Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 02:05 am

Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG


Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rick van der Wal, Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 11th March 2021 with the latest update 23rd November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


232 people have rated 1.5.22

You can download the game Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG from APP STORE.


Play as a cunning rogue, a brutal warrior, or a mysterious Seeker wielding arcane magic. Or create your own class and play as who- or whatever you want to be! Start playing today, create a unique deck with access to over 300 cards and see how far you can venture into the corrupted lands of Umbris.


Every step of your heroic journey offers new tactical choices to improve your deck and strategy. Collect cards that match your playstyle, avoid disastrous events and build your strategy before the forces of evil overwhelm you.


Dawncaster offers unique mechanics to even the most veteran card game players. Though most of the gameplay should feel familiar, the ability to combine class mechanics into deck building, weapons, enchantments, and its unique energy system are exciting additions to the card game genre!


Discover the mystery of the missing ‘Dawncaster’, a hero of legend who has been lost in the corrupted realm of Umbris. Slay monsters and explore the darkest depths of a desperate world through handcrafted illustrations, dialogue and shape its future through your choices.


Dawncaster is offered as a complete deck builder cardgame. You get access to all cards, classes, and content with your purchase. No need to buy packs, tokens, or waste time on timers or ads. Future content will be offered through expansions at the same, single price per adventure kind of deal.


With randomized encounters, unique classes, and choices to explore, playtime could easily reach the tens of hours for those that enjoy a challenge! Additional difficulty options are available for those that seek to push the limits of their strategic insight (and/or luck).


As a (very) small indie development studio we’d love to hear from you on our discord server. Drop in, give us your feedback and/or support, and get involved in the next step for Dawncaster.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pfeMG9c
Website: https://dawncaster.wanderlost.games

Updated on 23rd November 2022

  • Added a ‘create random character’ mode
  • Fixed a bug in the Shredder talent
  • The merchant should no longer be available after sacrificing him
  • Rune of Persistence and Sharpening Stone are now Grounded
  • New talent added: Bastion

Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG Reviews

One of the best Roguelike deckbuilders we’ve ever played. Really awesome community who come up with some crazy builds and a dev that acknowledges them and shares in the discussion. We dont know how many hours we’ve sunk into this game, maybe 300+ at this point, but its truly a gem.

One of the best deckbuilders we’ve ever played! Dearest devs, please, please, please add very visible tracking of which difficulties we’ve beaten with which class! We know Im not the only one who finds that kind of thing super motivating. See Ring of Pain or Monster Train for examples of this tracking done really well. We literally have 10x time in those rougelike deckbuilders relative to the many others we’ve played for that exact reason alone.

Wow! This deck builder is great. Nice little story, good variation of enemies. Even better variation of tactics for each class. Really loving it so far. Will definitely be picking up the expansions soon. Nice work!

The App will open but will only go 3% before starting over again and again. Have redownloaded twice still will not start.

We’ve played several Card Roguelikes, more especially lately. Games like Slay The Spire, Slice and Dice and Across the Obelisk are among the better games we’ve played in the genre. But the mobility and replay potential of this game has taken up hours of our free time. Youre given a few classes to start from. Each class has a weapon, a weapon power, and a signature card that you can swap out as you level up your characters by slaying monsters and completing runs. On top of that, the cards are unique and fun, and make the game just different enough each run. We’ve easily logged 50 hours into this game and Im surprised at the potential deck builds we could come up with. You can chain electric abilities together for tons of quick damage, or burn your opponent with bury and forecasting combos with the Arcanist. Or play as a rogue, where you can volley your enemies with an onslaught of arrows, or literally charm them to death. Surprisingly, the story isnt all that bad. Its simple enough, and there are choices you can make that change other things up a little. Overall, very enjoyable. We also cant speak to this fact for sure, but it seems like the creators of the game are constantly making improvements. There were a few bugs we noticed with cards not working as intended, and a few hours later an update fixed it. Overall this is a great game for those who enjoy fun challenges, and we recommend getting this, as well as the expansion packs. Theyre well worth the money, and there are 60 dollar games that you will beat in less time and get bored of.

This is polished and fun, streamlined and lots of builds and classes to experiment with. Loving this so far, plan to get the expansions. This deserves even more attention keep up the good work guys! Add a monk class!

First and foremost the game is great for any roguelike/deck building fans. But what we really want to talk about is this style of game developing. Its not a f2p micro transaction nightmare, a clumsy port or a shallow clickbait. No, you can tell the devs put a lot of love into it and decided to not only respect you as a player but the game it self. If you see this devs we hope you are rewarded and we wish you all the best on this game and future projects!

We cant overstate how impressed we are by this game. Excellent deckbuilding mechanics with RPG elements and lots of different varieties of gameplay. Good sound design, solid music, great art, tons of replayability all for a decent price. The game can get a little repetitive if you dont download the DLCs but they are very appropriately priced and definitely worth picking up after awhile if you enjoy the base game. We will definitely be on the lookout for other games by this developer. Very few games scratch the slay the spire itch well without completely copying it but this game does so very well.

Beautiful, detailed graphics, plays in portrait mode, and quite challenging. No crashes – its very solid on our 13 Pro. If you like Slay the Spire, give this a try.

Very annoying dlc why does every enemy haveEvasion?? It destroys a lot of deck builds. Also fighting the annoying statue guy 3 times?!? Seems very lazy and he isnt fun to play against at all.. Lowered stars until you fix this area.

We’ve put a couple hundred hours into this game since its launch on iOS and without a doubt its one of the best games released on a mobile platform. Somehow the developers have pretty well balanced all of these different class to fit different play styles. In a world where gaming companies have actively worked to exploit the worst tendencies in people in order to extract vast sums of money, these guys make a simple well crafted product that will stand the test of time. Everyone should support passion projects like this!

Right up with the best roguelites card games next to Slay the Spire for mobile and man is this game great. Only just bought it and been so worth it. Will definitely buy the dlc and buy future ones as always! Only thing we can say is definitely would like the option to increase game speed even more if possible!

Great game. Great developer support. Amazing discord community. 5 starts all around.

Nice job with this one. Highly enjoyable and fair priced. Please keep up the good work. Will buy all dlc.

This deckbuilder is one of the best we’ve played in some time! There are the classic, single-color classes that can focus on a number of strategies, but the addition of multi-colored classes is a game changer. Theres a huge amount of versatility and creativity even with the randomness of rewards and encounters. If youre interested in a challenge (Meteorfall and Slay the Spire come to mind) with a little bit of MTG and the ambiance of Diablo, you have found the right game. Happy building!

We’ve played a lot of deck builders. It is our favorite type of mobile game. This one has kept us invested the longest after 200 hours in StS. Great classes. Huge variety of build possibilities. Very, very active devs that really care about the game. If you like deck builders, Buy it and the two expansions (and maybe a cup of coffee). Worth it.

We’ve been playing for several months now, and enjoy this game. We look forward to more expansions coming out, like today. It needs more content and surprises.

We’ve been playing Dawncaster for a long time now. We’ve seen it grow and improve and have loved it every step of the way. There are many classes that you can chose from and each one feels different and unique. The game also doesnt force you to play a certain way, all play styles are welcomed and experimenting is encouraged. The game plays in portrait mode (HUGE PLUS) as we wont play games in landscape mode. Overall this game will keep you entertained for hours upon hours and its only a few dollars. Worth every penny and worth every minute spent playing it. Thank you Reyality for making such an enjoyable game for us.

This is so addictive! Obvious similarities to Slay the Spire, but with rpg elements that add a sense of progress between runs. We played a lot of Arcanist, and we beat the game as Knight. We’ve played for hours, but Im still excited to explore the other classes and unlock more starting weapons. This might be the best mobile game we’ve played.

We played the game for about two hours before it sold us on buying the dlc pack too. We’ve been put about 15 hours on it over the past few days. We imagine Ill have well over a 100 hours minimum playing this game. Thats ten cents per hour of entertainment. Movie tickets are like twenty bucks for an hour or two. So much value and replayability in this game.

Hello love the game and the fact that you support it with updates and expansions. Our only constructive criticism is that the difficulty curve between normal and difficult is too steep. If anyone from developers team is reading this we would suggest try playing maximum level Arcanist. With this class on normal difficulty we are able to wipe the floor with enemies. But on Difficult setting the balance seems way too much bias in the enemys favor by the third stage. Try playing for yourself and see. It needs serious tweaking by not much honestly IMO lowering the damage by a 1-8 would make a difference. Thanks for creating a great game and would suggest you continue to make DLC for this title because it has great replay ability.

We bought the game and was really looking forward to playing. However our iPhone 10 15.4 gets too hot so its unplayable :(

There are many free games out there that have more content available. The game play is fun and they have tons of class with unlocks, but every play through is the exact same. They charge another $4.99 for one set of additional areas which should included in app purchase. Regret paying money for this game to only have to pay more for extra content. Doesnt seem right.

There are some interesting ideas here, and a lot of character customization to unlock, but it is a big grind to do so. Which would be fine, except that the game is super repetitive in each run. Each stage has a static boss, so this is really limiting in build diversity.

If you read this, this probably wont affect you and you should definitely try out this game. But to the devs, we left the game while the card upgrade thing was going on, and we when we restarted the game(also after downloading the new update) now the game wont so anything. It opens up, and brings up the area title card, but it does nothing from there. It also doesnt save, since the run duration keeps resetting every time we go back to the menu. Please fix this, as we had a rally good run going, and was literally about the face the final boss. Our thoughts would be that some variable to spawn the cards never got turned off or on? Like maybe the game thinks its still waiting for us the select a card to upgrade, so it doesnt spawn them in? Just food for thought. Edit: Well, we gave up on the run, but thanks anyways for fixing it! Hope you have a great day!

We cant dock stars for a personal preference Excellent game design and balance. We would pay 2x more for an RPG game that wasnt pseudo progression like Rogue-like, lite and all these rogue clone fads. After 1 game we realized welp thats about itRPGs have always been about character development and story progression. When our character evaporates so does our motivation to play again we guess Rogue games cater to the Tinder mindset wham bam thank ya mam.

Crashes consistently at 3% load on start, iOS 12.5.5. Would love to try it but cant get past opening screen. Tried reinstalling, same thing.

Very good rouge deck builder with advancement options. Great game, worth it!

We dont write many reviews, but this game we felt is deserving of some love. If you enjoy games like Slay the Spire or other such games, then you already know what to expect. This game is fairly standard in regards to gameplay and features common to the genre. However, its presentation and style is much better. Honestly, one of the best deck builders we’ve played. Some things that do set it apart aside from the art, which is fantastic, is the weapon system. When you start a run, you pick a class, weapon, and starting card. What weapon you choose effects more than just your starting attack cards. Many cards say make a basic attack as well as other effects. The hatchets for instance deal two attacks when played from the right or left most position in your hand (called flanking), so would any other card that includes a basic attack. This results in some truly unique builds, and the experience of playing the same class with different weapons feels quite different. We also like the way exploration isnt just picking a path on a map, but is instead drawn from a deck, with any card that isnt an opportunity card being shuffled back into the deck when not chosen. This means you can fight EVERY monster, rest at EVERY camp etc. The effects and card interactions is also really well thought out and some of which (like flanking) we’ve never seen before and lets you make some interesting things. Our most powerful deck ever consisted of exactly 5 cards. One hand. And with it, we killed the final boss in a single turn. Ill probably never get lucky enough to remake it. But Im going to have lots of fun seeing what else we can make!

Great to pick up for short or long bursts. Nice balance with the enemies and randomness. Never feels too unfair or grindy.

If you enjoy deck builders give this a go. Fair upfront pricing, no micro transactions or other nonsense, just a solid game with active development and awesome devs. The difficulty curve can be a bit extreme so we recommend starting on normal if you are experienced with the genre and going from there once you have identified comfortable strategies. There are a lot of surprising combos and depth that you can pull off once you start to understand card interactions and events. Enjoy!

We bought this game because one of the top reviews mentioned it was like Ascension. It is not. Every run feels like a chore. We have been playing it almost non stop for 2 days now and we dont feel good at the end of any of the runs. We literally keep wishing the next enemy will kill us just so that the run finishes.

This game has become our most played game these past few weeks according to the screen time app statistics. Very addicting and love that the developer is actively updating this game!

A rogue-lite deckbuilder with masterful gameplay mechanics and art. The dev team is engaged with players and updating content on a constant basis; recently there was a free (and brilliant) card expansion. The game has enormous replay value- there are 6 classes with numerous unlockables, and the card and level up bonus pool is deep enough to make every run different. If you want difficulty, the enhanced difficulty settings can provide a formidable challenge. Overall, this is an incredible value for the price. Hundreds of hours of gameplay if you want it, and more content on the way. As a 1000+ hour Slay the Spire player, this is by far our favorite mobile game of all time.

We really have enjoyed this game. Its fun trying to build a deck and create a strong character. The recent update has been a little disappointing for us. There are a number of cool builds that seem fun to try but the number of class cards seems to have increased making it hard for the new cards you want to show up after a battle. We have a fully leveled up warrior and we have not won a game (even on normal difficulty) since the update. The developers seem really responsive and attentive to players feedback so Im holding out hope for a new version that makes us want to start playing again on a daily basis.

The overall presentation is amazing and there appears to be a lot of replay value with the variety of classes and cards. Im looking forward to playing more.

Theres not much to say here. If you like deckbuilders, this is an automatic buy. Its one of the very best on the App Store, and thanks to ongoing developer support it keeps getting better.

Really enjoying this so far. Doesnt take too long to learn the basics and its easy to play a bit here and there without doing it all in one go. We do wish it would sync to our iPad though, Id have to start all over there if we wanted to play on that.

We’ve watched our health bar drain to zero twice now after ending our turn. This happened both times for no possible reason except that maybe we were playing while app auto-updated and became incompatible with newer version. Still, a warning would be nice. Its a huge waste of time when a game of higher difficulty can take up to 3 hours or more!

The infested direwood just spams evasion, we dont have enough energy to do any damage and Im stuck battling them for over 5 minutes its a regular enemy, it should be that difficult to defeat.

We want to start by saying that we genuinely like and enjoy this game. We have purchased this game on both IOS and Android. The overall narrative and the game mechanics are solid. Our biggest issue with the game is the balancing. There are 7 classes but only 2-3 are actually viable. The devs are constantly nerfing the classes for the sake of ‘balancing’ but all that does is make the weak classes even weaker. And here’s the biggest issue, some of the enemies are so cheap and broken that if you don’t FTK them, they will one-hit kill you. And there’s one that comes back to life with 25hp everytime you kill it so you have to kill it again in the same turn (not happening with most of these classes). Anyways, the game is still fun with the classes that actually work but we’re afraid those classes will be nerfed into the next dimension soon because the devs seem to think people don’t enjoy completing their runs. Please do better. P.S- That new ‘performance’/’charm’ mechanic for the Rogue ain’t it chief.

So its a pretty cool game that steals or borrows from other good games and puts its own unique spin. Its not worth paying because the mid level random dudes are punishing in a way that cant be accurately described. Anyways, not a waste of money but a waste of potential.

Im loving this deck builder so much, we wouldnt hesitate to purchase expansions or maybe a variant on the gameplay formula such as a Sci-Fi Fantasy or possibly a Cyberpunk theme, if the Developer considers it. From playing various other card games, this game mostly reminds us of Ascension, MTG, and Fate Hunters. What works for us here is that we can play at it at our own leisure, solo without any human competition. The game has high replay value as you get to level up and unlock various items among the 7 classes you can choose from. Dying on your first few runs is not a penalty but rather a means of learning what your facing up against when it comes to the enemies youll encounter and the various card types you can choose from or whether or not you should accept certain cards as youre building your deck. NO IAP IN ORDER TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME. Its a pure premium game that screams the quality most mobile gamers are searching for. The atmosphere, music, sound effects, and artwork stand out and are very well done. We highly recommend it if youre a fan of deck building games. It didnt take us long to pick up the games first expansion, after doing a few runs. Trust that you will lose track of time playing it. Pure fun!

The devs are very active in the community and always welcoming change. Absolutely hop into the Discord. The game is easily worth the asking price as we’ve sunk probably 20-30 hours into it already. Still needs some tweaking, which they’re always working on, so we’re not concerned at all.

Normally, we do not write reviews. The developers of this game have made something special. We find this to be more engaging than Slay the Spire, and other deckbuikder rogue-like games on iOS. The game has been updated many times, and everytime it keeps getting better, especially with the recent DLC and 2.0 release! Keep up the good work!

Its the only one where we’ve put a 8+ hours into our first play through. Its engaging and very well done. Idk what it is but we enjoyed this one more then any of the others we’ve tried(almost all the other card rouge-likes available). We hope they continue to build on it and perfect it. Good job guys, please dont give up on this.

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