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Zookemon is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HOMA GAMES, Zookemon is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd December 2021 with the latest update 10th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Zookemon ?

25,837 people have rated 2.0.7

What is the price of the Zookemon ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Zookemon released ?

Zookemon was released on 2nd December 2021.

When was the Zookemon updated ?

The latest updated date of Zookemon on 10th August 2022.

Where can Zookemon be downloaded ?

You can download the game Zookemon from Apple Official App Store.



Explore a whole new world filled with a lot of animals to tame

Will you be able to build the best team ever & find the legendary animals?

Updated on 10th August 2022

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Zookemon Review

Amazing game you should make more islands!

You should add an amphibian island for free on it there are some animals that we recommend 1 Axolotl 2 salamander 3 exotic fish the mudskipper for fishing and thats it P.S The axolotl dose not change in any way but size in real life so it would be cooler if it did not evolve.

This is one of the most entertaining games we’ve played even though it is kind of low quality. But we have a few suggestions to might make the game better 1) add special moves like in real pokemon: you can a special move that the animals can do every once in a while when fighting 2) add more marine animals: like fish and sharks and dolphins 3) add more islands: maybe you can add a marine island like in suggestion 2 4) add more accessories to character: you can add clothes and things onto your character 5) put accessories to your animals: we think it would be cute to put hats onto your animals that is all suggestions we have. And maybe you should put less ads too in the game.

This game is related to Pokmon.

We found a glitch when we first unlocked the snow weasel and when we equipped it a lot of snow weasels spawned and they could walk on water. But please fix this glitch it makes us to overpowered.

We love how you can train your pets and stuff.

We like we because we like animals and nature.

We just know its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is fun but can you please add more in maps and animals and events to be pretty exciting because we finished all the maps and we want to continue the game please and also here are some ideas for your Game you can add events you can add a bunny boss also items Love the hats but it will be amazing if you can also add clothing and mask and glasses and also it would be amazing if you added customize your pet and also we feel like youll be cool if you add A new world like a a cloud world underwater world and also it would be cool if you could ride your pet to and when you win the game at the end not just the crown but also the clothing at the end of the game that would be really cool also it will be cool if you add a a three headed dragon if you add a ice dragon and also at the end of the game you should have the mega boss be every single pet in the game mixed up together last idea in the underwater world if you ever add that it will be cool if you are a shark a dolphin The end.

Hi this an unknown person but we will tell you about this game. It starts not as fun so look out for that. You first start with a chicken then a cat and more after a while you go to wild animals and go to different seasons like winter fall or summer and you beat the coolest bosses to get them we promise this game will change your life.

Its so much we just wish we could have them we love it just get the app.

Its great there is pet evolution and it is fun.

LOVEE ITTT SO MUCH the animals are so cute! It is simple but we love it The land and all the animals! Amazing the designs look really cute and simple. This doesnt deserve a reading below five stars please play not scam amazing.

We love this game but when you open the book what do the paws mean?

Amo este juego, sigan as con otros juegos.


Finished the game in a couple days. Got rid of ads and unlocked Jurassic island. Fun play for what we paid for, but hope they unlock more islands for us!

We know most people might say its a rip off of Pokmon but for us the game is all right. It has fun enjoying it. If you can get Pokmon why wont get this we need we recommend but the only problem we have its the ads we keep getting a lot of episode that recently, but why wont you turn off your Wi-Fi??

We have bin player this game for a day and it is really fun but we wish the Dino Island was free hope you make it free.

Sorry there is just too much ads.

We love the game and how all the animals look and we enjoy playing it but there are too many adds so we love the game but the adds Cannda ruined it and im not buying no adds because we dont want to wast money so yeah :).

The title is the problem of it.

Coin count in screenshots funny.

Ok so we like the game but almost every time we get an animal or we’re just walking around we get so many adds!

We got this game, and when we opened it, the game was so laggy that we couldnt even move our character. The game is constantly freezing, and the ads wont work, either.

The game still crashes and we lose our progress up to a certain point. We would love to play if we could only progress. Please fix this.

Way too many ads. Ads every millisecond.

For months, the only thing they added was payed features and havent updated since. Back when we got it there were no microtransactions and we could turn off wifi to avoid adds. But now, even in the pictures up in the game preview, the game is pay to win. In the pictures for the game preview, almost every picture displays something from a portion of the game that requires a microtransaction to access. They make the game appear very fun by showing their payed features as if they are free, sometimes by displaying them alongside free features, so that you want to get the app. When you beat the game you realized that those mythical creatures and dinosaur island all cost money, but they were advertised as if everybody could access them. Dont buy. Waste of our time.

We love your game we have the -!! The fun we barely get bored if you do not have it you should get it!!. Can you do us a favor tho? We need you to ask Turbo rocket games if they could make it where parents could restrict multiplayer cause that is why we cannot have it and we really really really want it so plz? It is okay if you cant and we want you to answer back to us very soon! Thank you if you read this!

So yeah this game is a great game but it would be cool if you had a futuristic stuff and they can evolve into something cooler with new level and worldsIt would also be amazing if you put mythicalCreatures in it You already have mythical creatures but Im talking about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster stuff like that so thats all we want to say for this amazing game.

Ok so we just evolved our dog and we love it SOOOO MUCH AND YAA SOO TY.

We love it but there is too many ads please remove ad but not for fishing and bosses.

We love this app it is very fun we love this we LOVE THIS.

This game is so fun with not that many adds and if we dont say so myself its better than Pokmon in our opinion. We play it all the time even at 10:00pm its so addicting and the animals are so cute.

We wish the dinosaurs and the legendary animals your island is this you wouldnt have to buy and we wish there were more Ocean of jellyfishStingrays so are you and we wish we went to see a video of stuff and videos pop-up ay lot of times.

The game is great, but already crashed twice, making us lose 15-20 min worth progress.

Every 10 minutes or so of playing, it restarts and sets us back our inventory set back also but our tickets we have used still gone. :( Makes us so sad because we do love it but please fix it, we paid for no ads also a starter pack..

Its super cool and awesome but the lagging is very annoying and ads show up randomly. Anyways we love the idea of catching animals so Id give this 3 stars.

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