Where is cat?

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 04:40 pm

Where is cat?


Where is cat? is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bart BONTE, Where is cat? is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th December 2015 with the latest update 23rd June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


23 people have rated 3.3

You can download the game Where is cat? from APP STORE.


The collection of adventures of the Bonte cat who likes to play hide-and-seek:

  • Where is cat?
    Find and tap on the black cat hidden in each room of the house and then find all the different items the cat wants for a little surprise at the end…
    A game suitable for children from 5 years to people aged 105 but young at heart.
    The game plays and feels like an interactive child’s storybook, and a lot of the artwork is drawn by kids.

  • Christmas cat
    The Bonte cat jumps on top of the Christmas tree and sends the 20 red balls all around the house. Can you find all the balls back by solving little puzzles? If you can, you will find out in the end why the cat hated the Christmas tree…
    To use the different tools you find in the house: tap on the tool so it gets highlighted and then tap on the object you want to interact with.
    A game suitable for children from 7 years to people aged 107 but young at heart.

  • Cat in Japan
    The Bonte cat has arrived in Japan and can’t stop dreaming about sushi! Can you find all the sushi by solving the puzzles?
    To use the different tools you find: tap on the tool so it gets highlighted and then tap on the object you want to interact with.
    A game suitable for children from 6 years to people aged 106 but young at heart.

‘Where is cat?’ is a bontegames game by Bart Bonte, containing HD music and graphics.

Updated on 23rd June 2022

Technical update: performance improvements.

Where is cat? Reviews

Grandkids play this over and over. We enjoyed it as well. Thanks!

We’ve been a fan of Bart Bonte for years, so when looking for a new work diversion we were excited to see this offering. We usually never pay for apps but figured why not this time as Im a fan of the developer. Waste of money. Theres no puzzles, its short, but worst of all it doesnt save your progress. Why am we paying for a game that doesnt even offer that simple feature. We want our money back.

It is fun make second game with hints and easier.

Yes love the game. It was worth the money. We hope you make more of those cat games. We like the music on -Where is cat?-. We love the cats: we think the cats are cute. So silly meow!! How do you do the music?: The music is just.. OMG.. The music is so awesome on where is cat? Plz make more!: Yes, plz make more cat games. Meow!!

Great game just add more levels like cat in Japan!!!

The game is clearly supposed to be played in a horizontal format, but continues to load vertically, obscuring half the screen and making the game impossible to play. We cant find a way to uninstall and reinstall it. HELP!!!!

Love this style of puzzle game. Some are easy to solve, others require you to pay close attention. Kept us entertained for a while, worth a couple of bucks.

Our kids love these cat games so much they play them over and over. They love to share them with friends and help them play too!

Our kids and we loved this app. We request more levels. :)

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