Classic Sudoku!

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Classic Sudoku!


Classic Sudoku! is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nick Carney, Classic Sudoku! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th November 2019 with the latest update 27th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


243 people have rated 2.1

You can download the game Classic Sudoku! from APP STORE.


10 new puzzles, all 100 puzzles are out now!

Presented by Cracking The Cryptic, YouTube’s most popular Sudoku channel, this is the brand new “Classic Sudoku” game that their viewers have been requesting for the last two years!

Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe, the hosts of Cracking The Cryptic, have assembled a most extraordinary collection of sudoku puzzles. The sudokus in the game cover a wide range of difficulty with something for everyone – and also require an incredible range of techniques to solve them efficiently! Each of these special puzzles had to qualify for inclusion in the game by passing our rigorous play-testing – a test that NO other sudoku game on the market would pass. This play-testing ensures that a human being has actually thought about the journey you, the solver, will go on as you work through the puzzle. No computer testing here!

Indeed our more advanced puzzles have been carefully designed to showcase some of the diabolical techniques in an intuitive way with the aim of helping solvers UNDERSTAND the patterns involved.

In Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn and the more puzzles you get to play. Only the most dedicated (and cleverest) sudoku players will finish all the puzzles!

Featured authors include (obviously) Simon and Mark but also some other authors who have produced popular puzzles on the channel!

Mark and Simon have both represented the UK many times in the World Sudoku Championship and you can find more of their puzzles (and lots of others) on the internet’s biggest sudoku channel, Cracking The Cryptic.

100 beautiful puzzles
Many themes to choose from
Hints written by Mark and Simon!

Updated on 27th November 2020

10 new puzzles, all 100 puzzles are out now!

Classic Sudoku! Reviews

Puzzle #82 Lacks uniqueness with 2/8 pairs in columns 3 & 5 rows 4 and 8. We could have switched the 2s and 8s in those spots and the puzzle would have been solved. . . Using that concept we attempted to put a 3 in column 3 row 8 (I was down to only a few 2s, 3s and 8s left) and it was one of the digits (other than a 2 or 8) in that spot that was not restricted (which means accordingly it should have been the 3 so the puzzle had a unique solution), but it showed up red. The only way to figure out which was the 2 or 8 in those spots was to guess. Not sure if it was a glitch in our app or if it was the puzzle itself. Just FYI. Not sure else how to let you know other than a review. Love the app and your YouTube Channel videos! We are leaning so much.

We can typically complete the hardest levels of most sudoku apps in under 20 min. This app offers sudokus that require a lot more brain power to complete which we absolutely love!! Even the less difficult puzzles on this app (around three star difficulty) we would consider more difficult than what other apps claim to be the most difficult levels. This app is absolutely worth the money and will keep our brain entertained for a long long time.

We have tried nearly every app on the App Store trying to find one that flows perfectly and this one certainly does. The puzzles are fantastic and allow you to really learn as you climb the difficulties. We have nothing but positives to say. $5 well spent!

We had felt like we went through all the other sudoku game apps we could find and they were all too, well, predictable. Then we found this app and we’re almost sad now that we’ve completed all the puzzles. It’s by far the best sudoku app we’ve ever played. Much more of a challenge without being overwhelming, and the puzzles are truly gorgeous. Highly recommended, 11/10!

This is by far the best sudoku app just finished all the levels and loved it. The puzzles where well crafted and the hints where great when we got stuck. Getting another one of your apps now. Thanks guys!!

We love this app! Each puzzle is great in its own right and the options available to solve the puzzles are better or on par with anything else we have found. If there was one thing we would add to a wish list is the capacity to review the puzzle after Im finished. As in the timer stops and we can go back on the history of actions to see what our process was. Specially to compare against the hints if we didnt use them to see if we used what was hinted or if we came up with something else. But that is minor compared to everything else that this app gets right. If you love Sudoku definitely get this app!

This is our favorite sudoku app of all time. We hate playing this game in others, its just not the same! We’ve been playing the same 100 puzzles for a few years now and am ready for more!!

The hints attached to each puzzle help you learn the various solving techniques. We first went through the 100 puzzles using the hints on the harder ones. Then we solved them again without using the hints. We think we are a much better solver now.

Have been playing Sudoku on another app but just tried this one and trying to adjust to new settings, etc. Im unable to find a guide that explain what each setting does, which would be helpful! Looking forward to learning them one way or another and playing some HUMAN-generated puzzles.

Great game. We love the hand made puzzles; and simultaneously hate how hard theyre getting, lol. It could use some UI updates though. Theres a lot of dead space at the top. We would suggest moving the grid as far up as possible. That would give enough room for the numbers to become two rows as opposed to one. A lot of our errors come from accidentally taping the wrong number because the buttons are so small. Also with moving everything up, it move the number from the edge of the screen. We often come back to the game with an error of 5 because of swiping up to exit the app. It just tends to put a 5 in sometimes when leaving the game. Speaking of the number buttons, it would be nice if the buttons dimmed momentarily when pressed; just a visually feedback to know you pushed the button. A feature Id like would be if there is only one note left in the cell, double tapping that cell would fill it in with the number of that note. We dont know how much of this is possible, because we assume the other versions of Sudoku you guys make are built off the same base UI.

We love the puzzles in here, but wish it had the option for corner and center pencil marks. Have been typing into Svens SudokuPad told solve then typing solutions back in here.

We really like this sudoku app, it has the most effective interface and the dual notation options are wonderful. Our only gripe is that there is no support for the iPad physical keyboard, which is how we do our sudokus. It would be wonderful to be able to type the number and use the arrow keys to navigate with shortcuts for different notation styles. The only other function we want would be to be able to set our own classic puzzles and then to solve them.

Given the level Cracking the Cryptic operates, we would expect a higher degree of care put on the puzzles and hints on how to solve. Puzzle #60 is not unique. Reading other puzzles are also not unique. As mentioned by others, many of the hints are incorrect as well. The app is great. The puzzles are what were here for, however.

Some of the puzzles have incorrect hints associated with them. They are all ultra-hard and sometimes you can spend hours and hours looking for a solution that just isnt there and only can you make progress by guessing. The functionality is absolutely fantastic, but due to incorrect hints and getting stuck on puzzles with no chance of making progress without guessing we can only give one star. We cannot justify $5 for this app. This would be better if all of the sudoku apps by cracking the cryptic were combined into one. Then we could justify $5. Maybe if they updated it and added more puzzles then we could also justify the $5. Its just a waste and Im sorry we blew $5 on this. We will add it seems only the cracking the cryptic puzzles seem to be flawed, the other writers puzzles are fun and solvable.

These puzzles are great! We love that they have put time into a variety of features to help you play the way you want, wit highlighter functions and center or corner notations. Its great! Their other games are fantastic as well! If we might make a small suggestion to make it (IMO) better? If possible, Let there be an option to auto deselect the cell when you put a definitive number in there. Not with pencil marks, but a solution number. There have been several times we’ve tried to swap number focuses and not realized we still have a cell selected from having put in a 5 or something.

We love watching you guys on YouTube, Im happy to support the development just wish we could have gotten this app from Apple and given you the full $5 instead of only $3.50 because of Apples 30%…

We watched Cracking The Cryptic on YouTube for a few months before trying out the app. We love it by far the best sudoku app we’ve used on the App Store. One small request would be the ability to change the color of the text we put in the grid. Maybe you can do this and we dont know how. Overall a fantastic app with great unique puzzles.

We love this curated list of puzzles, but the UI for coloring of squares is extremely confusing (or buggy). We are able to solve complicated sudoku puzzles, but we really struggle with how to, for example, mark these three squares in yellow, and these other four in blue. Everything else in this UI is relatively intuitive, but not the coloring of squares. Just the UI for picking a color is weird. We should be able to tap on the three colored circles on the left to change color, but nine times out of ten, it doesnt change color. (And it has white outline around two colors … What does that mean?!?) And even when we have a color selected, for the life of us we cant consistently say ok, make these three squares yellow. Other than that, the game is great, but this feature makes it super annoying, should one want to color squares…

Enjoyable puzzles so far we especially liked the initial hint after the first game, and hoped there might be more after each game, but not yet. We are disappointed that, with a paid game, we must (I assume) work our way through the easier puzzles to get to the locked ones. We would rather attempt some of the more challenging ones. We dont want to play a game that feels like busywork! Oh, we forgot to say that the notation features are terrific fairly intuitive (except perhaps for how to get out of the multiple selection tool) and clearly made by puzzle-solvers. Other popular apps dont have nearly so many tools that allow you to use your own notation style.

  1. The 1-9 buttons are way too small 2) Cant undo previous moves when resuming a saved game.

Not like the UI from the YouTube channel at all. Cant differentiate between given numbers and placed numbers since theres no contrast (the places ones are charcoal grey vs givens are black). The button layout is annoying with the tiny numbers far from the board. We played a few games, but find it too annoying to keep using. Sudokuexchange. Com has the UI we were expecting.

We have all of your 5 sudoku apps and they all are missing a little bit of spice. We think a soft slow soundtrack would help with the game. Also adding sound effects when hitting buttons helps the player confirm they have pressed the correct thing. We know we’ve tapped some of the numbers and had to check if it registered because there isnt a sound effect for it.

The app itself is very functional and the puzzles are interesting. The problem with this app is that some of the puzzles are unsolvable and the hints that are included with those puzzles are incorrect. They seem like they might refer to other puzzles or simply dont take the actual board state into account. If this problem was fixed, the app would rate a 5.

This app has EVERYTHING we need to hunker down and solve any puzzle. We only have a small list of requests to help flesh out the overall experience. 1. Apple Pencil notes around the border of puzzles 2. IPad Multitask mode to run with multiple apps. 3. Favorites list in menu for puzzles we want to try again.

Downloaded after watching several videos on their YouTube channel. If youve ever gone out to pick up sudoku books you should pick up this app. We greatly enjoy the 2 styles of notes and the ability to select multiple squares and add colors. The nudging hints that are also available, just great. We do wish there were a way to highlight puzzles, or favorite them so we can find back more easily certain ones.

Loved this app. Puzzle 65 is staggeringly beautifully difficult but so satisfying as it eventually unfolds making you fight for every digit. We would also love to be able to use this interface to play other sudukos. We dont nee the app to solve the puzzle or offer hints, but to let us use the notation. Also we thought we were supposed to get 3 new puzzles each month, but that only happened the first month?

This is a great sudoku app. The puzzles are tough but we get through them and am getting better! Now that Im used to using double notation to keep track of things like Simon and Mark do on Cracking The Cryptic its hard to use any other app. If you could please adjust the hint boxes so they dont cover the sudoku grid on the iPad the app would be even better! Perhaps you could make a variety sudoku app next featuring a mix of different puzzles like the channel does. This would be awesome. Thanks again for a great app! Well worth the money!!

We have to admit we are addicted, but on puzzle 21 now and it seems like the final phase always comes down to filling in as many pencil marks as possible to find the hidden triples. We have been turning to the hints for some additional ideas, but not much more do far. And some of the hints are wrong. They should be corrected in future updates. For example, in puzzle 20 we believe both hints 5 and 6 are wrong.

A lovely app, but proper keyboard support would make it 5-stars. Needs the features of the CTC web app. * Proper arrow key navigation (right now, it stops moving if you hit the arrows too quickly) * Shift and Ctl to change entry modes keep up the great work, looking forward to more puzzles in this set of apps.

This is by far the best interface available. Dual notation, multi-select cells, and the ability to color cells are spectacular features not found elsewhere. The major shortcoming with the app is the lack of puzzles. While we appreciate the time being put into hand selecting the puzzles provided and suppling valuable hints, as someone who likes to solve multiple puzzles a day, we find myself turning to another app for randomly generated puzzles. Adding the option to play randomly generated puzzles while still using this interface for notation would make this the only sudoku worth having.

The puzzles are really challenging, and am glad to support the Cracking the Cryptic team. The app though seems to be written 5 years ago and could use some modernizations and improvements. For instance, if we take a break and come back later, it doesnt automatically go to the game we were playing. Also the settings and buttons could use some explanations or clarifications.

The app lacks a lot of polish, we would not recommend it. Hints, which are meant to teach you more, use shorthand which is not explained anywhere. They dont even just highlight on the board, instead they cover it up so you have to remember what it says OR keep flipping between the board and the hint. And often times the hint assumes you were able to get to a certain point in the puzzle, so it might not even help. Other apps can give you a hint based on the current position in the solution where you are at. The text for instructions is too large and does not respect the default text size on the phone and the scrolling is wrong (does not behave like other windows on the phone). There is no pause button if you need to step away for a few minutes, you have to exit the puzzle. The numbers to select are smaller tap areas and feel like they are an after thought in the design. There are multiple ways to mark the puzzle and the description for how to use them talks as if you know a lot about Sudoku. Overall, does not feel like an app built for iOS and definitely not for beginners.

Too many bugs. Unsolvable puzzles where the only number missing in a box doesnt fit. We’ve run into this on multiple puzzles but didnt have the same issue on the iPad. Just iPhone. Also on iPhone the numbers dont gray out once youve filled in every grid with that number. Again this works on iPad. Not sure why it doesnt come across on iPhone.

Its a great app sudokus. We cant really complain about it; its fairly easy to use and the puzzles are fun/challenging. Except for 40 and 65; its the same puzzle but it makes us feel real dumb.

We’ve been getting better and better after doing most of the puzzles multiple times and watching tutorials. One problem we encounter is that when we finish a puzzle, it doesnt remind us which one we just completed. It just says congrats and pops us out to the home page. It wouldnt be hard to keep the number of the puzzle available while playing and after completing.. Congrats for completing puzzle 35! You got your fastest time yet!

We have played Sudoku on and off for years. We discovered this app through the teams YouTube channel. The app just keeps getting better as we learn how to use it. We dont see us using any other app moving forward. We love this so much here are our recommendations to make it better. When showing a hint give the option to make the pop up screen somewhat transparent so we can see the screen and the hint at the same time. This is one of the pest parts about using it on our iPad. Link up our usage on the iPad and the iPhone so clearing a puzzle on one clears it on the other. To the people who run the YouTube channel and created / designed this app. You have brought us happiness and made us better. Thank you for all you do. We will buy anything you fine folks put out at this point. Be Well, PS our last two puzzles we did not use a hint. Maybe this old dog can learn a trick or two.

This is a great collection of puzzles and the hint feature introduced several new techniques for beginners like us! Made it through all the puzzles once with lots of hint use, now going back to try again with fewer hints :)

Everything is perfect (though the hint system could use a little polish – indicating the suggestions on the board would be much better than the text-only hints). Humble feature request: let us enter our own grid so we dont have to play sudoku with any other interface ever again. Audacious feature request: let us import a photo of a grid so we dont have to enter it myself.

We have used about a dozen different classic sudoku apps, and this one blows them all away for three reasons: 1. The solving and notation tools included are better and more plentiful than any other app we’ve used. Multi-select, multi notation methods, etc. All decrease friction and allow us to focus on solving the puzzle. 2. The puzzles! These puzzles are more interesting and challenging than computer-generated puzzles from other apps. 3. We were never asked to enable notifications. The app never tries to run in the background. There arent any ads. We paid $5 for a high quality sudoku app, and thats exactly what we got. We only have one feature request. We started using this app on our iPhone, but often prefer to solve puzzles on the iPad because of the bigger screen. We would really like the puzzles we’ve completed to be synced to the iPad as well.

This is the best sudoku app on the store. Biggest issue: the hints are very cryptic, and they cover the board! We look at the hint, then have to close it to see the board, then we forget what it said! We have to write down the hint on paper, or take a picture of it. Please change this so you can see the hint while working on the board! Also, could you make a set of easier puzzles for the beginners?

These puzzles are so hard if you are not already a sudoku expert then dont bother getting this app.

Best Sudoku App on the Appstore with handcrafted puzzles. Would love to get added stats.

The game itself is great; a very nice setup for everything. And the landscape orientation in the latest update is great. However, the difficulty of the puzzles skyrockets after just a couple puzzles. And the hints they give you RARELY do any good. Either its something blatantly obvious that you already have, or its incredibly vague like the options in row 6 should help. (An actual hint we got). If youre not already an expert at soduko, this might be a very frustrating app that leads you to just guessing, which defeats the purpose of the game.

Honestly the puzzles are great and a ton of fun to solve, but the puzzles are hard so a beginner like us needs a few hints. Some hints are great and help you progress the puzzle or show you a technique to advance your skill, but others tell you things youve already done or things that help narrow down options but don’t actually progress the puzzle. In one or two cases we’ve seen the hints just be completely incorrect as well.

The annotation features are top notch, but the hints are difficult to process andat least for level 16wrong. It says a pair in one row constricts an unrelated value in a different row. Having solved it now, we understand why the hint made no sense, thats not where the 9 goes. It would be nice not to have the hint block the puzzle and to be more graphical, not textual (maybe then they would have caught the error in hint 1). The text in general in the app is HUGE.

It has the best features to mark and understand a puzzle. Best features also to learn the techniques to solve complex puzzles. Their hard puzzles are also quite entertaining. Down side is that it has less than 200 unique puzzles.

This is, hands down, our favorite Sudoku app. While the controls took a little getting used to, they work well when learned. We also love that there are multiple ways to pencil in the grid. If you watch their YouTube channel, you will feel right at home here!

Awesome puzzles and great intuitive sudoku software. Different levels of sudoku for all players. Only criticism we have is theres only 3 colors to highlight boxes per skin theme. No option to make your own sudoku or input a custom sudoku.

Good puzzles and an excellent interface combined. Very fun!

We l we’ve the functionality and play of this app… Great job guys!!

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