Bingo Caller Machine

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 03:50 pm

Bingo Caller Machine


Bingo Caller Machine is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by App Developers Ltd, Bingo Caller Machine is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st March 2016 with the latest update 14th December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


9 people have rated 1.1

You can download the game Bingo Caller Machine from APP STORE.


Run your own bingo night from your device or connect to a TV for big screen bingo. Perfect for bingo parties, bingo fundraising events, quiet nights in or family fun.

Choose from a selection of colourful themes to customize your bingo night. The themes can be customized further by adding your own party or event name to the screen.

Bingo Caller Machine has 60 ball, 75 ball and 90 ball game modes for all types of bingo.

Professionally recorded voiceover artists speak out the balls as they are drawn. You can choose from either traditional British bingo calls (two little ducks, 22), US-style calls (B-12, N-32, G-58) or just the numbers (two and three, twenty-three).

There are also 5 call speed settings, so you can enjoy fast or slow games as well as the option to turn off automatic calling and call each ball manually.

Bingo Caller Machine works with any bingo cards, you can purchase them or even print out your own bingo cards at home for a quick and easy party bingo night.

Updated on 14th December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Addition of US-style 75 bingo game with US voice calls.
Manual number drawing option added.

Bingo Caller Machine Reviews

Nice but could use another call speed between the current fast and fastest. Difficult to keep up on fastest speed but the game takes to long on the fast speed.

We were looking for an app we could display on our smart tv for bingo with our kids and when we play at family gatherings. This app was the best out of many downloaded. The only issue we had that kept us from giving that fifth star was when the voice caller calls out the G and B letter/numbers. The Gs sound like its saying B so its confusing at times so we have to all be on edge to look up and check. We know to some it may not be a big deal but for the kids and some of our family members that are much older with hearing issues its tricky and at times have to pause the game for them to catch up. Please fix this issue.

It would be nice if specific games could be requested, so some letters arent called. Like specify the letter X game and the letter N numbers wouldnt be called. Or the B & O railroad wouldnt need any I,N or Gs called. More speed options would be useful… Like another review said, between fast and fastest. Otherwise, this app is well worth the money we paid for it. We would pay more for an app that has more options for our community bingo night.

We wish you can see the numbers on the boards before its called, like an actual bingo board.

The sound doesnt work on the most recent release! Please let us know how the fix this and we will change our rating.

All you can see is BINGO you cannot see the numbers until theyre picked. Its kinda blacked out or shadowed over.

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