Perfect Skincare

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 02:15 am

Perfect Skincare

Perfect Skincare

Perfect Skincare is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Perfect Skincare is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 1st October 2021 with the latest update 11th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Perfect Skincare ?

5,481 people have rated 1.1.3

What is the price of the Perfect Skincare ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Perfect Skincare released ?

Perfect Skincare was released on 1st October 2021.

When was the Perfect Skincare updated ?

The latest updated date of Perfect Skincare on 11th November 2022.

Where can Perfect Skincare be downloaded ?

You can download the game Perfect Skincare from Apple Official App Store.



Take control of your destiny and rise to the top of the salon game with Perfect Skincare!

Use all the tools at your disposal to makeover your clients with style and fashion. Hair and makeup, pimple-popping, and organic face masks for clear skin. Which package will be their favorite? But beauty is not only skin deep, do you have what it takes to run a cutting-edge spa?

Train your assistant, and make smart choices as you rise to the top. Upgrade your salon with the money you earn from each skin care treatment.

Perfect Skincare Features:

  • Take care of real skin problems like dry skin, pimples, and blackheads
  • Create real DIY face masks
  • Each level comes with new treatment combinations

Updated on 11th November 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep your skincare game on point

Perfect Skincare Review

Reason one after every single time your done with something you have a ad.

This game is SO GOOD! Its so relaxing and we love it when we need to relax. We love it we love it love we love it! Its not gross at all and its just SO GOOD!

Wayyyy too many adds, other than that, very satisfied.

We love the game just there are to many adds.

Its a fun game when you actually get to play it. There are way too many ads. In 30 mins time, we probably spend 25 just watching ads.

Out of all the skin care games we’ve played this one has a lot of ads.

There are adds every two seconds but it is a good game just the amount of adds is making it not worth the wait.

That says it all. Deleting app now.

You should remove the hand telling you what to do or was to press because it makes the game too easy, also you can do nothing with your earned money.

The ads pop up after every task and there arent many tasks to do. U should add cleaner, moisturizer, toner, and more. We love this game, but we cant get past a level b/c it always glitches out of the game and makes us re start the level. Maybe its just our ipad doing it but we dont know. Pls fix.

Too many pop up ads!!! Hate it!!

To many adds and it froze several times and we know the problem isnt our phone because its brand new and all of our other apps work just fine so if you could just fix that issue that would be awesome thanks.

Lots of ads like very step has an ad.

Way too many ads to even attempt to enjoy this game.

Deleted after 5 minutes. Because 4 minutes of that was ads. Who wants to play a game where all youre doing is watching ads?? So stupid.

We accept some adds if we dont pay for the best version, but there is literally 5 seconds of play to 3 minutes of ads. We wont be recommending or playing this game. As fun as it could be, not worth the battery life of our phone. We can play many other games for free and have 95% less ads.

We paid for no ads and there is still a ton of ads.

We enjoy the games by this creator themselves they are very good, BUT the content of the ads are HIGHLY inappropriate. We dont mind that there are a large quantity of ads, but we refuse to play a game with such inappropriate ads.


Can NOT get to the real game. We will be deleting this.

Paid for no ads since there were ads playing every time we did anything and some were so much longer than the game time we even had between the NEXT ad.. Paid and still have ads so thats ridiculous. Waste of time. Only like 2 things to even do the whole time.

We tried new game, but this one has way to many ADS!

We paid $3 to remove ads. All it did was remove a small banner ad. Every time you click something, there are 30sec+ ads between moves. Its insane.

Boring and too many ads. After every task there is an ad.

This game is an okay game but Im tired of watching countless adds its just so frustrating playing a game and every few seconds an add pops up and messes with the game its kinda stupid if you ask us. We think yall should fix it we understand the adds when your getting the new product to 100% but their shouldnt be that many adds in a game at all.

Content to ad ratio is abysmal. Deleted.

There are too many ads. We cant enjoy playing the game. The ads last longer than the task and there is an ad after and during each task. We deleted game about 30 minutes after starting it.

Adds are popping out every second. Every single step we do for the client, we have to watch an add! No moreeee.

Would really like to play longer than 30 seconds.

Bro this game has too many ads yall goofy.

Too many ads, not enough time to rnjoy the fame.

It’s a nice game we just downloaded a few minutes ago and already had five ads.

Game is great but there are too many ads.

Honestly we love this game its so fun! For the Assistant thing we wish there was girl option considering Im lesbian and (this is about to sound weird) we wish we could see the mask when were finished taking it off them we just like to see how much we get off and know thats its good progress also for the masks if you put the wrong ingredients you shouldnt get as many black heads but otherwise we loveeeeee this gamehave a good day guys!!

Its pretty nasty, but also very satisfying.

Ok so we love this game but after every single treatment theres an ADD and thats like 4 adds every level so its your choice if you want to get it but we wouldnt.

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