Jaipur: the board game

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Jaipur: the board game


Jaipur: the board game is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Asmodee Digital, Jaipur: the board game is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th May 2017 with the latest update 18th March 2019

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


105 people have rated 1.4.5

You can download the game Jaipur: the board game from APP STORE.


** WARNING: iPad 2, iPad Mini 1 & iPhone 4S are not compatible. **

*** Review – 4/5 – "strategically satisfying" "definitely a card game worth picking up"*** 148Apps

*** Review – 4/5 – "Jaipur, the latest weapon in Asmodee’s war to conquer all of mobile board gaming." "A ten-year old classic brought back to life on mobile. A great fit, and a great port."*** PocketTactics

A Spiel des Jahres Recommended game, Jaipur is one of the most most well-loved 2-player tabletop games. Jaipur is a fast-paced card game for two players with a blend of tactics, risk and luck. You are one of the most powerful traders in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. You and your opponent duel to demonstrate to the Maharajah that you can earn a greater profit than your competition. At the end of a round, one player receives the Maharajah’s seal of excellence, and the first player to earn two seals of excellence wins the privilege of being invited to the Maharajah’s court!

Each turn, you can choose to take one card, exchange your cards for other goods, buy the camels needed to transport your wares, or sell at the market. The sooner you sell and the more you sell of a single good at once, the higher your profit.

If you take cards, you have to choose between taking all the camels, taking 1 card from the market or swapping 2 to 5 cards between the market and your cards. If you sell cards, you get to sell only one type of good per turn, and you get as many chips from that good as you sold cards. The chips’ values decrease as the game progresses, but you get increasingly high rewards for selling sets of 3, 4, or 5 cards of the same good at a time, so it’s all about waiting just the right amount of time to make your trade.

You can’t sell camels, but they are integral to trading and they’re also worth a little something at the end of the round, sometimes enough to secure the win so use them smartly!

In this digital adaptation of the award-winning card game, find a comprehensive interactive tutorial and an extensive campaign mode. Solo play is available at three levels of difficulty. Play online 2 player cross-platform or locally in pass & play mode. Track your achievements within the app and use your Asmodee Digital account to sign on.  Enjoy beautiful illustrations by Vincent Dutrait.

Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Jaipur includes:

  • A faithful adaptation of Sebastien Pauchon’s original Jaipur game
  • Online cross-platform 2 player mode
  • Local pass & play mode
  • Solo play against 3 difficulty levels of AI
  • An extensive campaign mode
  • All new artwork by Vincent Dutrait
  • Detailed, interactive, turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial.
  • Achievement tracking
  • No in-app purchases or ads
  • Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

2014 Juego del Año Finalist
2011 Games Magazine Best New Family Card Game Winner
2010 Spiel des Jahres Recommended
2010 Lys Grand Public Finalist
2010 International Gamers Award – General Strategy: Two-players
2010 Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee
2010 Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Nominee
2010 Fairplay À la carte Winner

For more information, please visit http://asmodee-digital.com/jaipur

Having an issue? Looking for support? Please contact us : https://asmodee.helpshift.com/a/jaipur/

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Updated on 18th March 2019

  • Various fixes following libraries update

Jaipur: the board game Reviews

This game is very fun. We havent had any issues with the game freezing or crashing.

We skipped over this game originally because of some of the comments and we dont think it was ready. We picked it up again about a month ago and our wife and we have been playing it a lot. Can you please exactly like the physical game it is much easier to reset! We found no issues at all and it said many times now.

We wish all digital board game versions were done this well. Great graphics, thematic music, and a smooth and intuitive interface. Theres even a single player story mode. Love it. Keep up the good work.

We hope this game sticks around for a long time because its just perfect. Complex enough to be endlessly strategic while being simple enough not to be overwhelming. Great and colorful graphics as well.

One of the best mainstay card games available! We hope it sticks around for a very long time. Its just simple enough to not get frustrating with tons of rules, so its perfectly casual with a really visually pleasing art style.

This game is very fun, the interactive tutorial is great, and the interface for playing the game is easy to use! Kudos to the developers. Our biggest complaint is that you cannot close the app and continue a Pass and Play game later. As soon as the app closes, you need to start a brand new game over when playing with another person. Unfortunately the app just recently froze on us (which rarely ever happens), so we lost our 10 minutes of progress into the game.

Game appears to be fixed with todays update (March 2019). Only quibble is lack of Game Center to allow campaign to be transferred between devices. Otherwise, an excellent addition to your library.

We really like the stand-alone solo games. The artwork is nice, and everything plays smoothly. But the campaign game is frustrating trash. To advance, youll eventually have to win in provinces where trading is hard. And they’re hard because the game cheats. You will get mainly low-ranking cards to pick from. Your computer opponent will get mainly high-ranking cards to pick from. We’ve played dozens of hard games. Theyre all rigged the same. Im now at the point where l can almost predict what cards will come out. Leather and Tea cards for us. Gold and Diamond cards for the AI.

We’ve had this app for years and played it a ton. Unfortunately, recently the app has been crashing mid-game, not always but often enough we dont feel like its worth starting a game. Please fix the app!

We love this game – and typically enjoy playing against tough AI. But the huge advantage that AI has in the campaigns has made us abandon it. Come on! Make it at least possible. We have played too many games for it to be a coincidence that they just happen to get the best bonuses.

Awesome game turned into a fun app, except for the fact that it crashes when trying to play online, so if you want to play anybody besides the AI, it needs fixing.

We are enjoying with against family but not when playing against the AI. In the game you are not allowed to exchange cards if you have 7 in your hand, but the AI can exchange with a full hand. This is really a game breaking error for us. Once you think you have them trapped they exchange out their hand and take all the good ones from you. Please fix this or change it to allow us to do the same.

When playing online, the game crashes and then replaces you opponent with a bot, and when you restart the app you cant get back into the game.

We like the stand-alone solo games. The artwork is nice, and everything plays smoothly. But the campaign game is frustrating trash. To advance, youll eventually have to win in provinces where trading is hard. And they’re hard because the game cheats. You will get mainly low-ranking cards to pick from. Your computer opponent will get mainly high-ranking cards to pick from. We’ve played dozens of hard games. Theyre all rigged the same. Im now at the point where l can almost predict what cards will come out. Leather and Tea cards for us. Gold and Diamond cards for the AI.

The game is great but the online mode needs serious fixing. It would freeze in the middle of game and it kicks out your opponent so you end up playing with a bot instead of your friend. This happens quite too often especially during important games where we are SO close to finishing the game. It is extremely annoying. For every time we login online, it freezes 4/5 times. It happens too often to be acceptable. Other than this issue, this game is amazing!

Tried two pass and play games. Both crashed when exchanging for camels. No means to continue game following a crash. Tragic failure of an otherwise viable app.

We are literally yet to lose and have played over 10 games. People keep quitting in the middle of the match and then somehow we are getting a loss and a message pops up saying Im forfeiting because we took too long even though its not our turn. Idk what people have figured out where they know the exact moment to quit so they get a win and we get forfeited even though Im crushing them but it happens to us most games if Im not playing a friend we dont know. Fix your game so people cant quit and force people like us to get forfeits when theyre actually winning.

This app is trash. It is constantly crashing on our iPhone XR and our wifes iPhone X. The online game server is terrible as well and constantly disconnect users. Jaipur is a great 2 player card game, however the effort Asmodee put into creating this app is an embarrassment. Dont waste your money here, this app is unusable.

Four games out of five crashed mid game. The other one didnt let a player take a legal move, causing a loss.

Unable to say no. Otherwise super cool.

Love this game but it wont connect for online play.

The game continually crashes, and when it does you have to restart. Its unplayable in its current state. Going to refund our purchase. Also its not optimized to fit the iPhone X format. Its the size of the iPhone 4 screen.

The Hard level of this game is not because of a smart AI, its because the computer gives all the good cards at the right time to the AI. 90% of the time, the player will get low-value cards, and the AI will get the high-value cards. Played countless game and thats always the case. Developer: Make the game harder by making AI smart, not by cheating.

We think we like the art on the app better than the board game art. Very fun. Personally we haven’t had any trouble exiting a game and coming back to it later (I’ve only done campaign mode.) Works fine on phone, although it does take a chunk of storage and significant battery power to play, that’s less of a problem on iPad. We love the variations on the rules in campaign mode and the side stories. We read some of the less positive reviews and apart from acknowledging a few bugs we didn’t have any serious problems. We found the hard AIs harder but definitely not unbeatable. You can get a lot of satisfying play out of the game.

Love the game! All of this publishers games are polished and fun.

Happened twice during the campaign.. Please fix. Otherwise excellent implementation. Variable rules in the campaign is awesome for single player.

Edit: Well darn. After a day or so we get the complaints. This app needs an update. It crashes fairly easily when trying to move between apps during a game. Dont really understand the lower score here. Jaipur is a fantastic simple card game and this digital implementation is as good as we could ask. They even made a campaign mode, which was a nice extra. Definitely recommend the app and especially the physical game itself.

Mostly fine except for a glaring gameplay issue. Developers please fix the ability for the player to trade cards in their hand for cards in the market when the player currently has 7 cards. The AI does this all the time.

We really like this game quite a bit. But it froze during the tutorial. We exited the app, shutdown our phone, came back and made it all the way through. Went to play a single game and it froze again. We have an 8 plus, 256gb, and running 12.0. If the freezing could be fixed Id give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone we know as it really is a fun game.

Crashed twice today during pass and play. Really takes the fun out of a game if you cant even finish one round (at least it should remember the state and allow you to continue)

Played a couple of games & it was going well. Fun interface and soundtrack. Then it started crashing mid-game. Developers please build a stable app.

The two lowest levels are incredibly easy. The highest two levels are incredibly hard. What’s the point of having four levels of difficulty when the two choices remain super easy vs. Super hard?

When we started playing the campaign on iPhone5s (with latest iOS), this game ran great. Now we have accumulated just over 1000 rupees, 30 camels, 30 jewels, and unlocked just 3-4 areas on the map in campaign mode. And now, during every other round we play, the game freezes up, usually when we are swiping cards (taking all camels) or when we are trading cards. The game is actually still running. Its just running super dog slow, making it appear as if it is frozen. Its becomes UNPLAYABLE. Once in a while it WILL completely freeze. This is inexcusable and should be fixed asap. So Jaipur digital game DEVELOPERS; instead of passing us off to Asmodee help and giving us a link, can YOU folks just fix this issue. Its obviously a memory leak that starts to choke up the animation/gameplay after you progress in the campaign. Pretty LAME. Its now basically unplayable. And PLEASE JAIPUR DEVELOPER, why dont you add solo win/loss records to your digital games? We have NEVER seen any SOLO WINS/LOSSES VS AI in any digital Asmodee games. Doe they some grudge about this? WHY WHY WHY DO THE DEVELOPERS OF THE ASMODEE DIGITSL GAMES OMIT THIS? You are trackinf total camels, gold coins, one of the achievements shower how many wins we have. So why not SHOW TOTAL WINS/LOSSES somewhere?

The hard level traders really are dealt the best possible cards. We just watched the AI get four gold/gem cards in a row. Its disgusting. And you really do lose your turn and maybe the whole round if you close the game and come back later. (This doesnt happen on their other game, Pathfinder Adventures, so the programming just simply unpolished.)

First game. Campaign. Two crases. Win. Crash. No progress saved. Starting over. Have not tested anything else so gave a medium rating.

The game freezes often on our iPhone X.

We never win at this game no matter what we do. Tactics or not and we’ve tried everything we can never win. The AI always gets the right card at the right moment. It really takes away the challenge when you know going into a new game you are going to lose.

Fun game and we really enjoy it in the app and with the physical cards. But the app freezes almost every time we play. We’ve played on two different iPhone8s and still have the problem.

A great game and a great adaptation of the board game is thoroughly ruined by many bugs. The game repeatedly hangs in all modes several times an hour. No exaggeration. Our advice is to buy the board game instead, at least until the developers fix this. Id be happy to help play-test any updates because we love this game and want to see it fixed.

We love this game and the campaign mode is fun… Except that its freezes ALL THE TIME. A lot of times we lose our progress in campaign mode altogether. We wish the developers would fix.

The game in itself is fun obviously but developers didn’t do their job well. 3 out of 5 times game ends when deck still has many cards. You have a strategy in mind but u just never know when it might end lol. Quite frustrating… The app definitely shouldn’t be paid unless it is free of such basic errors.

Game is fun, but just over half the time, the game freezes. Only way to do anything is force close the game, which causes all progress to be lost.

Great game and app… When it works. It seems that the further we get in campaign mode, the more frequently it crashes. And it appears that Asmodee Digital is aware but no longer pushing updates so buyer beware.

Using i-Phone 8 Game is currently in version 1.4.1 Do not purchase until the game fixes its crashing problem.

Inevitably when you play on higher difficulties when you clear the board high value cards come out for your opponent and when the computer clears the board inevitably you only get garbage cards. We would like to see a smarter AI than a game that may be cheating by arranging cards. We can only recommend this game if you plan to play against a human opponent.

Crashes mid-round about 50% of the time. Too bad because the variants during the campaign are really fun. Fix it, and Id change to a much better rating.

We’ve never played Jaipur before. Tried the digital version and love the game. But not the app. Trying to play the campaign, and it is always freezing/crashing making it unplayable. Please fix this!

IOS 12, iPhone 8, and this crashes all the time. Looks like it hasnt been updated in over a year. We quite like the physical card game, but this app is pretty poor.

The app is beautiful. The app is fun. The app shuts down after every single round of a campaign. The fact that it crashes and loses your gains makes it impossible to enjoy.

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