Axis & Allies 1942 Online

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Axis & Allies 1942 Online


Axis & Allies 1942 Online is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Overhaul Games Inc., Axis & Allies 1942 Online is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 11th August 2021 with the latest update 6th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


402 people have rated 1.0.17

You can download the game Axis & Allies 1942 Online from APP STORE.


Play Axis & Allies 1942 Online on your iPad! It’s the official digital version of Hasbro’s classic board game, Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition. Strategy is key as you command armies across the globe!

*Note: Apple Accounts held by users aged 12 and under will not be able to access our online multiplayer features.

Team up with friends across platforms, get competitive in ranked seasons, play solo against the A.I., or pass & play with a pal on one tablet!


Official Rules

  • Adapts rules from Hasbro’s Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition
  • Choose from two game scenarios & victory conditions!
  • Allies: Command your forces as the United Kingdom, United States, or Soviet Union
  • Axis: Take control of Germany or Japan’s armies & prepare for battle!

Learn to Play

  • Great for new players— no setup or cleanup required!
  • Tutorials & In-Game Tooltips help beginners dive in

Turn-Based (Asynchronous)

  • Fully turn-based gameplay fits into your busy schedule!
  • Ranked games allow 24 hours to take your turn
  • Instead of playing for hours on end, get notified when it’s your turn, then use the War Diary to check out what you missed! (or stick around & watch the battle unfold in real time— that’s an option too!)

Player Accounts & Profiles

  • Track your stats & win/loss rates for each alliance
  • Your commander account syncs across devices
  • Switch seamlessly between iPad & desktop to take your turns, view your stats & connect with friends

Dice Modes

  • Standard mode mimics random dice results
  • Low Luck dice use averages to calculate hits
  • Biased dice favor rolls of 2, 3, & 4, over 1 & 6

Immersive Gameplay

  • High quality graphics, music & sound effects add drama to your battles!



  • Enjoy casual games with A.I. computer players
  • Great for learning to play or testing out strategies

Hot Seat

  • Pass the tablet around to play with friends & family

Online Multiplayer

  • Cross-platform play between tablets & computers
  • Create custom games for 2 to 5 players
  • Games can include a mix of humans & A.I. players

Ranked Seasons

  • Challenge the world’s top Axis & Allies players in official ranked seasons
  • Rise through the ranks to take top honors: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Tiers!
  • Matchmaking pairs you with similarly ranked players

German tanks mobilize in the west, blitzing into France and pushing back the Soviet Union in eastern Europe. The United States rises in response to Japanese aggression in the Pacific. The United Kingdom rallies allies as bombers menace the skies. The year is 1942, and the world is at war!

Victory goes to the side that conquers its opponents on the field of battle and occupies the greatest cities of the world. Will the Axis continue to spread across the globe unchecked, or will the Allies rally to push back against imperialistic tyranny? Challenge your friends and change the course of history!

Updated on 6th July 2022


  • Black Screen Prevention on iOS | Axis & Allies 1942 Online on iOS will now use Minimal High Quality Sprites by default: only unit icon sprites will be used on the game & combat boards. The setting (which players can find & tweak to their liking in Graphics -> Image Content And Resolution) will hopefully mitigate black screens and constant reloading. The Use Minimal Resources setting will also cause no animations and unit icon sprites only, but at a lower resolution than default

  • New Defense Profiles | You can now pick from new options of Defense Profiles for Submarines and Destroyers! Differentiate between lone Subs and Subs with a fleet when
    automatically submerging, or select the last defending Destroyer to be preserved in an encounter with attacking Subs


  • Game History now shows players who forfeited in Custom games
  • Purchase Panel and Map Notes should be more accessible on mobile devices with unusual screen resolutions
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when attempting to move a transport to a non-hostile sea zone in the Combat Move phase
  • Fixed The Victory Cities text in the Help More Victory City list section
  • More crash fixes

Axis & Allies 1942 Online Reviews

While we did enjoy the UI for the PC edition, we have accepted and adopted the new one as it is better for touchscreen gameplay. Overall game is enjoyable and fun to play with our friend. Runs very smooths fun very well on our 2021 iPad Pro 12.9.

We very much enjoy this game. Keep up the good work. There were a few bugs that were fixed recently. Thank you.

Very few issues on our 2017 iPad Pro, fixable by backing out of the game and returning (no need to completely close out). Great way to learn the rules and develop a strategy. Keep the updates coming – its almost there.

Love every aspect of this game, except the issue everybody else seems to be having. Black screen ALMOST ALL THE TIME! We bought this because we love A&A so much and hoped everybody elses problems would just be a bunch of whiners with minimal issues. We wouldnt recommend buying this game to anyone till these reviews start turning around. IPhone 12 Pro here. Please fix ASAP Update: Just turned off the simulated dice rolling and everything runs much better! Still not perfect but hardly ever crashes anymore. Great game!

We were a bit wary in dropping $10 on a game that had mixed reviews of bugginess. Our experience has been largely positive. There are some glitches/issues but they are fairly easily resolved and do little to impact the play of the game. Otherwise, the form is true to the board game and an absolute blast to play. Warning: addicting.

We have been waiting for an online version of this game for over a decade. This game does not disappoint! They have streamlined everything into a sensible online platform and made this great game accessible to everyone who has a phone! Are there glitches?? Yes! They have to fix this up a bit bc it crashes all the time. But it never loses you game or even a round and all you have to do it reload the game and you are right where you were. Annoying? Obsoletely. But give them some time and Im sure they will figure it out. This is a hasboro wizards of the coast game. They arent going to just ignore the problems. Having said all that, if someone from the A&A team reads this PLEASE fix IPC bombing. You cant go into negative with IPC bombing. You can only get up to the territory value, not into negatives. This is really messing up long games and would be so happy if they could fix it. Thanks for a good game that we know will get better. We waited long enough to have online A&A; we can wait for the bugs to get worked out while conquering the world in the mean time.

Axis and Allies is awesome, but we havent been able to take a turn. It always just turns black.

This is a great game but for 3 reasons. The bar of info across the top of the screen should be hideable allowing for more screen. You should be able to zoom in or out however much you want, it seems to be either all the way in or all the way out now. And reason three, after most dice rolls, itll reload the page thus restarting the fight. Please patch this.

We really want to like this app, because we love the game. Its just not functional. Even after turning off all animations, graphics options, etc., we cant get through phases of a turn without getting an all-black screen. We have to turn off our phone and turn it back on in order to get it to work. Please fix the bugs, especially if youre going to ask $9.99. The game isnt playable right now.

Im going to keep coming back here and dropping crappy reviews until you really fix the bugs. This is nuts that you can create such an awesome game but cant clear the bugs out. Update 12-10 Game still trash. Our Nintendo from 1993 loads better than this game. Update 12-11 still cant load the the game. Update 12-14. Latest update has helped with map movement but game still shuts down during dice roll. Im locked out of current game now. Update 12-19 game still crashing during dice roll. Having trouble understanding why a dice roll puts so much strain on the system that it feels inclined to crash. Update 12-20 -combat phase/dice roll crashes yet again. Cant open game up per normal after crash. Update 12-24-21 dice roll still getting jammed up. Cant open game up 12-26 can the developers make a quick fix to allow you to open up game? 1-2-22 dice rolls still go incredibly slow at times and continue to jam up game. Play only low luck games so not sure if that has something to do with. Fix the dice, and we change the rating to a five. Update 1-7-22. Low luck dice roll still causing crashes and getting locked out of game cause of it. Update 1-17 dice rolls still causing crashes once in a while. Do the developers own a broken server? Update 1-20-22 still crashing during the dice roll phase way too much. Developers silent for a month. Need a fix developers.1-23-22 your trashy product is especially crashing today. Too much weekend traffic for your server to handle. With $10 per purchase, we would think you have enough coin to invest in technology.

Id like to start off by saying that we’ve been waiting for a mobile version of this game since the invention of the iPhone. We love Axis and Allies. It is without question, one of our favorite games to play. Our only wish is that we knew more people who enjoyed it as much as we do. We rarely get to set up our board these days because of kids, career, and lack of friends who enjoy it. We have a few opportunities here and there, but not as many as Id like. We play TripleA on our PC a lot, but those are usually against the AI because we dont have hours of time to dedicate to playing a real game online. So now we find this in the App Store and we are like a child on Christmas (which is ironic because its only a few days after). However we read many of the reviews prior to purchasing, and knew what we were getting into. It seems evident that not nearly enough beta testing was done to clear up some of the bugs or general software issues. We had to turn the settings down just so we could run the game. We also have mixed feeling about the look of the game and how it functions. We are having trouble with know which units are in which territory. We dont know if there is a better way to represent all of the units in a territory, but its deceiving when a destroyer is tucked away along the edge of a SZ instead of smack in the middle of it. Same with land units. Its hard to tell which territory theyre in. These are just a few things that have stood out to us as we’ve begun playing it. Still love that we have this game in our hand. Still love that we get to play it. We do think it can flow better though. And really hope that the software issues can get resolved. We have a nice enough phone that we shouldnt have to turn down the graphics settings to play it. Its a board game, not flight simulator. Ultimately, we spent the $10 knowing that this was gonna be buggy for some time, but hoping our $10 would go towards making this game into what we should be. A digital tribute to the greatest WWII strategy game ever made. Please dont make us feel the words of the knight guarding the holy grail from Indiana Jones, and think to myselfI chosepoorly.

We truly enjoyed playing this when it was a board game, but we almost never finished a game. We were looking forward to the Mobile version because we could actually manage to finish games. We read the reviews and still decided to spend the money on the game is hopes that the glitchy service wouldnt bother us to much and maybe our money could help them fix the bugs. Alas when we started our first game on our iPhone X we got the black screen of death. This happened after the game selection options and right when we were about to start the first Russian turn. Screen went black, not shut off just black. No options, no displays, no matter of random finger tapping the only thing we can do is close the program and re start it. Once we load the app and restart the game after the loading black again *sigh. Why we gave this a two star and not a one star is because we can still play it on our iPad but we dont carry that in our pocket. We can not take a turn while we have a spare moment in our day. Hopefully this glitch will be fixed soon and we can give a much better review for what was/is a great game.

Great electronic version of the board game but crashes a lot. Please fix the bugs causing the crash. Our son and we love the game but the crashing is quite frustrating and may lead to us giving up on it. Fix fix fix.

We play online and on the app, when we try single player mode the screen processes and then goes black, shut down game and phone same result. On IPhone 10 pro.

Constantly keeps rebooting and turning off, we want our money back please.

We read the same thing.. But decided to chance it. Can confirm that it does not work on iPhone. Period. Do not purchase if youre using on iPhone.

We bought this game today 1/15/22 it is unplayableconstantly crashes you cant get through the tutorial with out a black screenread the rest of these reviews and dont waste your money.

Was really looking forward to this game. However, its just not fun because its not winnable. We have played multiple times as both allies and axis and you just cant win. There should be more options for variable skill levels or more options for modifying the starting military units for each country. Also, the dice rolls always seem to favor the AI no matter what you do.

Title says most of it, the same stupid notification error notice has popped up on our iPhone 12 every time we load blocking the screen and making it unplayable. Please fix or refund as we literally spent $10 on this and cannot get it to work-not a problem on our end, that is a buggy error message trust us Im a developer and programmer. Please fix-I own an original copy and love this game!

Literally just stops, goes to a loading screen, and then either resets to the beginning or turns black on the screen.

Constant crashing even with all graphics settings and volume off. Requested refund. Would consider buying if no crashes.

We really dont like that we have to be so negative here, we want to rave about how great this is, but we cant. This game is literally unplayable. Tutorial? Game loads, then freezes on black screen. Single player against computer? Game loads, then freezes on black screen. We’ve tried axis and ally factions, same problem. Only time the game works is in hot seat mode. (I havent tried online against other players yet, Im afraid of eating a slot in someones game and just being able to never play our turn due to the above described black screen issue). We know weve got Christmas and New Years here, and we understand yall (the devs) are busy with family and friends, rightfully so, but as soon as the holidays are over, please fix ASAP, we want to rate this game highly, but we just cant in its current state. Update: we’ve discovered we have 0 issues running the game on our old, 5th gen iPad. The issues we described above persist on our iPhone 13 pro. We followed the recommendation of lowering the performance, and we can at least access all game modes now; however, its still a common occurrence to have to force quit the game 3-7 times per PHASE of a turn because it freezes, or goes into a loading cycle that leads no where. As soon as this game is as useful on our iPhone as it is our iPad, we will absolutely bump our review up.

This game is unplayable. We cannot even play a round of this game without it crashing. We cant get any answers as to why this is happening and if they are even working on fixing it. They pretty much just stole 10 dollars from us at this point..

Just that simple,, paid.. Downloaded and still have not been able to play for more that 5 seconds until we get a black screen and have to reboot. Every time we launch it we get the same black screen. We love Axis and Allies the board game and just wished this worked. We would not spend money on this until they can fix it.. Hope soon.

We havent got to play this game once. It starts to load then screen turns black. Will change our review if fixed but its been 2-3 months and still doesnt work.

It crashes before the first move is over.

Love this game. However, just got an iPhone 13 and the game crashes every time we attempt to play. We’ve tried everything to keep it working and it still blacks out.

Game crashes after every battle. Biggest app ripoff ever. This game is pure FRAUD. You must AVOID IT! The developers have ALREADY abandoned the game because it is so bad. Every other battle crashes the game and requires a reload. It is impossible to play. Apple should protect its customers from this garbage.

We played A&A in college so much that our grades suffered, so we were ecstatic to discover this app. However, every time we try to play we get stuck on a black screen of doom that goes nowhere. Im using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and we’ve made the settings changes suggested by the developer to no benefit. We really hope they fix this app as we love this game.

We paid $10 for this game & before the game starts it goes reload & black screen. It is not our phone. This has some issues.

We tried we really did because we love this game on our computer but at this point even with our iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest update we cant play it we dont even make it one round without crashing. We really want to be able to play this game. But at this point we cant.

Im in love with this board game. We were so excited to download and play. Cant get it to work without continuously freezing and going to a black screen. Update to IOS 15.2 and it worked for about an hour. Today we cant even play for a few seconds without it crashing.

FULL STOP. Game is not even playable. It crashes repeatedly either when initially opening or mid-turn (I have not made it past 1 full turn without the screen going to full black). We are requesting a refund, this is totally unacceptable, especially for a 10 dollar game. We should have heeded the other reviews.

We just bought the game and every time we try to play single player it crashes. Fix your game please or refund our money. 10$ is a lot to look at a start up screen.

The frequency of black screens make the game unplayable. After three hours, we’ve managed to play four turns. What a waste.

We cant make it through one combat move without the screen going black and freezing. They are just taking our money.

Game freezes in the middle of a round , tells to reload and now black screenand help here.

Are you guys going to fix the issue that is causing the game to be unplayable trash? Or can we get our money back?

Cant even get past 1 round. This is crap, we want our money back!!!

This game is ridiculous, the round are completely unrealistic, and we’ve been playing this game since we were a child. Save your money, just play the board game.

Another update: the devs made a new fix. Now the game resets a dozen times during your phase before finally blacking out again. They keep asking the reviewers to see if the fix works. Do they not test their own game? A monkey could see that this fix does not work either. APPLE, PLEASE REMOVE THESE DEVS FROM THE STORE. THEY ARE STEALING MONEY FOR A FAKE PRODUCT! New update: Devs still stealing money for a game that does not work. How is this corruption allowed to continue? Updated review: still DO NOT BUY THIS. IT IS A SCAM. The devs did a fix and now the game will start a new game successfully approximately 1/5 times. That would seem tolerable except that the game will crash and/or soft lock randomly ~1/5 actions you take. We are not sure how Apple is ok with allowing this app to remain in the store. The devs are committing theft by taking $10 from people in return for a black screen.

Love this game. Please fix as it keeps crashing and is super frustrating. We keep checking for updates. Please please please fix.

Wouldnt go pass Purchase phase. Waste of money. This is a scam, hot fixes dont fix anything. We want a full refund or a game that actually works.

The game worked great for a month until we upgraded our iOS. Now it continuously kicks us from online games to the point we cant even log on to take a turn. Have deleted the game and reinstalled it twice while also taking the graphics to the minimum which no change.

App was better months ago. Zooming is terrible now and this app is a disgrace. Developer will reply with copy and paste response like everyone else. What a joke.

TL;DR: dice are just fine, learn probability and how to plan for it instead of leaving bad reviews. Minor issues with glitches and UI are quickly worked on by devs, ultimately making them a non issue. Moves are forcibly locked in by phase, causing issues with some play styles as well as phone users who arent able to see the full screen as easily. We lead with great dice in title as many reviews talk about dice and luck in a negative way. Suffice to say, they seem to have zero idea on how probability works. We recommend they educate themselves; the dice are a representation of how war really works: right or wrong leadership, weather, miscommunication, etc. All combines nearly randomly to influence (but not always dictate) war. Its how you plan for this that separates an average player from a great player. We would also like to praise the devs emphasis on overall UI and UX both, as most of it is intuitive and has even been significantly improved on over time. On that note, you still cant turn off dice animations or prevent the screens from zooming in/out when you click combat (both wasting our time and distracting us from our thoughts on strategy). Hopefully these animations can be toggled off in the future. Minor issues are all excused as this game is still in beta, and can easily be ignored by the simple fact that the devs seem to be tackling them quickly and efficiently. To name a couple, crash on both iOS and PC sometimes when viewing movement (reports submitted, we think its related to amphibious assaults, possibly illegal movement), and random black screens on PC. Another reason these are minor is that a) game saves progress and b) game loads quickly so its not a huge inconvenience. The one MAJOR issue we have might be subjective to an extent, but we suspect many people may feel frustrated with this as well: all your decisions are locked in at the end of the phase. This may or may not be related to the board game official rules, but it is a very unnecessary and even detracting feature for a few reasons. Primarily there is no positive reason to do this from the playing players perspective (although one could argue it makes it easier and better for the opponent if they are watching); if a player wanted to repurchase and change their minds about their buying choices at the end of their combat phase, let them! If they wanted to perform completely different non combat movement at the end of their mobilization phase, let them! The only instances where decisions must be finalized is 1) when the first die is rolled, and 2) when the player hits the yes Im sure we are ready to turn over the game to the opponent to analyze button. We acknowledge the spectating players convenience as well as technical convenience of the current system (it is already setup for client-to-server communications to happen between phase), but its extremely problematic for a few scenarios: subjectively, people who want to play fast and move things around visually a while, potentially missing key items; and more objectively, people who use the phone app to play and cant see the whole board nearly as easily as on PC. We use both, but even when on the PC with our 32 setup, its easy to miss key moves and remember them or see them in the mobilization phase. Ultimately, we want our A&A experience to be defined by our skill in strategy (including understanding probability, psychology, and balancing risk accordingly)not by missing an obvious move or realizing our bomber is attacking instead of bombing, all locked away before any dice are rolled or the game is turned over for our opponent to analyze. For now Ill have to mentally retrain myself to play in a less engaging, more tedious wayless fun for myself and our opponentjust so we dont forget to move our infantry one space. On a side note, this would probably be less of an issue if we could tag many areas to review in each phase; tapping tag on a sea zone for example would allow you to cycle through tags at the end of each phase, allowing you to move tag to next phase or to remove tag.

As we have said in the title we love this game, but every time we try to get in a game it goes back to the load screen then turns the screen black which is super annoying so we guess Ill just play it on our computer, also in the future we hope this game extends to the other axis and allies board games like the 1940 version or the 1914 version ww1 so for now the mobile version is not got at all so please improve! Edit: we see that they put a settings for minimal resources which worked at first, but now it continues to crash and we cant even play our gave anymore also its very glitchy when moving the screen around so yeah. Just wanted you guys to know.

We bought this game last night and literally cannot even make it to game play. We initiate a single player game and the screen just goes black. We’ve yet to see the map, buy a troop, etc it isnt glitchy your game literally doesnt work AT ALL.

We love A&A and this game captures everything great about it. The crashes are constant, though. We know it happen some times, but the game cant go a minute or without going to a black screen. Hoping the game is fixed soon and surprised Apple continues to allow it in the App Store.

Tried to play single player, wont even open, crashes. Changed the settings and got it to workand the game is unplayable. Its not made for a phone, way to complex, impossible to follow. Tried to get a refund, but cant. H o r r we b l e.

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