7 Wonders

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 09:10 pm

7 Wonders


7 Wonders is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by repos production, 7 Wonders is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2017 with the latest update 7th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


448 people have rated 2.1.0

You can download the game 7 Wonders from APP STORE.


Strategy/card game. Go up against players from around the globe in the world’s leading, award-winning board game.
Can be played offline against the computer. Requires an internet connection for the network functions.
Recommended devices: iPhone 6, iPad Air or more recent.

7 Wonders is a fast-paced, card-based, civilization development game with incredible strategic depth.
The rules are simple and a tutorial will help you quickly master all the game’s different concepts.
Military, commercial, scientific or civil development… Combine your strategies and lay down your cards to make your city achieve glory for thousands of years to come.
COMPETE ON AN EQUAL FOOTING: no cards to collect, but a card selection mechanism (the draft) that guarantees constantly renewed and different games. Only your strategy will make the difference!
NO WAITING TO PLAY: all the players play at the same time, so you don’t have to wait for each player to take their turn.
PRACTICE MODE: play against Artificial Intelligence in single-player games.
MULTI-PLAYER: Up to 7 players can play at the same time.
GAME DURATION: 5 – 8 minutes
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Dutch, Italian

Updated on 7th February 2023

New feature

  • Stats can now be checked directly in-app from your profile panel.


  • Network layer has been fully redesigned.


  • Fixed a case where players can’t type mail or password to log their account.

7 Wonders Reviews

Really love the original board. This app is a great way to get our 7 Wonders fix without having to unbox and shuffle all the cards. We love that the expansions are available for Leaders and Cities, and chance Babel and Armada will come to this app at some point. Those may be our favorite expansions, would gladly pay to be able to play those in the app.

App crashes immediately after opening on M1 iPad Pro. Completely unusable.

Since the new release, the app wont load on our phone or iPad.

For the first few weeks we could play but only against AI because the server kept dropping our friends from the game and now the entire app doesnt work, we click the app, it says 7 Wonders for about 2 seconds and then closes the game and sends us back to our Home Screen, we paid for this game and this is the kind of garbage yall produce? Come on get it together.

The app now crashes when being opened, and the developer tells us to access their Discord for updates from within the app. Are they even paying attention to themselves?

Since the last app update two days ago it just crashes before it even starts. Our phone is fully updated and we’ve tried restarting the app and our phone. No other apps are having this problem. Please fix :(

Game crashes on open. Was fine a couple weeks ago. Doesnt even get past splash screen. Is there no QA anymore?

Hasnt worked for months. Shows the logo and then crashes back to Home Screen. Unfortunate, because this is a fantastic game otherwise.

The app is designed for the iPad, but is listed as fully compatible with M1 Macs. That’s false. Now Apple won’t even refudn us. We’re never buying a game from the App Store ever again.

Game no longer works, and hasnt for months.

Make a free version of the game with ads that way more people get into the game and learning how to play. Its tough now cause the lobbies are so thin and not many people to play. Need to introduce people to the game to make them comfortable playing it!

7 Wonders on the go. It would be great if the developers could release an Armada expansion too!

Agrippina should give a warning when played or after its played to prevent canceling it out. In a real life game you could just take it back before revealing. Theres no back button or undo.

So we’ve played to board game multiple times with friends and decided to grab the iOS version. The game is fun but we wanted to turn the music volume down. Well, the only setting we can change is language, none of the other settings can be modified. We hope the developers can get the strings fixed soon. Game is a solid 3.5 out is 5.

Really fun game, decent interface. AI is ok (not great). But – wow- the online server is absolutely terrible. Usually doesnt find opponents, no cross platform, and you cant choose good game-type filters. The whole online thing is mess. Which is really too bad, because this game could shine on mobile- its quick and simple. Exactly what you would want for mobile games.

For the first year or so after it came out, our husband and we were able to play together through the server, but for the past couple years, it will never let us play together! Frustrating!

Great game, but the new design is just awful. We wish we never updated from the old version.

We bought the game to play with our family & every one of them are able to create an account to play the game except for us. It will only let us input into one of the 2 text box fields but not the other (can put email-cant put password, vice versa). We’ve emailed & left a message on the discord but have been ignored. If we dont get a response soon, we will be requesting a refund through Apple because whats the point in paying for a game, where we can only play against AI.

We tried to sign up for an account on the app so we could play online but it wont let us input our email to sign up. We emailed the developers and we were told its not fixable. So now we can only play against the AI do not get this app if you have an iPad!

As many have already said, this is broken on iPad and unplayable without crashing.

We have enjoyed this game for years, but the recent update broke the game, rendering it unplayable. Every time we try to start a new game, before Im even done picking leaders, the game crashes without saving. When we contacted Support they told us we should probably quit all of our other apps running on our iPad in order to play it. This was never required before, and we’ve never had any other game developer tell us that their app could not run while other things were active in the background. Congratulations for taking our money and then breaking what you sold us retroactively!

Just bought the game to play on our iPhone. Tried to create an account but it wont let us create a password. What a dupe of a game!

This was a terrific port of the card game, faithful to the original board game we all know and love. The redesign, however, is truly awful. New, inferior art, a much more difficult, less informative, and less intuitive UI. We have uninstalled the game. Its just not a fun experience in its new guise. Avoid.

So far loving the game! Can we expect the Armada expansion in near future?

The newest update 2.0.3 is a refinement of the overhaul made to the game recently. The overhaul angered many of us including myself. This update has smoothed gameplay but still retains the elements that has alienated so many. While we prefer the original version, this new update has made the game tolerable, and maybe even makes us want to play again. The biggest issue that stlll is not resolved, is the really small icons and text. There is plenty of real estate available, why not use it to make the game more visually enjoyable and easier to see.

The physical 7 Wonders is our favorite board game. This digital version does that game zero justice. The first mistake in implementation is that Wonder boards can be chosen instead of randomized, which is how the offline version works with a card being randomly selected for the corresponding wonder board. Expansion packs as in game upgrades are understandable, but only one player especially in a custom game should have to purchase it. If this were the offline version, everyone doesnt need to bring a board game, so to make it paid per person is gluttonous. Lastly, since you offer cities and leaders, what about Armada?

Cant even log in. We’ve tried logging in and it rarely works. When it does it just logs us back out the next time we play. Not to mention the newer versions takes longer and didnt even add anything. You should offer the classic version as its own app so people can still play that. Also, add the wonders from the Expansion. Some of us want to play Abu Simbel and Stonehenge.

This was our favorite game and super addicting, but we loathe the new version. We cant see the icons easily now, it looks messier, and we cant easily tell what our opponents armies are. Its also harder to discard. Ugh, please bring the old version back Im so mad we updated!

Still next to impossible what cards played in earlier rounds are linked to cards in later rounds. Those pathetic symbols mean nothing. Also still very hard to determine if you are claiming a wonder or claiming resource/exchanging for coins. And WHY are you changing the Wonders on some of the cities from the original game??? New update user experience is not good. Most people play on phones and pads, important stuff like resources is too small. Don;t worry about fancy graphics. Hard to tell if you are claiming a wonder compared to claiming resource or changing in for 3 coins. Much less intuitive than previous version Even looks older.

With refined graphics and updated cards, the game is still fun to play.

We love this game. But unfortunately the new edition has come with new bugs. For example, multiple leaders dont actually give you the benefit, especially the coin ones that give you 2 coins for yellow cards or wonders Agree with other comment that all of the icons and text are super small. We gave it a 3 because we love the game. The new interface and bugs are more like a 2.

We like this game, but some elements of the UI make no sense and make the game unnecessarily harder to play. It doesnt look like it was designed by someone who knows how to make proper mobile interfaces. Also, we’ve seen several instances of the game making mistakes in scoring – pretty unforgivable in a board game where the score is the whole point. Supposedly there used to be a better version before a recent redesign, but we never saw it.

A recent major UI update for the game really messed with the flow, speed, and feel of the game. What we used to enjoy playing has become frustrating and the delay with animations, rounds, and etc creates frustration slows down the game play an annoying amount. Turning off effects and trying to adjust settings doesn’t seem to do anything unfortunately.

Giving this 2 stars after the update. The new art style is terrible and makes the game less fun to play. Who thought it was a good idea to remove the card names? We wish we could go back to the prior version.

We regularly used this app until the latest release. Im so unhappy with the changes that we have stopped playing altogether. The information available about the cards, the coins needed, how to play, etc. Are almost incomprehensible now. Good thing we were planning to cut back on how much time we spend playing games on our iPad.

This new version is terrible. Too bad, was our favorite game. Was even considering getting expansions. Now? No way. Old version was much better and smoother.

After the latest update, we are no longer able to create a custom game that others can join.

We have every single seven wonders expansion. We love the game. This new update RUINED the iPhone game. Please at least give us the option to play the game we paid for and not this awful new update. Im begging you. We loved the old version so much we played all the time.

Im glad to finally have one of our favorite tabletop games in digital form. The adaptation is faithful, the expansions are present, and the AI is competitive. Thank you for listening to our feedback and increasing the icon sizes in the latest update. Now we can properly enjoy the new cards!

About every third game we play with this app vs the AI randomly freezes for no reason. Once they fix that Ill raise our rating as the game itself is great, when its playable.

The new version has more visible icons on the played cards, but viewing neighbors kingdoms are quite a bit harder. This whole-app redo is also unfinished: the old paintings currently clash dpi wise with the new menus, lots of card corners are clipped at inconsistent corner radiuses, etc. The framerate is lower too, even jerky at times, on a 15-month old iPhone pro. Hopefully an upcoming additional budget can make this just better than the old version as these details are pretty harsh and jarring. If there is not more budget to finish the redo, consider then pulling the old, complete version from source control, and either republishing it, or releasing it as a second app. It works without framerate issues on 6 year old hardware, and modern hardware.

The update is terrible. Rendered the game unusable to us. Please increase fonts sizes.

15 March update: the version 2.0.1 update has resolved the blurriness issue; now the graphics are crisp, and ugly. And everything is still too small – lots of wasted space on the screen; pretty much everything should be 50% larger than it is. This used to be one of our favorite apps; it is now unplayable. The early March 2021 update to this app is a step backwards in pretty much every regard. The graphics have been significantly downgraded, and now the cards are so small that it is hard to make out the symbols on them. And the updated app runs slower as well. Terrible, terrible update.

Everything WAY too tiny now. Last version was wonderful… Back to five star game worth every penny if they swallow their pride and go back to it. Until then dont bother…

This is an awesome game, and the expansions are worth the purchase. Been playing the board and iOS versions for years. However, the new update is terrible. We literally no longer have any pleasure in playing this game. The UI feels clunky to us. Its also way too dark. But the biggest issue we have is the aesthetic. The old game was beautiful. It had a historic feel to it that kind of took you back in time, which is entirely appropriate for the game topic. This new version has too many sharp edges visually and is too modern for the game topic, and just uglier in so many respects. Your UI was perfect for your game concept before. Why did you have to ruin a great thing? So disappointed. Truly. This was one of our top 5 games before. Now Im not sure Ill play it much anymore.

Why ruin a good thing? Slower, harder to read, ridiculous effects, blurry renders. Game designers should have to return all of the rewards they have when they change the game that won them.

We have had the 7 Wonders game on our phone for the past 2+ years and have played it on a daily basis. The interface was simple and we never ran into any issues with the app. Then at the end of February 2021, the app was updated to coincide with the new release version of the board game, so new cards were added. However, this new update has been a trainwreck. We have encountered issues with the game where certain actions are either not permissible that should be or flat-out lock the game so you have to reset the app. We have emailed the developers twice about this since the release and have seen little in the way of a fix. The lack of transparency and communication to fix these issues is unacceptable, and a previous go-to mobile game is now a disappointing shell of its previous self. Ill change our rating if these issues get resolved, but until then its totally warranted!

We suppose its inevitable that a game about the ancient world would eventually turn into ruins, with faint echoes of its former glory. We developed an addiction to this game during the pandemic, and am grateful for all the memories, but after playing the new early 2021 version once, we deleted the app for the same reasons many others have expressed, about the downgraded look and feel and playability. In reading other reviews, it seems the ask of the developers is simpleto just return the game to the previous version so many loved, though Im sure its more complicated than that. Im starting to accept the game has gone the way of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, but will continue to hope the developers can reverse this all and restore the beautiful game that they had once built.

The original version of this game was intuitive and addictive to play. The user interface of the new version is unplayable, the cards are tiny, the text is gone, and the interface is confusing. Id gladly pay to be able to use the old version again.

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