City of Crime: Gang Wars

City of Crime: Gang Wars

City of Crime: Gang Wars

City of Crime: Gang Wars is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FingerFun (HK) Limited, City of Crime: Gang Wars is a Simulation game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 7th April 2022 with the latest update 15th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of City of Crime: Gang Wars ?

6,857 people have rated 1.1.32

What is the price of the City of Crime: Gang Wars ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the City of Crime: Gang Wars released ?

City of Crime: Gang Wars was released on 7th April 2022.

When was the City of Crime: Gang Wars updated ?

The latest updated date of City of Crime: Gang Wars on 15th May 2023.

Where can City of Crime: Gang Wars be downloaded ?

You can download the game City of Crime: Gang Wars from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the city of sin—the place where you can drown yourself in riches!
Be prepared to live a new life, experience a limitless world where you make the rules.
Do whatever it takes to quickly rake in a vast fortune and become a billionaire.
In a world where there is no law, be ready to defend yourself at the drop of a hat.

Game Features:

■A brand-new life in riches■

Start your profligated life drowning in riches in sin city. Live a life above the law and take whatever you set your eyes on. When the money comes in, the world opens up for you to fully live a life of crime!

■Battle against rival gangs in real-time combat■
From Streetside Shootout to Turf Wars, it’s all hands on deck if you want to be the top dog. Lead your crew of hardened gangsters and take the city of crime for yourself.

■Live AI calculations for a real-world simulation■
Fight for turfs during the day, and party at bars and clubs during the night! How you spend your time each day is up to you!

■Your Syndicate, your rules■
Establish a Syndicate with other players and take on the trickiest of enemies. Build relations and assist allies to further your own goals.

■A city of sin with infinite possibilities■
There is no law here. Plunder, ravage, steal, loot—these are all daily occurrences. For what you ask? To take whatever your heart desires!

■Use your wits to become a billionaire■
Run casinos, bars, black markets…whatever it takes. Produce gold bars, weapons, and contraband to rake in vast fortunes and spend them on anything you can imagine!

■Raise your criminal empire and become a legend■
Hire the strongest criminals from all around the world and build the most powerful teams sin city has ever seen. Increase your influence and hold all the power to yourself. Take what you set your eyes on—even by force, and become a legend in your own criminal empire!

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Updated on 15th May 2023


  1. Gameplay optimizations.
  2. Various bug fixes that greatly enhance the game experience.

City of Crime: Gang Wars Review

We I like where this is going !

Love the game flow, but don’t like being told what language can be used when the game itself uses language that is deemed unacceptable for others to use. The game is rated 17+ therefore language shouldn’t be banned in game chats. The new UI needs to be readjusted to better color optimization.

Havent played it but Id like to if you make it controller friendly. Would be so much better.

The old design was better get rid of that trashy vice city theme.

We fell in love when we first started payed this game. Now they did an new update where, the graphics are hideous you can barely see anything. If your a person like us too much light and color hurts our eyes. We hit up the peoples to let them know and their response was they can not go back to the original version. Um, duh! That was not what we were implying. We said we cant see anything hardly us and many other players! So doesnt that mean change what you have to help people that play your game and spend money playing it as well! If its not fixed we have no choice but to leave with no problem! Loved the game before this!

Perhaps the worst update in the history of iOS. Close to quitting the game entirely. Hope they go back to the old layout/visuals. Absolutely awful.

This game is not as advertised do not waste space downloading it!

Same story as any other crime or mafia game no female characters and the ads dont show real game play.

This game is unlike any other game we’ve played of the same genre. We’ve played this game for over a year and met a lot of other friendly new people almost every week, people we’ve helped, played, and loved. Like any other game it has some small problems here and there, and we’ve had a problem with our account due to Facebook recently, but their in game support helped us get our account back at a very fast speed. We can’t thank them enough for replying so quickly and being so patient helping us deal with the issue at hand. We’ve never had such great customer service before in a game. Tip for new players: educate yourself about this game first and stick to it. Don’t quit on the 4th day!

This game is absolutely amazing and a great way to pass the time.

This game is incredible! We love the graphics, art, characters, everything about this game. We feel like we can really dive into this game. The story is FANTASTIC! We can’t wait to see how far we can build our empire! Respect to the developers for creating a one of a kind game that lets us live out a fantasy as a criminal kingpin! I’d buy them a cup of coffee if we could! Play with us and build a city in this amazing app!

City of Crime is the highest quality and most up-to-date game we’ve played recently. The community atmosphere is great and the team really listens to the players feedback… It makes us feel appreciated as a player. We usually never read the storyline before, but we were extremely impressed by the immersive experience the developers created. We want to congratulate the company that made this game, well done, you guys did a great job!

We love the dating part of this game! It’s like dating a girl. We can always send them gifts like flowers, bags and jewelry, just the same as in real life. The girl and we get to a certain level of intimacy and we can change their clothes. The way we can recruit heroes is also very interesting. Even though we have a recruitment ticket, we’re wouldn’t know which heroes we can recruit. The game allways surprises us. It’s very interesting and fun to play. 5/5 would play again.

We never thought I’d be into a gangster themed game on mobile. We grew up playing GTA and Saints Row but never thought I’d have the same feeling playing a MOBILE GAME! But this game threw out all of our previous expectations. It’s easy to play and doesn’t require all of our time, on top of that it’s so much fun! Wouldn’t recommend it for kids due to some language, but there’s nothing brutal or violent, just characters playing their parts. Best of all, it’s not p2w like some of the other games out there. We barely spent money and we make it onto the leaderboards ALL THE TIME. The rewards from them are great as well, always making us stronger and we get to defeat more enemies. Definitely a classic well-made game.

We’ve been playing this for a while now and so far so good. There aren’t any frustrating intrusive ads in this game, and the creators really took it in them to make this game so much fun to play. We’ve unlocked 10 blocks now defeating the rival gangs in our city, and our team is getting stronger and stronger. It’s fun collecting the heroes and leveling them it doesn’t feel like a grind at all. The best part is that the game actually has a lot of free resources and recruitment tickets so we don’t feel like we’re pressured to spend money just to keep up. Overall it’s an amazing game to download and play. Highly recommend to play especially if you like GTA style games or PVP.

Wow we love this game, it’s just so fun! You can do everything in this game we like adding heroes to our team and fighting them. We have a whole gang of men at our side ready to fight for us and their fighting system is really unique and fun to play as well. We can spend all day defeating enemies and robbing them while training our army. We kind of wish there were more dialogue options to choose from in the VERY INTERESTING storyline but it itself is already so very interesting. 10/10 game, props to the devs for creating this MASTERPIECE!!!

We used to play other games like Arms Cartel Global back in the day, and we gotta say, this game is a HUGE improvement on it. It’s like Clash of Clans but with a better gangster theme like GTA. We love the "build your city and train troops" styled game and love the PVP aspects. Playing this with friends and also meeting others really ties the whole thing together. The community is very friendly and helpful as well. They gave us tips on how to arrange our crew and what hero to use, as well as tips on how to get stronger. And the events in the game are always fun to participate in, really makes the game worth playing and spending time on. Love the format. Bravo!

Se asombra como puede aver un juego as no lo creeo lo recomiendo mucho mucho del mejor juego que eh jugado lo nico que lo r-e-c-o-m-i-e-n-d-o muchoooo.

So these devs have characters that curse you out in the city, events that sexualize women but if you say any bass words in chat then you get reported and muted from chat. They say there are kids playing but there are no kids. They cater only to their vip players and they get a pass but the rest are screwed. Devs need to do better!

Sera mucho mejor si en el estado las tropas no tuvieran que regresar a la base para ir a otra misin cerca de la anterior o despus de terminada la primavera sin necesidad de volver a la base.

Yall need to make female characters!!

This game would be perfect if we wasnt always paranoid of our account (which we spend money on) being in a dead state. Devs need to give us the option to switch servers!! We know of other games like The Walking Dead Survivors have this option and we’ve been playing and investing a lot more than this.

The tutorial is like a week of play time long. Just dont waste your time. Id rather buy a game than do this. We gave up after step 37 in the tutorial. If you were a first time GTA player you could buy the game, sit through the update, setup the game, go through the tutorial and still be playing before you made it through the tutorial of this game.

We really enjoy it. Its like Grandtheft auto on PS4 but you dont have to drive around and shoot up stuff. This is pretty cool great develop game we cant wait to see what kind of events will be good. Popping up soon.

Would have gotten 3 to 4 stars problem with this is every now and then when we leave the game up it freezes at the loading screen at 33% trying to talk to support never get an answer.

Not gonnna write a whole paragraph this game is js mbad.

Would love to see more RPG and simulation.

Fun game until everyone keeps attacking you over and over again. And it is non stop so you cant really do anything. On that note the so called rules while in the syndicates are a joke because when you get out of one syndicate and join another they kick you out of it because you are from another that is there rival.

If you get offended this game is not for you, if you are a cry baby this game is not for you. The game will mute you if you curse, except the characters in the game curse. It promotes sex, drugs, and killing, dont say a curse word though. The game will mute you. You literally cannot make this up.

It’s a good game. Here we met so many friends. We fight together. So happy everyday. LOL.

Im enjoying the game, but we wish there were female bosses also. It feels weird playing the game as a dude.

Its an ok game. We were having fun until we stopped playing for 3 days and the whole game restarted us from the beginning. Its too much guiding in the beginning, you have to play for too long with support before you can play on your own. We would have continued to play if they didnt restart us from the beginning. We would tell ppl to play it at least once. It doesnt look exactly as it does in the ads, but its a free mobile game.. If thats what youre expecting get GTA and play that.

The game is very interesting. The graphics are far above average. Our only concern is if you start to charge us money to play advertisements, we can watch!

Game is not as advertised!!!!!

We love this game its amazing we just started playing and already love it!! Thank you so much!!!

It is nothing like what is pictured on the adds. There is no actual arcade style gaming. Just like all the other junk, build your base, wait three minutes, train your fighter, wait thirty seconds. The scenes are so long and drawn out you have to hit the slip button constantly. The constant pressing of a skip button is the only arcade style action you will see here. Highly disappointing. Don’t waste your time.

This game is fun and have good graphics need to make more games like this.

So far we really like the game, but we cant get past chapter 3 due to a glitch. Saying we need to occupy the block but each and everytime we try our game freezes.

We were do with the shooting rang but when we tried to move it wouldnt let me.

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