State of Survival Troop Formation For PvP

State of Survival troop formation pvp

State of Survival is a heavily PvP focused game. Most events will require attacking other players to some extend like Capital Clash, Reservoir Raid, and Facility Fight just a few to name. If you have been playing the game for awhile, you might have noticed troop formation will have a big impact on the outcome of any battle.


Troop formation is the most debated subject in State of Survival and honestly speaking, there is no more than one answer to it depending on the strength and troop formation of your opponent. We will try to help you understand your troops better and give suggestions for a better troop formation especially for PvP.

Troop Types and Sub-classes

In State of Survival, there are 3 main troop types, each stronger against one type and weaker against the other. Think of it like rock, paper, and scissors. From each troop type, it is further broken down into two sub-classes, like for Infantry there is Shield and Shotgun.

The 3 main types of troops are:

  • Infantry: Very high defense, but weak in attack. They are the meat shields.
  • Rider: Average defense and higher attack than Infantries. Riders are the second line of defense after Infantries.
  • Hunter: Low defense, but highest damage troops. Hunters are the main damage dealer in your troop composition and stays behind Infantries and Riders.

Troop sub-classes and their specialization:

  • Shields (Infantry): Shields have increased defense against Bows.
  • Shotguns (Infantry): Shotguns have increased defense against Riders.
  • ATVs (Rider): ATVs cause increased damage against Infantry.
  • Bikers (Rider): Bikers cause increased damage against Hunters. They can sometimes bypass Infantry to cause damage against Hunters directly.
  • Bows (Hunter): Bows cause increased damage against Infantry.
  • Snipers (Hunter): Snipers cause increased damage against Riders. They can sometimes bypass Infantry to cause Damage against Riders directly.

Troop Stats

There are 4 main categories which makes up a troop’s basic stats:

  • Attack determines the basic damage of troop.
  • Defense reduces the damage taken.
  • Lethality determines the casualty inflicted in an attack.
  • Health determines how many damage the troop can take before being killed.

During a battle, the difference between Attack and Defense between attacker and defender will determine the basic damage. Lethality will go against opponent’s troop Health to determine how likely the troop will be killed.

Plasma Troop Bonuses

Plasma skills are unlocked at Troop Plasma level 3.

  • Infantry Electric Barrier: After the Infantry’s weapons are transformed via electricity, there is a 25% probability that they will form a power barrier to resist 36% damage.
  • Rider Static Shockwave: Rider vehicles are equipped with electrostatic generators that have 10% chance of dealing double damage to target.
  • Hunter Plasma Pulse: Hunter’s weapons will have 20% chance to shoot out a plasma pulse and deal 50% damage.

Best PvP Troop Formations

Without setting up a troop formation, the game automatically set an equal troop formation of 33% for Infantry, Rider, and Hunter. This is not necessarily bad for attacking Infected but it is totally different when attacking other players. Troop formation will determine whether you are victorious or defeat.

We have tested and these are the best troop formations depending on strength of opponent.

  1. Similar strength opponent where the fight is close: 50% Infantry, 25% Rider, 25% Hunter.

  2. Stronger opponent and you have a chance of losing the fight: 60% Infantry, 20% Rider, 20% Hunter.

  3. Weaker opponent and you are confident of winning the battle: 33% Infantry, 33% Rider, 33% Hunter.