Ant Legion

Ant Legion

Ant Legion

Ant Legion is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by G-MEI NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED, Ant Legion is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th January 2022 with the latest update 5th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Ant Legion ?

1,618 people have rated 5.0.58

What is the price of the Ant Legion ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Ant Legion released ?

Ant Legion was released on 13th January 2022.

When was the Ant Legion updated ?

The latest updated date of Ant Legion on 5th May 2023.

Where can Ant Legion be downloaded ?

You can download the game Ant Legion from Apple Official App Store.



Build your underground empire!
It’s such a big world for the tiny ants! However, with the right decisions, your swarm might be able to dominate someone’s backyard!

—— Swarm Building 101 ——

[Insights of the world of ants]
Licensed by renowned natural science photography sites.
Thousands of HD photos of ants and their habitat.
Learn about the secrets of these tiny creatures while playing the game.

[Build your empire from scratch]
Expand your main nest and establish colonies!
Ants are probably the best architects in the wilds.
Connect the chambers by a complicated network of tunnels!

[Foster the strongest ants in your legion]
Collect different ants from all over the world!
Hatch different types of ants for your legions!
Crush the rival swarms with your elite soldiers!

[Battle over resources]
Collect water and food for your citizens!
Protect your nest against predators!

[Form alliance]
One for all, all for one!
Form alliance with friendly swarms.
Ensure survival through cooperation!

[Compete for the last tree stump!]
Lead your ant legions to victory!
Long live the queen, long live the swarm!

Do you need help?
Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an Email at: [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

Updated on 5th May 2023

What’s New:

  1. Evolution for 8-star+ Cells. Cell Evolution materials are available in Mantis Meat Exchange Shop.
  2. Snail Organ Upgrade unlocks at Lv.35.
  3. Specialized Ant skins: Gardener, Giant Ant, Amber Stinger.
  4. New Legacies for Red Foot and Sugar Ant.
  5. The following Unit Tactics can now be activated by unlocking technologies in Research Lab.

Ant Legion Review

It keeps saying no network connection please try again later.

Its the other players that ruined this game. The game itself is fun to play, though it does seem you have to pay if you want to level up fast. But its the other players that ruined it for us. The more advanced players will join low level alliances in order to scope out that alliance, then will leave it and attack that former alliance and its members relentlessly knowing they cant defend themselves against such a high level player. It takes all the fun out of playing. Makes playing pointless, you cant defend yourself, and you cant rebuild because they take everything. You also cant join a higher ranking alliance for protection because the higher alliances wont accept low level players or will kick you out. We deleted the games after two weeks of this happening repeatedly. Im not wasting our time or money when high ranking players wont even give you a chance to play.

We’ve been playing for a little while now and its a weird but fun game. Youre able to to do a lot at the beginning but once we hit level 20 its like a brick wall. You cant do anything anymore since constant attacks kill all your troops and everything is so expensive to level up. We’ve been on level 20 for what feels like 2 weeks now.


Pay to play. If you purchase you are strong otherwise you become a farm. It spy for china and if you pay you contribute to Chinese. Nobly way to save progress is to use Facebook or other platforms. It ask for sign on account and password.

All in all, this is a decently fun game, but it has some detrimental flaws; firstly, unless you have a shield some random player with like 10x your level, and the same suit for their ants attack can just wage a war on you and INSTANTLY kill your colony, and then even FARM you!! Secondly, this game is the same as all the others, plus Im 99% sure this is just a ripoff of Ants: the Underground Kingdom so uh yeah, dont play unless you want to suffer from C R we N G E disorder! :D.

This game is pretty good but thats because its the exact same thing as call of dragons but a few things changed.

It would be nice if you allowed people to choose to play without PVP. We like the build and upgrade farming, the PVM, but we wont pay and every week we get wiped out and you cant ever make it ahead before the next weekend wipe.

Seriously, not at all. Remember false advertising? Why not just be truthful about how your game? Some people actually like this type of game. We mean like 1/6 of apps are like this. But ya had to be tricky heres your.

Game: Micro-transactions $9000 in price we’ve seen at most if not on sale. Server:Community (Toxic) they just wont show it right away Game:Design ,ill rate it a 3 outa 10 as a fellow game designer/Programmer/gamer .

Downloaded due to false advertisement in another game. This game can be good, however we didnt bother playing it. Our review is based upon us downloading this game based upon the false advertisement, hoping to play the advertised game.

Do not like it because. 1. Nothing like its shown in the ads. 2. SUPER BORING! 3. What are you supposed to do? 4. Why would make this game?! So much we cant even explain. We deleted it IMMEDIATELY! Waste of money.

This game looked fun it really did but then we saw them put an ant interested in looking at WOMEN its really sad when people go to such lengths to get people to download their games.

We love ants (I own colonies irl)

This game rips off another game that has really good reviews it is called the ants and its the exact same thing, but the ants just has better reviews and it was made before ant legion and its not a rip off so we say DO NOT GET THIS GAME! But this game has its pro and con the good is that its not good the bad is some ads draw people to the game and its totally different when you download it so do whatever you want this is just a your warning (for creator you dont have to read this) why did you make a ripoff game and it is also very clickbait?

So the game is fun and all. Good concept. But unless you pay loads of $ youll never be on top. The events youll never get the good rewards unless you pay money. Like currently for example. Theres a glowworm event with ten prizes. Number ten being the best. You need ten glowworms yet you can only get 5 because the other half you have to actually pay money to complete the task(buy diamonds and boxes) and we feel like thats just greedy. The game obviously gets enough money from players who want to be on top dont make events like that where you can only fully win by paying $!!!!!! Also WHY is the meat any $50?! So yeah If you dont mind all that greed play the game. But youll never be on top for free so dont try.

We love this game we get on it about every 30 minutes if anyone is wanting to make a new server or is on S 57 please join our alliance yes its wla.

All though the game is addicting, if you dont pay any money for events, then you get minimum amounts of shards at best.

This game is nothing like the ad we saw. Disappointed. Still an okay game though, just not what we thought we were downloading.

It glitched bugs to our nest and we think for the small blue bugs,I think there should be more to break our nest the name of the bugs should be above their head and it should be animated to look like a Anime.

We never received what we bought. Instead told well our side shows you did so too bad.

We’ve been playing a few months now and we are having a blast! Once you find an alliance you like the game gets really fun!

This game is quite entertaining and there are interesting facts and details! The waiting for build is the most discouraging part.

Its a good game but the money to put in its a lot. Also the stamina level is 120 but its 14 stamina a apiece to raid it should be 10 14 is a old number then you out of stamina so fast.

Game is good but cant even get a permanent mark as its 200+ dollars to get that let along upgrades for the nest this game is so pricey um youll have to be in a good alliance to grow.

Instead of a review given by someone who very clearly doesnt understand a game that they havent played more than a week, this list of pros and cons comes from someone who has played the game since shortly after it first came out. *PROS: -many past bugs have been solved -the game will push micro transactions more than macros -it is free to download and free to play -the tutorial is thorough for the most part -you can create many different characters under the same account, making a fresh start easier -new states (aka servers) settle into self-imposed rules that usually, but not always, align with other states rules -you can create or join an alliance -alliance members are encouraged to work together through many different game mechanics -swear words are censored -there are many different things to do -completing daily quests gives great rewards -diamonds (the premium currency in the game) are abundant and free, so you dont NEED to pay for them -it is not impossible to grow strong without paying -experience is more useful than stats -anything you can buy in the store, can almost always be obtained for free in the game *CONS: -the game is still a little buggy -it frequently crashes -there are too many inactive players that clog the servers, and the devs dont kick them so more servers are made and Im 100% sure this is whats causes the constant crashes and disconnects -stronger players who have dropped serious cash to power up quickly will dominate a weaker state to maintain top positions -time zones are a minor issue in general and not the fault of the game, but they are particularly challenging when trying to gather alliance members for an event -alliances will ally themselves with your alliance, but nothing stops them from breaking it -small alliances are basically forced to merge with or submit to large alliances for protective measures, strength, or just because they cant get active members in theirs -new states have chat bots that can get extremely aggressive and can even do things like tell you to kill yourself -new states dont have access to the same events that older states do -many players will spend big money to be top dogs and will eventually get power-hungry and egotistic, and will look down on players just there for fun, which ironically makes the GAME less fun -shields dont stack so if your shield runs out, you are open to attack -there are rogue alliances who will jump states oppress smaller players there -top 5 NAPs only benefit the top alliances, and these alliances almost always dictate what is best for the smaller ones regardless of how damaging it will be to the smalls -rarely is there a strong player who will look out for the little guy over himself -the starting names are annoying (maybe instead this info should be the first info the player gives) -there is no limit on who can attack you or how many times, or how much they can take from you (example: a level 16 base will NEVER beat a level 38 base but that 38 base can attack and raid the level 16 base over and over) -the game becomes agonizingly long after a while as resources and speedups are used up too quickly -you are always pressured to buy better gear, upgrades, etc. Because other players will get so much stronger that you become vulnerable -most early alliances are inactive which makes reaping the benefits of an alliance difficult -many people quit soon after playing -when large alliances come along to burn an entire state to the ground, players either quit or jump, leaving the state empty -global relocates are expensive -states often have a hard time learning to work together, which is frustrating for more experienced players.

You spend more time claiming the achievements than playing the game.

Please make it possible to play music in the background! Every time we try to play a song it pauses even though we turned off music and sound effects on the app.

This game is a ripoff of we The Ants: UnderGround kingdom, here are some copy and pasted stuff. The meat pile looked like the one from the ants underground kingdom, the queens looked EXACTLY the same, stolen ant assets and the beginning of your nest! Worst game Id ever played.

Dont download or play if you liked the way the ad looked.

As usual the game is far from ad, wont even bother playing further.

Ant Legion is a good game it has all the things that can keep you entertained the have chats so you can talk to people around the world there is many ants to discover now this is a game that you can play all day we played this game without downloading any other games for now this game is a must download.

Ok the anniversary shouldve been called antiversary.

We love the game but when you keep growing it tells you to buy stuff an we dont want to spend money. If anyone reads this pls fix it.

You make so many fake ads no one knows how they game is and thats bad for finance which is bad for every thing.

Don’t bother downloading this game. Just another crappy game that’s advertised very well. Download it and you just end up having to level up a queen ant and blah blah. Completely different from the advertisement.

We’ve been playing this game for a while now and Im enjoying myself for the most part. Changes Id love to see Shields that stack. Bigger water and fungus tiles. Larger alliance numbers. Lower resources required to build. 18m water when you can only ours 56k every 3 hours is insanity. 6m fungus when you can only ours 14k every 3 hours is also insanity. Either make the mines the same 280k or lower the resources required. 10 days to upgrade a queen at level 27 is 10+ days. 120m food, 13m leaves which are not so bad because you can ours 280k every 3 hours. Then you have to also use these resources to build troops, do research and upgrade your buildings. So thats our vent. Lets see some changes folks.

We lost all our colonies; we were at level 18 of the queen ant. So disappointing.

To make progress while being raided no stop by others you must pay to win, get resources to level up, and to defend yourself. When we say pay to win, we mean feed your $20 bills to this game every day for your army, shield, resources, and VIP.

We just updated the game and it completely resets your game! We lost our level 17 colony to the update! We want our money back that we’ve spent!

We were at queen level 14 , did an update and lost everything its starting us at the beginning and we paid real money for things in the game .. ALL LOST take this game and stick it you crooks!!!!! Also alliance ,my left walnut nobody has your back, players will not help you if you are attacked they only use you to get gains for themselves they are selfish and dont care.

Hey guys its woody(A.K.A. Kaiden Wood) and we just want to tell you guys thanks for this wonderful game still and love how you guys support the World Cup lol.

We think this game is brilliant, quests are easy, upgrading is perfect and fight is completely fine, we think people should download this game.

We’ve been playing this game for a few months we went from learning and growing to being leader of the 2nd largest alliance in s74.. Like anything theres pros and cons. Its extremely obvious this game caters to those who are willing to pay, but if youre in a great alliance with nonselfish players its easier for you to grow. Our biggest complaint is how much it costs to upgrade things once you pass Q22.. We’ve spent over $100 on this game and we dont want have to spend 100 more just to keep growing. The updates have been great, but geeez wish the game wasnt so money hungry. All in all its been a good time, met some amazing folks and believe it or not this game teaches us different ways to problem solve and how to deal with conflicts amongst people you dont really know.

The game is so good if you join an alliance (go to S79 and join DBD, itll be like a second family) its fun. The game, however, is advertised in the worst way possible, giving the game a bad reputation.

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