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All-In Poker


All-In Poker is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Birdsoft LLC, All-In Poker is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 20th August 2009 with the latest update 24th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7 people have rated 3.02

You can download the game All-In Poker from APP STORE.


Ten Different Poker Games including No Limit Hold ‘Em.

All-In Poker is the must have poker game for your iPhone or iPad. Featuring 9 popular limit poker variations in either cash game or single table tournament format, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Hold ‘Em , No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw, and everyone’s favorite No Limit Hold ‘Em.

Games included:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Razz
  • Omaha
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Six Card Stud
  • Five Card Stud
  • Five Card Draw
  • 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball
  • 2-7 Single Draw Lowball
  • Badugi

WARNING: Let me stop you right now and tell you that if you are not serious about poker, and just want a flashy brainless Texas Hold ‘Em variation playing bad AI or real players playing poorly then this is not the title for you. This game is all about true poker, with a tough NLH AI and a bunch of poker variations. There are cheap and free alternatives if that is all you are after.

Become a Real Player.

The Top Pros know that to be good at poker you have to understand all the games. Thats the reason why the multi-game Players Championship at the WSOP is considered by most professionals as the real championship.

All-In Poker offers the most games including 3 of the 5 H.O.R.S.E. games and regular Omaha along with 6 other popular formats. So get All-In Poker to learn and practice more games and become that much better a player. You could find what a lot of the pros know, that something besides Texas Hold ‘Em might just be your real game.

You can play other ‘real’ players with play money over a network with those free games, but does that make you better at poker. Nope, it becomes a joke without real stakes. Our AI has been developed over the last 10 years and is not just an afterthought. It doesn’t cheat, but it has been accused of it. So come play some real poker against smart players.

And enjoy it all with gorgeous graphics including updated high res graphics for the retina display.

Go All-In!

Note: For the very few people who can’t figure it out, you have to finish your current hand to access the options button which let’s you switch games.

Updated on 24th November 2020

Results Screen and Bring In Bet Fixes.

All-In Poker Reviews

This is a perfect simple App to just play Texas Hold’em and other poker games. You can play offline against the "computer" (device) and you don’t have to make any in-app purchases to play. The first game we played it started us with $500 playing with six players. We ended up winning with $3,000. All fake money:-) our children like it, too!

You can choose from 10 games! That is the Biggest feature of our game!! You can also play some games in No Limit or Pot Limit including Hold Em and Omaha. The 1 star reviewer couldnt figure out how to go into options and change the game setting. He even was told this in a support email. But since developers have no control over refunds and he didnt want to pursue one through Apple, he refused to remove the untrue review. He is one of those people. One of those guys that the people that this game was truly meant for crush at the poker tables.. ;) The joys of the Apple review system and policies at work.. Apple feel free to hide this if you get around to removing the false review as well Thanks.

All it is is limit holdem sng and ring game not even close to the $ demanding refund.

The app allows you to play against the computer only, which we guess is fine. There is no bankroll, you start every game with a set amount and any profits are no where to be seen after you exit the current table. Which is fine, but makes it hard to figure out where you’re at long term. Literally, you win about 85% of the time. All your draws get there in 2-7 and badugi. Anyone who’s ever played poker knows, that’s fantasy. It’s like playing a magical game where you always get there and always get paid off. If it were real life you would be a millionaire in a week or so, if not for the restarting at 500 every game. We don’t believe this app offers anything of value if you know how to play the game already. Definitely not worth the $10 it cost. We would request our money back if we could. Also the Badugi game betting structure is only $10 bet on every street. Kind of lame. Also writing your own 5 star review is pretty lame.

Works great. We have several Tex hold um aps. This is hands down best. Well worth the $.

We were looking for something to help improve our Texas Hold’em game. We played online Texas Hold’em apps, but people who play without risk play stupid hands. This game’s AI truly keeps you on your toes and makes you play good poker. The audio and graphics could be improved, but the game’s real purpose isn’t about the flashiness, it’s about helping you to learn to be a better poker player because AI doesn’t play and win stupid hands (it will bluff) that you find people doing in the online games. Price may seem steep, but if you improve your game, what does it matter?

This is a fun way to get some experience playing many different variants of poker. Hold ’em is fun, but so are omaha, stud, triple draw, badugi and all the others.

Good: -no in app purchases -quick, fair play (no computer cheating) -does everything it says, good simulator Bad: -cannot choose amount to bet or raise. You can’t go "all in" unless you have less chips than the predetermined bet amount (10) -could have more game modes -poor value for money -possibly the worst graphics of any game we’ve paid for.

This game opens up to a Texas hold ’em game that you can’t get out of once it starts. We don’t know how you can play the other games because you can’t end the game it opens with. There is an option and help button that appears at the end of each hand but when you hit them they just deal another hand of the Texas hold ’em game that you can’t exit. There’s no way of playing any of the other type poker games. There’s no menu to start or to choose different games. Complete waste of $10. Do not buy!!! This game is just stealing money.

This app is too slow and lacks realistic gameplay. We don’t mean meaningless graphics either, like little thumbnail pictures of people. We mean the actual card play. Birdsoft produced better versions on previous platforms. Like on Windows running in a Dell Axiom PDA. We still play version 2.81 because it is more like the real thing game play wise.

This game is really on the weak side. No score keeping, runs slowly, but worst of all.. IT CRASHES ALL THE TIME. Waste of money, please look elsewhere.

This app feel like something that was made ten years ago. Really. Three dollars. Money back please.

Save your money…. The free ones are better..

We have buyers remorse on this one. Crap.

It’s impossible to adjust the amount of the raise. The slider bar doesn’t work. For example, imagine you hold a good hand in a pot limit game. The pot is $70. Your options are fold, check, or raise $5. Does that sound like fun? If it does, this is your game. We like the idea of a standalone game with no online interaction required, so much so we were willing to pay for it. We were pleased to find that Birdsoft offered this for the iPad. Years ago, we enjoyed an earlier version of this game on a different platform. It had decent AI players and kept the unnecessary graphics and sounds down. Don’t waste your money.

We don’t get it… We see our cards in a game we didnt choose… Don’t buy? It doesn’t work so we can’t say, really.

This is a perfectly fine poker app. Up to a point. It currently sits frozen on our ipod, mid play, right before the flop, our opponent is all in and about to be busted as we have pocket aces. Frozen… That is something we cannot forgive.

We like the variety of games, though they could use a little more animation to be really addictive. Opponents are not very good, but odds are realistic and the game is worth the three bucks.

Asoweme game but BADLY needs a multiplayer mode plus a career mode.

The description of the game clas that four of the five horse games are here and that is simply not true. HORSE omaha is the LO8 variety. Please add Omaha 08. Also it would be great to be able to play a game of horse. Multiple table tourneys would be great as well. App is awesome especially at the 2.99 price.

Lots of game variants and nice looking interface. Solid app.

Def. Could use a career mode. We love the different games. Maybe PLO is coming next?…

We really like having the option to play various games of poker but we especially like the crisp graphics, fast response and great AI interaction. And, the support from the developer is quick and very helpful.

Lots of options to play with. Good AI that doesnt always win. Crisp graffics that doesnt try to overdo itself in needless flash. We’ve played quite a few poker games and this is by far our favorite one. Thanks for a great game. Review brought to you by the iPodlady.

This will be a nice add on to your application list if you like poker. The app has worked flawlessly and totally recommend the same to all. Worth it for the price…

We have been waiting for Birdsoft to port the poker games to the itouch. Thank You. The poker variations rock. We can’t wait til the updates planned are done. After that this will be a extra great game. We would like to see other games like baseball, shotgun and follow the queen. Also the ability to pick wild cards. Keep up the good work. Great buy for $2.99.

Excellent poker app. We like the fact that to play hold ’em, the AI players aint too shabby. Game runs fast and it hasn’t crashed yet. Well worth the money!!! There are other poker games in the app. We’ve been playing during commercials when we’re watching the MLB playoffs and in between NFL games.

We remember using their poker game with Windows Pocket PC prior to the iPhone. Nice mixture of games, graphics are fine but aren’t outstanding, but we’ve always felt that card games are better with simple graphics in exchange for speed of play. We’re hoping that the promised upgrades aren’t tentative based solely on sales; iPhone game buyers really want dependability and continuity with upgrades before latching onto a product/company, not just possibilities. Otherwise, people tend to take their very small investment and dump the app, which is much different than the Windows Mobile world where people pay a lot of money for a game and are more likely to stick with it.

Our husband is a big poker player and has been trying to get us to play. We are very intimidated at the casinos because not sure of exactly all the rules. This has been a great way to learn and a whole lot cheaper. Our husband loves the Omaha! Only complaints… Wish there was a way to keep a running balance that wasn’t cleared when you hit options or change games and wish it was played with iPhone turned other way (volume buttons down) like most other apps.

Nice app. We play it alot because of all the different game choices. O8B and Stud h/l would be a nice addition as would Lowball. Multi-table tournament would also be appreciated. Overall it’s a good app and worth the $.

Only giving it 3 stars cuz of the planned updates. Other then that, as of now the game is garbage. Updates better b good and soon!

We bought it for Omaha, but it does not have a LOW. Too bad. Otherwise the applicatio is average.

In NL holdem, the raise bar gets stuck behind the cancel and raise button making it impossible to bet anything but the minimum raise… Very frustrating!! Otherwise a great concept and game…. Please fix.

This product is essentially lame. The controls are childish and options extremely limited and the play is slow.

Gotta love a game named for something you can’t actually do in the game (I.e. Go All In during Hold ‘Em – yet the computer players can do it ?!?) Very minimal options and settings-wise. A bit sluggish, too. Look around, there are many better playing games out there.

Freezes up or resets you pot to start up in the middle of a game. Seems to have started after a recent upgrade. Wouldn’t buy until the get it fixed.

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