Among Us!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:09 am

Among Us!


Among Us! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by InnerSloth LLC, Among Us! is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 25th July 2018 with the latest update 21st April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


679,454 people have rated 2022.4.19

You can download the game Among Us! from APP STORE.


A game of teamwork and betrayal …in space! Play online with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone.

Crewmates win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the Impostors off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis. Optional roles create a whole new level of gameplay. Try out the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, or Shapeshifter to create chaos! Think you’re a master of deception? Only one way to find out!

Choose how you want to play! Change the number of Impostors, roles, tasks, player visibility, and more. Play in style as you change your Crewmates’ color, visor, nameplate, outfit, and hat. More customization options are planned to be continually added in.

Cross-platform play is supported. Play with friends (or enemies?) between PC, mobile, or console!

If you have any issues, visit us at:

Updated on 21st April 2022

Minor fixes

Among Us! Review

We love love love your game but have not been able to play it we have a phone that cant update to 13ios and all though we can download it we still cant play it so our advice to anyone who wants the game but doesnt have a new phone its a waste of time but otherwise awesome game and we love it.

We wrote another review idk if you got it but we just wanna say dont remove quick chat we used to be not allowed to play because of safety reasons but when we told our mom about quick chat she approved anyways check our other review if you got it for more info anyways j know that yall added the friend list and we saw you have to sign in to get that but pls put for guests as well because on Fortnite in parental controls it disables chat but you can still friend maybe if people dont want all that stuff on there just add parental controls but while parental controls are on you can still choose your name and add friends or if u dont wanna do that if somebody is just a guess then let them be able to add friends just dont enable free chat please just think about it please please please and if you wanna please let us choose our name too and for all the haters out their YOUR LOSS IS ACTUALLY OTHERS BENEFITS SO DEAL WITH IT HATERS!!!

You should add voice chat because some people cant spell and it would be easier to find out who killed people.

We think among us is a great game honestly so now we are re downloading it to play it and have a great time honestly.


This game is sussier than our uncle.

Thank you guys for making this amazing game, we have a few problems though, so we have noticed that when you do the leaves task when you enter the task it always moves you automatically to the left and it might look kinda sus because the crew mates might think youre faking the task and the other problem is the sign in feature, we dont like that you have to give out your personal information just to do simple thing like typing in the chat it takes away the meaning of the game which is lying to the crew mates making friends playing hide and seek and saying you have a visual task. Thanks ~Haley.

Because we get a lot of stuff also update the game please because we do not like the words thing so please change it and we will keep giving you 5 stars for the rest of our life everyday we promise you.

We Like this game but it needs when you are a engineer we want to be able to say that.

We just recently updated our game with some minor fixes -FYI the Airship Map works again after the friends list update so thank you for fixing this ^w^

We love among us and nothing will change it not even Minecraft so pls give this a 5 star rating.

We are a Chinese people. We know the Among Us is very famous in the United States,so we get and played it. We think its very cool and interesting!

We would really just like to thank Innersloth for allowing us to TYPE what we want to say again. We wonder if you took our suggestion about tags? Or someone elses, but dont you see how that was a much better choice? AND thank you for giving us our dog back. Anyway, we now DO recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something to benge play or if youre just looking for a fun game to play. Its great. And parents dont worry about your children seeing cuss words of anything like that because Innersloth changed it so that it would look like this, ****. So again we do recommend this game!

We love this game hoever made it thankyou and blesss you.

Hello! We love this game we have been playing this game for over 3years now! But now that you need an account to play with friends its getting really annoying, so could you please change that where you put in the game code and then you can join them please? We would really appreciate it if you could change that! Thank you!

We just started pkaying ang is great.

Thanks for making a change about the minors.

Its a cool game and we like it so munch that we cant stop playing it and Im in love with it now.

We love it but there needs to be cooler ships and hats cause our friends and we complain so much about that and we hate it some one needs to puts better ships on the game and better hats and updates plz oh and why do we Make Reviews if we dont get are answers or what we want seriously the ppl who made this game Are stupid like a pig.

We love among us so much but after we left a game and tired to find a new one, it said among us servers says they cant allow it unless you have an account (but guest account works too). We only have a guest account but it wont let us play! Please fix this and if we can fix it by myself please tell us by answering us back:). Love, your fellow among us player.

Wait why are you here? Go download this app now.

Mod Number one make a mafia mod in the game godfather normal imposter janitor king clean up bodies and mafioso Who cant do anything until the godfather is voted out then he becomes The Godfather. Mod number 2 sheriff can kill the imposter but if we dont kill the imposter and kill a crew mate they die. Idea number three Doctor can bring Crewmates back to life.

This is da best game we’ve been playing it for 6 years prob its amazing give it 5 stars.

We loved this game and how you can play with your friend and family and figure out who is the imposter we definitely give this game 5 stars.

We love among us besides teamers we love it.

We’ve been playing among guys since last year? We lost track a couple days ago so now we do not know how many do you guys think. In our dads name is we dont know.?.?.. And we hope you guys all have fun playing it.

We absolutely love this game we would wish there would be a sheriff roll tho we wanna see a sheriff roll we would love that and there should be a map where its every map connected we would love that to and a map witch is skeld and it would be the opposite side lol.

So you remember the review we made almost 2 or 3 months ago, right? Well its us again, we have some problems with amogus. We just downloaded Roblox and now it doesnt load any servers, could you probably fix this? Thank you!

Hi,I really love this game its super fun and we dont see why someone whould give it a 4 star or less. This game for us is so good and it has nooo bugs. And this feedback mite be short but maybe it will encugerge u to play this FUUUUN game.

We love it we play it In real life and roblox but we would like if you would make the dummys move and report bodys thats all we got today have a good day inner sloth by!

The issue Im going to talk about today is not about among us but if we dont send it here we have no way of sending it the issue today is why did you guys get The Henry stickmin collection off the App Store we dont know if you guys did this or if the App Store did this but either way we are not happy because mobile is the only way we can play the game so if you guys could put it back on the App Store or convince Apple to put it back on the App Store you would make myself and lots of others happy as Charles would say This is the Greatest PLAN!!!

Among is an awesome game and we love how now there is a friends list because we would play with people who were so nice to us and we would get along and then we would never play with them again and we have on problem withe the ghost face mask and robe and everything else we’re supposed to get isn’t showing up in our inventory and we’ve been deleting and re downloading the game and it still won’t show up so if u have any idea on how we can fix this or if we just have to wait just let us know.

So this is a long review but Ill say, among us is a good game overall, but why did you remove free chat? You can chat and do role plays with it. If youre not convinced because among us isnt a role play game then can you at least make a role play section, because we used to role play all of the time so can you consider it? Just a suggestion and people were also serious about playing so why did you remove it? But also its not just that. Where do we use beans? Im pretty sure we’ve missed it but Id like to really know. Also, we still glitch out of the application but our WiFi is great! Whats with that? But anyway its a good game download it but just please add free chat back without having to log in. Because who knows where information goes? You can tell but Im not trusting it. So just please try to use these and have a good day! -P.S.- Where does the info even go?

We love this game as its so popular and so fun. Most of our family even plays it. Its truly an amazing game and Props for Innersloth. Love the game! :)

This game is awesome but can you stop the guardian permission thing.

We love this app it is a awesome game we are exactly 9 years old so being able to play this is all like awesome world. We love this app, except why is there only three imposters as the max imposter why not for five or six and why is the max 15 players why not 20 or 30 those are just some tips we’ve got you can also do some other tips and the last step we’ve got how about you save your skin so that if somebody tries to join then say the skins taken like our character in among us its been Spentrent so we character is black has a beanie and is wearing a suit and has angry eyes. Just some tips for us.

We think you should give some pets on there so people can be cool.

So we’ve been playing this game so long and we still dont believe that it blew up! But… Could you add some things to it like maybe unlocking avatar details?


Please unban us give us one more chance. We promise we will never say anything that was uncall for in the chat, Im sorry. Here is 5 stars.

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN.

Someone told us what game should we choose? Call of duty or Fortnight? Call of duty or Fortnight? Hmm we think imma go with AMOUNG US.

Game is not cool it makes us do the make sure your an adult thing for some reason.