State of Survival Battlefield Advancement Guide

State of Survival: Battlefield Advancement Guide

Set in a world of Zombie Apocalypse, State of Survival is a strategy survival game. These are the must know rules in every battle.

Must-know Stat-calculation Rules when Rallying

A player’s Battle Stat Bonus is crucial to the outcome of each battle. But do you know whether your stats are calculated into the team stats when your Alliance joins a rally or garrison? Or how Stats and Talents are calculated if the team has an Aircraft?

After reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of how Stats are calculated!

When the Alliance launches a rally attack:

  • Usually, the Rally initiator will be the captain. All troops in the Rally share the same Battle Stat Bonuses with the captain.
  • All Hero Skills among the captain’s Troops, as well as the Aircraft Component Stats and Talents (only those Stats applicable to the captain are effective), will take effect and stack with the Team Stats.
  • For each member participating in the Rally, only the effect of the first Skills from the primary Heroes (Captains) in the dispatched squads will be calculated. This means that the 4 first Skills of the highest level will take effect in the Rally.
  • The Talents of team members with the highest Aircraft Star Level will take effect in each Rally.
  1. There are a limited number of Talents that can take effect. You can see this number in "Talent Details."
  2. The Talents brought by the team members will only take effect when applicable to Rally members.

In short, when initiating a Rally, you should have the player with the highest Stats in the Alliance as the Rally initiator. Additionally, this player should also bring the correct Aircraft Talents.

When the Alliance is in garrison:

  • For buildings in the HQ or on the map of the player in garrison, such as the Capital or Fortress, the Stat mechanic of the troops will be somewhat different from when initiating a Rally.
  • The garrison commander shown in the game will provide Garrisoned Troops with Aircraft Talent Bonuses (only Talents that are applicable to the garrison commander will take effect).
  • For each player participating in the garrison, the Talent Rules are the same as when rallying.
  • The stats in Garrison are equal to the stats of the player with the highest Battle Stats in the entire garrison troop. (The player with the highest sum of [Research – Battle] Power, [Chief Talent – War] Power, Hero Power, Hero Gear Power, Chief Gear Power and Chief Badge Power in the rally queue)


Normally, when rallying troops seize battlefield buildings such as Fortresses and Towers, the Rally captain automatically becomes the garrison commander. However, Chiefs need to be aware that when the player with the highest Stats among the Troops retreats, the stats of the entire garrison will change accordingly.

Making good use of these Stat effect rules can make Alliance rallies twice as effective.

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