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App Tycoon

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, App Tycoon! Developed by the innovative team at Erickson Garayblas, this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 27th September 2018, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 27th September 2018.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, or Entertainment games? Then App Tycoon is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of App Tycoon

Over 104 players have rated App Tycoon. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does App Tycoon Cost?

Good news! You can download App Tycoon on your iOS device absolutely free!

App Tycoon Release Date

Eager to know when App Tycoon first graced the App Store? It was launched on 27th September 2018.

When Was App Tycoon Last Updated?

The latest version of App Tycoon was updated on 27th September 2018, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download App Tycoon?

To get started with App Tycoon, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into App Tycoon

Ever wanted to be an app developer and get into the app industry?

Want to know the ups and downs of running an app business?

Wait no more, App Tycoon will let you experience these, plus MORE!

App Tycoon is a unique simulation game where you play the role of an app developer who makes a living by developing and selling apps. You start as a fledgling app developer working from a garage and move your way up the ladder to become a tycoon. Are you up for the challenge?

Key Features:

  • Develop, update and sell apps!
  • Run and build your own app company!
  • Customize your apps–clever title, app icons, features etc.
  • Unlock dozens of items and skills
  • Beat the top charts!
  • Compete with other developers (players)
  • Upgrade your workplace, tools, hardware, etc.
  • Play offline! (internet connection not required)
  • Guaranteed fun for hardcore and casual players!


Support and Feedback:



What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of App Tycoon updated on 27th September 2018:

What’s new in version 1.0.1?

  • Improved performance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes!

We hope you enjoy App Tycoon as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

User Reviews on App Tycoon

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of App Tycoon below:

We like the game, but there can be some improvements(not saying its bad because we like it) like when you fix bugs the ratings go up. But we also respect that this came out a few days ago.

We played for like two minutes and we had to restart it because of a weird bug where we couldnt update our game for some reason and when we got back on it would not load!

This is a great game we play this game all the time so we have some ideas for the game first thing could you make a way to check the reviews & could you also be able too play others games like we said its a game game so pleaaaaaase download.

Its a great game and a really great idea it has room for improvement it goes really slow at first we recommended downloading.

We dont have any problems with the app! Its really fun to play when you have NOTHING else to do and this is a good game for us bc we do nothing all day anyway we would recommend it if your bored some day.

Great game for kids interested in programming! They love the coding mini game. Lil one will be an app tycoon in no time.

We think the developers did a great job on this game. We havent seen any bugs since we started. When people complain about things they have no idea what their talking about. First of all, when you get a bug you can fix it by debugging. Our first game got 3 stars because of that. The getting money very slow part is true, but come on, be less inpatient. Overall this is a great game.

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST APPS we HAVE SEEN SO FUN PLEASE DEVELOPER MAKE MORE OF THIS BUT there is only one thing that is just a little little bit annoying the energy its not really helping the game BUT BEST GAME EVER SO FUN PLS MAKE MORE UPDATES AND GAMES LIKE THIS.

Cant believe we waited for this!!! Almost cant stop playing this!!! We are a good starter without app shop bronze. Keep up the good work!

Its not bad but we lost interest in the genre a while ago and forgot we preordered it so we gave it a try and it was pretty good.

We’ve had fun playing this game but before the iOS 12 update it started saying missing field day but there wasnt any updates and this happened before and after iOS 12.

This game has a great potential and we think it could soar through the charts with just a few updates. Maybe workers to help with making apps.

Started playing and its a great game. Only 4 stars because you can earn money fast enough and we wish you could hire workers to help create the apps!

The mechanics of the game? They work brilliantly, but the more bugs that’re introduced on the first launch is what makes or breaks an app and we feel there should be less of a penalty or a way to debug before a launch overall we like how the game works and im looking forward to seeing new updates and hopefully more game mechanics introduced to make progress a little easier.

This game is awesome but now freezes all the time. Now it won’t even open since latest update to ios put out latest ios 12.1 Please make this playable again.

What can we say other than its amazing it still has that slightly idle game factor but it also balances it out with being unable to progress without actual work has a few small bugs nothing super crazy though all in all glad we preordered it super excited.

Just started so we havent played long enough to see if theres bugs, but there is one thing that happens, when it says tap below to launch the app, the menu stays up. We cant go to other pages or it shows up again, we dont know how to get rid of it because we tap the button but there is no button and it doesnt go away. Please fix this.

Whenever we try to load it up, it pops up field day has not been entered in the data table or something.

We are having a lot of trouble trying to get energy like how the heck do you get energy after you signed into Facebook and Twitter there is no absolute way to get energy help us please! But once you get passed that the game is pretty good.

First of all, sometimes it doesnt let you select the advanced features for your app. Second, ever since the update yesterday, the app no longer functions. Infinite loading screen on startup.

So to start off the game is really fun. We love this game but today when we tried to re-open the game it just wouldnt load. We let it run until something happened, then a notification popped up and said something like,script day could not be loaded: error. So, we proceed to delete the game and try to re-download but then we get to the App Store and it says pre-ordered so we cannot re-download the game either. We were really looking forward to playing this game. We dont really write reviews but because it was a pre-order we felt like we have to say something. Btw, we use a iPhone 5s. We really like this game, once we can re-download it this review will be a 5-star otherwise it will stay the same.

On the loading screen it took way to long and all our other apps are completely fine, we turned our phone off and on, still didnt work…. If the speed would Improve this game would be 5 stars.

Good idea for a game and has a lot of space for improvement.

Its a fair game but we wish that it makes money faster. Also it wont load when we get in the game after we play it for an hour.

It would be great if we could watch videos for money or money was just easier to make because the money shortage makes the game run real slow even when we have multiple apps pulling in money.

Cmon we just did a review about this game, now we come to find out that 15 apps is the limit to make, please make more! We’ve had this game since it first came out since we pre ordered it. Now we know why people start not playing tycoon games after a while but they really need to make more than 15, and there like 3 bugs in this game. Please add more stuff to the game so its longer to play! But other then that its a really fun game but add more stuff!

We really enjoy the app, but its pretty slow when it comes to gathering money, and making games. Its fun, and all the game names are halarious, except the racist one. Im not sure it was a very good choice to add that one in. Personally, we dont get worked up about racist comments, but other players might think its offensive. When you accidently press a wrong button whilst creating, or updating a game its very unforgiving. It gives you a bug in your app instantly without any way to prevent it. There should be at least one warning before giving the Player a bug, and after that warning the Player gets a bug every other time they mess up, or something of the sort. And there should be a Reset Tycoon button, because we messed up tons on our first playthrough, and we had to reinstall the app to reset our progress. The game is something fun to play as youre waiting for something, or you want to just play a quick little game for about 5 minutes. Overall, Its a pretty good app, it just needs a bit more too it. And we havent seen any bugs in it so far, so youre doing a great job. Thanks for reading our review :)

We love the pace of the game although it may take some time in the beginnig. Also we noticed in the top apps that someone has used the N word. This is something that might offend others when playing. Some censorship or banned words might be a help!

It was working fine then out of no where the game has runtime error and we cant play.

Man creates game. Man enhances game. 8 hours later, $2000. Game has made a whopping 50 bucks. Man deletes game to try again. Man now has 80 bucks and cant do anything. Man presses every combination of buttons to reset the game, delete progress, watch videos… Desperately wanting a do-over. Man realizes hes been searching for over an hour. Man disheartened less than 1/2 a day hes flat out stuck… However, is intrigued by the Idle Miner ad he watched hoping to receive a few game dollars. Installs Idle Miner. Is delighted for a game he cant get stuck in.

Its honestly not a bad game, the frustrating part is we dont know if the game is intended for you to not succeed so quickly but in paying right at the beginning $1,000 for developing our second app & having 1 bug leads us to having one star. Its kinda frustrating when you push so hard to no mess up and pay so much for one app yet fail. We dont know if you programmed the game to only allow us to succeed until later in the game… But its not bad has potential, its just frustrating in that aspect so far.

We love this game but we bought a .99 pack of 10 energy and we havent received them idk whats going on but Id like to get those.

This game forces an ad down your throat almost every two screen changes.

Great concept but the amount of crashes in this game make it almost unplayable. If we can’t fix the bugs in our apps because the game is crashing, that’s a little ironic.

Same button clicking over and over again with little reward- not worth wasting your time on it. Id like to see a customizable office and character design- theres nothing to spend the coins you earn on but making other apps.

Wont let us play the game now. Played for 2 days and tried to open it yesterday and we got a field day missing in date table error everytime now. Great game otherwise.

We didnt really understand the controls for a lot of the inside of the apps that you make and our money just kept disappearing.

Ill click on the app and it goes on the loading screen and then stops.

Lol we don’t know what was the plan for this game it’s pointless!

Unfortunately we’ve made a couple donations to this game and suddenly a couple days ago, it stopped loading. The initial screen is the logo for the developers. However, it wont load past that screen.

Game crashed upon setting a name. Came back, start game with 0 coins, cant even build a first app.

We’ve earned 200 coins over the last 8 hours with 3 apps. Is this progression some kind of joke?

Changed to one star we have emailed the company cause we got charged $4.99 and never received our energy and they still have not responded. Game is pretty great but we do think they need to improve the money system cause it takes forever to generate coins. That is the only reason for 4 stars.

Theres a lot of bugs in this game its hard to play.

Its fun for about 5 minutes and seems a little more pay to play for games in the same genre. Cool idea but crappy execution.

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