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AirTycoon 4


AirTycoon 4 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TRADEGAME Lab Inc., AirTycoon 4 is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th June 2015 with the latest update 2nd June 2019

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


107 people have rated 1.4.9

You can download the game AirTycoon 4 from APP STORE.


Welcome to AirTycoon 4! – Authentic turn based airline management simulation single player game based on ‘Air Tycoon Online 2’ which is being loved by world wide players.

Build and manage worldwide airline with detailed statistic management support!
Now, passengers in the world are ready to on board to your airline!


  • Customized turn based game by player
  • Play and compete with max 24 AI players
  • Vivid and gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Various game setting
  • Include 150 real airplane models and 500 airports world wide
  • Diversified airport and route management
  • Upgradable airplanes and airports
  • Buy and sell used airplanes
  • Detailed and various type of map
  • Management of passenger and cargo routes
  • Historical real time background
  • No internet connection needed

[Game Tips for Beginners]

  • Keep lower than 30% of lease planes.
  • Open a new route at high business/tour level and less(or no) competitive cities.
  • Keep maximize advertisement and service investment.
  • Keep lower level of salary as they are satisfied.
  • Keep the airplane operating at maximum.
  • Make schedules as the same as ‘Available schedule by Planes’.
  • Adjust airfares always.
    • Raise the fare when the occupancy is 100%.
    • Down the fare when the occupancy is lower than 70%
  • Do not be obsessed on your existing routes.
    • Close the route resolutely which has many competitors and do not earn money.
    • Find a new undeveloped golden route constantly.
  • Minimize Cost
    • Minimize office, counters
    • Minimize unused slots
    • Use fuel tank and buy fuel by wholesale
  • Maximize profit
    • Run a maintenance depot and lounge on your hub airports (not all airports).
      You can save 30% of maintenance cost and increase the business and first class passengers
      (An airport having many routes is a hub airport.)

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Updated on 2nd June 2019

iPhone X & XS screen support
Minor Bug fix

AirTycoon 4 Reviews

When we play this game in easy level the AI will start growing rapidly and causing them to be huge airlines while you have to try complete against them. They should really make the AI less OP.

Enjoy this game on our iPad but its not syncing between that and our iPhone. Please help!

Is there going to be an update focused on the review advise? Any update at all or did the developers kill the game? It would be such a shame to see it go. Such a good game :/

We think the landing simulations are rigged because we cant even slow the plane down when we landed the plane at the beginning of the runway and it will still fall off the runway at THE END.

Pay to …… You are unable to make money and buy new airplanes unless pony up $2.99 for 800k every few years, even on easy mode it is impossible.

This game is amazing and play it all the time but since the last update we cant get past the city screen because the screen is zoomed in. Really hope they fix this soon we wan get to building our airline empire.

Ever since the last update the game is zoomed in. We cant even get past the city selection screen because the next button is blocked.

Using an iPhone XS Max. We play this game pretty much all the time and now its so zoomed we t hat we cannot play it any more. It was fine the way it was before but now its just not working at all.

Since the new update, the screen zoomed in to the point where u can no longer select certain buttons. For example, when attempting to buy fuel in bulk, the buy button on the bottom right is no longer available since the screen is so zoomed in. Please fix this.

Great Game!!! There needs to be an update to add the 787-10, change the 777-8x and 777-9x to just the 777-8 and 9 (dropping the x), change Bombardier CS-series to Airbus A220-series.

We’ve had this game for quite a bit when we used Android. It’s one of the best games we have ever played. We bought it again here, and we are sure it will not disappoint.

Well we love this game but 2 of the things that we think should be in the next update are when you look in the airport view, it is just a social island like sure it has roads but where do this passengers come from? We would like a highway connection with cars going about it. And another thing is when you are creating a new route, It would be great if it told you how many schedules in a week it could make instead of checking and screwing around with the slots in the airport(s). But we still love this game and you should try it. Its worth the 3 bucks anyway.

This game is a lot of fun and we highly recommend it if you enjoy airline manager games. There are a few things keeping the game from being great. One of them is the game ending at 2030. It would be nice if they extended that till at least 2040 so we could take better advantage of the modern jets like the A350 and 787s. Also jets that are currently still available in the real world, for example the A333, A332, and A319 randomly stop production and stop being sold in the game. Unfortunately there is no advanced notice that a manufacturer will stop production of an aircraft model.

The Air Tycoon series from this app developer is much loved by us – we play it both online and offline (with this paid app). We definitely think that this game has so much more potential to be realistic. Im also not loving that there is no way to lease a plane on the offline Air Tycoon 4 app. Also, airports seem to stop be upgrading when it reaches max. Capacity (2600/2600 slots). Thats annoying. However – the MOST – annoying part of this game that we absolutely hate is the fact that there is a game play limit. After building your airline empire for so much years to where it is successful and realistic, it will END at year 2030. That makes absolutely ZERO sense. Like why pay $4.99 for an app and you cant play it all that you want. You have to start all over if you want to play again. Simply just let us keep playing……… Dont set a period where it will cut off. Thats the main reason for only 3 stars. Its good but not great.

PLEASE ADD THE A321neo and the A319neo.

This is a great game but u should add an unlimited mode so the turns never end. It is annoying when u get so far and than eventually run out of turns. Besides that this is an incredible game.

Really fun game you can kill some time with. Basically you have to ignore the AI or you will go crazy. The AI even on easy is too hard and grows exponentially compared to what you can do. Other reviews have said the same thing.

Dont get us wrong but this game is good during the first few years but it becomes heavily pay to win. We did everything correctly and we continued to lose money. They need to get rid of that pay to win method they force you into after the first few years.

We absolutely love this game, it is a great game with a great concept and ot is very entertaining to play. We jave a few problems with it though. Our first problem is that Im having trouble with closing routes. For some reason we cannot close several routes and we dont know why, it is very annoying because we have gotten very far and now Im stuck, losing money with an air route that wont delete, even after closing the route. Our second and problem is that the game lets you buy in game currency, but it doesnt carry over to new saves. Say we buy A. Ampount of in game currency with real money, and our save file crashes or something happens along those lines, and Im stuck with a new file and A. Amount of money wasted. Our third and final problem is that the landing mode in the game is so redundant that we dont even do it. If you do it wrong then you lose money which is rediculous for a little mini game withing the game. Our other problem with this landing mode is that you cant calibrate once youre in it, and the physics are horrible! You cant even flare the plane and the flaps barely do a thing to your speed or altitude! These are our problems with the game and we hope that they get fixed.

We like this game, but it seems like a work in progress.

Really fun! The ai is hard to play against though.

Overall it is very nice and accurate, the only problem we have is the free play isnt entirely do anything you want, we would like it if you added a mode that gives you an infinite amount of money so you could create your own airline empire. Also there is a bug with the tutorial if you start before or after the 737 600 is available you will be stuck on the part that tells you how to buy an airplane. Overall it is good but just add a infinite money option and fix the tutorial and then it would be perfect.

A great game and all fun and creative but for those who just want to fool around and not have to worry about losing money you should add a game mode called sandbox.

We already paid for this game and still need to pay to win. Have you lost your maid. Ok let say you the developer need money. Well easy… Just put 737 or 707 for free And the rest of plane need to pay 1 dolar. And also need 1 dolar for each aditional for your plane.. Oh oh you can set rate below the AI with 2 dolar. Sound good right?? That our idea if you want to robber people just do it with huge money because the sin is still same.

Why the hell are there ads in a game we paid for? Why are there still micro-transactions in a game we paid for?

We love this company, but airline tycoon is not one of our favorite series by them. And now that we updated our iPad to ios11, the only games we liked are now incompatible. We tried emailing them about a month ago, and they havent replied still. Horrible games, they outdated the good ones, and terrible customer service. WORST COMPANY EVER.

We bought this game because airtycoon online’s term of turn is too long 2hour for each turn. But can you make another paid virsion of airtycoon online? For shorter term about 15minutes or 5minutes various and alternative game mode. That would make much appeal to gamers.

This game is fantastic from start to finish. First off, it isn’t a "pay to play" game, which means you can actually have fun and unlock all aspects of the game with just the purchase price. The economy is very realistic, with amazing plane purchase options, intimate route combinations, fun aspects of route building (I.e. Food options, inflight amenities) and so much more. There is even a landing simulator minigame if you get bored of the near-endless evolving strategy/business sim aspects of the main game. We’ve played far too many hours of this game and couldn’t recommend it more. We just hope they keep making sequels/upgrades to this game–I would purchase any and all, and recommend you do the same.

It’s a very good game, our airline has a hub in LA and has 85 routes to the US, Canada and Latin America currently making around 200,000k per month! It’s a really good game and we’ll soon be making routes to Oceania, Europe and Asia! After that expansion we plan to focus on NYC! It’s a very great game with a lot of things going for it… But it lags, a lot! We had to replace the same routes 3 times because it wouldn’t stop lagging!

Have more then your regular airliners. More small regional aircraft or small private charter planes.

This game seems fun but it’s pretty complex and there are ALOT of problems with the writing. It seems like the instructions and menus have been run through Google translate or written by a 13 year old. This is makes understanding the specifics of a very complex simulation game unnecessarily frustrating and confusing.

Thanks for the updates, we love this game, been buying them all since the 1st, but there is 1 deal breaker. Once the Airports reach 2600 slots, its over for that city. Could you add more slots, or do as with the online version and let us add up to 3 airports? We thought this update was to address that, we guess not.

If we could give zero stars we would. Can’t even get passed the tutorial just freezes when it tells you to buy a plane. If you’re gonna charge money for an app then the first hour or so of gameplay at least should run smoothly not 2 minutes of gameplay.

Don’t bother buying that game. It froze in the tutorial when we had to buy our first plane.

Everything seems okay, except we just noticed we can sell any airport we don’t actually own, over and over, make easy money, then buy whatever we want!!!

New update just make the game crashing and much slower And there is no new plane or any other features we would like to suggest for some more updates 1. Extension of the Aircraft Lifespan In real life ,Airlines can extend the aircraft lifespan up to 40 years both for passenger and Cargo. We still need aircraft like MD-11 or B747-400 in 2030 2. Conversion of Passenger aircraft to Cargo aircraft like BDSF, BCF in real life 3. Add more aircraft :Convair ,ATR ,B787-10,A321neo, A319neo, C-130 ,B717, Farchild Dornier 4. Add more regional airports Thanks 5. Add leased aircraft in 2000-2030.

This is more a question than a review although we love the game. We’re curious to know with Airbus and Boeing releasing new aircrafts in the coming year is air tycoon going to update to bring in the new aircrafts.

Love this game! But we have some great ideas for you and if you have to make at5 from this we will pay but we would appreciate an update instead. Add more regional airports and add the other airports in cities that have more than one cause DFW came after DAL Chicago midway was before ORD New York has JFK EWR and LGA. Make airports more like the real versions. ADD more slots in airports because we know that huge airports get more than 2,600 slots. Make it an option to have Regional Cargo or low cost Lines as subsidiaries. Make timeline from 1930s to 2030 so you can have an airlines before the jet age. Make better paint job options. Make logos to where you can have the logo what ever color you want and add more logos. Make rivals have better paint jobs cause really that’s the worst thing about this game. Make alliances available. Make mergers possible. Add the emb120,135,140 and 145 ad every brand of commercial aircraft like Convair aerospatial Hawker canadair de havilland de havilland canada and more. Make it an option to design you employees uniforms. Make it an option to have an airline mag as well as a points card. Make it an option to choose where on the tail you want your logo and an option to choose where you want your name. Allow special liveries on planes of your choice. Make better flight simulator. Allow seasonal routes. Make it an option to design your seats as well as your terminals in the airports you fly to. Add catering services. Make planes more realistic. When you order a plane make the layout map actually match the plane. Allow slogans. And headquarters. Please make this a reality we will do anything for it Thank you for your time. Love John Thomas Guenter.

Good game but there should be some custom maps.

We like the game, but we find myself not wanting to continue playing after a while because there is not enough change. We would like to be able to make new airports in cities and have more airports in the game, have awards throughout the game that earns you rewards, and especially be able to form alliances and codeshares. For the people that constantly complain that the AI is too hard to beat, you need to find a good city and buy a few cheap planes, lease as many Boeings as possible, and upgrade some.

We want you to add more plane ok?

Some reviews say they do not understand anything blah blah blah… This game is most likely going to appeal to aviation fans who understand these things better than others. It’s a great game and series, with new and exciting additions every game. This is the best game, along with Air Tycoon 2 online, that we own!

Love the game and we agree with the adding of default logos we think it be nice.

Where has this app been all our life? Good business apps are tough to come by; having suffered through dozens on the app store, we should know. AT4 is one of the best airline sims we’ve ever played on any platform, and probably the best we’ve found on the app store. For fans of real business games, think Trevor Chan’s Capitalism 2, but just for airlines. You can just go with default settings or you can dive into details and optimize everything from seat spacing to in-flight meals. Graphics are very nice, there are more customization options than you can shake a stick at, it doesn’t devolve into gimmickry or stupidity, and its business modeling is sound. The only odd part (not bad, just unconventional) is that it’s turn based and not realtime, but frankly, it makes the game that much better; you can pick it up and put it down as you like. Yes, it has an IAP option, but it’s really only as a money cheat code; if you can run a solid business, you’ll never need it. This game is a solid A+!

  1. make AI easier to beat 2) make AI have customizable livery, name, starting hub, starting year, and strategy (big airline, small airline, cargo). This way Air Korea isn’t bright yellow and pink starting in Atlanta while Czech Air is starting in Hong Kong. This allows us to customize our games more and allows us to create competition where we want it (I.e. A small airline in America like Southwest). Otherwise a 5/5.

We really like the game but, like the online version (air tycoon 2) can you add the possibility to open a 2nd airport because it’s 1978 and Amsterdam, Paris, London, Athens, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, And a few others city’s are at max capacity. But overall great game.

We love this game us and our dad always play this game! We wish you could build a new airport in this game tho we mad Atlanta our hub and we ran out of slots so we couldn’t fly out of there anymore! You guys should definently consider adding more cities such as Tulsa, Wichita etc. Also add the feature to be able to play multiplayer with a friend and play against computer players…

Love playing this game. Extremely realistic economy, planes, routes etc.. We especially love this game because it isn’t a "pay to play." And Air Tycoon 4 is a huge improvement over the previous version. It’s become much easier to expand your network because you don’t have to wait a month before getting a slot. You can add and drop airport slots instantly. It also remembers your previous plane order so you don’t have to waste time adjusting seat pitch, class ratio, and cabin features every single time you purchase aircraft.

This game is great, but there is one thing that is very unrealistic and ruins competition between the computer player. International law doesn’t allow foreign domestic routes, so in the real world, an airline based in Japan cannot fly a route from LA to New York in the us, because it’s not legal. Something for the developers to think about.

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