Streets of Rage 4

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 02:55 pm

Streets of Rage 4


Streets of Rage 4 is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Playdigious, Streets of Rage 4 is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th May 2022 with the latest update 25th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,463 people have rated 1.09

You can download the game Streets of Rage 4 from APP STORE.


Punch your way through the Streets of Rage once again!

Streets of Rage 4 takes forward the Streets of Rage legacy in this retro beat’em up with hand-drawn comic inspired graphics and updated mechanics.

Streets of Rage comes back for a sequel 25 years after the last episode : a new crime syndicate seems to have taken control of the streets and corrupted the police. All you have to fight against them is your friends… and your fists ! Critically acclaimed, Streets of Rage 4 won several awards and nominated as Best Action Games at the 2020 Game Awards.


  • Rediscover the classic Beat em up Streets of Rage Franchise with new fight mechanics
  • Get thrilled by the Retro hand-drawn comics-inspired artistic direction by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap serving juicy animations & vivid FX
  • Unlock up to 5 new & emblematic playable characters and fight your way through 12 various stages to bring back order to the streets
  • Challenge yourself in different modes : Story, Training, Arcade…
  • Listen to a new Electro OST with world class musicians such as Olivier Derivière and legend Yuzo Koshiro
  • Brand-new custom survival mode to the DLC (Mr. X Nightmare)
  • New destroyables to help to maintain the combo counter"- Get retro with up to 13 alternative retro characters, secret retro levels or choose the SoR1&2 OST and enable the Retro Pixel graphics !
  • New co-op moves
  • +300 in-game improvements
  • Brand-new custom survival mode to the DLC (Mr. X Nightmare)
  • New destroyables to help to maintain the combo counter


  • Play online with a partner and gang up to defeat the Y twins’ evil plan together!
  • Test your strength : hop in Battle Mode and fight your friends across your favorite levels"

-Mr. X Nightmare DLC-
The fight continues in Wood Oak City.
After the events of Streets of Rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare themselves for future threats. Axel, Blaze and their mates will start a very special deranged training with the help of Dr. Zan, who built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates every kind of danger they could be facing.
With this DLC, get ready for:

  • 3 new playable characters
  • A new Survival mode with weekly challenges
  • Character customization: build your own fighting style with new moves
  • New weapons and enemies!o note that multiplayer mode will not be available at launch but will come in a free update after release.


  • Revamped interface
  • Game Center achievements
  • iCloud – Share your progress between iOS devices
  • Compatible with MFicontrollers
  • No micro-transactions!

Crack your knuckles and get ready for Streets of Rage 4 everywhere you go!

If you run into a problem, please contact us at [email protected] with as much information as possible on the issue, or check our FAQ at

Updated on 25th April 2023


  • Added some destroyable to help to maintain the combo counter

Combo counter:

  • Added a half second to disappear
  • Stage transitions have a bonus time to not break the combo counter

Added Custom Survival Mode:

  • Players can tweak his/her survival experience with a variety of options.

Mania +:

  • Added Cursed arcades in Mania+ difficulty.
  • Added special reinforcements during boss battles.
  • Added One life.
  • The score to get an extra life is higher in the arcade mode.

Added coop attack:

  • Hold ‘Pick up’ and grab your partner to throw him.
  • Airborne player can press a special button to perform a unique attack.


Streets of Rage 4 Reviews

The game is absolutely worth every penny! We have this game on PS4 & have platinum the game twice & we finally got it on IOS & we will be completing the game yet again. We love that it has controller support so you can connect your PS or Xbox controller & play as seamlessly as you do on console. We are amazed at this game yet again & we highly recommend it. If you are brand new, go to training to get familiar with the controls & then play the story first before diving into survival.

Plays exactly how it does on PS4.

Game runs like butter on our iPad. This game is our childhood but in the future. Absolutely love it!

No complaints about the game, its great. Support for this game is borderline awful. Anytime an update rolls out, game wont even start up. How does that happen? Are these updates even tested?

This game is straight crack!! The playability of every character and the updated attacks that each character has is amazing. This is the best purchase ever made.

We own this game for PC as well as mobile. Excellent gameplay loop, art and music. It really scratches the nostalgia itch!

We absolutely love the Streets Of Rage series. This absolutely peaked.

Would love you guys if you brought back Golden Axe and Double Dragon!

Great game! Please allow the borders on the left and right to be turned to black so it looks better on OLED!

This title is a 5 star title , you will not be disappointed .

One of the greatest games ever.

Started out not working. Contacted support and now it works great.

This game brings back so many memories. Dont think about getting it, just go get it!

Grew up playing these classics and this new one is perfect! Fells like the old one but much newer and fresher without losing that charm that made the older ones insanely fun!! 10/10.

Throughly enjoyed this game until it stopped working after the last update. Not sure why. We deleted and reinstalled, and it still will not work. Its been several weeks and it still doesnt work.

Great mobile game with style and action surpassing SOR 2. Soundtrack is awesome! A gripe we have with this iteration is the game not picking up our character at the end of some areas when go point is reached (first lvl subway cart and Y island staircase are examples) we end up rage quitting and after cooling down we try it again sometimes successful sometimes not. Compared to SOR 2, the touch controls seem more difficult. Any game sequel adds more controls so with this game we found it difficult in training to complete the tasks. We ended up button mashing out of frustration. Learning curb aside, this is still a great game.

First the positive stuff. So we have SoR4 on Switch and this game looks better on our iPhone 14, the graphics are amazing when you crank up all the video options so kudos for that. Our main gripes come from this game not having haptic feedback for touchscreen controls this would be a huge upgrade for as we dont feel touch controls are as responsive as using a controller but haptics would definitely help that. Also needs a way to save your progress during a stage like save states as gaming on mobile is easily interrupted and then you have to start the whole level again. And maybe a feature of holding down the attack button lets you do the combo without having to tap the same button over and over again. If these features get added then its 5 stars for us.

Because the controls are so wonky, combos become an effort of consistent button mashing. Its extremely frustrating.

Cant setting the language to Chinese.

Game not working for mewont go pass the loading screen.

Im using iPhone 13 pro. Game starts and loads but nothing happens after. We’ve tried downloading game multiple times and still no different result. Id like a refund due to not being able to play the game, please. We really wish it would work. All the other game versions we’ve downloaded work fine and we enjoy.

13 pro max enter it and crash we dont know y,

We own this game for PC as well as mobile. Excellent gameplay loop, art and music. It really scratches the nostalgia itch BUT IT STOPPED LOADING RECENTLY! Now the game remains a black screen after the percentages load to 100. We’ve uninstalled/ reinstalled but no success. Real bummer.

This game wont even load after the initial splash screen (the one where it counts of the percentage of the game loading). And we cant get a refund for it. Disappointingsteer clear!

We bought this game and can’t even play it. We bought the 3$ dlc and got charged 20$…. It’s not loading and we’re gonna need our money back.

App loads and crashes !!!!!!! One of the top fighting games but will not work after loading screen please fix asap !

We wanna play in big screen tv really good game – thanx for new update but we cant c our characters sub skills -thanx for fixed !!! Really fast feedback !! Love you.

If you liked the old SEGA games then you are in for a treat. Good job. Classic gameplay with a very nice face lift.

We love the modern art and music attached to the classic game. The modern characters have more moves than we can really process, but they are great. We do really wish Roo were a playable character, we loved him most.

After update all of the alternate moves that we unlocked gone.

This is EASILY one of if not the best action game in the App Store. The amount of content is crazy. Moves and special moves upgrade as you complete certain modes. And there are so many characters.

We wanna play in big screen tv really good game – thanx for new update but we cant c our characters sub skills.

Love this game. Been playing nonstop since we bought it. Even without a controller its incredible. There is a glitch with latest update. Alt moves are no longer available. We see someone else said you can select with s controller. We assume youre aware and will fix.

After the recent update with online play, we noticed that the graphic to choose unlocked moves is gone. You can still choose and select them if you move the joy stick around on a controller but the graphic is gone so if you dont have a controller there is no way to see or select unlocked moves. Game is awesome though.

The unlocked moves have disappeared in this new update. Please fix it asap!

After the multiplayer patch came out the game became a little buggy and wont let us choose their alternate special attacks. We had all of them unlocked for the achievement. We can rate it 5 stars once it gets updated because we love streets of rage. You guys should see if you can make Streets of Rage 5, and just make sure you add Adult Skate, Roo, and Ash.

Sub moves options are missing when selecting a character. Please please fix.

We cant access none of Shivas extra moves this is bull jive mane we dont like no one but Shiva.

This game is outstanding! We love it but it desperately needs online co-op.

We had this on ps5. We its surprisingly smooth for an iPhone game. Too fun.

Thank you dearly for bringing us back a little piece of our childhood! You didnt just remake it you continued a very loved and missed saga ! Much alohas.

How they give us update for better controls and online co op..

We wanna play in big screen tv really good game.

Absolutely gorgeous art work and very smooth gameplay. We havent played a Streets Of Rage title since the 90s and this is by far the best nostalgic feeling we greatly appreciate.

This game is outstanding! We love it but it desperately needs online co-op.

We cant stop supporting this game. Its amazing. Best game we’ve played from that year. We play it with our wife and daughter. We have it on Switch. We have it on PS4. We’ve not picked up this BEAUTIFUL port on iOS. With a Backbone controller, this game is perfect. We dont know how to continue to send the team the message that the fans want more of this, but Im not subtle. This game is incredible enough for us to buy THRICE. So absolutely, YOU should buy it at least once. Excellent game.

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