Air Support!

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 04:45 am

Air Support!

Air Support!

Air Support! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Air Support! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th May 2022 with the latest update 20th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Air Support! ?

10,990 people have rated 2.7

What is the price of the Air Support! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Air Support! released ?

Air Support! was released on 27th May 2022.

When was the Air Support! updated ?

The latest updated date of Air Support! on 20th December 2022.

Where can Air Support! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Air Support! from Apple Official App Store.



Protect your troops and defend your base! You are controlling an aircraft equipped with different weapons. Your mission is to prevent the enemy from conquering your base. You can destroy buildings and bridges and make cars and gas tank explode!

Updated on 20th December 2022

Stability improvements

Air Support! Review

Very fun little game just something to waste a few minutes here and there nice game not to have to waste money on if you dont want to. Trying to find a few more of these games just to reminisce be good ol army days.

Amazing game, please add more things to buy, soldiers, a new gun.

Its a good game we like the concept. We only give 5 stars because we have no complaints. We understand its 2.99 to remove adds but good games usually arent free so thats not a problem. We just think they should update more to have more levels, modes, and mission prompts.

We love this game but its been showing us a black screen for the past day and a half.

You pay for no adds, but theyre still there.

We dislike how there are ads after every game so we bought no ads. Other than that is a fun game but eventually you repeat levels. We have maxed out everything in the game and am awaiting new content. Good game and time waster nonetheless!

This game is fun, amd for a while was our favorite. Unfortunately, success makes it kind of boring: once we’ve upgraded weapons and troops, Id expect tougher enemies, but the gameplay doesnt change perceptively so rounds are completed quickly and in many cases by our troops on the ground, not our air support, which makes it kinda dull.

To many ads its a cheap game But we guess its ok.

Its all we get from this freaking game. We cant even keep our freaking scope still as it shoots across the freaking map! Theres so many features that could be added such as FREAKING NOT GIVING ME AN AD MID GAME. Ita an amazing game but its glitch after glitch. Not enough? Lets give the players ads way too many ads mid game! We feel like the devil pets made this for more of an ad generator than an actual game. Overall, its a great game with an amazing concept with little effort put into it. We could go on for freaking ages.

We didn’t mind the ads at first. It is what it is. But then we got stuck on ads …. Smh! The game never came back on.

Fun game but sometimes when you use coins to buy new weapons, you lose the coins but only get the weapon for one level. Seems to happen when you buy a gun thats also being offered as optional at the same time. Annoying.

The game is amazing but at level like 8 or something it starts to lag or its just cause our phone.

It is ok but its really laggy and really annoying how you cant move your camera while your moving, when it moves by itself some things get in the way and we cant shoot the enemies and we lose. Really fun when its not like that though.

OML BRUH this game is really fire but AN AD AFTER EVERY LEVEL AND we MEAN IT.

Good game but when we purchased the no adds pack with coins we never received our coins. There is also no good place to contact the publisher listed anywhere.

The ads are kinda annoying but it doesn’t really bother but even with our wifi being super good, the game always freezes! We don’t know if it’s just us but overall pretty good game.

Vary good game just to many ads after every Half.

First off, the app keeps crashing during the game. Not fun. We even lost a purchase we made when we restarted the app. REALLY not fun.

We love these overwatch style games. This has potential but it seems like it was hastily put together. We’ve got suggestions to improve it. Firstly, include a restart level option. Dont make us close out the game just to try again once we realize we messed up. Secondly, there is a glitch where the gun cam will pan to the far corner at random times, almost as if the game wasnt programmed to have two fingers on the screen simultaneously. We’ve lost a few levels because of this glitch already. Thirdly, you shouldnt need internet for gameplay. Get rid of that feature, it makes no sense.

We got a new phone and when we checked the app it had us at the first level. We had purchased the ad free open on but with the download it will not allow us to restore our purchases.

We were enjoying the game and then it just quit. We get nothing but a black screen now. And we paid to remove ads as well but it you still have ads for power ups and special levels.

Already beat the game by level 205, we purchased the no ads feature, but there are still ads. Every once in a while you will kill all the enemies but the game wont notice so you need to close the app to restart the level.

Clunky interface. Slow gameplay. Likenot enough RAM? It is a hog. Ads. Barrages of them. More waves of ads than enemies. Youll spend more time closing and restarting to skip ads. Not playable offline. Must have phone signal or WiFi to play. All this and we havent contributed a dollar. Seems like refined it could be fun but this is a game about 42.67% complete.

We will admit that the game has been fun but as of yesterday we would not open up even after rebooting our phone and closing the app several times. We deleted the app and we have to start over from the beginning again and it wont restore our purchase of $2.99 either.

Game is cool but it keeps freezing and is very glitchy.

This game is fun. But its very glitchy. We had over 20 troops and when we opened the app one day it reset us back to the base army size. As someone who paid to not have ads this is super frustrating.

If you like ads, and ads mid mission then this is the game for you, it was okay but with every game the ads make it annoying.

Great game and fun definitely, but we had to delete it. It became entirely too much to have an ad pop up in the middle of levels youre trying to defeat. Ads are normal at the end of the level but gesh in the middle of completing a level is absurd.

The game is ok but when we pay to remove ads, we expect the ads to be removed. NOT! This game keeps the ads coming so Ill remove the app.

We played the game for a few weeks. Finished about 200+ missions. Figured out how to use the in game money to upgrade to all the best weapons and all the extra allies. We had so many Allies on the field we no longer needed to provide air support. After reaching one million in game play cash it will not let us play anymore. We think we broke the game.

This game makes you watch more videos than actually play the game. We deleted it after a couple of hours. Super annoying. No thank you!

Crash on start iphone 7 plus please fix it.

Way too many ads to be able to play the game. Would not recommend.

Play 1 round watch an ad, play a round watch an ad, play a round watch an ad. No thanks. Shove your greed down someone elses throat.

Impossible to play due to the ads.

Stops working so we have to delete the app and reinstall has happened several times! Third time is the charm or strikeout?!

Played first mission ( 20sec to complete) 40s ads. Waited, played mission 2 ( 20 sec to complete, another round of adds. Typical ig ad game that looks cool, just created to dump ads onto you and make money.

We bought coin and used it to purchase the red crusher missile, maxed it out, and then it disappeared from our weapons and reappeared in the item store to purchase again. Please fix ASAP or Im not spending another dime or watching another ad. Also, we bought the no ads option, yet Im still plagued with ads. Fix that too! Im not calling you a thief, but your game needs intentional work before its ready.

Game seems to run and operate normally when it does decide to open but loading screens are slow , laggy and even after paying the ads dont go away . The app is set up as click bait with many operating issues, hit and miss to even open and load correctly . Dont waste your time, money or storage space on this flop .

We paid for no ads but guess whatI still get all the ads!!!! We want our money back!!!!!!!!

Game was fun something that we stumbled across but it started glitching bad. Aim all over the place.

Game is fun. However you pay for no adds and it continues to show adds after every level.

Id give this game 4 stars if the developers did the right thing and gave you full access to the game after paying $3 to remove ads. Like most games now a days, you cant just pay once and enjoy it, you have to be constantly bothered by other ads or payment requests just to progress. Great concept, greedy developers!

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