aa is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd, aa is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th August 2014 with the latest update 12th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of aa ?

4,281 people have rated 4.0.1

What is the price of the aa ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the aa released ?

aa was released on 12th August 2014.

When was the aa updated ?

The latest updated date of aa on 12th November 2020.

Where can aa be downloaded ?

You can download the game aa from Apple Official App Store.



aa is the "hello world" app for iPhones, iPads & iPods. The simplest but most addictive game in the App Store.

i.e. aa is like snake on an old brick phone, it’s fundamental.

Handmade in Australia,
General Adaptive

If it’s not published by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd – then it’s not the authentic and original aa. Don’t be fooled by clones and respect genuine content. aa will be turning 4 years old on August 12, 2018.

Updated on 12th November 2020

  • bug fixes and refinements

aa Review

We rmb playin this game years ago bruh ts so fye.

Can someone check that level!!!! Theres a problem with that level.

Good job people who made this game !!!!!

The title says it all. Usually these reviews are long but we wanna make a short one. This game has good gameplay, its addictive, and soothing (to us atleast). This game has alot of potential and it deserves better ratings.

We quit this game for a while, but now Im back on it and we love it! Im currently stuck on level 758 and cant figure it out. It literally stops moving and you cant shoot any more pins. Also, we play with our phone in airplane mode to avoid all the ads. We wish someone could help us figure out our current level.

We think this game would be funnier if you were able to choose what level you want to be on EX: say you were on level 5 or something and wanted something harder but if you wanted to get to a higher level you would have to go through loads of levels before you reach the one that is challenging for you if you were able to pick which level you wanted to go on so that your not doing loads of easy stuff we think that would make it funnier and more entertaining but beside that its a really fun and challenging for our brain :)

Our siblings and we used to always play this game when we were young, miss it a lot and it was fun.

Thought we would get bored of, but Im not! Also we dont get any ads?

Awesome game but kind of boring with the background and arrows.

This game is pretty good, and we have no clue what people are talking about this being impossible, we got to level 9 within under 5 minutes after downloading the app. Its simple just get good.

Aa is a good game its nice it have lots of levels ok bye use code gatto.

We love this game, however our one friend that has the game unfortunately has balls bigger than our friends and ours. If you are wondering why this is unfortunate it is because she simply just cannot play the game as normal people play the game because with the thickness of the balls they do not fit in the middle of the other balls therefore she cant win the game because the capacity is just so incorrect. We know you may be imagining balls just a tiny bit bigger than the ones that you have in the original game however these balls are about five times the size which we believe is unacceptable and needs fixed immediately.

This level is not working helpppp.

When we went to level 758 it is impossible to beat, if anyone comes across this, please post a video on how to beat it because its literally impossible. It may be a bug that we really hope gets fixed Other than that its a pretty addicting game to play :)

Someone copied your game and called it "Twisty Arrow"

Im going to make this short but you need to see it! This game is great, but on smaller-screened devices the pins are bigger, making it harder to beat levels than it would be on a tablet, for example. We’ve been on level 53 for a whole day, and noticed that the obstacle pins are LITERALLY TOO BIG to fit in the last pin provided. And we’re serious, its physically impossible, we even tested it. So please fix this!!

We have played this game for like 4 years and we really like it. Its great and simple. However, we kind of lost our competitive drive when we got around level 90 because some of the levels are way too easy and vice versa. For example, level 50 took us a whole day to complete while level 136 took 5 secs. You dont really get a sense of accomplishment or legitimacy in your time spent playing. We still play it all the time, though. Its really great and simple. Tests your accuracy and precision skills.

We wish we could just pay to remove ads because theyre repetitive and annoying.

Its a really good game dont get us wrong but.. Its annoying 40% of the time.

We love this game! It is super addicting, however there are too many ads. There is an ad after 4 rounds but sometimes there is ad after 1 round. Instead of doing ads after you lose 4 times maybe there should be a set time after which an ad plays. It’s so disruptive when you are really getting into the game. We also think all the other versions of the app should be combined in to one. Another suggestion we have is to release an ad free premium version.

We’ve just started playing, its entertaining! Just please let us stopp the noisy vibrations! Its really annoying :(

Mostly posting this hoping someone can give us SOME advice on ANY way to pass level 8. We’ve downloaded this game time and time again, will get right to level 8, then be stuck there for weeks until we delete it, only to download it again eventually.

This game is very fun and we use to it to pass time. The levels havent been extremely challenging but Im currently on level 306 and its nearly impossible to pass and Im afraid we cant pass it because there isnt enough time nor space to beat it.

Just make level 7 fricking possible please.

We got a new phone and we think its the screen size but the balls no longer fit in the slots as its too big. Plz shush.

Would be 5 star but cant remove ads.

The app used to be one of our favorite games, and we would always play it to pass to time. The ads were a bit annoying but putting our phone on airplane mode would fix it. We remember almost crying when we finally passed level 188, a level we were stuck on for a month. It challenged us and it was simple enough in design and gameplay that we would never feel too frustrated or confused. And, there was enough variation in levels to keep us around. We recently upgraded our phone from the XR to the 13 pro, however, and the game is no longer playable. Why?? Because the ball sizes are absolutely massive now for some reason, which makes passing our current level (284) absolutely impossible. We think it has to do with the difference in screen size, but it is literally so ridiculous how different the game looks now with a different phone. We are really hoping that the developers find a way to make the game playable on the newer Apple devices. We really do love this game and would love to keep playing it if we can.

Im playing a game and it all of the sudden glitches and tells us we lost if it wasnt for that we would give it a 4 star also if the ads where not there we would give it a 5 star. You guys play too many ads on there.

We couldnt get past level 8 and Im like wth why is this so hard and we look at our sons phone, he has an iPhone XR, and his looks great? The dots are small, and the spokes are long!! On our phone, the dots are FAT and the spokes are STUBBY/short!! We all agreed it was a lot harder on our phone than theirs, so definately not a game for smaller phones :(

936: literally stops 777: same thing 758: same 510: changes direction to early 8 on new phones: big dots.

Great game but every 3 times you fail it goves you an ad, really annoying.

Writing this because we have no idea how to pass 758. Does anybody know? It keeps pausing & we have no idea how to get it moving.

We own an iPhone 13 Pro and since the phone is so long, it makes the size of everything different. We are stuck on level 8 because it is almost impossible to fit 2 dots in between the blank dots. It should be a simple bug to fix. But it isnt fixed on our phone :(

We loved this game us and our friend raced to win for years we think we were a max level or like 1k.

Our old phone was great to play this game, but when we upgraded to a new phone, the balls suddenly got huge and now it is impossible to pass the level we are on. We googled our level and the balls look nothing like the ones we have. It looks much easier on google then what we have right now. It might be a glitch in the system for newer phones but if you have an older phone this game is great.

Time speed up/down mechanic feels cheap and unfair at moments as it can lead to unpredictable losses.

Where do we start omlllll. We’ve had this game for like 5 years. This game is our childhood right here. But it got so stressful. But we missed our childhood so we redownload it so we got our childhood back. Im on level 97, and we’ve noticed a glitch. It says we’ve failed but we didnt even click it. And it makes us so mad but we still cant delete it cause we love it.

We were super addicted but at level 758 it stopped working. The level starts slow but then stops moving, making it literally impossible to pass. When we googled this others had the same issue.

The game is too difficult especially level 7.

You cant beat level 8. We dont make reviews for apps, but we played this game years ago on our iPhone 6. It seems like its much more difficult on the iPhone 12. Theres not enough space to put the pins in! Good game when we played it years ago, but needs an adjustment to newer phones.

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