Airport Security

Airport Security


Airport Security is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Airport Security is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th October 2021 with the latest update 22nd April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


46,714 people have rated 1.4.1

You can download the game Airport Security from APP STORE.


An airport is a prime location for mischief, and that’s exactly what these passengers are up to. As the official security force for the airport, you’re the only thing standing between the airport terminal and complete chaos.

Watch out for people flying with a fake passport, or concealed weapons. The X-ray machine reveals the contraband passengers are trying to smuggle into your city. While their bags are in transit, scan them for anything that might be hidden, you never know what’s inside.

Armed with your trusty flashlight, you alone must police the airport. As every pilot makes their way to a jet preparing for takeoff, criminals are preparing their escape. Be watchful, be vigilant, and let only the most honest travellers pass.

Airport Security Features:

  • Unique interrogation scenarios
  • Realistic challenges and fun rewards
  • Cool and interesting contraband to be found

Updated on 22nd April 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep you in control of the airport.

Airport Security Review

So, everyone complains about to many ads. JUST TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET. We turn off our internet every time theres a mobile game because then we dont have to watch any ads. If you cant figure that out then im the smartest man on earth. Nobody knows this. And you dont have to pay for no ads.

We want it to have no adds but we love the game.

The game is a lot of fun we recommend you play this.

This app is great. You can learn a lot of things. Like not to bring weapons on a plane.

Its really fun and addicting but we need more stuff not just 3 tasks we need more and some stuff is they can add flying the plane like you get to control the plane and avoid obstacles like birds other planes people skydiving you know things in the sky. Another thing is we want to have is that you can make people food like Chick-fil-A or Starbucks and we could run a little shop with like snacks gum waters stuff like that to make some extra cash and clean the airport and carry the luggages to the plane. Theres some complaints is after you get to a certain level it starts repeating and a little to much ads but overall its a great game.

So we went playing for two weeks and it is just non stop with the ads.

Great game but a lot of adds otherwise fun game.

Hello hello hi hi hello hello hi hello bye love the Game game.

Overall, the game is rlly good, but we have a problem.. 1: too many ads. After every person there is an ad . Please fix that.

To much adds its good but so much adds :/

This games ok, but theres a few things we think need to be changed. 1: if they could lower the amount of adds, please, 2: some of the adds we saw on this game, might scare littler kids, there just a bit creepy 3: the leader board is fake. And we know that because of 1 obvious thing, you cant choose a name, though everyone else has one on the board, If they at least let you have a name, itd be MUCH less obvious, or if they just take away, it, or make it so its real, and you can make your own name. And the adds are after every round, which is quite annoying, and theres already a lot of way they could make money off of this game, they put up a lot of watchable adds here. Anyways, the game time you get is really good, theres a lot to do. And it gets harder as you play it more. So all we have to say, is that this game as really good potential, its just got a few flaws. Anyways, thanks for reading!

It is fine it has way to many adds we would not recomend.

We think this game is great but on thing we could change is this company in general its games are glitchy and it can get pretty annoying to the point we stop playing. So that took away one star. If you could find a way to make your games less glitchy that would be great! Another thing that lost a star is after every person the you inspected there would be a add. There are way too many add in this game and they are the same adds every time and it can get boring. This is another thing that drives us away from the game. We hope you will take these suggestions and fix these things. Thank you.

The game is pretty cool and nice concept but literally we just got a ad when clicked write review like what in the world but.

We like it but to many ads. One time our inert was off and it wouldnt let us do the with the scanner thing. So we like it just please get rid of the ads.

Way too many ads. Leaves players uninterested because they are interrupted what seems like every 30 seconds.

This game is better than most games we’ve played in a while but the ads are very annoying ,and they come in non-stop. And you cant buy anything really.

Every time we have to watch an add our device goes blackand then it never goes to the game again. Whats the point of playing even?!

The game is fun but so many adds.

Seriously . Its not that fun a game and ad every 20 seconds is ridiculous.

The amount of ads is crazy we cant go a few seconds without one. We love the games but the ads make us want to delete it.

The game seems to be fun but there are so many ads. We know the ads help to make the games free, but to have an add after each level and during gameplay is a bit much. Due to this, we uninstalled. We prefer to play the game, not watch adds.. Smh.

It is okay but has to many ads.

We were playing a different game a got an ad on this game, Airport Security. Im a pretty patient person when it comes to ads, but literally it gives you a ad every fifteen seconds, wouldnt recommend downloading.

Got an ad in the first 30 seconds, during the tutorial.

So we just got the game today, and we see an ad. We run into multiple of the same ad every time. Give more ads, its annoying and Im not even 17 so we cant even play bingo for cash.

We liked the concept but there were wayyy too many adds. Every other thing you did created an add pop up.

There were so many ads that it was driving our granddaughter crazy! We paid for NO ADS, STILL GETTING ADS!!

A fun game but we would like to say, that there are WAY too many ads and not enough levels and characters. We would not recommend this game.

After every 2 people theres an ad and it take over 30 seconds DONT INSTALL.

Fun game but its literally 10 ads a level. Its ridiculous.

Hi, from Croatia here! Just wondering is this how bad American games are? We mean scamming for ads, to get money. Just sad.

This game is great though every time we finish a level we just get a random ad and its like so annoying please dont download this game or youll have the worst game ever because we just started this game and every time we finish something with someone we just get a random ad its so annoying we hate this game so so so so much anyways dont download this!

We never got annoyed this much from a game. This game is created to play Ads. You will see a 30 seconds Ad each 5 seconds you played. Pure garbage!

There is just to many ads! We think we are going to delete it… And we dont feel like spending Money just to get rid of ads!!

Its not good because to many adds and a boy touches a girls but.

The app does not allow you to refuse personalized ads, and that happens right out the gate after loading the game for the first time.

This game glitched our phone every time we opened the app and we had to completely shut off our phone when it would glitch. Not quite sure who developed the app but they need to reprogram some of their software or test it for issues and bugs. Also way too many ads.

Its funny violating their rights and having them assaulted and maimed then put in the slammer.

Ok first of all this game is great bat the adds are very Anoying we hate ads so ya and every level is a add we recommend tis game if u like them but for the people ho do not well this is not a game for u.

It is fun to play and get you entertained.

Its a bit boring but overall its a good game Id recommend it if youre bored or if you have a kid or little sibling for anything like that for them or you to play but it is fun! 5 stars.