Autobahn Police Simulator

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Autobahn Police Simulator


Autobahn Police Simulator is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Aerosoft GmbH, Autobahn Police Simulator is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 10th March 2016 with the latest update 3rd May 2016

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


56 people have rated 1.4

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Dive in to the exciting work day of an Autobahn Police Officer with the Autobahn Police Simulator! It´s your task to see to law and order on a 40 km stretch of Autobahn.

The game includes a "Free Play"-Mode giving you the choice of what to do. Take on the job of a patrol officer by checking speed restrictions and drivers.

Is a driver acting suspicious? The simply pull him over for a check. But beware, some of them might try to make a dash – now´s the time to pick up a car chase.

A serious accident on the Autobahn! Get to the scene quick, secure the site, file a report of the accident and make a sketch of it.

Get behind the wheel – 40 km of Autobahn are waiting for your support!


  • Approximately 40 km (25 mi.) of Autobahn
  • “Free Play” mode
  • Two police vehicles – patrol car and unmarked car
  • Flag down suspicious vehicles
  • Chase down fleeing suspects
  • Speed patrols from within your car, then follow up with stops and issue tickets
  • Securing accident sites
  • Responding to accidents
  • Small and serious accidents including trucks
  • Status keys (radio status)

Updated on 3rd May 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New update for the Autobahn-Police Simulator app! The new version contains in addition to the German police car paintings now also French and Dutch car paintings. With the update the player has more possibilities to choose from for his police car


Loca fix (fixed some issues in diffrent languages)
AI cars dont spawn in wrong direction
Crash-statistic fixed
Car names fixed
Light control camera position fix
Truck control camera position fix
AI car model fix
Added two new models to drive
Fixed a issue with the LOD level of trees
Crashes fixed
Performance improvements
and many more

Autobahn Police Simulator Reviews

Pls add american cop cars and add first person view otherwise the game is really good.

Best game we ever played in our life good game.

This is the only open world police simulator game on the market and these developers have worked hard to give us a great game. Im only asking to give the developers a break, they are working hard every day to make this one of the best games on the market.

Over all it’s a good game, we just want to see more cars and make it so you can get out of the car and pull people over. Should also add a small town or a small city. But over all it’s a good game and you should buy it!

Thank you so much for the update!!! And yes, we kept our promise, so here are your 5 stars .

Can you make it free roam like the computer version.

We wish yall could put American police cars too and American sirens we would like for yall to update those three things and more cars we would be very happy if yall did that.

Needs: – new cars – new sirens – fix light bug with unmarked – easier to drive highways – fix lag – fix resolution It’s a fun game. Just not great yet. Add these things and you’ll be getting purchases left & right.

From philadelphia this is one of the best patrol games that ived played but there is one suggestion is it possible to add a patrolman inside of the car and to come out because to us that would really make it look really real and players e we oils really get this magnificent game it would look like cops on pc.

Every time u pull a car over the area is not the area u pulled the car over in, Need to add new cars we’re tired of using the same cars over and oboe again.

We are very much enjoying the way this policing game works. Although, it would be appreciated if features like the police man stepping out of the car, more calls, and being able to put down cones if the player would like to slow down cars, which can be used for checkpoints when the player wants to check vehicles driving on a highway. It would also be nice if signs of a driver being drunk, dizzy, or unable to comply to a police car with lights or sirens would be nice. About that, if a person does not respond with a police car pulling someone over, if they are tapped by the police car they may be able to pull over. It has also come to our attention that there are many bugs in this game, fixing them would be greatly appreciated. We mainly would like these features added to the game because it gets the realism amazing in the game, and just helps the gaming have more possibilities. Thank you so much for reading this especially if you are a dev, overall this game is our all time favorite. It would also be greatly be appreciated if a dev would respond to this, we would like to know what kind of feedback you may be adding, and what style of gaming your really looking for. Again, thank you for reading this.

We love this game but we can not move the camera around when we pull over a vehicle. And we don’t like the fact you can not drive on any other road than the interstates without having to teleport.

Its a great game but need a lot of updates like a much bigger map and more tasks and missions also it would be more fun if you could walk around and patrol too!!!

Needs an option to exit the car and more call outs, you need to have a option to have buttons to drive like most games.

Here are some suggestions: please add a steering wheel option for steering the vehicle and pedals where the brake is separate from reverse, in place of the slider, and a hand brake button; and having traffic move to the right when sirens and lights are activated. Also add, steering sensitivity adjustment sliders on the options menu. Thanks.

This is the best police simulator on mobile yet. But, you need to add American cars and tons of different calls also make a map that you dont have to click it to see it.

This game has too many glitches for a paid game. The function to stop cars has completely disappeared for us, sometimes incidents don’t activate when we drive over them, the map sometimes doesn’t open, it’s just really buggy.

Add place to turn around, or make all the missions in the right direction.

Glitches on top of glitches. Driving either way is extremely difficult, way to hard to navigate theres literally not one way to set a way point, and third off they make you pay for this garbage. If Im paying for a game we expect the game play to be a lot better, a lot smoother, and a lot more interesting then this garbo.

Philadelphia we would like to know if the developer can put in a police officer coming out of the car walking towards the car that gets stoped for a traffic ticket just like they show on the second game on utube and then we think that this one would really step up from the other one and we would really play this game nonstop we think this game is the bomb because theres no other police simulator out there to match this one not even an American one we will play this years to come we hope that it can be a man or woman thrown in it would really be great then.

We would like to get a refund. We thought this game would be good because of the pictures, but as we downloaded it in our phone, the controls and the entire game is just too difficult and confusing to play. Please reach out as soon as possible. We bought this in iOS.

Great game, however the slide pedal control make the cars hard to control. We would really like for the option of a push pedal system to be made available.

Needs update to exit car and put cones on free play and you work so hard to pull a car over and it says you damaged your car not impressed make police station so you can walk into.

For an app that you have to pay for we expected so much more. For starters why do we have to pay for an app that wont even fit our screen (iPhone XS maxx)

The games driving is so hard that there is no point in buying it if u keep having to go back to the station all the time.

We cant drive anywhere without the game blocking us off, and there is so many glitches.

The game it’s self is amazing, but sometimes when we’re driving down the road it stops and then goes again and that leads us to crashing into barriers, also it crashes randomly that’s about it. Ps it’s hard to get to the crash make openings in the barriers to make a u-turn.

Not worth playing if it was free! One dollar we wish we had back. Steering his horrible with gyro or analog!

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