Airport Security

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Airport Security

Airport Security

Airport Security is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Airport Security is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th October 2021 with the latest update 7th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Airport Security ?

124,300 people have rated 1.5.5

What is the price of the Airport Security ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Airport Security released ?

Airport Security was released on 28th October 2021.

When was the Airport Security updated ?

The latest updated date of Airport Security on 7th April 2023.

Where can Airport Security be downloaded ?

You can download the game Airport Security from Apple Official App Store.



An airport is a prime location for mischief, and that’s exactly what these passengers are up to. As the official security force, you’re the only thing standing between the terminal and complete chaos.

Watch out for people flying with a fake passport, or concealed weapons. The X-ray machine reveals the contraband passengers are trying to smuggle into your city. While their bags are in transit, scan them for anything that might be hidden, you never know what’s inside.

Armed with your trusty flashlight, you alone must police the building. As every pilot makes their way to a jet ready to fly, criminals are preparing their escape. Be watchful, be vigilant, and let only the most honest travellers pass to their gate.

Airport Security Features:

  • Unique interrogation scenarios
  • Realistic challenges and fun rewards
  • Cool and interesting contraband to be found

Updated on 7th April 2023

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep you in control of the airport.

Airport Security Review

We would Right this game a out of.

When the among us imposter is mega sus you have to put them through a metal detector and pat them down all over their body (hot). Sometimes you can even find sus stuff like weapons is there pants (yes that was pp joke)

This game is so funnnnnnn!! Like we havent played a game this fun in a minute.

This game is pretty good, we could take it or leave it. The only thing that bothers us is that in a level a girl said your so cute, and our avatar was a girl. Please dont be so racist.

We love to play games and Im a young girl, but this game is one we just have on our iPad for a game. But after you buy all the paint colors on the duty free thing, there isnt really anything else to buy with the overflowing money that you get. You can only upgrade your desks, decor and scanners and then there isnt anything else you can buy. It gets VERY BORING VERY EASILY. We might delete it, but for now we play it.

Like everyone else is saying. CHILL WITH THE ADS.

So last night we were playing this game it was cool until the next day the game started to glitch weird right so we just went to our friends house to play until someone texted us saying unknown and said we are watching you so yeah do not download and another thing is it is way too much ads and we hate adds thanks for listening.

This game helps you understand stuff if you work in the airport in the future.

To many adds of it was better it would be better fun to play though!

To many ads can you please make it less ads?

Hi its Ivypelt and airport security is really fun and we love it. Its interesting and true to life we watch to Catch a Smuggler and we were very impressed of how realistic it is. But Lord the ads, there sooooooo annoying. Im playing the game and an ad comes up about Gardenscapes if dont want to watch and an about this game. We would appreciate it if you fix it, ur ratings will go down if you dont. Im just someone who likes to play and just wants to pass some time. Otherwise great game -Ivypelt.

We love it its just there is ads every 20 secs.

We like this game but its just SOO many ads! We great and fun just so many ads!

Im a high school girl girl who has a busy life. ( if you know what we mean ) we love to have a busy day and then come home and take a few minutes to play this and then we get back to work. This game is so fun and can be played at all ages without getting bored. You can run the body scanner, the suitcase check, and the license check. After all your work, they give you a time for you to go Duty Free. Youll see what Im taking about. Although, here are our notes: 1: This game should not be played by any kids younger than 8 years old. It has no explicit language but some guys do come undressed. ( Not fullly though) 2: There are slightly too many ads. You press Duty Free, ad. Tap on a button? Ad. Scroll up or down? Ad. 3: The tutorial is so long. It makes you tap on like three hundred buttons just to chose your character. We think this game is really great and can be played for anybody. Thanks so much! Protect our children.

We love this game and we would rate it a 9/10. The game is very fun and entertaining, but there are SO many ads. We had at least 20 ads in the first 5 minutes. But anything other than that is great.

This game looked fun in the ads, so we downloaded. It was fun for like 20 mins but then it just kinda got boring. You just do the same thing over and over and we personally didnt like it. It also has moderately low graphic quality soooooo we mean, we’ve seen worse, just stating our opinion here, being an animator myself.

We love this game a lot but there is so much ads. Every time we do like 2 suspects theres a ad. And also some of the suspects force you to play a ad to arrest the suspect, so please lower down the ads. Please respond to this. Thank you.

It is a nice game gust to many ads pls get rid of some ads.

Ok, this game sometimes get boring, not gonna lie, but like, can you please cut some of the ads?!?! Like we play for 3 mins and we had 5 ads. Also, could you do some more things to do in the game? Like the only thing is to do is like x-ray bags and scan people to see if there is a weapon on them, and interview the suspect in a room. We would play the game a lot more if you changed those things up. Otherwise, this game is nice.


Could be a good game but its so many ads.

So , not bad . BUT, too many ads . Keeps playing an ad for a movie that is R rated! KIDS GAME ?! But not horrible.

We hate ads and we dont have money for no ads because Im only 13.

There are way to many ads So yea but 3 stars for the well get you there or die trying sign.

Hi, we’ve been playing this for a day and we already love it! It has dramatic awesome stuff like arresting, and way more! We absolutely love it, but theres a few things that just NEED to change. First off, like, some parents with twelve yr olds might not allow guns, so plz change that. Also, plz stop people that are naked! That might be offensive to some people so that just isnt ok. :) also, mental health like emotional support is not ok for even tweens. Mental health might really offend people with ADHD, etc. Otherwise, we love it! But theres a REAl big bug for us. So, theres this bug when Im in a ad, (not always) we look back. U know what we see? Our Home Screen! Pls fix that we absolutely love this game is almost every way! Pls just change a few things.

We love this game but there are to many ads so im kind of upset try to remove some of the ads please!

We like the game very much but there is a lot of ads. Every button we press or a mission we complete there is a ad and they show the same as every time. Please fix the ads. Either way we like it very much.

Ok so we are writing this while we play. Honeytly after every time the person is sus, it gives you and an add and we dont know if its just ne but it always gives us the same ad pls fux.

This is an amazing idea and we really respect the work but the ads. We start the game and feel amazed until we get an ad. Im not usually upset with adsbut the x button never appears(the ad goes on repeat)and we have to exit all our tabs, but that resets the whole day. This might just be a us problem because we havent seen any other people type this in but we hope you understand what Im trying to say.

This game is very fun and entertaining but the thing is that it has a lot of adds between each round but over all it is good and fun recommend for children 6 and up.

We were playing a game when we got an ad for this. It seemed really fun so of course we downloaded it, and of course, it was really fun. However there are literally WAYY too many ads. Every time you do something, theres an ad. We understand that they want you to purchase the no ads thing, but if you want people to play your game you should make it to where they can actually play more than watching ads. At this point youre spending more time on the game watching ads than you are actually playing. Honestly a really fun game, so disappointing that -2 stars just because of the crazy amount of ads.

Really fun just too many ads!!!!

The gameplay is very fun, but the game randomly crashes and there is WAY too much ads. Over all, wouldnt recommend, dont play.

When we downloaded this game, we got ads 5 times and it seems like our screen is black also so we dont know what Im doing in the game and we also bought the no ads and we still got ads! Sometimes we think games trick you into buying thing from the company so they can get money and make you waste time and money. Please fix this cuz we downloaded this game 3 times to not get a black screen and we still got it. Please please with a Cherry on top?

Purchased the app and ads still pop up!

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