100 Toilets Level 40

100 Toilets Level 40

100 Toilets Level 40

100 Toilets Level 40

100 Toilets Level 40 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution. 100 Toilets Number 40 support iPhone, iPad, Android with screenshots and explanation for every number levels.

  • Collect the ipad on the floor.
  • Tap the Excel icon and hint is there.
  • Now tap the rack beside the toilet seat.
  • There are few numbers inside.
  • Take the number and use with the formula you can get the answer.
  • Open the door.

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    8 comments on “100 Toilets Level 40
    1. Ivancho says:

      The images is of level 47 but explanation is of level 46. The explanation of this level is in level 48 //game-solver.com/100-toilets-walkthrough/100-toilets-level-48/ What a twist!

    2. Lilymay says:

      There really should be a way to skip a level. I’ve been stuck on level 31 for days. I finally quit and dumped the app. =(

    3. susana oliveira says:

      o nivel 4 o vaso nao move ja aconteceu a mais alhuem

    4. Psi says:

      The grey tiles wont move, what sorcery is this? Playing on ios latest version as of this date.

    5. Rach says:

      Grate thanks …but!!!…. it wont work the door won’t open. …Arrhhhh…..I’ve been trying over and over again.