still makes us want to uninstall because of the ads! Developers, we know that you are making money, but dont put ads break for always 1 min apart, we cant enjoy the game, we wanted to but cant. Sorry we are uninstalling, its fun, but we lost interest because of the ads, you are so unlucky because 20 of our friends just witnessed the situation and will spread word about this, you designed it this way so this is your consequence, we may reinstall if you fixed it. You know how fast word can spread in such time.

The game and mechanics are really great. The only downside is how often ads are thrown into your face for this upgrade or that especially when a drop box comes and bam an add then 10 seconds later heres another add thatll help. Its great game just needs to push the adds 25%-50% less and itd be way more enjoyable to more people because it wouldnt seem like just a typical mobile game ad dump for cash.

We have paid for the adds in the game and still every time we have to watch them. Please fix that glitch so we can put five stars. Its a shame because its a fun game. But started to getting annoying because we have paid for it and still we have to watch the adds.

We really enjoy this game but the ads come every 30-60 seconds. Im not exaggerating so its a bit absurd.

We get it the game costs nothing up front and monetization isnt incredibly necessary to the gameplay loop, but the fact the Im trying to click off adds more often than we are playing tells us everything about the game.

Dont you hate when devs go to the effort of making the game so full of ads they dont care even a little about the player experience? Pay $6 just to remove the FORCED ads you know, the ones that interrupt game play? But lucky you, you still get to watch all the ones to help you advance in their irritating game if you dont. Possible good game ruined by excessive greed.

The game is actually pretty fun but the ads destroy this game. Seems like its an ad every 10 – 15 seconds. Then it asks you to watch an ad to stop the ads but it only last for half of the board. Too many ads for us. Uninstalling.

Its fun but you are constantly watching ads. Not worth playing till they fix this.

7/10 times when we get an ad the game freezes, quits then resets our entire progress.

Decent game but cant stand to play longer than 5 minutes because it has a box that spawns every 30 seconds that makes you watch an ad each time.

It’s supposed that the no ads purchase stop showing ads. But the game still have it. The don’t specify that some ads are still going to be shown. We want a refund. Good game. Bad Purchase.

More than half of the game is just watching ads that are forced on you. In a single wave you will probably get 4 ads.

Game is amazing honestly but one thing we cant stand and is the main reason we’ve deleted this game is because there constant ads that keep popping off so dont bother downloading it. Youll downloaded and delete it after either way. The ads is just absurd. It just doesnt stop. If the ad were a choice then it would be alot better but no.. It keep popping up constantly again and again and again so unfortunately we’ve deleted this game.

Ads in every 15-30 seconds, which is annoying. And they ask for app ratings. If you rate five stars, it redirects to the App store for the actual rating. Otherwise, it pretends you gave ratings in the app store, which is fake. That’s how they maintain 4+ ratings for this game. We don’t know if this violates app store policy or not, tho we will report this app to review. Everyone should do the same. These days many other games are doing the same. It needs to be stopped.

Game has too many ads every 3 minutes its annoying honestly.

Dont waste you time downloading this game! It will frustrate you to the point you uninstall it. Trust us!! Also, fake ratings because theres NO WAY this game has this high of a rating!! We’ve read so many negative reviews and we agree with every single one of them. We think these developers are definitely money hungry!!

Could be a great game but there are ads every 30 seconds! We get it you need to make money, but that many ads has to cost you money b/c everyone deletes the game, like me.

When we first saw the game it looked pretty fun so we downloaded it, it was very fun at first but then a we started getting crates that said ads break, and every like 30 seconds it keeps coming, it totally ruins the experience of the game, it would be much funner it there were only like a few ad breaks ever 10 minutes or something, we hope this gets fixed and we will install it again.

Find another game that wont try to scam you.

Such a cool game for such a stupid amount of ads they literally pop up every 30 to 45 seconds if not shorter makes the game so annoying to play so Ill be uninstalling this. So much potential for it but yall kill games with ads. Ridiculous man.

Love the game however it freezes a lot on the upgrade ads screens the higher you go up in the game the more it freezes and then you have to start over again.

We gave it two stars because its an overall fun and good game but its add literally every 30 seconds and you have to watch them all you cant exit, it interrupted the game soooo much we uninstalled it. Cant even play for a full minute without an add then not only that whenever we watch an ad to get the booster before the game starts we never get the booster, when running we freeze, no im not running into anything thing but like the person stops running though im controlling it and we end up dying. It should be more to the game also like updating each characters speed and power, trying to get all those red skulls just for the next person to have a weaker weapon is boring, maybe add some other ways to destroy them. Also if you have remaining skulls at the end we feel like it should carry over into the next game. The game is fun and interesting only for a certain amount of time especially with the continuous ads and the same thing over and over again 2 starts.

We paid to not get ads because we like the game so we would like to help the creators and our money was withdrawn from our account but the game keeps asking for us to pay to remove ads, either you remove the ads or you are just stealing peoples money!!! It also kept asking for us to keep paying over and over, ut we decided to close the app and it only charged us once. Keep you ayes open!

We understand that ads are how you make money off of a free game but if Im watching a forced ad every 30 seconds we should be the one getting paid. If it was just one ad at the end of every wave that would be fine. But having 4-5 ads during every wave that we cant skip makes the game unplayable.

Bought the no ads still get them every loot box drop completely ruins the fun.

We downloaded this game just to leave a 1-star review for all of the absolutely awful 60-second ads for this garbage game we have to watch in other games we play. This game studio can go play in traffic.

Any review giving this game 5 stars has to be fake! Pay 6$ or watch ads every 30 sec. Plus they are ADs for the top scan games!

Too much ads every second its a ad.

Feels low effort just because the levels are coppied.

What is the point of accumulating them or even buying them if they cant be used?

Im addicted. It continues to evolve at different levels. Keeps getting better as you play.

Great game how can we invest in this game Hmu at 334-202-9168.

Great game but too many ads in free mode.

We cant believe Im saying this but our problem with this game is that it wont play ads to revive our character. The movement is a little wonky but Im guessing the devs will fix a Lot of the little things soon. We hope they work on this game because it really does have good potential.

Hey we would like to say the game is fun and its good but the only thing thats kind of messing up the game from being 5 stars is everytime a box appears it just sends you straight to a video for you to watch which is kind of annoying. We do understand thats how you make money but at least make the 4th box a video not every box that appears and you cant even X it out even if you dont want it. Is there any way to fix it that when you get it that you dont have to watch a video every time it comes up. Just make it every 4-5 boxs that you have to watch a video and or if you dont want it that you can X it out thank you hope you read our comment.

The only time you have forced ads is when they give you a ad reward and after you pay for the No forced ads those rewards stop coming so youre still forced to play ads for other things. Not worth the money at all. We wish we never purchased it. Came right here to say DONT DO IT.

Not much in the ways of upgrades. And sure after paying for no ads we sure watch a lot! No Clue why we paid for that.

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